Spherical Mystery

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Brendan Woodowski – Postal Inspector

Jason (jymmijamz) – Stie Malloan – NCIS

Will – John Cominski – FBI


We return to a slightly diminished team with both Stie Malloan and Brendan Woodowski being the only survivors from the previous mission.  The other two now deceased, one in combat, and the other in what appears to be a gang based shiv in prison, where she had been sent for leaving military grade ammunition casings at the scene.  It was but a mere month ago since they had been on the previous mission, where they went to a small town in regard to a strange matter being introduced in to the water supply.  The matter had been causing unusual behaviour.  They had eventually been lead to a small barn where they discovered small odd grey creatures.  The investigators where set upon by weird and small flying chitinous creatures.  This being the cause of death for one of the team.  After this and leaving the barn, the remaining team was confronted by a military team that burnt down the barn.  The military team knew of Delta Green and treated them with disdain.

After everything that had happened, the team took their part in covering up what had really happened in the now severely depleted town.  Most of the people had died due to the odd substance, and the team took their part in killing a journalist.  The team have since found that they are classed as the ‘F’ cell, and only have contact to the cell above them, the ‘E’ cell.  And their contact is an agent Echo from the cell above.  They have also since found out that the Delta Green is not an officially recognised group, as they where originally told.  Delta Green was officially shut down not long after a raid on a small fishing town called Innsmouth.  However since it had been shut down it had carried on working.  The official shut down was something to do with what happened in Rosewell, but no further information on this.

Delta Green confirm having dealings with the greys before the teams discovery, and have started to circulate the teams findings.  And also understand that the greys have been dealing with creatures that are native to the planet, believed to be these chitinous creatures.  The team is also told of another group known as Majestic 12, which are believed to have been infiltrated by and working with the greys.  Majestic 12 believe the greys to be aliens and are working with them to cover up their acts.  It is also believed that the death of the team operative in prison was in fact engineered by Majestic 12, as retribution for Delta Greens presence in the operation in town.  Unfortunately Majestic 12 are still classified as being officially recognised.

The team have since been on the look out for a new replacement for the team, and have spotted a guy amongst the FBI.  A twenty-seven year old male agent called John Cominski.  The agent had shown a good balance of enthusiasm for violence, and to keep his mouth shut, after and during his involvement with an incident at a doctors and possible greys.  And during the past few days they have invited him in to the Delta Green team.  Where during his first mission with them, they need to keep a close eye on him.

And now;

Brendan Woodowski finds himself out in one of the more rural small towns of the mid-south.  He is there to investigate one of his drop boxes that he has set up.  This is a more recent set up, and he has placed a small innocuous, but potentially unwarranted and against the rules object within the box, just to test the viability of his new drop box.  And now he has turned up in town to see if he can retrieve the object without incident or awareness from the post office building, seeing if anyone would flag up the object.  The office is a very small building with only two people who work there, and as he walks in he can see that the place shares its space with tourist trinkets and souvenirs on polished wooden shelves.  Maps and leaflets about location etc.  It is the only postal store servicing the town.  An attractive young lady with long blonde hair, dressed in the blue uniform of the postal worker, looks up and greets him with a big smile as he approaches her.

Brendan greets the lady and informs her that he has come to check on his PO Box for an item that may or may not have been delivered there.  She smiles at him again and states that he must be new in town as she hasn’t seen him before.  He explains to her that he is, and is in town for business, hoping that the item has arrived as he needs it for a business meeting.  She leans forward towards him, placing her palms under her chin and smiling up at him, her cleavage now more visible than before.  She then asks for his name, and he gives her a false name that he had used for the drop, not his real name.  She runs the name around her mouth a few times, toying with the name on her tongue.  Then she stands up and turns around, looking back at him over her should, telling him that she will just go and retrieve the keys for the box.  Her hips moving rhythmically within her tight skirt as she walks on her heeled shoes, her calf muscles controlling her movement with well rehearsed precision.

