Dead Ends & Crystals

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Brendan Woodowski – Postal Inspector

Jason (jymmijamz) – Stie Malloan – NCIS

Will – John Cominski – FBI


The ambulance is tearing along the streets at a great velocity, but surprisingly it is smooth inside.  The siren polluting the ears of everyone in the immediate vicinity.  The two paramedics in the back of the ambulance are busy dealing with the unconscious agents, while their colleague steers them to the hospital.  Agent Brendan Woodowski just sits there and keeps out of the way, not wishing to delay them in any way.  Brendan realises that his contact in this city, agent Gaston, is flirting with Delta Green phone protocol, by mentioning ‘opera’.  Gaston draws Brenden’s attention back to the conversation on the phone by asking if he still has his ‘piece’ with him.  When asked where the opera is, Gaston tells him that it is coming straight for him.  “I’ll meet you at the hospital.”  Brenden pats his holster, checking his gun is still there and ready for action, but refrains from drawing it.

The paramedics spend the journey attending to the two unconscious agents.  Cominski seems to be humming some odd tuneless tune, something that is easily forgotten after hearing it.  However it seems to echo of something in Brendan’s mind.  Suddenly there is a screeching of brakes, and Brendan is tossed to the side.  The ambulance is lurched to the side and then swerves back again.  The paramedics mutter something, but they keep professional and carry on with what they are doing.  Brendan takes a look out of the window.  A man in a posh expensive sports car appears to have cut up the traffic, and is even now as the ambulance speeds away, people are throwing hand gestures towards the guy.  Also Brendan can see a second ambulance speeding through the traffic towards him, it’s own sirens equally ringing out as it dodges through the other road users.  He contacts Gaston to check on a report of this other ambulance.  Gaston tells him that he is getting un-confirmed reports still from the field, and will tell him more when they meet.  However there appears to be other agents down in the field.

Cominski sees a rust red vista before his eyes, little copper specs of dust within the air.  He can barely hear a discordant singing, well what his mind is telling him as singing.  It feels cold and empty around him.  He has a vague awareness of his body, but when he looks down it is not there.  And as the cold closes around him, the rust red landscape pulls further away.  Blackness wraps itself around him, and all he can hear is still that tuneless singing.  He then sees the rust red landscape roll away from him as a planet, pitted and broken.  Cominski begins to feel nausea rising in his throat.  And he has a feeling that if this planet knew he existed, then it could blink him from being without a second thought.  His hairs on his body he can not feel rise, and the singing gets louder.  He feels so insignificant as he stands there looking over the landscape, he feels something move around his feet.

Brenden looks over to see his new Delta Green colleague Cominski, writhing and moaning.   The paramedics quickly strap him down so as not to harm himself.  Looking back out the window, Brenden can see that the ambulance has now caught up with them, and he can see a bulky drive sat behind the wheel.  He looks like he can barely fit in his uniform, sweat dripping down his forehead as he concentrates on the job at hand as he speeds through the traffic.

It takes long minutes until finally the ambulance pulls up to a halt.  The two paramedics quickly push pass Brendan and push the rear doors open, hurriedly taking their two charges to within the hospital.  They take the two patients on the stretchers to the ER department.  A female Afro-American doctor in blue uniform steps before them, asking them questions as she pushes her glasses back up her nose.  She steps back allowing them on through, as she takes notes on her clip board.  As Brendan follows she steps in the way, telling him that he is going to have to wait in the waiting room.  Brendan explains to her that he is an agent and that he needs to be nearby he fellow colleagues.  She tells him that he is not allowed within the theatre, and that he can wait outside, but first she will have to get someone to deal with that, so he will have to wait in the waiting room for now until the person comes for him.  She then apologizes but she will have to rush off as she is needed in the theatre.  As Brenden stands by the doors he takes a look around and notices the other ambulance turn up outside.  A paramedic rushes in with an agent on a stretcher.  This agent is strapped down, blood pouring from his open toothless mouth, contusions around his neck, as he raves when they take him through the hospital.  As the agent is taken past Brendan, he spots multiple blood patches on the agent’s shirt.  He paws and reaches out to Brendan as he is taken by.  The agent screams but chokes as something blokes his throat, and as he gags he manages to scream once more.

