Looking for Clues

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Brendan Woodowski – Postal Inspector

Jason (jymmijamz) – Stie Malloan – NCIS

Will – John Cominski – FBI

WARNING this post contains strong language!


Before the three Delta Green agents up and leave the hotel they are staying in, they grab a bite to eat for breakfast, and agent Stie Malloan contacts agent Luis Gaston.  He asks him and checks if there is a guard on the door of the Senator’s hospital room, and makes sure that they can be trusted and to not allow anyone in.  Gaston assures him that it is all in hand, and a couple of FBI agents are on door duty around the Senator’s room.

After finishing their rushed breakfast, and checking over what they plan to do today, the three agents head out to the rougher side of town, to East St. Louis.  Taking the FBI car that was given to them, and go to investigate the missing Mercedes car that belonged to Larry Daniels.  The area is definitely the grubbier side of town, with run down buildings.  As they pull up to the scene they can already see scorch marks around the car.  Well what is left of the car, it is more like a metal skeleton than a car.  The bonnet is still up with most of the engine missing.  The doors are either left open or missing all together.  And as for the tyres or wheels, well there is none left as it is just propped up on bricks.  The seats are stripped out, and no stereo left within.  And there appears to be an attempt to burn the car after the effect but to no avail.  As for the surroundings, there are many different alleyways leading off here and there, many of them in deep shadows.  Even the three agents can feel the unease of being in this neighbourhood, your average Joe Blogs would need a very good reason to be here.  Bags and garbage thrown up against the walls, with over flowing bins and dumpsters.

The agents have work to do so they climb out of the car and being to investigate the scene.  First they go take a closer look at the car.  It looks like the usual sort of work of opportunists, stripping parts from the car that they can use or sale on for money.  All hastily taken from the scene as quickly as they can.  There is no unusual activity, or any cover up for forensic purposes.  The failed attempt to torch the car was purely a bad job done wrong and it never took, hence only finding scorch marks and nothing more.  Stie bends down and takes time to study over the car using his forensic skills to see what he can find.  However he finds nothing of use, anything of use has been stripped, and he keeps dislodging fibre and dust all over what he is studying.

While agent Stie is busy scrutinising the car, agent Brendan Woodowski takes a look around the immediate area for any clues.  Looking around carefully Brenden spots some marks on the nearby wall, a little ways down one of the alleyways.  As he takes a closer look he can see hair fibre and blood stains.  It is half in shadow and has to use his torch for a better look.  Taking a careful look around the floor near this Brendan spots a few more marks on the floor, which also turn out to be blood stains.  And so he follows these, and it leads him to a nearby dumpster.  Brendan beckons agent Cominski over to inform him of what he found, and to stand guide for when he opens the lid to the dumpster.  Cominski stands near by and hold his torch like a clumb, ready to strike if anything jumped out.  Taking a deep breath, Brendan steadies himself and then thrust the lid open with a quick movement and steps back slightly.  Only a fetid aroma and a couple of broken bin bags tumble out, one tearing open and displacing its contents all over the floor.  Half cooked and rotting meat rolling across the floor, along with putrid vegetables, and several sanitary products.  All tumbling to the agent’s feet.  After nothing else happens, Brendan steps forward and takes a look in.  Another bag within dislodges to reveal something like a face hidden in the shadows.  Using his torch and moving more bag, Brendan’s torch light rest on what can be loosely described and once being a human face.  There is a mess of blood and broken bone caved inwards, not many of the teeth left within the mouth.  From what can be seen it appears to have been once a female, her hair long and matted with blood.  They move more bags out of the way to reveal more of the female.  The female body has no shoes or lower under garments, only the dress still remain on her body.  The two agents make sure not to touch the woman and call over Stie to take a look.  Then Brendan reports his findings to agent Gaston, and to ask him to send a team to cordon the area off and have a forensic team come in to see what they can find.  In the mean time Stie takes a few pictures of the body before he begins to take a closer look for any clues.  The woman has no other possession on her person, no ID or anything that could trace her.  There are fragments of brick within her face and hair, which match with the wall where Brendan found the blood first.  It looks like her face was impacted with great force from behind on to the wall.  Repeatedly!  Eventually Stie manages to find a partial print from the base of her neck.  It looks like the person had attempted to do a complete wipe down and missed a spot.

