The Island

Paradise Lost  (Chapter 1)

Jacque Chen decided to take a well deserved holiday, and had spent a few nights checking the information highway for any possible locations, especially somewhere that suited his ethics, somewhere that was not a tourist hotspot, somewhere where he could just relax enjoying the sun and beaches with a good cold drink, and where he could also enjoy the natural beauty un-spoilt.  He had eventually settled on a island in the middle of the Bay of Bengal called Andaman Islands, a group of islands within the India republic, and still kept check on the original inhabitants so as not to let the modern world upset their way of life.  You needed a permit to visit and there are areas where you are not allowed to go within the islands.  In fact over ninety percent of the islands are covered in rich thick forests, and the beaches are unspoiled with many coral reefs nearby.  The islands hosted many interesting tour packages and had some interesting festivals held at eh beginning of the year.  The weather also enticed him as it was usually around the twenty five to thirty centigrade mark, but they did have raining sessions and he would just have to take the risk on when he chose to go that he could avoid a lot of the rains.

Jacque booked the time off from his coach driving job and spent the months until his trip to prepare and plan for his journey.  He had to take a flight from the United States to India, and then he chose to take a cruise from Chennai to the Andaman Islands.  This sea journey was going to take between fifty to sixty hours, and thought that this would give him a good chance to relax and acclimatise to his holiday.  The months soon began to fly by and the time finally arrived when he set off on his well deserved holiday.

Terry Malloy had spent too long in the US army and had left for health reasons, it was becoming too much of a mind fuck and needed to take a break from it all.  He had been told by his psychiatrist about a place that would suit his needs down to the ground.  Malloy had did a little search online about the place and soon booked up his trip for some need R & R.  And as he set off on his journey he felt apprehensive with having to be around the normal people, especially other tourists but at least the destination wasn’t a tourist hot spot.

Malloy felt insecure without his usually gear around him, but then he was not allowed to take such items with him abroad.  He spent his sea journey part of the trip to himself, choosing to not mingle and just people watch.  There were certainly some beautiful people on this  ship heading to the same destination as him.  Looks like he could well find a distraction after all.  He did however spot what appears to his senses as a lazy ‘hippy’ bum that he made a mental note about, wishing to avoid the company off if he can.

Richard Moore wished to take a break from his hectic work load in the hospital and spend some of that well deserved green backs on himself.  But he didn’t want to have to mingle with the normal tourist ‘low lifes’ and was told of an exclusive bunch of islands that would suit his desires.  It could be a great place where he could indulge and be away from the riff-raff.  Of course he booked a business class seat on the flight to India, and then for his cruise he made sure he got the best cabin he could aboard the small cruise ship for the long journey.

During the cruise to Andaman Islands, specifically Port Blair, Richard, as he prefers to be called since working in the American health care, spends his trip to the islands mingling with the other passengers, sipping on a cocktail or two and enjoying his time with the roulette wheels or occasional cards.  Letting himself be known especially to the ladies.  Jacque spends his journey to the islands getting up late in the morning, and then going to the sun loungers on deck with a different cocktail each time, his cap pulled low over his eyes, and just ‘chillaxing’ as he always terms it.  Malloy on the other hand spends his time getting used to trying out an odd drink that people are supposed to drink when they go to such places, they are usually referred to as cocktails, and seem to have many different odd names to them.

The cruise ship is not a very large ship, and there are around eighty people in all being taken to the islands, so everyone soon gets used to seeing each other.  During the time as they get closer to the islands the tour guide hands out a tour brochure that references the activities that are available with-on the islands.  Activities such as Mangrove Canopy Walking, Creek Safari, Bird Tours, Trekking, Island Camping, Beach Tours and Snorkeling & Scuba Diving.  Everyone on board manages to relax and get in the mood of the holiday ahead of them, enjoying a peaceful cruise to the Andaman Islands.

