Another update and catch up

Well it has unfortunately been awhile since I last posted something on here.  As I type I am still waiting for a post for the Gumshoe game that was played, plus there is also a two session game of Amazing engine that we played through that is also awaiting to be written up and posted.  Unfortunately the two writers for these are being a little bit perfectionist about the writing and will not give me the write up to post, so I am still waiting.  Hopefully it will not be too long now.  They will probably come all at the same time.

Next I will group all the board and card games together in one group photo.  Once again showing both the fronts and backs of the products for you to enjoy.  First we have the Cthulhu version of the card game ‘Gloom’.  I must admit that I have never played the original Gloom game before but it did seem intriguing and considered buying it, but now there is a Cthulhu version that was it, I just had to buy it.  then there is another Chez game, and again it is a Cthulhu version, which of course I just had to buy.  I already have and enjoyed playing Chez Dork and Chez goth.  and of course this new one also has the art work by John Kovalic, just like all the Munchkin games.  Talking of Munchkin, you will see three different dice sets for the Munchkin games.  One is specifically for the Munchkin Booty game, which also adds a little extra rules for using the dice.  The Jumbo D6 not only give you two large purple dice, but also two extra cards for use with Munchkin and Munchkin Quest respectively.  And finally there are a set of rainbow coloured D6 dice for use with Munchkin.  The last dice based item in the photo shows another Cthulhu game that has a special dice, again this one is by Steve Jackson games and should be fun and straight forward.

Now we come to the new (RPG) Roleplaying systems I have added to my shelves.  The first was the Dragon Age system that I was wanting since it came out, especially as I enjoyed playing the computer version on the Xbox 360.  The other system is for a zombie game and sounds very interesting, and comes in a lovely hard back book.  You just got to love those zombies.

And finally we come to the new dice that I bought myself to add to my collection.  I will let the pictures do all the talking….

3 thoughts on “Another update and catch up

    • Yeah well at least we both got posts and write ups ready each week. These damn noobs just don’t know a thing. I still have seen no sign of a write up that is about 4 weeks old now! 😛

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