Gaston informs Brendan while he was on the phone, that they have the information regarding Valiant, and ask for a secure location to send it.  Brendan gives him his secure email address.  Brendan also asks Gaston to try and get a positive ID for the woman they have found.  While they wait for the police and forensic team to arrive, they take a look at what the information Gaston had send over.  There are files from St. Louis Police force, and from the United States Marine Corp.  There are also notes that Gaston has amended and added to the files, stating that there is more information out there but he hasn’t been able to get his hands on it, and suggests that they may try if they have any pull.  It appears to be state department records that are being held up.  Stie puts a call in to his contacts back at NCIS to see what they can drum up for him on their end.

The information they have so far now consists of Valiant’s full name, a Ronald Valiant, his blood type is A, hair blonde and blue eyes, and a full finger print set.  Date of birth is April 11th 1963, and born in St. Louis Massouri.  Mother was Catherine Valiant, who is now deceased, due to cardiac arrest.  Father is unknown.  There is a juvenile record listing crimes such as, multiple arrests for shoplifting, vandalism, theft and burglary, grand theft auto, and finally possession of marijuana.  The police records show that he is known to them, especially from the drug dealing scene in 1989.  He had been bringing uncut cocaine in to the city, and known to sweeten the deal with automatic weapons, believed to come from central American wars.  He was a very successful runner, who had several street level operators.  The military hardware made him a very popular guy.  His reputation on the street is that he is a hardcore ex-marine, ex-contra, ex-CIA agent with a hair trigger temper, and an ear collection. And he had the street name of Prince Valiant.  There is also a long list of his known associates.  The interesting one that pops up is a name called Neil Beadily, the guy who also died at the Daniels mansion, a known pimp and drug supplier.  There is also a name that pops up that could be useful, and ex partner of Valiant, whose name is Angel O’Rourke.  She was sentenced three months ago at the local county jail, for trying to steal a tourist’s wallet during an attempted exchange of money for sexual favours.  The information on Valiant’s military career seems to be very minimal.

Final point of note that the police have on Valiant is that in September 1992, Valiant killed a rival dealer known as Martin Nash, by injecting him with heroine then burning him alive with gasoline.  The police went after him but unfortunately he had completely disappeared, and has not been able to get any information on him since October 1992.  About eight years before the current happenings.

Eventually two police cars pull up at the scene, and one large policeman and one short step out.  The short one has an open pizza box in his hand.  He walks towards to the open dumpster, and through a mouthful of pizza he turns and asks if that is the dumpster.  Then carries on to the dumpster after the conformation, still chewing on his pizza.  He takes a look in and exclaims ‘Bloody hell!’  He then closes his pizza box and puts it down.  He states that they will cordon off the area and see what they can get from the scene, and will send over any information they can get to them.  During this time agent Stie Malloan studies the partial finger print he lifted from the dead woman.  It takes so effort to manually go through these prints, and eventually comes to the conclusion that it seems to match with those they have of Valiant.  With this information Stie reports back to Gaston and tells him, and suggests that this would be a perfect excuse for him to now be on the investigation.

Now that the police have arrived and seeing to the scene, the three Delta Green agents decide to head off to see Senator Anthony Detore in the hospital.  While they travel over to there, Cominski decides to take a closer study over the books they got from Daniels’ library.  Most of the pamphlets and books seem to refer to solo or group meditation use with a crystal, nothing sinister or untoward about them, more of a self help, healing and centring of self.  And the information about the meditation seems to point to the guy found with the crystal in his hand at Daniels’ was in the position listed in the literature.

The three investigators from Delta Green eventually arrive at the peaceful and secluded hospital.  The place looks like it must cost a lot of money to stay, with lush acres of grounds before arriving at the main building.  They pass a few different people jogging around the grounds.  The main double doors in to the reception are large glass doors.  A tanned and fit male doctor in his fifties, and wearing his white coat, walks up to the three agents as they walk in.  He greets them, introducing himself as Doctor Cichester, and asks what he can do for them.  However as soon as they mention the word Senator, the Doctor begins to claim the privacy and security of his patients are most important to him.  Even when Cominski introduces himself as an FBI agent, Dr. Cichester implores that they leave him alone at the moment as he needs the rest.  Eventually Cominski convinces him that they should see the Senator straight away, soon winning the argument.  Quoting reference numbers and articles.  Doctor Cichester reluctantly steps aside but stating that he will make an official complaint.  He leads the three agents in to the hospital and to a very large and lush room, with who they presume to be the Senator lead in the bed.  A fruit bowl beside his bed, he face showing signs of over tiredness with down turned face and bags under his eyes.  The Senator looks up as they enter his arm still in a caste.  He looks a little over weight, and his eyes tighten as he spots the agents, knowing the situation.  He asks the doctor to leave, and then offers a fruit to the agents.