The ship arrives at Port Blair with out incident, and everyone disembarks on to land once more.  When the island came in to view everyone on board could see that the island is indeed covered in a lot of trees, but they also notice that the island is not very mountainous, not is it flat but plenty of hills.  Separate tour guides organise the passengers in to their separate groups and take them off in minibuses to the individual accommodations.  The tour guides remind everyone that they must not leave behind or misplace their passports and permits, and that if anyone wants to take photographs or video footage that they must have a current permit, which they can organise if they do not currently have one.  They also remind them all that they must not wander off the beaten tracks and interact with the natives.  Lastly they tell the holiday makers that they must not video or photograph the Airport, Docklands, Prison, Chatham Saw Mill, Dhanikari Dam, Defense Establishments or the Naval Wharf.  ‘Apart from these rules and regulations you are free to enjoy your stay.’

As they make their way to their accommodation they can see how clear and beautiful the water is around this island, it is a crystal clear green and blue, with pristine and un-spoilt white beaches.  Jacque, Malloy and Richard are all in the same group traveling to their designated resort.  Jacque slouches their in his seat with his cap pulled over his eyes.  Malloy is busy reading the small print on the brochures, making sure he knows the ins and outs of all the rules and regulations, and asking questions where needed, looking a little disappointed that there are no fellow military types to buddy up to.  Richard eyes up the tour guide listening to everything she has to say, and taking in the splendid scenes outside the bus’ windows.  He sits there in his panama hat and deep blue shirt, his sunglasses cover his eyes.

It is early afternoon by the time they all arrive at the Peerless Beach Resort in Hope Town, which is situated on the opposite side of the cove (Carbyn’s Cove) to where the main town of Port Blair.  They are told that they have the rest of the afternoon free to unwind and settle in, but in the evening there will be a welcoming party held in the function room at the main reception office of the resort.

During the evening party everyone got to relax and mingle with their groups holiday makers.  The tour guide went around making sure everyone was okay and had a broucher detailing the activities that can be attended.  Jacque spent the evening slouched in a chair at a table, sipping away at another cocktail, and once again having his cap pulled over his eyes.  Malloy was mollycoddlings his drink for the evening trying to be friendly with the ladies, but none came back to him after excusing themselves.  He spent the evening surveying the crowd.  Mean while Richard was having a time of his life, again!  He happily mingled with the other beautiful people, and dancing with different women.

The next day Jacque goes off to the reception to find out more about the camping activity mentioned in the broucher.  Unfortunately the activity is fully booked for the following day, and is too late for today, so he books himself in for the Creek Safari, after being recommended this by the booking clerk.  Once done he spends the whole day relaxing on the beach, lounging on a sun-lounger, using the umbrella for a cool shade, and sipping another exotic cocktail.  He occasionally chatted with the barman, or eyed up the females that walked by him, but he just took things easy for the day.  Both Malloy and Richard both happened to have booked themselves on the snorkelling and scuba diving excursion.  They spent the day going around the nearby coast and stopping off at spots to do dives, being told about the area, coral reef or local fish breeds.  There was one area where they were shown a mysterious sunken wreck, from a boat that had been sent away from the islands back in the early eighteenth century.  They had a great day out but Richard felt he needed more free time to explore by himself, instead of always having a guide around.  They arrive back at the resort as the sun is begin to lower itself back in the sea, casting a gold and orange lights show on the silver surface of the sea.

Richard spends his evening hanging in the bar and resting his limps from the day excursion.  He does however book himself up for the Beach Tour, as the Camping is fully booked.  Malloy has a wonder in to town, looking at the local shops and finding some tourist trinkets that people are suppose to buy while on holiday.  He also enquires about any trekking he could go on, but told that there are only the activities listed on the broucher, the only area he has freedom to walk around would be down hear by Port Blair.  Jacque spends the evening hanging out at the bar.