She soon returns with the keys.  However there is now an unsightly small globe of mucus on her upper lip beneath her nose.  The mucus slowly dribbles down her skin from her nose.  She appears totally unaware of it presence.  Brendan politely coughs and rubs his upper lip at the same location, drawing her attention to the unbecoming problem.  A shock comes to her face, and then she rubs her upper lip.  After pulling her finger away she apologises and begins to pat her nose with a handkerchief.  However this seems to have made the situation worse.  Now her nose begins to stream with a milky white substance.  She quickly turns away from Brendan and gives her nose a hard blow.  She then turns back and once again apologises to him.  Brendan can now see a trace of blood beneath her nose now.  And again she pats her nose.  Her eyes begin to roll up in to her head and back.  She then looks down at her arm where her handkerchief was placed.  A thin line begins to open up, blood coming to the surface and a thin white substance oozing out.  The young lady looks at this for a moment then turns back to Brendan puzzled.  “Sir!” and then after a short pause, “Sir!”  Blood begins to seep from around her teeth now.  The teeth then begin to loosen and drop from her mouth.  An expression of utter horror spreads across her face, looking pleadingly at him, blood starting to ooze from her mouth and then corners of her eyes.

Brendan looks around quickly at the rest of the store, seeing no one else there he jumps over the counter and grabs her around the waist, dragging her out to the back.  He can feel her waist give easily to his touch all squishy, and then she collapses to the floor coughing.  A lump of black heavy matter splats to the ground, its vague shape is that of some organ.  And as she looks down at it, it dissolves in to the carpet.  She then turns and looks up at Brenden, white liquid oozing from the side of her eyes.  And both of her arms are now weeping this white liquid.  Kicking the door closed to the back room, Brendan looks down at her.  He can see that the hair on her head is beginning to fall out.  And again she coughs and heaves.  A long black tendril dangles from her mouth, swinging back and forth.  She begins to choke, unable to breathe and another black mass hits the carpet.  Then more tendrils begin to reach out from her mouth, and ascend towards Brendan.  Her hands start to melt in to the carpet like the black mass did previously.

Kicking down at her to force her away, Brendan draws his gun.  But as he does so he notices his hands are all featureless and rubber like.  The gun falls to the ground, and liquid begins to run from his hands.  He becomes aware of a welling around his eyes.  Brendan tries to get a grip on himself, convincing his brain that this can not be happening.  He then pulls his radio out from his jacket pocket to communicate the situation is coded form.  However as he speaks he has to shout to force his voice over a mass that is rising up his throat.  His eyes begin to have a white sheen wash over them.  Thinking quickly, Brendan turns to look for the bathroom.  He charges in to the little room.  Looking in to the mirror, and seeing that the white substance is dripping from his eyes, ears, and even his teeth.  A faint distant ringing he can hear in his ears somewhere.  His skin begins to melt from his body, dripping from his arms and revealing his veins beneath.

Brendan jerks awake screaming, just like he has many nights before, ever since that time in the barn with the proto-matter.  The same reoccurring dream haunting his supposed restful slumber.  Once the echo of his scream recedes he becomes aware of a ringing.  As his minds clears he notices that his mobile phone is vying for his attention.  Shaking his head clear from the last grasp of Morpheus, he stands and goes to answer his phone.  His voice rasps a greeting, and he coughs and swallows to sooth his throat.  A recorded mechanical voice plays a message back to him, unperturbed by any greeting from the recipient.  “You…are…cordially…invited…to…a…night…at…the…opera.  Arrangements…have…been…made…for…you…to…meet…your…escort… at…Lambert…Airport…St. Louis…Missouri.  Be…seeing…you.” Clunk

Stie Malloan and John Cominski both received the same message at around the same time.  Stie received his by a fax, where as John got his through email.  When all three of them report in for work, they all find that arrangements have been made for them to be available on detached duty.  They also find through internal post that each of them have been given flight vouchers for St. Louis.  Brendan spends his time getting ready keeping an eye on all news reports, to see if anything is mentioned of the St. Louis area.  However nothing comes up in the reports, which could bode well as this means someone is on top of the situation.