Back out at the ambulance outside, Brendan walks over to see another agent still inside.  The pale looking agent is huddled within, almost in a foetal position, rocking back and forth and patting at his holstered gun.  From what Brendan can tell, from the smell mostly, that the agent’s gun has been fired recently, as there is a noticeable tang of Cordite in the air.  Two hospital orderlies approach to take the agent in, but he cower away shouting, “KEEP BACK! KEEP BACK!”  Brendan steps up volunteering to help, stating that he is one of his fellow agents, however one of the orderlies asks to see ID while the other carries on trying to talk to the agent.  Brendan explains that he had neglected to bring his ID with him as he was in a rush to get to the hospital, however an agent Gaston will soon be arriving who should be able to confirm his credentials.  They ask him to step back, which he does so and walks back to the entrance to the hospital.  The orderlies eventually manage to coax the agent out from the back of the ambulance and step in to the hospital.  But as soon as the agent steps in to the bright fluorescent light waiting room, he collapses to his knees and begins to weep.

A hospital orderly soon walks back to Brendan, accompanied by a very tired and weary looking Gaston.  A smile performs across his lips, but the smile is not reflected in his eyes.  He turns to the orderly, “This one is with me.  Yeah I know, a bit of an idiot not bringing his ID with him.”  Gaston then steps up to Brenden and shakes his hand in greeting.  He suggests to Brendan that it would best not for him to return to the hotel room.  He then lowers his voice to a mere whisper, “I had to break protocol and call in a friendly.  If you can stay out of there until they are done.”  He then asks Brendan what he knows so far.  Brendan looks around and suggests they go to a waiting room to talk.  Gaston tells him that he needs to get the agent through in to the hospital, and wonders if he wants to help.  Brendan agrees and manages to easily coax the agent in to a pale blue painted private room.  The agent gives his name as agent Cox and lies on the bed, while Brendan sits on one of the metal chairs and Gaston sits himself towards the rear, giving Brendan the free rain.  Brendan begins to ask agent Cox how he is feeling and gradually asks more of what happened.

Agent Cox whimper out his responses as he closes his eyes to what it was that he had witnessed.  “What was it?  We shot it over and over again.  It wouldn’t die!”  He explains that they had been joking about in the hotel room, told to keep away from the crystal on the floor.  He tells of a man in a bellhop uniform entering the room.  “Oh God…he ripped her face off!”  He carries on explaining that the bellhop was there, and then its arms had stretched out, and it had its arms wrapped around her throat.  He shares that they had shot and shot again at it, but all it did was to look at them.  “Her blood was just pouring from her face.  But she managed to get her mace out and spray it.”  Brendan carries on listening carefully to the agent, and every now and again gently teasing more information out of him.  Agent Cox explains that the ‘man’ then jumped back away from the mace spray that agent Babbage had managed to use.  He also gives the name of the other agent that was there, and was brought in with him in the ambulance.  An agent called Rolland, who rushed at the ‘man’ and carried on shooting at it.  However the ‘man’ just rolled up on him, looking like it was kissing him.  It was vomiting down his throat.  Agent Cox then lunged forward, his taser in hand.  He tasered the thing and it jumped away screaming.  It then just jumped out through the window and was gone.  He tells Brenden that it was then that he had noticed that the crystal had gone.  The description of the bellhop, before it stretched, is that of a short brown-haired guy, with green eyes and slightly chubby around the middle.

Gaston joins in at the end and reassures the agent, telling him they had experts in to inspect the room and found traces of a weaponised form of a hallucinogenic.  And there is a witness, a fellow bellhop, stating that he had seen a man with a motorcycle helmet, and Kevlar body jacket approach the room.  He explains to the agent that it was down to the hallucinogenic that had caused all the visions, and the Kevlar that stopped the bullets.  He reassures him, “You can get through this.  You’re strong.”  Gaston turns to Brenden and gives a hidden wink, acknowledging what Brendan had already suspected, that Gaston was covering what really happened.  A nurse comes in and applies a sedative to agent Cox, they then place the agent on a gurney and take him away.  Gaston and Brendan once left alone in the room talk some more.  Gaston explains that they found fifteen shell casings on the floor, and only three stray bullet marks, so twelve bullets had found their mark on the thing.  After checking what the progress is, Gaston then leaves saying he needs to get back to his friendly.

Brendan checks in with his fellow colleagues in the Postal department.  He stands outside and uses his phone to speak with his contact.  A temp worker called Jane Forthright who he has taken advantage of, knowing that she would not know all the protocols. He asks her about any unusual parcels or activity that had occurred at the Daniels’ address in the last few months, anything that may have been flagged up.  She checks the system and tells him what she finds on the address for the past few months.  The item of note is with a return address of Unulsis, within the same city.  A couple of sign for from this address.