The following day Malloy goes straight down to the beach, going up to the bar and talking to the barman.  Jacque has an early start to catch his Creek Safari boat that heads off early up the coast.  Richard has a more relaxed start taking his time heading off to the boat that will take him off on his beach Tour.  Malloy chats with the barman asking him of any recommendations.  Soon the tour guide from his group walks by and stops to chat with him, asking him if he will be busy doing anything today.  After a small talk she suggests that he join her on the Beach Tour, but they need to be quick as it is due to set off now.  Malloy rushes off for his camera then meets them at the port.  Richard is patiently waiting on the boat, which sets off late sue to Malloy.  The boat heads off up the coast going towards the northern end of the island, they stop off at the beaches on the way explaining about each, and any that have turtles that lay their eggs.  The Creek Safari goes around all the creeks and coves along the coast as it heads north, their guide explaining about each, stopping giving them a chance to enjoy the views.

Jacque arrives at the northern end of the Island towards the end of the day, and he is bussed to the location where he will be sleeping for the night.  Malloy and Richard arrive at the small port at the northern end of the island as the sun sinks in to the clear water.  Once everyone is off the all load up on the minibus and are ferried off to their accommodation for the night.  They arrive at the town called Diglipur, at the resort called Turtle Resort, Kalipur.  It is a fair few miles away from the coast, back up within the island and amongst all the trees.  When Malloy and Richard walk in to the reception they see a familiar face, that of Jacque slouching in a chair near the bar.  As they all notice each other at the same time, Jacque raises his glass to them with a broad smile.  Malloy looks at him then quickly turns away hiding his reaction, while Richard tips his hat towards Jacque hiding his disgust in his eyes at seeing him here.

Richard goes out for a walk in the evening to stretch his legs, and to see how far he can go.  The area they are housed is an isolated part of the town away from the main location of the town, it is not very far before he is confronted by tress all around.  There is one main road through Diglipur and a track heading down to here, and he can just make out the tallest part of the island above the trees, towards the southern direction from here, the highest peak is called Saddle Peak.  Richard enquires about being able to visit there at a later time.

The next day Jacque joins the group which is on the Beach Tour. They go around the northern edge of the island and partially the eastern side before heading back to the accommodation, exploring the different isolated beaches.  On the journey back to the resort in Diglipur the rains begin to start, and by the time they arrive the downpour has become stronger.  Once everyone has unloaded and gone in to the main building, Richard walks back out in to the rain, enjoying the feeling of the warm rain cooling his hot skin slightly.  The rain storm gets harder and the wind begins to pick up.  It gets to the point where the rain is almost horizontal, and the trees begin to bend in the wind.  A guy behind the reception desk in the main building goes to the door and beckons Richard back in, warning him that this is turning in to a very bad storm, advising him that it would be best to stay in doors.  Richard walks back in to the building slowly, enjoying the last moments of the warm wet rain running down his shirt and tanned body.  Once inside he un-buttons his shirt and throws it to the floor, looking up and asking for a towel.  A young female member of the staff soon hurries in and hands him a towel.  She blushes and looks away as she hands it to him, then she hurries off only turning back to look at him once again before disappearing in to the back room.

The evening is getting late and the storm outside is getting decidedly worse, the windows rattle with the wind blowing against them, and the doors clang open and shut.  The resort’s staff closes down the bar and announce for everyone to make it quickly to their rooms, and to remain there safely until morning.  Everyone settles in for an early night.  The raging storm outside keeps most awake for some time, before the rhythmic sounds soon lull they all to sleep eventually.

Jacque gets woken up in the middle of the night by the bed moving beneath him.  Anything that is sat on shelves or tables is knocked off, falling to the ground and breaking.  The night is quiet outside.  There is no rain or wind.  Jacque can still feel morpheous pulling on his mind.  He quickly gets up and walks over to the window, and as he does he has a strange feeling as if he is having a dizzy spell.  It is like his legs are jelly one moment and stead the next.  The window he stands before has no glass anymore.  The glass lays shattered on the ground outside, and some fragments on the carpet at his feet.  And then blackness.