The three agents come together at the airport.  They are waved through allowing them through without incident, carrying their various items.  While the general public have to wait in line to be patted down and checked.  Stie is a six-foot two, athletic, square-jawed guy with mousey hair.  A former high school running back that looks a little out-of-place in his black suit.  John however is a mid twenties, Polish/American citizen with black hair.  He has a nervous edge, but looks well-built from all the time he spends at the gym.  Brenden is the looker of the three guys.  He has short but not cropped black hair, and is wearing a very smart but casual clothes.  He has no fat on his body as he keeps himself fit from all the cycling he does.  However he seems to have a permanent five o’clock shadow around his chin.  The only remarkable features otherwise is his inch thick purple birthmark, that runs down from behind his left ear to his shoulder.

As the three pick up their luggage, they are approached by a besuited man with slightly greying hair, of an Afro-American descendant.  He rubs his black moustache as he watches them, before he approaches and offers his hand.  Bags visible under his eyes.  He shakes each of their hands as he introduces himself as Louis Gaston.  He tells them that he will be the escort for the evening’s opera, and then asks them to follow him.  As the three follow him they spot two other large agents, possibly FBI bleed from the crowd.  Both wearing long black coats, that seems to have an abnormal bulge.  They clear a path through the crowd for the four agents, and lead them to the taxi ranks where a limo awaits.  One opens the back door and Gaston stands next to it allowing the three agents in.  While the two nameless agents climb in to the front.  Inside the back of the limo, Brendan sits near the window, followed by Cominski in the middle, and then Stie next to the other window.  Gaston climbs in last and sits before them and in front of a partition glass, which is situated between the front and back.  Once the door is closed nothing can be heard from outside, or from the front seats.  Once the limo pulls off, Cominski notices that several other cars suddenly appear and follow them.  He notices that they seem to have government plates too.

Cominski looks about then his eyes meet Gaston’s.  He asks politely if they have an escort following.  Gaston smiles back at him and informs him that he has good eyesight.  “We have a few with us.  We got a fair amount of forces in on this.  This is why we called you three in.  I’m far too close to this, and you don’t shit where you eat.  So I needed someone external to do the poking around.”  He then explains that they have reasonable cover for each of them to be there.  Cominski from the FBI has been pulled over to investigate due to skills that could be handy.  And is told that he will be the primary contact in this case, and that if they need to talk with Gaston then it must be through Cominski.  He is to act as the lead agent.  He then turns to Brendan, checking that he is the Postal Inspector.  He informs him that as they will soon see, they have a very hedonistic style, and have planted evidence that the supplies have been coming in through the postal services.  “It is not a very strong cover but it will do for now.”  Finally he turns to Stie, “I believe you are from the NCIS?”  He apologises and states that they could only give a very temporary cover, pretending to have got the line mixed up, and that they should have had someone in from the air force not navy, due to the involvement of an air force general.  “You need to get some better cover, and fast!  A reason for you to still be here.”

Gaston explains that they are now heading to the opera house.  It is the home of a man named Larry Daniels.  The air force general mentioned previously.  And since retiring from service, is now a member of the board of directors at a company called MacConnel Bayless.  A very lucrative and secure aerospace company to work for.  There have been a very large amount of interesting eyes on this case, and have been struggling to keep the press away.  The home is a mansion near the university city district.  And they have been called in because of what happened at one this morning.  The reason for the FBI involvement is due to the explosion at the mansion.  The case is classified as terrorism, so he explains that they have the driving seat in the case.  Unfortunately it got interesting about six hours ago when the forensic team threw their hands up and gave up.  Apparently the explosion was not possible.  Upon their questions Gaston explains that it will be easier to show them than to try to explain.  Gaston carries on with the explanation.  At the time of the explosion there was a party being held.  A private party with evidence of drugs being involved and strong evidence of sex.  There are nine fatalities from the explosion, Larry Daniels in one of them.  The other important figure, and the reason for their strong belief of sex involved, is a man called Neil Beadily.  He is well known for the procurements of refreshments and entertainment.  The third important figure is a man called Stanley Cable, St. Louis’ city commissioner.  And the remaining six people on the list are presumed to be girls hired for the night.  Gaston shares that there are also some survivors from the night.  First there are the servants, who apparently were not invited to the evening suarez. And were at the other end of the house.  The only other survivor was an Anthony Detore, a democratic senator for Missouri, and chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee.  The only thing that seems to connect them, is that Detore and Daniels knew each other a long time back.  Gaston then pulls two files, one for Detore and hands it over to the agents, and the other file is for Daniels.  The Detore is a very clean file mentioning a divorce and no children.  And since the divorce has had a serious interest in party girls.  A photo is attached of a slim wiry man with dyed brown hair.  He currently has a broken arm and unconscious with many bruises in the St. Louis hospital.  Gaston then hands the Daniels file over.  Daniels has an exemplary career as an air force administrator.  He was never a pilot as bad eye sight prevented him from doing so.  There are notes that he often admin’ed on black ops.  There are also notes that he was expected to rise higher in the ranks, but after his twenty years service he left to join the contract company he was currently with.  With his knowledge it made him invaluable to them.  There are also suspicions that after he retired he was involved in arms brokering in the Iran Contra affair, but there was never enough evidence for it to be taken further.  Neither files mention any connection to Stanley Cable.  Gaston leans back in his seat and informs the three agents that is everything they have on the case.  He reminds them that they have the case down as a terrorist act, however there is no evidence of a man-made bomb, no trigger device, no bomb casing, nothing.  “Even the explosion pattern is usual.”

