Cosmic Surgery

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Brendan Woodowski – Postal Inspector

Jason (jymmijamz) – Stie Malloan – NCIS

Will – John Cominski – FBI


Agent Stie Malloan has the vaguest feeling of having a couple of people standing over him.  He can’t understand what they are saying.  It is as if they are speaking in tongues.  He also has the vaguest feeling that someone else is lead in a bed near to him.  His vision comes and goes, but only of dim and blurry images.  He then hears voices; “We are loosing him.  We need some adrenalin.”  He then hears a scream and instinctively his hand goes for his gun by his hip.  Suddenly the darkness over takes him once again.  Nothingness.  Next he feels a pleasing and slick sensation in his groin area.  He knows that his eyes are closed shut, and the sensation is building up.  He is also aware of something hard clasped between his hands at his chest area.  There is also a sound of a woman moaning.  He is aware that it is fake but he doesn’t care, because he can sense the meditation rituals swirling around him.  He looks around the room and feels that the room is very familiar to him.  An odd thought he feels as this is his room in his mansion.  He then looks down and can see the hooker’s head bobbing up and down on his groin.  Closing his eyes once more he focuses back on the meditation ritual.  Thoughts swim through his mind, of how well his parties have been going, and how his potency has increased since doing these rituals.  It has given him a new found lease on life.  A twitch and urging pulses through his groin, vying for his minds attention.  A deep voice further breaks his concentration and he looks over in that direction.  A muscular man with deep blue eyes built like a body builder, black shoulder length hair, stands there and smiles at him.  A feeling of respect and camaraderie washes over him, and a thought of ‘Ronald Valiant, he is a good man.  He is the best.’ Springs to mind.  “Everything working out for you here?”  Ronald asks him.  But the only sound that comes from his mouth is a moan.  Ronald smiles a narcissistic smile and then heads out of the room.  Suddenly he is aware of the crystal between his hands, and that he has been badly distracted from the ritual and the energy that emits from it.  The bobbing at his groin becomes fast, and he feels like every part of him is on fire as he struggles to keep his mind on the ritual.  A thought enters his mind, ‘This is the ultimate thrill!’  And then everything that he is ends.

Stie Malloan kicks awakes screaming, a lingering thought filling his mind.  That of Larry Daniels last thought as the crystal’s fire and energy consumes him.  As he lays there in a cold sweat, his white knuckles still gripping the bed sheets, Stie is aware that he has just witnessed a man’s death.  The thrill and terror lingering in his mind and soul even now.  As his mind calms he becomes aware that he is in a hospital room.  A needle is attached to his arm.  Laid next to him in another bed is a man he recognises as a FBI agent.  There are still blood stains on the guy’s clothes, and his shirt as been cut open.  He looks heavily sedated.  Suddenly his eyes snap open and he pats himself down, looking for something.  His hand then forms as if holding a gun and he points it in to the air.  He then goes through the motion as if he is constantly pulling the trigger, and then a scream comes from his mouth as he carries on pulling the trigger.  He then drops the pretend gun and frantically pats himself for way he would have had a taser.  And with a snarl of triumph he grabs at the imaginary item and lunges forward.  A look of glee spreads on his face.  And then totally drained he slumps back on to the bed.  Agent Stie Malloan is alone in the hospital room, his colleagues are nowhere to be seen, just his sedated roomy.

Looking around the room and checking himself, Stie finds that he can move without any problems.  He then sees the room doors swing open, and a Steely eyed FBI agent walk in.  The agent has a few faint blood splatters on his pristine suit, and his holstered gun by his side.  He walks in the room in silence and turns to look at Stie Malloan, and then his eyes shift to the occupant of the other bed.  Then he walks over to the agent in the bed next to Stie with purpose, only pausing momentary as he looks down at him.  His fingers reach down to check for a pulse.  The suited FBI agent then glances back over to Stie Malloan, no expression readable on the agents face.  The agent then turns and pulls a spare pillow from under the bed, looking at it blankly in his hand.  He then thrusts it down upon the bedridden agent’s face.  And as the agent begins to kick and thrash for air the suited FBI agent turns to look at Stie once again.