The next thing Jacque is aware of is a severe headache, and that all down one side of his body is numb.  And as he opens his eyes all he can see is the bottom of the wall, as he lays on the floor.  He can feel a cool breeze blowing over his whole body, and becomes aware that it is now daylight.  Then he becomes aware that there is wetness to his head.  Both Malloy and Richard awake the next morning fully refreshed, and casually stretch allowing the day and sunlight in to their bodies.  Suddenly they find themselves looking at what is left of their cabins.  There is no more roof to the cabin, nor much of the walls as they lay there on their beds.  Richard quickly looks for his suitcase, finding it he gives a sigh of relief.  He then proceeds to get up and calmly walks to his clothes and slowly gets dressed.  On the other hand Malloy jumps out of bed, rushes out in his bed clothes, and spots Richard in his cabin, (or what is left of it) casually dressing himself.  Malloy looks around to see if he can find any members of the staff.  Eventually Richard walks out from his ruined cabin, looks around and announces, “Well that was unexpected!”

Looking around, all the other cabins and building here at the resort have been totalled, some in more of a ruined state than others.  The main building is holding up better than the rest but is still wrecked.  It then dawns on Malloy that he had better look around to see if there are any survivors.  Most of the cabins are levelled, so Malloy goes to the least wrecked first to see what he can find.  He manages to find a fellow holiday maker, a female lying pinned to the floor, her legs crushed under a collapsed shelving unit.  She is crying to herself, and when Malloy walks in she grabs him and asks what has happened.  “I can’t feel my legs!”  Quickly Malloy begins to try and administer first aid while talking to her, asking her name and where she is from and so on.  She tells him that her name is Sarah, and that she is feeling very tired.

Richard hears the woman scream and walks over to the cabin to find Malloy crouched over a woman, and he has badly bandaged her legs, tying it too tight and in the in-correct position.  Richard coughs politely behind him, excusing himself and asking Malloy to stand back.  He then asks Malloy to go find some hot water and clean blankets.  Richard stabilises her state, and manage to move the obstruction from pinning her.

Jacque slowly gets to his feet, having a difficulty standing on his leg which is still a little numb.  He is aware that it is from where he has laid awkwardly on it for too long, and he allows the blood to gradually circulate back through the numb limbs.  Standing there and slowly tensing and relaxing his hands and toes to bring life back to them.  He is aware of a wet trickle run down the side of his face, and he comes over light headed.  Jacque carefully gets himself dressed, using what he can to help prop himself up while he dresses.

Malloy spots Jacque uneasily standing in what is left of his cabin.  He is shaking his hand and stamping his feet.  And as he stands dressing he looks very unstable on his feet.  As Jacque turns and walks out from the ruined cabin, Malloy spots that Jacque has a head wound.  Without thinking Malloy drops what he was doing and hurries over to Jacque, asking him if he is okay and to take it easy.  Jacque explains that he got woken up in the night by what seems to have been an earthquake, and then the next thing he knows is waking up here like this.  Malloy tells him that Richard, the Brazilian guy, appears to be a doctor of some kind and suggests that he should go over to seem him.

Malloy finds that the main building has mostly collapsed but the main structure is still standing.  A lot of the walls have collapsed, but some do remain, and there is no roof what so ever left.  Also all the staff are dead,  even the young female that had handed Richard his towel the night before is dead, lying in a puddle of her own blood in the kitchen, impaled by various knives that must have flew off tables of shelves.  The only one who survived is their tour guide who is unconscious.  Her leg is bleeding with a table stretched across her, and her arm appears to be broken.  Malloy finds a lot of blankets and towels scattered all about the floors that he can use.  And many of the taps and sinks have broken and water is now gushing everywhere.  He even finds a first aid box in the kitchen he can use.

Malloy goes back to Richard and hands him everything he has found, and informs him of his findings as regards to survivors.  He then goes off and double checks on the rest of the cabins, finding no other people alive.  In the mean time Richard check on Jacque, making sure that his head wound is no serious.  He finds everything with Jacque okay and cleans up his wound, applying a bandage.

Richard goes over to the main building and checks on the tour guide.  Once Malloy comes back to him and reports on his findings, he decides that they should use the main building as a temporary first aid station moving the woman Sarah from the cabin over, and putting both on a table each to be able to look after them better.  Richard asks Malloy to help him out as a ‘nurse’ when dealing with the two survivors.  In the end they manage to stabilise the two patients, bandaging and cleaning the wounds and applying splints.  The tour guide is in a serious situation and needs to get to a hospital, and remains unconscious.  Richard tries his mobile knowing and finding that he has no signal.  And the landline telephones are down and not working.

