Lollypop & Boardgames

A couple of weekends ago I popped in to a local ‘discount book store’, as I had not been in to one for a while.  A friend had told me about some boardgames that they were selling, so I thought I would pop in and take a look and see what else they may have.  (This shop was also a place where I had found a lot of old unopened boosters for the collectable Pirates pocket model game.)

They had some boardgames that I wasn’t really interested in, then I discovered a couple that were tucked away but caught my eye.  So I had  a closer look and these two are what I found and ended up buying.  And as you can see the cost was at a greatly reduced price for brand new and sealed.  (Not played yet.)

The game company caught my eye on the second game ‘Rio Grande Games’, this company has released some great games.

I will have to find some spare time to give these games a try to see if they are really good or not.

Next, today a friend of mine popped in to see me and he brought in a little gift for me, something he found and thought of me when he saw it.  So I thought I would share with everyone here too.

As you can see it is an unusual lollypop.  Now I have a dilemma, should I eat it or keep it with my other dice.  (Don’t think it would be much good to roll!  Odd how they hadn’t put the stick on the one side?)

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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