By this time the limo cavalcade has made it to the grounds of the mansion.  They are still a few miles away and there are acres of land between them and the building.  The vehicles have just gone through an eight foot tall security fence.  They can see in the distance, and surrounding the main building, a swarm of blue flashing lights.  There are many different vehicles such as forensics, FBI, police, and emergency services.  Soon they draw up next to all the other vehicles and step out in to the chaos.  Stie notices a vehicle tucked in amongst all the others.  It is a military air force plated Sedan.  And when asked Gaston informs them that as Daniels rose high in the air force, there may be sensitive information about.  “Play nice with them.  We do not want inter department feuds.  It is bad enough trying to keep you all here as it is.”  The group follow Gaston up the stairs to the main entrance.  He flashes his badge at the two cops on the door, and Gaston then waves the three agents on through.  Once inside they notice that there are no local police within the building only federal agents.

They walk in to a wide open foyer.  The lights are off, and there is a heavy smell of smoke in the air.  The walls are stained and damaged from the sprinkler system.  There are burn and scorch marks on the walks in there, and Gaston points to them stating that to the best of their knowledge the fire wasn’t caused by the explosion.  It was some electrical short out.  He then hands them a torch each, the same as the other agents are using.  There are two large and wide staircases leading up to the floor above and a balcony.  Above them are the shattered remains of a chandelier.  Just below and to one side of the balcony is a white chalked outline.  The limps of the chalk figure are at odd angles.  Gaston then points with his torch up the stairs and towards the balcony.  As they go up Gaston points back to the outline and informs them that it was where they found the Senator and his escort.  Gaston shines his torch on the outline as he mentions the escort.  He believes that the explosion probably blew them off the balcony.  The Senator broke his arm while the escort had broken her neck.

Once at the top of the stairs they open the door to the balcony and take a look inside.  It is not a large room without any furniture.  However there are fragments of furniture and music equipment within, and the back wall has not been breached.  Gaston stands by the door allowing the three agents to take in the scene.  When asked about the rest of the furniture, Gaston tells them to follow him and walks out.  As they walk along the corridor and through a large ballroom type of room, they can see further fragments of furniture and glass.  And the faint smell of burnt wiring.  There is also a heavy dense smell of something that could only be described as smelling like vomit.