Malloy heads over to the minibus to see if it is still operational.  He finds that it has been moved in the storm, but fortunately it is still on its four wheels.  All the windows are smashed however, and there is a lot of debris lodge around and under the wheels.  Once he turns the key in the ignition however it just turns over without firing.  On trying the radio within the bus he only hears a lot of static.

Jacque slowly walks over to a head scratching Malloy, his puzzled expression looking over the minibus’ engine compartment.  Jacque excuses himself, suggesting that he may be of some assistance with this problem, and then begins to rummage about in the engine compartment.  He quickly finds the problem and fixes it without any difficulty.  Meanwhile Richard makes some improvised stretchers to be able to move his two patients.

All three are soon aware of a distance moaning sound, a groan of some one in pain, more than one, coming from the other structures/rooms.  Richard stands up and shouts to the others, that he thinks there may be others injured out there and turns to leave.  Upon stepping forwards to walk to one of the other rooms, Richard is confronted by the young female from the night before, slowly shuffling along the carpet towards him.  A knife still stuck in her abdomen and her bloody wounds visible.  While outside, both Jacque and Richard look up to find a few of the people from the collapsed cabins shuffling their way out.  Their arms or legs bent in odd angles, and bones sticking out from the appendage.


Fleeing the Aftermath  (Chapter 2)

For what seemed like very long minutes, but was mere seconds. Jacque, Malloy and Richard all stand stock still aghast at what they see before them.  Slowly with the shock seeping from their bodies and the rationality returning, and shaking the idea that it looks like the dead are walking once again.  Richard hurries with much haste to move the two patients on to the makeshift stretchers, in the hope of taking them out from the building and over to the minibus.  He juggles and struggles with how he will accomplish this with only his one pair of hands, all the while trying to talk with the young female member of the staff.  Malloy picks up one of the cast aside pieces of wood that he cleared from the minibus, and keeps hold of this as an improvised weapon.  Jacque quickly finishes in the engine compartment, and jumps in to the driver’s seat to try the ignition.

The minibus fires to life with a cough and a splutter, and a bloom of black smoke kicking out from the exhaust.  Luckily the minibus manages to keep running once fired up, and Jacque gives a sigh of relief.  Once the engine runs, Malloy jump in to the minibus too, half hanging out from the door and shouts that they need to get over to the doctor and the survivors.  “What the hell is happening here!?”  Richard on the other hand, upon hearing the minibus fire up, looks over his shoulder seeing Malloy jump on.  As Richard looks back, his patients now fully on their stretchers and ready to be moved, sees that the young dead female is slowly walking closer to his position.  “If you would like to get over here, it would be a great advantage!”  Malloy jumps back out of the minibus, telling Jacque to reverse the minibus over to the doctor, and then runs over to help Richard.

Malloy still clutching the piece of wood in his hand, his knuckles turning white with the pressure of his grip, helps Richard to quickly move and load up the two survivors on to the bus, which Jacque manages to move as close as he can and keeps the engine running, all the while the engine still protesting and back-firing.  Richard never gets any response from the young woman shuffle towards him except for further moans of pain, her arms raising up and reaching out to him.  A couple of the knives eventually fall from her body, clattering upon the floor, her blood still running down from the wounds in her abdomen.  With a great feat and luck both Malloy and Richard manage to lift and drag the two patients, out from the room and away from the walking dead.  They succeed in loading them up in to the minibus and Jacque quickly accelerates away from the building, avoiding the ever advancing walking dead.

The road from the resort to the main road is covered in debris, and makes traversing in a speeding minibus difficult.  As they near the main road, Jacque looses control on the minibus as he swerves, the bus’ front right wheel dropping in a ditch on the side of the road, and stalling the engine.  Quickly Jacque tries to turn the engine once more, but the engine lays idle.  “What the heck are you doing with that!?”  Richard demands of Jacque as he stands over him.  Jacque jumps out of the bus, telling Richard that the engine is still a bit dicey, and suggests that he sit in the driver’s seat and turn the ignition when instructed.  Malloy stands in the other door way keeping an eye out with his trusty piece of wood in hand.