After a short spell of pleasantries and introductions, Cominski stating he is FBI, Woodowski not stating which agency, and Malloan flashing his ID card that states he is NCIS, as he introduces himself.  Seeing the NCIS credentials, the Senator’s eye narrow again.  They explain this off as there being plenty of different agencies involved in the investigations, and saying that a marine is now involved in the incident.  Senator Anthony Detore visibly tenses to this subject to both agent Stie and Brendan’s eyes, he seems to clam up but also try to push to know more from them.  Cominski carries on to share that they are investigating the incident, and that they will try to keep things as discreet as possible, and begins to ask the Senator about the night it happened.  Senator explains that he was only visiting his friend, but can not remember much due to the bang on his head.  Agent Woodowski volunteers that the security cameras will have everything recorded.  The Senator continues to state that he can’t remember what time he arrived, or anything of a party.  Stating that he was only visiting his friend and it was purely a social visit.  Cominski turns to telling the Senator that he is hoping to keep this all discreet, but if he has to investigate deeply than he can’t help what will happen after.  Senator Anthony Detore eventually opens up a little and admits to being at the party, and being friendly like a good guest should.  He admits to not remembering much, but just remembers falling, falling from a balcony where he was talking to a young woman who was another guest, and then it all went dark.  He also admits after a pause to knowing that Daniels was in to the Unuliss cult.  “Especially after finding that it helped aid his failing virility.”  He finally claims to knowing only of all the guest that have been accounted for, to being there at the party, he knows of no others.  “I can not help you any further.”  Both agent Malloan and Woodowski can still see that he is being so very cagy in all of this questioning.  Even when Woodowski brings up the name Valiant, the Senator claims to know no one of that name.  He also claims to know nothing of the rituals.  He soon asks them if that is all as he wishes to have his rest.  So they soon leave him to his secrets…for now?

Back in the car agent Stie Malloan receives a ping on his secure phone, informing him that he has some files to download.  The information is that of the marine Valiant.  Most of the information they already have, however three pieces stand out unique.  One is his full marine corp. record.  He joined in 1980, immediately after graduation.  He had repeated disciplinary problems, spending a total of nine months in the stockade for various acts of insubordination, violation of marine corp. code of conduct, and several brawls (with his own colleagues and severe).  He was discharged in 1984 for being unsuitable.  The next is information from the State Department records, demanding an apology from the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua for the US sending in its air spies in to the sovereign territories of Nicaragua.  The air spy in question was R. Valiant, a drug runner whose plane got shot down of Nicaragua.  No apology was forth coming by the State, but it was shown that he was just another drug runner.  There are also several news articles that tie up with this e.g., in 1987 a plane was shot down and crashed, with only Ron Valiant bailing out and surviving only to be jailed.  It was claimed that he was a CIA agent, but the CIA made no comment, nor did Valiant.  This soon faded as there was no proof, and there is no evidence of Valiant ever being released.  At the end of the information there is a foot note from Stie’s contact suggesting to try the CIA as they clammed up and would not give over anything.  Seeing this and knowing that they can do nothing more regarding obtaining this information, the agents send a request up the chain, asking for any more information of Valiant from any of the CIA operatives.  The email they send is encrypted and send to a secure inbox, which after about five minutes disappears and any signs of this ever being there or any contact with it ever existing.  Moments later a secure phone rings and on pick up only three peeps can be heard and then nothing, the call terminates.  (This means that the message has been sent and received.)

Next the three Delta Green agents decide to go and give Angel O’Rourke a visit.  So they head off back across the heavy traffic in town to the other side once more, and go to the penitentiary.  As they pull up they can see that it is not a high security facility, and the guards spot their badge and wave them in, one obviously busy scratching his crutch.  Once the facilities governor knows of their purpose, he allows them in to the visiting room.  A phone on either side of a bullet proof glass which divides the two sides of the room.