As they are about to leave the room, they hear photographs being taken in the room to their right.  And when asked Gaston informs them that it is another scene.  “You can look if you like, but it is not a pretty scene.”  Brendan tells him that they need to see it all.  Cominski takes a deep breath then enters followed by the others.  There are several investigators pointing the cameras towards the ceiling.  As the cameras flash the agents get glimpses of an odd shadowy form hanging from the ceiling.  Getting closer the agents point their torches up to see a horrific scene before them.  A woman hanging from the ceiling.  She is swinging back and forth, with her left arm reaching up, and horrid tearing and contusion around her shoulder.  And as they follow her arm up, they can see her hand and bones fused in with the ceiling, and this is how she is hanging there!  Again there are fragments of furniture within this room too.  None of it matches the intact furniture within this room.  Gaston leads them all up and to the ‘main event’, he leans and holds on to the door handle, turning to them and asking if they are ready for this.  The agents steady themselves and Gaston swings the door open, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The first thing they see within this new corridor is a girl partially clothed, reaching out through the wall, her face bent down on to the ground, hiding what must be a horrid expression of pain upon her face.  The wall bulged out smooth and almost spherical.  The girl is half hanging out from the wall itself.  There are also many fragments of glass there too.  The agents steady themselves upon seeing this, Cominski slightly less steady than the others.  As the glass crunch under foot, Gaston leads them on, “We are almost there now.”  He then leads them around and to the room entrance.  Within they can see that all four walls, plus the floor and ceiling are all bulging outwards in a spherical manner.  The partitions are all warped smooth but not shattered, the room now taking on an almost perfect spherical shape, and the epicentre being the dead centre of the room.  There is a strong smell of alcohol and a lot of broken bottle about.  The carpet is sticky under foot from the mix of liquid from the bottles.  And it appears that all the fragments originate from this room.  Gaston walks to the centre of the room, standing in a pooled puddle of mixed liquid, telling the agents that this was where they found Daniels body.  He also tells them that they found Daniels in a kneeling position, his hands cupped around a small quartz crystal.  The body was almost mummified with heat, yet there is no mark of heat anywhere in the room.  “This is why I called you.” Gaston turns and looks up at the three agents.  When asked by Cominski, Gaston informs them that the crystal is now at a local university to be analysed.  Brendan asks if anyone has checked the security footage yet, and when told that no one has done that yet, Brendan heads off straight away to do just that.  Gaston then leaves the others to investigate how they see fit, telling them that they have free roam of the house.  Cominski states that he will go off to Daniels study to see what he can find and then walks off.  Stie mentions that he will have a look around the house and see what the air force are up to, see what they are looking in to.  As Stie, the last to leave, is about to leave the room he spots two FBI agents, hacksaws in hand, walk up to the girl within the wall.

Stie has a little look around, keeping his torch low where necessary due to all the forensic teams about.  He eventually spots two smart dressed gentlemen with air force insignias.  He can see that they are heading towards the study, so he follows in behind them acting like he is heading the same way and looking about, shining his torch here and there.  The two men are quietly talking amongst themselves, and they have the captain insignia.  Of which they are the air force officer special investigations, can be seen upon closer inspection.  The two men soon become aware of Stie’s presence and give him a curt nod in acknowledgement, before heading on in to the study, that seems to be part library as well as a study.  There appears to be quite extensive looking bookshelves with many read and non read looking books upon.  The two air force gentlemen head straight to the computer and begin to search about, rummaging through the desk as well as the computer.  Cominski sees the two gentlemen walk in followed by Stie.

As Cominski is busy taking a look around the study, he happens to move close to where the air force investigators are positioned.  One of them coughs politely and asks if Cominski could move and give them some space to finish their investigations, and then they will be able to get out of his way.  Cominski apologises and asks for the guy’s name, which is given as Captain Pickton.  Cominski gives his name and informs the two air force that he has been given the authority to look around.  Captain Pickton states that they will be happy to let them take a look at the information once they have looked through it.  This then begins a debate that almost becomes an argument about authority and who has the right to do what, with Cominski stating that he has the right to take a look now, and the air force investigators claiming security and clearance, with a need to keep a top of what is viewed in case of sensitive information.  This back and forth goes on for a time before the air force officer special investigation team getting their way for now, and Cominski backs off allowing them to use the computer.

Stie spends the time looking over all the books on the shelves.  There are many ‘classic’ books on the shelves, the ones that are supposed to look good on any well stocked book shelf.  Very tellingly the spins of these books are unbroken.  There are also large selections of military books that look very well thumbed through.  Also there is a section of new age material. With such titles as ‘120 Days of Sodom’ by Marquis De Sade, and ‘The Book of the Law’ by Aleister Crowley.  There also appears to be many newly purchased books that look very well read, regarding crystal rituals and crystal magics.  One of note is a book by Hurbert Price called ‘The Living Power of the Unuliss Foundation’.  And what caught Stie’s eye is the inscription in the centre of the book, ‘To Larry for more than I can write. Ron. June 12th 1994’.  There is also an old photograph slipped within that page too.  It is a picture of a person in a marine green suit, with his arm around Colonel Daniels who is in a tropical suit.  The uniform name tag on the person in green is illegible, and the scene seems to be that of a typical tropical area.  There is also a well read copy of a book called ‘Inner Science: A Guide to Modern Reality’.