Agent Stie Malloan forces himself up and out of bed, making a dash for the FBI agent’s gun.  As Stie does this the agent reacts life an (American) football player, shoving his hand out and barging Stie back on to his bed.  Then the agent places more pressure upon the pillow under his other hand.  No word or sound coming from his mouth.  Stie contacts with a glancing blow from his fist, aiming for the guy’s kidneys.  However the force seems lacking and the guy looks down at Stie and the area he was hit blankly, and then goes for his gun, drawing it and placing it against the pillow.  Shouts begin to be heard from down the corridor outside.  Again Stie throws a fist at the guy’s kidney, and this time the guy stumbles forward slightly.  Then suddenly Stie’s ears go muffled and an ear bleeding ringing resounds within his ears.  Blood splatters up on to the FBI agent’s clothes, and Stie feels a wetness on himself.  Behind them they hear the door to the room thrust open, and two orderlies rush in.  The orderlies freeze upon seeing the scene before them like startled deer in headlights.

Agents Cominski and Woodowski enter the door to agent Malloan’s room as a gunshot fills the room.  Before them are two frozen orderlies, and across the room they can see a tired Stie Malloan punching at a FBI agent that Brendan Woodowski recognises as the guy he helped to calm down earlier, and who was last seen sedated.  The agent is holding a smoking gun that is pointing at a fellow FBI agent on the bed beneath him, which was rushed in on a stretcher earlier.  Brendan charges in seeing the gun arm on the shooter as a target.  Cominski draws his gun and begins to shout.  However Stie throws another punch that lands square against the jaw of the agent, cold clocking him and he collapses across the bed.  Stie breathes a sigh of relief and slumps back on to his bed.  Things move with speed after this.  The cuffs are thrown on to the unconscious agent.  Stie catches his breath back, allowing his head to stop spinning.  While Brendan jokes to know one in particular, “We can leave him alone for a minute can we.”  Stie informs them what had happened in the room with the FBI agent just walking in.  Soon a couple of agents of Gaston’s walk in to the room.  They look around urgently until Cominski explains what had happened.  Brendan adds that it was probably due to the effects of the weaponised hallucinogens and the sedatives.  They reassure the agents that it was not his fault, and it would be best to keep him under supervision and secured.  Telling them that they will probably want to have a word with him later.

Agent Stie Malloan soon rush through signing himself discharged from the hospital.  And once outside Brendan fills Stie in on what has happened since his collapse in the hotel, informing him about what Gaston used as a cover.  Then Stie fills the Cominski and Brendan in on what he had seen and experienced, especially with his weird dream and the revolution on the identity of Ronald Valiant.  After this Brendan quickly contacts Gaston to fill him in on exactly what had happened, using a secure communication and updating him on Ronald Valiant.  Next Cominski and Brendan explain to Stie that they are going to head to the Unulsis local branch, as they have all the official paperwork to allow them entry to search the premises, under the Patriot Act.  This just came through to them as they were heading over to visit Stie in the hospital.

They draw up to the Unulsis local branch just as Sarah is outside the door and about to lock up.  Upon seeing the agents turn up she smiles and greets them, apologising that she is just closing for the day.  She suggests that they come back tomorrow and then they can all be inducted.  However Cominski, gently at first but then with more authority, informs her that she needs to re-open and allow them to enter and take a look around.  He does tell her that an explosion happened and mentions the Patriot Act to her.  Sarah’s face drops and stutters a slow response, assuring them that there will be nothing to see.  She unlocks the door and opens it for them to enter.  As they enter they are greeted by the same scene they saw earlier, however Stie notices the poster of the Deacon.  Upon a closer look he spots the guy as someone familiar to him, he nudges Brendan and darting his eyes back to the poster.  Brendan understands that Stie has spotted something they hadn’t and leads Sarah to the back room.  He remembers how friendly she was with him and takes the lead, suggesting that he sit her down and make a drink for her.  She leads him through the back door, in to a small corridor with three doors leading off.  One marked Presentations, one Private, and the other marked Storage.  She opens the door to the storage, it is a small closet that houses the cleaning mop and bucket, along with a small sink and work top with a kettle sat on top.  She fills the kettle and clicks it on, pulling up one of the small chairs and sits down.  She sits there uncomfortably fidgeting about, toying with her hands and looking up at Brendan.  He reassures her and tries to take her mind of the worry.