Jacque does some more tinkering in the engine compartment, telling Richard to not turn the ignition or pump the accelerator for now as the engine needs to settle.  Jacque grabs a large spanner from a toolbox on the minibus and goes back to the driver’s seat.  After a few long seconds of resting, Jacque tries the engine once more.  Luckily the engine fires again, still protesting and spitting it keeps running without dieing, just the occasional back-fire for a sort while.

Once the holiday makers finally make it safe on to the main road they head south down through the island.  During the journey Richard attends to his two patients, one of which remains unconscious, making sure that they are comfortable and their wounds are clean.  After about forty five miles or so, some of which they travel around the base of the highest point of the island, Saddle Peak, they arrive at a t-junction.  The road that they will turn on to is a major road, and it heads from north to south.  They sit there for a short while before deciding to carry on heading south.  Jacque turns the minibus right on the t-junction and heads south down the no. 223 road.

After about a further four miles there is a road that turns off from the road they are on, within a small town called Tugapur.  Malloy suggests the road they are on is the correct one and to follow it south.  While they are stopped at the junction deciding which way to go, Richard tries a question, “I would just like to check, since I am aware of the fallibility of the human mind.  Everybody else did see those people get up and walk right?  The dead people!?”  There is silence for many seconds before a response comes, Jacque agreeing that he saw what looked like dead people walking around.  Malloy nods in agreement not saying much.

While they are in this town they agree that it may be a good idea to look for supplies, any more survivors, and possibly for some more fuel for the minibus.  They stop and Richard and Malloy climb out and have a quick look around, Richard shouting for any response.  Malloy manages to find a couple of fuel canister, one of which is partially filled, the other is empty.  They also spot people crushed under fallen buildings and debris.  Everyone they come across is already dead.  Richard prods each with a stick to check if they are indeed dead.  As they get back to the minibus they hear a faint murmur as if someone somewhere is in pain.  Richard turns around and head towards the sound.  Malloy puts the fuel canister on the minibus and then quickly joins Richard.

Both Malloy and Richard head further down the road that they will be driving, Jacque slowly following in the minibus.  Then they both head off from the main road down a side street.  They soon come across the sound, from under a collapsed wooden shack.  The pile of debris is moving slightly and they can hear the moaning.  Richard looks at the pile deciding what to do next, but Malloy jumps to it, and using his stick begins to lever at the pile.  Richard then joins in by talking and trying to assure the trapped person.  Malloy eventually manages to shift the pile up and to the side enough to reveal what lies beneath.  A hand lunges out towards Malloy’s leg.  Luckily Malloy avoids the grasp, in an instinctive reactive dodge.  Unfortunately by doing this he lets the pile crash back down upon the person.  A distant emotionless groan comes from beneath and then the pile begins to move once again.  This time Malloy takes more caution in moving the pile away and reveals the person beneath.  The remains of a male local, crushed by the collapse of the building, their arms bent and broken in obvious ways, plus a very nasty bloody gash in the side of their head.  There is no life behind the eyes that look back at them.  Again it claws out at them both, trying to get a hand hold on one of them.  Richard pronounces the time of death and instructs Malloy that he can let the pile back down now.  Malloy agrees and tells Richard that he can go back to the bus now, while he still holds up the pile of debris.  Richard looks at him for a few seconds in silence, then down at the dead person, turns and then walks out.  Outside Richard hears the crash of debris and a few thuds and squelches before Malloy walks out to join them all in the minibus.  Before they carry on driving off down south they quickly grab a few pieces of fruit from some of the houses, and a couple of containers they fill with water.