Brendan spends some time looking through the video footage that was recorded the previous evening.  Looking at the visitors that turned up and any footage left off what happened during or after the event.  Unfortunately the security system seems to have been shut off for when the guests arrived, however luckily it was on at the end of things.  Brenden spots a Mercedes leave approximately ten to fifteen minutes after the incident was believed to occur.  There appears to be two figures within the vehicle, but that is all that can be made out on this low resolution system.  The car seems to go from the main garage and head out of the ground with haste.  The number plate can’t be made out, but as it came from the main garage, Brendan assumes that there should be some records of the vehicle.  So with that he leaves the security room and heads down to the garage.

The garage is a four bay affair.  Three cars still parked within, and a fourth space empty.  Looking outside Brendan can see a few FBI agents questioning all the house staff.  He studies the staff crowd, looking for one of them that he could question.  His eyes rest on a guy whose fingers look a little green.  The guy is that of a Korean persuasion, not elderly but probably in his late twenties.  Brendan goes over to the agents and informs them that he wishes to question the gardener.  The agents agree, allowing Brendan to take the Korean gardener to one side.  Brendan talks to the guy, introducing himself and asking how he is.  The guy greets him back giving his name as Henry Kim, and telling Brenden that he is a little shaken up by all that has happened.  He tells Brenden that all the staff was instructed to keep to the far side of the estate, and to not interfere with the festivities.  And shares that he and the rest of the staff are shocked to hear that they are all dead.  Brendan begins to lead Henry Kim through to the garage as they talk, leading him back in to the kitchen of the house.  Henry shares that Daniels was always a fair and kind employee.  They did hear the stories of what he got up to, but this was never brought in to the interaction with the staff.  He also tells Brendan that Daniels was never like the others, especially like the guy that was close to Daniels, a guy who was big built guy.  He always complained if anything was slightly out of place, and took a lot of steroids.

As they walk through the garage, Brendan carefully notices and mentions about one of the cars being missing and asks Henry if there was a car there.  Henry is shocked to see the car missing, stating that it was there earlier when everyone had turned up.  It was a Mercedes that Daniels always used, as it was his main car to drive around in.  Brendan carries on leading Henry in to the kitchen and makes him a cup of coffee.  Calming the guy down and trying to assure him that they will do all that they can.  Brendan then carries on asking about Henry’s boss Daniels, and whether he had noticed anything untoward about him.  Henry tells him that there were tales of his kinky behaviour, some sort of S & M, but that had changed in recent times.  And that he had been getting in women every week.  “It was like he had become this sort of stud.  It was like he was twenty again or something.” He pauses as he takes a sip from his coffee, “It was never parties like this.  This was a special do this time.  Usually it was just him and the girls.”  Another sip from his cup, “But then there was the thunder clap.  The house just shook and then…then this happened!”  And when asked Henry corrected Brendan stating that there was no thunder storm, it was just the thunder clap.  “The air was clear outside.  And I guess there was a flash too.”  He explains to Brenden that it was all he had heard or seen of the party and explosion.  And Henry apologises that he could not help any further.  None of the staff was involved in anything to do with the party, no drinks or food from the house.  Brendan thanks him for all his help and shares that he wants to help as much as possible., and if anything should come then to please contact him, and he hands Henry a plain contact card with a telephone number.  Brendan mentions the car once more before finishing, and Henry offers that he could get the information about the car to him as they keep all the records.  Again Brenden thanks him and leaves, heading back to the main building to meet up with Cominski and Stie.