In the shop Stie leads Cominski over to the poster and points to the man in the picture, “This is the guy.  This is Valiant.”

“Valiant is the Deacon of the cult here!” Cominski states slowly as the thought settles in his mind.  As he looks at the picture he can barely tell the similarities to the photograph they had of him.  The only thing would be the guy’s eyes.  “This must have been a professional job.”  Once they finish setting the picture of Valiant in their mind, agent Stie goes over to the computer to have a look through, while Cominski goes off to take a look around.  Cominski walks in to the corridor and sees Brendan talking with Sarah.  He walks past and tries the door marked Private only to find it locked.  Appearing around the doorway, Cominski asks Sarah if she has the key.  She gets up and quickly unlocks the door, informing them that it is Dough Walters the Deacon’s room.  Though the Private marked door is a stairway heading up.

Stie busy himself operating the computer, he manages to find a secondary boot system that he manages to access and boot from, avoiding any security passwords and trolls the hard drive.  He finds that there is a link to the main Unulsis headquarters computer system, however he hits a wall here as it needs a secure password access that he can not avoid.  But he does find accounting data for the local branch.  With this he goes to have a word with Brendan, sticking his head in through the closet doorway.  They have a brief quiet word outside the closet and then Brendan instructs Stie to stay with Sarah while he takes a look at the computer.  Taking a look at the computer, Brendan is impressed with Stie’s handy work and spots what he had trouble with.  Brendan begins some traces and finds some ghost hosts and middle computers, making a bypass to access backdoor in to the headquarter computer system.  He comes up with more accounting data.  Not being an accountant he does spot that the two batches of data are a match except for the fact that the file sizes do no match.  He quickly makes back up copies of all the information, and then goes off to tell Stie and suggest to him to get Cominski to take a look at the data.

Upstairs Cominski enters in to an apartment.  He finds that all the windows have been painted over, but there are plenty of lamps dotted about, which he turns on when entering.  The light from the lamps reflect off several mirrors surrounding a large waterbed in the middle.  Every wall has a long white cloth drape hanging from ceiling to floor.  In the corner is a small weight training area with dumbbells, barbells and bench.  There are two doors leading off to a bedroom and kitchen area.  Near one wall by the waterbed is a wooden chest with a simple lock.  Cominski goes over and gives the lock a kick, opening the lid to take a look at the contents.  First there is a clean pressed military uniform, with a Sandinista flag folded on top.  There is also a large collection of military medals, around twenty to thirty.  The medals are for high rewards like exceptional bravery, even one that is sure only awarded posthumously.  As he looks through this he is joined by agent Malloan as he walks up the stairs.  “I think this Deacon is definitely our ‘friend’.”  Cominski holds up the uniform and medals.  As he looks over at Stie walking towards him, he spots one of the drapes flap as he walks by, revealing what looks like the bottom of a doorway.  Stie informs him that he & Brendan has found some data on the computer that he needs to take a look at.  Cominski agrees but first suggests that they take a look at this hidden room first, as he walks over to the drape and moves a stereo system out of the way, and then lifting the hanging out of the way.

Within this hidden room, and after turning the lights on, they are greeting by a massive TV system, along with Video and DVD players, even a Laserdisc player, and a large gaming and music system.  On one wall, and filling it, is a gun rack containing an AK47, M16, Spas 12 shotgun, and several sniper rifles such as a Dragunov and Light 50.  On the floor near this collection lays a diamond saw, and a gathering of dust and a pile of about fifteen crystals.  Under the entertainment system can be found a large collection of hand written camcorder tapes.  The labels are all of different female names along with a date, and also some sort of rating system.  Randomly taking a tape a putting it in the camera they are greeted by a scene of the waterbed in the other room.  On the bed is the man they now know as Valiant, who is knelt behind a naked woman and they are at it very vigorously.  He appears to be pointing and directing her towards the cameras direction, and instructing her in what to do.  Stie seeing what is unfolding before his eyes looks away in disgust, however Cominski carries on watching noticing that Valiant is being very controlling and manipulating, enjoying the dominance more than the act.  As the act progresses the requests become more unusual.  Not paying attention to the video, Stie looks through the tapes finding two tapes that are marked different.  One is marked ‘For the World’, and the other marked ‘X’.  There is also a tape with the name of Sarah, same as the woman downstairs.