After a further ten or so miles they come upon a small town that the road they are on leads through.  This little place is known as Nimbudera, and once again the area is flattened by the storm.  Again they quickly stop in the town-square, aware that the minibus is certainly running a lot better now they have been travelling some miles.  Richard and Malloy once again jump out from the minibus while Jacque stays with the vehicle.  Jacque lets the minibus idle for a while keeping an eye, and ear on the engine to make sure it is good, then he turns the engine off believing that it should not cause any problems.  Richard and Malloy have a quick search around the town again, finding no more survivors, only a few more food supplies, but they do find a few parts to a radio communication device which was crushed under a collapsed roof.  Richard picks up a few of the parts that he believes to be serviceable.

As they head back to the minibus, they hear the distant sounds of more moaning and groaning coming from the north, east and west.  The bus fires up without a hick-up and drives away with only a couple of back-fires.  Richard’s patients are stable and he administers water to them as and when.  He also informs Jacque about the radio parts he found.  Jacque tells him that there are some useful parts amongst the bits, but not enough to build a working communication device.

After a further four miles or so they come upon yet another small town (Billiground), and they decide to stop and have a quick search again for suppliers and survivors.  The only thing they find this time is a survivor, which they take onboard their minibus.  The man is unconscious and Richard administers his expertise to help the poor fellow out.  Again they all begin to hear the moans drawing near, and they also see some of the rubble from the collapsed buildings begin to move.  Seeing probably about four people shuffling down the road towards them.

This time they travel for around twenty miles, bearing easterly and journeying along near the coastal line before bearing back west inland.  The next town they come upon is a town called Rangat, a little larger than the last few they stopped at.  Knowing that they are running out of time and daylight, if they are not careful, the travellers stop off briefly within town.  They shout out to see if there is anyone who needs help, and keep an eye out for problems or useful items.

They carry on like this stopping off at each small town or village they pass through, checking for any supplies like food, water, or radio equipment.  They also keep and eye out for any other survivors, and avoid any of the walking dead.  The next place is five miles on down the road called Bakultala.  Here they find a person trapped under a wooden cart.  They hear a weak voice and moans coming from underneath so go over to investigate.  All they can only see is the feet and legs up to the waist sticking out.  Malloy uses a sturdy piece of wood as leverage to lift the cart up somewhat so Richard can help the poor chap.  The guy has a nasty head wound and his arm is totally shattered.  He is in and out of consciousness and appears to be a local.  Richard takes the risk and moves him from under the cart, and with Malloy’s help, they move him to their minibus.  And as they leave this town, they narrowly avoid a couple of walking dead stumble about on the main road.  Jacque drives the bus straight between them spinning them about and over as he speeds off.

The next place on is a larger town called Kadamtala, a good twenty two or so miles along the road.  The road going on west before turning east and then straight south once more down the island.  As they drive in through the town, they see a fair few people stumbling and shuffling about the streets and roads.  Jacque puts his foot down on the accelerator and ploughs through them.  The bodies scatter like bowling pins on a shinny wooden alley.  But as Jacque looks back in the rear view mirror he sees that they clamber to their feet once more and head in the direction of the minibus.  Richard looks out the back window at the walking dead, seeing that one has his arm hanging limp at the side, and the other is dragging it foot and leg along.  Richard begins to take notes of what has happened.

After around three miles or so they see the coast loom in to sight before them, and a bridge connecting to the rest of the island south.  Has they come to a stop on the start of the bridge.  They discover that the bridge has been taken out, probably from the storm.  It appears to be the central section of the bridge only that has been destroyed.  They can also see a grounded fishing boat on the opposite side of the island.  The bridge spanned the gap at a easterly angle, so the other side can not be made out except for the other end of the bridge and the beginning of the road.

Richard notices that the guy they rescued from the previous town has fallen unconscious, and he is having a difficult time trying to arouse him.  The guy’s breathing is becoming more weak and shallow.  Unfortunately every attempt failed, even Richard’s last resort of putting a finger in the guy’s wound had no success.  And soon there is no more pulse and Richard pronounces the time of death.  Again Richard takes more notes, and even asks to use Malloy’s camera and takes some pictures.  Before turning around they agree to place the dead man outside on the road side, and cover him in any rumble they can find.