The three Delta Green agents meet back up at the foyer of the mansion.  Brendan arrives there first.  Gaston is already there and walks up to him.  He hands Brenden a set of keys, informing him that they have a local FBI car for him to use, and that they have them booked in to a local motel for the next few nights.  Brendan shares with Gaston that he has discovered one of the cars missing and fled the estate, not long after the incident.  He checks if Gaston knows if all the guests are accounted for.  Unfortunately there is no list of who was at the party, and there is only one live person found at the scene, and he is unconscious at the moment.  Gaston assures him that he will tell them if this changes as soon as possible.  Brendan asks if Larry Daniels was positively identified as dead.  Gaston assures him that they had to identify him by his DNA, and this came back as a hundred percent Daniels.  Eventually both Cominski and Stie walk together back in to the foyer.  And they share all that they have found out so far.  Soon Gaston leaves to go about his business, leaving the three agents alone in the foyer, he agrees that he will keep his force and the local police, on the look out for the vehicle and contact them as soon as it is spotted.  They decide to wait longer until the air force officer special investigation team leave, and Brendan suggests that he could try to take a look at the computer to see what may have been on there.  Unfortunately after the air force eventually leave and they go back up to the study, Brendan operates the computer and does not find anything left for them to look at, it doesn’t even fire up, it just turns on and can find no boot disc.  However while they are up there they decide to take the original books that Stie found, to have a look over at a later date.  Cominski takes a photograph of the bookshelves before Stie takes the books.

The three Delta Green agents leave the Daniels mansion behind and head over to their motel.  They get the chance to freshen up and grab a bite to eat and drink, relaxing for the rest of the evening before turning in for the night.  They do however still discuss what they have seen and found in the Daniels mansion, being careful of anyone over hearing them.  They do also get the ball rolling on some of the information, sending in details to their contacts, like the photograph.  Where it was taken and when, and who are the subjects.  They also ask for more information on the author Herbert Price.  They also did a search on their laptops to see what came up on the public domain.

Herbert Price used to be a sci-fi writer, who wrote a book called ‘Inner Science’, which Daniels had on his bookshelves.  And he later found the Unuliss Foundation, a kind of philosophy self help group.  That he later registered as a religion in order to become tax except.  The group released a lot of magazine, tapes etc.  There was an IRS investigation later on and suddenly the group was paying tax again.  There was also unconfirmed talk of Herbert Price hiring in people to look in to other groups such as the IRS.  Herbert however soon disappeared after one of his recruits tried to purchase an automatic weapon from the ATF.  The Unuliss group was eventually taken over by a new member called Jean Dowling, and this lead the group more down the philosophy self help route.  A student of this is a master of their own destiny.

The three agents have a peaceful night, and awake the next morning ready for the information they will hopefully receive.  However before they even get a chance to have their breakfast, they receive a barrage of information.  They receive a folder on Herbert Price with all the same information they find out on the public domain, as well as some interesting extra.  There is great detail on the sting that caught the weapon purchase. There was a group called the Steward, a faithful Unuliss sub-group, which was trained by private security groups.  The sub-group was used to investigate and dig up dirt, intimidate and threaten Unuliss rivals and critics.  They were even used to infiltrate news groups, cult awareness networks, groups in competition, and even the IRS.  There was even mention of mercenaries being hired to protect Hebert Price.  The membership dramatically dropped after the scandal, but since Jean Dowling took it over it now has over one hundred thousand members.  And as recognition, the title of ‘The Living Power’ as been given to Jean Dowling on behalf of Unuliss.  Next they have an email in regards to the photograph they sent in.  The picture had been taken in San Jose, in the Plaza De Cote to be exact.  The name tag on the uniform is ‘Valiant’.

Next they get a call from Gaston about a spotting of the Mercedes, on the East St. Louis early this morning.  The local police had radioed it in.  The car had been pretty much stripped, and the forensic have been called in.  He tells them that it is still in the location if they wish to have a look themselves.  Also he tells them that he got a message from a Doctor Chechester.  Apparently Detore, the only survivor, is awake and moving.  By the time they arrive he should be ready to be interviewed.  Brendan asks Gaston if he could pull some footage off the traffic cameras in the area.  However Gaston warns him that he may not be able to get anything, as the car is in a bad area and the cameras do not work.  Cominski calls his FBI contacts and asks them to look in to any information they may have on a marine called Valiant, possible Ron, who serviced at the time and place in the photograph.  He was told they will look in to it and get back to him.  After all this they decide that they had better rush over and take a look at the dumped car, before heading on over to the hospital and meet with Anthony Detore.


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