Try Again!

Once again the three Watch Dogs for the King of Life approach Sandy Spirits, hoping for a better reception, and perhaps Joshua could behave himself this time.  The now familiar sandy scene is before them, and as they cross the river they can see in the distance a caravan of three wagons making their way from town, heading east in the opposite direction the Dogs are approaching from, heading more central to the region than actual ‘to the east’.  There can also be seen people who have spotted the approach of the Watch Dogs, and have started to run about.  As the Dogs draw close they are met by a wall of about ten people, all lead by the town’s steward Azarath.  They all have their weapons in hand, but they have not pointed them at the Dogs, yet!

“Greetings once more Watch Dogs.”  He looks at them and turns his finally gaze at Joshua as he speaks ‘Watch Dogs’.  “I see you have returned.  To what do we owe this pleasure?”  While Azarath is busy speaking Joshua stays sat on his horse towards the rear, his hands unable to keep away from his guns.  Jess speaks up, and raising his voice so all the people within earshot can hear him.  “We have come back to finish what was started here.  And hopefully pick up something that was stolen from my unconscious body.”  Jesse slowly scans the gathered people from the town.  The steward nods along with this and then pats his pocket.  He then pulls out a book that Jesse recognises as his, “That isn’t a problem Watch Dog, I heard about this and since you have been away I have been finding who had taken this off you.  They believed you had taken it off an actual Watch Dog, believing you an impostor.  I apologise for the confusion and am sure you can see how this would have happened.”  Jesse’s heart leaps upon seeing his precious book, he quickly calms his nerves before reacting.  Jesse then takes the book from the steward, thanking him and praising his consideration and actions in the matter.

Azarath believes that this is what the Watch Dogs have come back for and says as much to them.  However Jesse corrects him stating that this only resolves the issue they had since arriving here the first time, but not the issue they had originally came for.  “Oh I see you are bringing back the person who had killed one of our people.  I appreciate you doing this.  There has been a lot of bad blood in the town because of that.  I will trust your judgement in this matter then.”  He looks over at the quiet Joshua sat near the rear.  Azarath then asks what the two would like to do with regards to their fellow Brother, as he would not wish to step in the way.  Joshua begins to mutter under his breath as he stares hard at the town’s steward.  Ambrose corrects the steward, assuring him that they are not concerned with the misdemeanours of their colleague.  Azarath looks appalled upon hearing this, repeating the word ‘misdemeanours’ and adding the killing of one of his town’s folk.  Joshua unable to hold his tongue now bites out and states, “He was interfering with a Dog and his duties.”  The steward turns and gives him a cold look, “I wasn’t talking to you!” and after a pause, “You never introduced yourself as a Watch Dog or spoke of your duties.  Thus for your act we do not consider you a Watch Dog.”  He then turns back to looking at Ambrose and Jesse, apologising for being interrupted.

Joshua looks as if he sinks back once more, and he begins to stroke his rifle lovingly.  Suddenly all you can hear is the clicking of the safety on all present towns’ folk’s guns being flicked, and a nervousness washes through the gathered throng.  “We are here steward, as there have been worries back at Bridal Falls regarding this town.”  Ambrose informs the steward.

“I see you have changed to topic of conversation again.”

“The topic was what we are doing here.  And you chose to believe that it was a simple matter that could be resolved, not unimportant but simple.”

“That is all we have to talk to you about.”

“The worries they have at Bridal…”

“Is none of my business now!”

“The worry of Bridal Falls is our business and priority.”

“And it should be yours as you are of the faith, are you not?”  Jesse adds to Ambrose’s statement.  Azarath smiles and replies that he is of the faith, “But we do not recognise Bridal Falls as the centre of the faith.”  After silence slowly falls over the gathered people Azarath continues, “We have officially seceded.  You can leave now and take your murderer with you.”

“Why did you not tell us this the first time we visited?”  And Azarath informs him that they had not seceded then, that they still had to have a union of the people and those of the mountain.  “To strengthen the ties of the faith.  A marriage.  Before that we had not official decreed ourselves separate.”  He then tells them that they had the final debate and those wishing to keep with the faith as they know it are leaving now.  Ambrose suggests to Azarath that in the face of peace, that it would be a good idea to entertain them.

Finally Azarath agrees with allowing the Watch Dogs to enter, but implores them to leave their weapons behind.  Joshua instantly disagrees with this suggestion, and is told to leave.  Even Ambrose agrees with this suggestion.  Azarath then instructs the Watch Dogs to leave their weapons on the ground, and then his people will retrieve them, giving his word that no harm will fall upon them.  He then turns and clarifies this with the people behind him.  Jesse tells Azarath that as their fellow Watch Dog will not be entering the town, then he will hold on to the weapons for them.  Azarath agrees with this, and checks that it will only be the two of them that will enter the town.

Two Watch Dogs from the faith of the King of Life ride in to Sandy Spirits with the town’s steward Azarath and ten people.  A town that has now officially seceded.


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