While standing there he spots the driver from the other ambulance, the large guy in the ill-fitting uniform.  The guy looks over at him and gives a weak smile.  Brendan greets him and engages him in some small talk.  The guy explains that he has had a strange feeling of being watched, ever since he picked up the agents.  Like something has been following him, like something is crawling in his skin.  He has never had this kind of feeling before, and that he has only just began his shift.  “I could have sworn I saw this eye looking at me.”  He explains that it was while he was driving, and he thinks that it may be something to do with the strange drugs that he may have breathed in while he picked up the agents.

Agent Cominski hears a beeping, a very low beeping, almost like a heart monitor where the heart is about to fail.  “He’s going under! He’s going under!” Cominski hears voices around him.  Cominski moves about in his bed and grunts, and as he looks around the room he is in, all he can see is a hospital orderly.  The orderly looks down at him and smiles, he then checks the notes at the end of the bed and informs him that his colleague Woodowski is outside waiting for him.  He tells Cominski that they need to keep him in for a further forty-eight hours for observation.   However Cominski begins to get himself up out of bed, “Sorry I have no time.”  He tells him that he will sign whatever is necessary to be discharged from the hospital.  He is also told about agent Malloan, being told that he is still in the theatre and things are going well, “but not out of the woods yet.”

After all the legal pen pushing has been done, agent Woodowski is shown to Cominski’s room.  Brendan Woodowski is looking a little pale and shaking, but all in all he seems fine and healthy.  He instantly asks how Cominski is feeling, and they discuss what had happened.  Brendan does for now give him the story of the hallucinogenic, but offers a sly wink.  He then suggests that it best for them to go outside and gets some well needed fresh air.  Once outside and the coast is clear, Brendan fills him in on the details of what had really happened to him, then the details of the other agents and the progress so far.  While they discuss where to go with the investigation next, checking on Neil Beagly and not getting anything of worth, Cominski receives a communication on his phone.  The message is from the force with a request from an Angel O’Rourke, detailing that she may have information that could be of worth.

Agents Brendan Woodowski and John Cominski go back to the penitentiary to pay a visit to Angel O’Rourke.  Once again she is full of colourful language, stating that they took their sweet time.  And before giving them the information she checks that the meant what they said about helping her out.  She explains that Valiant used to rant and rave when he was punching, mentioning his dad every now and again.  He mostly said, ‘He never came for me.  He always denied me.  Even when I was caught.  He had always got someone else to do the job.  He would never admit I was his son.’  She then gets verbal when they tell her that they will need to check out the information before they pay out.  This upset her, calling them paranoid and suggesting that they should just leave their money on the table when they leave.  Cominski passes over a packet of cigarettes for her, which pacified her for now.  “Fuck! That’s what the ‘F’ stands for isn’t it?”

When the two agents check on the details of a father for Valiant, it comes back with father unknown on the birth certificate.  Nor anything showing up on the bail records.  After coming to more dead ends with regards for any further information on Valiant or his heritage, they decide to go and pay the Senator another visit.  And once again when the agents walk in to the private hospital where Anthony Detore is resident, the doctor Chichester spots them and shakes his head.  “I can’t believe it.  You’re here to bother him again!”  He explains that he hasn’t got long left, and they are just running him through the documents, “Then you will not be able to harass him again like this.”  Then with a tone in his voice he tells them that he will let the Senator know that they are there to see him.

With a weary look upon his face as he sees them enter his room, Senator Anthony Detore offers them a Pear.  Cominski happily takes the offered fruit which pleases the Senator.  Cominski then explains to the Senator that the case is developing in to a murder investigation as well, due to finding the woman near the stolen car.  He assures the Senator that they will be doing their best to try and keep his name away from this case.  So with this they begin to question him once again about the party and what had gone on.  Then they turn it over to a guy called Ronald Valiant, asking if he had been at the party.  But once again he denies every seeing the guy at the party.  Next they shift on to what he knows of the Unuliss group, whether he or Daniels was a member.  They are told that he (Anthony) was not a member, but Daniels did do the rituals and their crystals.  He explains that the crystals excited him in way that he had not been for a long while.  “Quite re-invigorated him so I hear.”  He confirms that Daniels got his supply of books and crystal from the Unuliss group.  “He followed the rituals as it allowed him to ‘perform’.”

