Japanese RPGs heading west.

There are three more Japanese RPGs (console software) heading to the western PS3 market.  All coming from the cult developer Nippon Ichi Software (日本一ソフトウェア).  The company was founded in September 1991 in Gifu prefecture, Japan, and they were known as Prism Kikaku Ltd. between July 1993 to July 1995.  They also established their North America operations, called NIS America Inc. on December 2003.

Nippon Ichi are known for such games as; Disgaea series of games both on the PS2 and PS3, and Prinny on PSP, GrimGrimoire on PS2, Cross Edge on PS3 and Xbox 360 and La Pucelle on PS2 and PSP.

The three new game will be as follows; The Witch and the Hundred Kings, Mugen Souls, and Legasista.  Legasista will be a download digital only PSN game.

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