Soon a scrawny looking woman steps in on the other side of the glass.  Bleached blonde hair roughly tied up.  Her orange facility overalls loose fitting, with her sleeves rolled up revealing a rose tattoo on her arm.  There are also obvious faded track marks down both arms.  She looks pale and has bags under both eyes, and as she spots the agents she scowls at them.  She drops in to the chair and picks up the phone on her side. “Wha fuck da you wan?” she demands cutting straight to the point.  Agent Stie Malloan takes the lead this time holding the phone and introducing them to her.  She looks nonplussed by this, “Fucked if I care!”  The introductions do not go so well with her busy saying fuck this and fuck that to whatever they have to say, pleasant or otherwise.  They soon get straight to the point and ask her if she has seen her ex, but this doesn’t go well as she asks them (with a fuck in the sentence), who they are referring to as she has many ex.   But as soon as the name Ron Valiant enters the conversation a reply quickly comes back.  “Fucking cunt!”  She explains that he had disappeared.  It was shortly after he was bragging about torching the dealer, saying he was going about telling everyone.  She tells them that he didn’t care whether people talked about him or not.  She also shares that he took steroids and cocaine.  She tells them that he pissed many people off swinging his big fists about.  Valiant, or as she preferred to call him, Fucker, spent all his time body building, he was a self obsessed ‘prick’.  Always showing off and saying that he was a big time CIA trained mercenary.  “He would have shagged himself if he could.  He loved himself.  He would have fucked himself daisy style around the room!  If he could he would have fucked every hole in every room, filling the house with just him fucking himself.”  Angel doesn’t know where Valiant disappeared or how.  And she says that it is a pity when they tell her that he appears to have resurfaced.  She tells them that no one she knows hold an elegance to him, only that he was very useful to have around.  When asked she tells them that Valiant never told her where he got the drugs from or even the country.  She also basically confirms that Valiant sold the guns to street gangs to help him get on their good sides, but none more professional than that.  He had a lot of people working for him and then he just disappeared.  She knows nothing of the group called Unuliss, whether he may have sold guns to them.  When told what sort of group they are she states that he would not have had anything to do with them, that he didn’t believe in God.  “One time he pointed to his own head and said that this is the only God I worship.”  As the conversation comes to an end she asks them what they can offer her as she helped them out, asking if they could give her some cigarettes.  Cominski gives her his half a packet of cigarettes, and then he asks that if she should hear anything about Valiant, then they may be able to help her some more.  “No promises.”

After this long day of going back and forth across town, it is now getting late in the day and they talking about any of the possibilities from what they have learnt, as they drive back through the city of St. Louis.  They feel that Valiant would be vain enough that he may well be busy visiting a gym still, so they ask the local police to go around the local gyms near where the car was abandoned.  The police also tell them that they managed to get prints from the scene, but none of them match those of Valiant.  But none of the prints were obtainable from useful areas.  It had all been well wiped down.  The police confirm the print that match that Stie managed to pull, and that they also got some DNA from the very small sample of sweat they found.  The sweat is stated as being that of a type A blood group, and they also found some blonde hair fibres.  The police also confirm that the analyse of the crystal has finished, and also the autopsy of the woman’s body over at the morgue.

The three agents rush over to the university to see what can be found from the crystal.  So again they head back across the city.  They drive in through the campus.  Many students are walking about.  Amongst the group of students handing papers in, three undercover FBI agents can be easily spotted.  It is Brendan who spots them and informs both Stie and Cominski.  The three undercover agents look very out of place and uncomfortable in their casual clothes, but there is also the tell tale sign of weapons in the bulges of their clothes.  As Brendan, Cominski, and Stie walk out, a slightly overweight guy in heavy Thai dyed top, thinning pony tailed hair, and glasses perched on the end of his nose approaches them.  Looking a little irritated he asks “Are you the ones that asked me to look at this crap?”  He then goes on to complain that he has his hands full already, and has no time to waste on tat.  He then asks them to follow him and go on through.  He then introduces himself as Professor Travis Archer.

“I am sure this is important to you, but I don’t get it.  Why have you sent this to me?” The professor asks puzzled.  They explain to him that they need to know what it is, and he tells them that it is a plain and simple quartz crystal, nothing more, nothing less.  The professor, Travis Archer’s shoulders drop and an annoyed look spreads across his face.  “Look I am busy and you need me to explain this to you.  Right I will make this as simple and straight forward as possible.”  He explains to them that it is a pure quartz crystal, a common crystal through out north America, nothing special about it what so ever.  It is two inches long and cylindrical, possibly someone who created it had a phallus obsession.  It is rough hewn, with a diameter of about a quarter of an inch.  Only odd thing is that it is smooth on one side, and been cut down the middle with a hacksaw on the other.  He then holds it out to show them, demonstrating the smooth side first, and explaining that side is professional and clean.  He then flips it over and asks them to feel the other side.  “It seems like someone has roughly cleaved it in twain.  And that is all I can tell you.”  He keeps clarifying to them a few times that it is a common as much crystal that can be obtained from anywhere in north America, nothing special.  The agents thank him for his time, and Travis Archer places the crystal back in the bag and hands it over to them.  Brendan asks to have all the documentation on the study, and apologies for wasting his time.  (A very thin and short few sheets of paper.)