Agent Stie Malloan stops and ejects the tape that agent John Cominski is busy psycho-analysing.  He then places the tape marked ‘X’ in to the camera.  A scene jumps to life of Ronald Valiant sat meditating on the waterbed, his toned naked body fully on view and fully aroused.  A woman walks in to view towards him, her head inclined to the side.  “I, love, you, Valiant.”  She slowly speaks, “You, are, everything, to, me, Valiant.”  She leans towards him stripping her clothes off.  “You, are, my, world, Valiant.”  She reaches out, her tongue touching his.  Her tongue extends wrapping around his, her hand grasping hold of his member.  She digs her nail in and scrapes it down and in to his urethra.  He bucks back in a mix of pain and pleasure.  She begins to melt on to him, literally melting over him as if she had no bones in her body, mixing with him.  Both Stie and Cominski have an odd feeling of ants under their skin from watching this, and their minds rebel at this scene playing before their unbelieving eyes.  They quickly stop and eject the tape, throwing the tape to the floor and breathing a sigh of relief, taking in sane oxygen to calm their minds.

After a brief moment Stie has popped in the other tape marked ‘For the World’ and pressed play.  This tape has a close up of Valiant’s face, sweat running down his brow.  “I need to tell everyone, tell everyone.  I am going to be a hero for this.”  Valiant quietly and hastily speaks out, almost excitedly.  “I going to tell, I am the only one who knows.  I am the only one who can stop this.  The Aliens, they’re here.  The Aliens are trying to take over all of us.  I can tell, I saw them.  I saw them.  They’re the leaders of Unulsis.  They are sucking us dry.  They created all religion.”  Here he names all the different religions of the world.  “They have infiltrated them all.  Even the Pope is one of them.  They drain our energy, that is why they are here, that is what they do.  That is why they got me here.  They are parasites, energy parasites.  They have attached themselves to races all across the galaxies.  They want to take me, take me but I won’t allow it.  I know, I know what they are doing and I know how to fight them.  I have the energy I have taken from them, and I am not going to stop.”  Here he begins to laugh madly to himself.  “I’ve tapped in to it.  Tapped in to their reservoir.  I’m going to use it.  They have sent a servant to take me out.  They sent hope to take me out.  But no I controlled her, she is my slave now.  She is mine and I will fight them.  I will steal all their slaves back from them.  I will turn it upon them.”  He then goes on to say that his store is not ready, he is not ready.  Saying that he needs enough power to get strong enough, to go to Tulsa and confront them there.  He states that he will lead a crusade to stamp out all the Aliens.  “I will take over their religions, and then…..then I, I will be the Messiah.  Humanity will bow before me.  I will be a Uber Mage.”  More manic laughter comes from his lips as he states that he will lead them all.

Both Stie Malloan and John Cominski feels skittish after watching those tapes, they keep hearing sounds like rats in the walls.  The shadows seem to be longer than they were previously.  They walk back down the stairs to meet back up with Brendan.  They take with them the crystals they gathered together and placed in a sack.  Brendan notices that both Stie and Cominski are both looking rather pale compared to how they look before going up stairs.  Cominski hands over the tape to Sarah, telling her that they hadn’t seen it.  Sarah collapses, crying ‘oh god, oh God’ as she holds her hands over her face.  “I didn’t want to do it.”  Brendan leads Cominski to the computer telling and showing him what they found, getting him to take a look at the data files.  As Cominski takes a look at these files he feels Brendan in on what they found up stairs.  Unfortunately Cominski struggles to concentrate on the files and figures before him, his mind keeps reverting back to the scenes on the tapes.  Brendan makes a secure call to Gaston, filling him in on what they have found.