They leave the Senator Detore to finish off his paperwork ready for his discharge from the hospital.  They sit outside in their car discussing what they had or hadn’t spotted with the Senator and what he had told them.  They then receive a message on their secure phones.  All it gives is an IP address.  They do know that it has come from their group’s cell structure.  Brendan opens his laptop and performs the secure procedures to access the address.  After a while a CIA file fades in to view on the small LCD screen.  The file references a request that had come through in 1987, regarding a Ronald Valiant and his capture.  It tells of a bribe that was paid to the jailers, allowing him to escape after his six long week imprisonment.  It was a slightly unusually request as it was on the behalf of a Larry Daniels, who was a known aid at the time for Senator Anthony Detore.  The request was to be paid by a favour in hand.  When asks why this was happening, Daniels reluctantly admitted to Valiant being his illegitimate son.  As the two agents sit in their car discussing all the information they have and where to go next, they hear a car engine start up and see Senator Anthony Detore be driven away.  The Senator looks at them and waves as he passes.

The two Delta Green agents decide on going over to Delmar Boulevard to visit the local Unuliss branch.  On the street the branch is surrounded by coffee shops and book stores, in an upmarket part of the town.  The branch has a glass front covered with posters of people meditating with crystal in hand.  Pictures of clouds with a man flying over the mountain range and a crystal hanging from his neck.  All very professionally made.  Inside there is a large open area with mats and rugs scattered around the floor.  There is some sort of typical new age atmospheric music playing in the background.  There is also a large black and gold tapestry hanging on one wall, depicting two cupped hands holding a crystal.  Along the walls and counters there are many pamphlets and leaflets, along with videos and compact discs and cassettes.  A cash register on one of the counters near the back.  Two young ladies enter from a back room as Brendan and Cominski step in, one long dark-haired and the other a short light-haired lady.  Both wearing light and colourful pastel clothes, each with a crystal hanging around their necks.  The taller and dark-haired lady greets them with a calm and delicate voice, welcoming them to the Unuliss.  Each has a name badge, and the one who spoke is called Diane while the other has a badge with Sarah.  Cominski informs them that they are there investigating a case that had happened at the Larry Daniels’ home, and he asks them if he was a member of the group.  Again Diane does all the talking, and states that they have never seen or heard of this fellow who they mentioned, and that they also keep all their member’s details and membership in strictest confidential.  The two agents can see that both of these young ladies are very open and friendly, they even mention their new Deacon who is called Walters.  There is also a picture of the Deacon on the wall.  It depicts a young fellow in his mid twenties, with shoulder length black hair, and soulful blue eyes and strong cheek bones.  A look on his face as if he is looking straight through you and understanding your soul.  Sarah walks up to them as they look at the picture and she tells them when asks, that he has been with them for three years now.  He was the assistance before, but the previous Deacon was mugged and shot and then Walters stepped in and helped out.

Brendan small talks with Sarah about the Deacon Walters, and then moves on to mentioning how lovely the crystals look to his eyes.  That they seem to talk to him and his soul, almost like they hypnotize him.  He eventually begins to ask her about the crystals once he shows how interested he is.  She tells him that they come from their headquarters in Tulsa, and that they are a unique crystal that have the correct configuration, and that any others would possibly contaminate your soul.  She then leads on to the rituals and meditations, and Brendan asks for literature and Sarah shows him the books.  Brendan takes this opportunity to see if the books match those that Daniels had on his bookshelves.  Amongst the books are ones that Daniels did have on his shelves.  Cominski on the other hand talks with Diane and asks her about the meditations and rituals, and she explains why and how they help people.  As Cominski and Brendan thank them for their time and begin to leave, the two young ladies ask if they would like to be inducted, and offer to take them through to another room to take their first meditation, of course once all payments clear.  However the agents explain that they are on duty and have plenty of work to be getting on with, and may come back later.  As they leave Cominski notices that the door the young ladies walk back through enters in to a corridor with doors leading off, and one door is marked as ‘Private’.

Once back outside and in their car, the agents discuss again what they should plan to do next, wondering where the other half of the crystal they found at Daniels is at?  They check in on the trolling of the local gyms and everything has come back with a blank.  They soon have another secure call come through, and again it is from a very tired Gaston.  He tells them that the Senator has now left the state and gone back to Washington.  He also tells them that they have footage of him stopping off and made a telephone call.  The telephone number is a fake mobile number.  Not traceable and has now been discarded.  However they have managed to recognise several words that had been spoken over the telephone.  “He mentioned both of you by name.”


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