The survivors agree to head back up the road they travelled down and find an alternative route.  They try one of the side roads.  A road that is more of a track than anything else.  It is the first route off easterly from the broken bridge.  The track is not very suitable for vehicles, and after about a mile it becomes even more rough and difficult to traverse by their minibus.  The track becomes narrower with a lot of ruts and groves in the dirt trail.  It also doesn’t turn very easterly let alone back to the south, and carries on with a more northerly direction.  They soon find that they can go no further on this track, and with no area to the turn the bus around, they reverse back along the trail.  Richard’s patient didn’t take too kindly to the rough journey along the trail either, and it was making their condition worse.  However they soon make it back safe to the main road.

They are all in agreement that they need to head all the way back to the first road diversion they took right back at the beginning.  So before they head off they quickly empty the fuel canister in to the gas tank of the minibus.  Aware that they are getting low on the fuel.  They decide to stop off at the first town they come to, to find some more supplies.

As they drive back to the town, they find more walking dead milling about the streets, some of them heading south towards the exit of town.  The survivors stop on the outskirts of town.  Jacque keeps in the driving seat and waits with the engine turned off, while Malloy and Richard rush in to town on foot.  They all agree that they need to not hang around the town too long and be quick about it.  Richard and Malloy give the walking dead on the road a wide berth to avoid them.  Once they pass them, the walking dead turn and follow them back in to town.

Once back in town, on foot, Richard and Malloy split up.  Richard takes the job of doing the searching, while Malloy makes noise and distracts the walking dead.  Malloy has plenty of near misses with un-suspecting walking dead around corners, or unseen in building doorways.  But he does manage to lead a merry band of walking dead through the streets, and away from Richard’s location, just like the pied piper of Hamelin.  Richard is unlucky in finding anymore medical supplies.  However he finds plenty of clean sheets, along with fresh water and fruit and vegetables.  He also finds some more radio communication parts and a partially filled fuel canister.

Once Richard makes it safe back out of town, he signals to Malloy and heads back to the minibus.  Malloy leads the walking dead in through and building and up on to the roof.  Once there he leaps over to a nearby roof top and runs back down on to the street.  Once safe he rushes back to the minibus.  Some of the walking dead begin to follow him off the roof, falling to the street below.  Mean while Richard empties the fuel in to the minibus and awaits Malloy.  The fuel gauge on the minibus now showing about a half a tank.

The group of survivors in the little minibus head back north through four towns to the fifth and the alternative route they believe will be of more use.  They travel over a further sixty miles or so before they make it back to Tugapur, and it is getting very late in the day, the sun now beginning to hide behind the horizon.  They noticed in the towns they drove through, that there are more walking dead milling about the streets now.  And every time they passed them, the walking dead stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to the minibus.

As they head down this alternative route, Malloy takes over the driving duty, giving Jacque a break.  Jacque takes the opportunity to look over the radio communication bits, finding there to be many duplicate parts but not enough to make anything useful.  The road does head south, and after about an hour of careful driving the road they are on begins to become a less used route as the road turns to a tracked road.  This then son splits off becoming even less of a track and more trail like.  Once again the sides closing in around them.

As this route seems to have turned against them, and the fact that it is becoming very dark the survivors decide to stop where they are, kill the lights and engine, lock the doors and bed up in the minibus for the night.  Jacque, Malloy and Richard take it in turns to keep watch over night, just to be on the safe side.  Richard takes the first watch, and then followed by Malloy.  Neither of them have anything to report during their shift, and they both keep an eye of the three remaining patients.  However Richard does notice that the one they picked up is slowly getting worse, and needs medical assistance urgently.  It has been raining all night and Jacque has a similar watch. He can start to see the light gradually filter in through the windows as the sun starts its day.  The trail before them looking even worse for ware from the nights rain.  As Jacque looks out of the window he is suddenly aware of a hand grab his leg and hearing a moan next to him.  Looking down he sees the local they picked up has grabbed his leg.  He quickly shakes his leg free and steps back hearing another lifeless but painful moan come from the mouth.


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