As they leave, Cominski gives the three undercover FBI agents a nod.  They then walk over and one gives Cominski a handshake, asking if he has secured the item.  Cominski confirms this and the FBI agents state that they had better head back and report in.  Then all three of the Delta Green agents leave the university campus as well, heading back to their motel, taking the crystal and notes with them.  Once more they go back across the city and through the traffic.

The three agents spend some time within one of their rooms, looking over the crystal and notes, seeing that this seems to match exactly what is mentioned within the books that were on Daniels’ book shelves.  They debate on what could be so special with this common or garden item.  Maybe it has been hacked off from something bigger?  The crystal just sits there out on top of it’s little evidence bag, the notes sat beside it on the table.  It looks nothing special and they wonder whether this is a false line of investigation, another dead end?  They talk about what they should do in the morning, and agree that they need to get straight to the mortuary and take a look at the report on the woman they found.  Then to take a look at what the local police have found out so far regarding the gyms.  They all go to their individual rooms and rest up for the night.

The following morning they once again meet up in one of their rooms.  Not long after meeting up they receive a call from Gaston.  He wants to check that they have the crystal still, as it was reported that they had picked it up yesterday but had not heard anything reported in.  He only wanted to check if there have not been any problems.  They tell him that it is just a normal crystal and nothing special came from it.  He also tells them that nothing has come back from the gyms yet.  No one is recognising the picture.  They tell him that they are heading over to get the autopsy this morning, check that he has not yet got it himself.  He shares that he is beginning to be worried on this case, as everything seems to be going cold, and that they needed to get a move on with this case.

While they are talking on the phone there is a thud sound behind them, and as they turn they see agent Stie Malloan collapsed on the floor.  He fell over on to the table that the crystal was on, knocking both it and the table across the floor and now he as joined them on the floor.  Brendan rushes over to his fallen colleague to check on him, and takes a look around for any evidence of bullet holes or something.  Cominski places Stie in to a recovery position.  He finds that when he touched Stie, that he is deadly cold to the touch.  Brendan stands back up and walks over to where Stie was stood, taking a look around for any clues as to what just happened.  Turning he looks over to see that now agent Cominski has fallen backwards to the ground, and is lying still on the carpet floor.  Site Malloan’s body begins to shiver and shake as he lies on the floor, cold shallow breath coming from his mouth.  He looks like he is possibly about to go in to shock or have a heart attack.  Brenden quickly grabs and tugs the blankets from the bed and chucks them over Stie, making sure that he is fully covered.  He then goes and grabs some more spare blankets, using these to cover Cominski before he turns cold too.  Taking a look over at both Cominski and Stie, Brendan realises that they both need immediate medical attention.  He picks the phone back up and calls Gaston, telling him without waiting what the situation is and for him to send the emergency service straight away.  Once that is done and Gaston confirms to Brendan that the emergency services are on their way, Gaston asks and Brendan shares with him what exactly had happened.  Gaston tells Brendan that he will also send three agents over to keep an eye on the room, while Brenden goes with his colleagues in the ambulance.  Brendan tells him to leaves everything as it is and to be very careful, as he could not find any cause for what has happened.

It seems to take long moments, where both Cominski and Site’s breathing becomes very shallow, waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  He begins to hear a kind of voice, a laughing, the feeling of thrusting and pleasure.  A feeling of intoxication and then Brendan gets a feeling of utter loneliness, of being in outer space, there is something.  But then Brendan passes out.  Next thing he knows is waking up in the ambulance with both Cominski and Site.  He is sat there at the end of the bench, and two paramedics are busy trying to keep both Cominski and Stie alive.  A mobile ring tone begins to echo through the back of the ambulance, eventually Brendan realises it is his and he rummages through his pocket for his telephone.  Answering it he hears a very tired Gaston on the other end of the line.  “Opera fans?”  Gaston enquires.  “Opera fans.”  Brendan replies.  “Things just got worse.”


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