The latest catch up

I have only just come back from a few days away in the city of York, or Jorvik as the Vikings called it.  I had bought a couple of things from there and thought it was best to add them along with the other things I had got since the last update on here.

First up is the boardgame that I had got not long after the last update.  It is one that I had wanted to purchase since hearing about it.

As you can see it is the boardgame for the popular Xbox 360 game Gears of War, and from what I have seen it is like I had mentioned before, very similar to the Doom boardgame (which I also own along with its expansion).  However I have still not read the manual to know how similar it is, but I can tell you from flicking through that they do have a Horde mode.

Next up is a few more dice that I had found in a local game shop in York called Travelling Man.  All that is except for the two small white dice in the front of the picture, these come from the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, and are Bone Dice.  The other dice are as follows;  Two white emote dice, two clear blue dice that contain smaller version within them, a D10 and D12, and a small crystal blue dice in the middle is a D3.

And finally on the last day I went back to the game shop and purchased this Roleplaying core book.  I have known about this book for some years now, and have even found it in a shop before.  However I have been debating whether to purchase it or not as I have enjoyed playing the original game that it is based upon.

This is a Pirate RPG based on the WizKids collectible constructible strategy game of the same name.  See here.

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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