The agents take pictures of the Unulsis premises, gathering up all the evidence of the tapes and weapons, along with the crystals and backed up data.  They load up the car and Sarah upon seeing all of this pleads that she didn’t know anything about any of it.  Brendan recommends to her that she may be best to not turn up for work tomorrow, and find another.  They decide to head to the local FBI secure lock up and unload all the evidence.  Cominski suggests someone stay behind and keep an eye on the premises for Ronald Valiants return.  Stie volunteers to stay behind while they go to the lock up.

Cominski drives the car along the highway with Brendan in the passenger seat.  The evidence weighing down the back of the car.  It is getting late in the day and the sun is all ready going down behind the horizon as the sky begins to darken.  There is an ambulance with its sirens and lights on, racing up behind them on the highway.  Brendan recognises the driver as the large ill-fitted guy from the hospital.  He soon catches up and shoots passed them tearing along the road.  As the agents talks about the driver, a large eighteen-wheeler car transporter shifts lanes before them.  Suddenly a loud crash of metal draws their attention to the transporter before them.  A car bounces off from the back of the eighteen-wheeler and hits the tarmac.  Cominski reacts quickly and swerves narrowly avoiding hitting the bouncing car.  The transporter swerves and swings its back about, knocking in to other cars on the road, smashing in to one and sending it flipping down the road.  Sounds of horns and squealing of rubber as chaos erupts on the highway, the transporter near jack-knifing as it travels down the road before the agents in the car.  Brendan briefly notices a humanoid shadow moving between the cars on the transporter, just before two more cars fly off from the back.  Cominski again expertly weaves between the falling cars and other road traffic.  Looking in the rear-view mirror, many cars are beginning to pile up, lighting up the darkening sky.

A thump hits the roof of the car that Cominski and Brendan are travelling in.  Something heavy hits buckling the roof, forming a shape almost like feet and hands.  Brendan draws his gun and aims at the roof of the car, pointing it at the area between the limbs.  Meanwhile Cominski makes sharp moves to hopefully throw whatever is on the roof off.  A shout echoes through the car as a bullet fires through the roof between the footfalls.  Next a pair of hands slams on to the windscreen, sliding and slithering down the glass.  Then a face forms in the mass, looking directly at Brendan, a face of the ambulance driver that has long since pass, the eyes looking the color of flesh.  It reaches back with a clenched fist, throwing it forward and smashing through the windscreen, glass flying everywhere within the car.  The scene before Cominski’s eyes has shaken his mind once again, his knuckles turning white on the steering wheel, forgetting to concentrate on driving for mere short moments.  The form outside stretches and wraps its leg around the front of the car.  Again Brendan takes aim and fires, his bullet whizzing past at high velocity, looking like it would hit but disappearing in to the night.  The creature lunges forward in through the car windscreen.  Cominski concentrates back on trying to throw the creature off the car with frantic driving.  Unfortunately he side swipes a car in the next lane, metal crunching against metal, but luckily managing to keep control.  However the creature still hangs on without any problem.  Another shout explodes from the barrel of Brendan’s revolver, the bullet making contact at point blank range.  However the bullet goes straight through the entity without slowing and goes in to the night once more.  The entity turns ignoring Brendan and wraps itself around Cominski, the driver of the car.  It wraps itself tight around Cominski, pinning him against the seat.  A face forms next to Cominski’s.  A tongue comes out and extends, licking his face.  Brendan quickly grabs the steering wheel and wrestles the car to a controlled slow and stop.  The creature carries on squeezing Cominski, pressing its lips against his.  Thrusting its tongue down his throat and vomiting liquid.  Cominski’s eyes begin to bulge and roll up in to his head as he struggles to breathe and pass out.

The entity turns its face and smiles at Brendan, “I, have, to, stop, you, you, see.  You’re, hurting, the, man, that, I, love.  I, have, to, stop, you.”

“Bring it bitch!”  Brendan shouts back, grabbing a hold of Cominski’s finger and shoves it in to the cigarette lighter socket.  The entity recoils from this, but then Brendan notices that it seems to be more worried about the cigarette lighter itself, as this small item bounces across the floor towards it.  The entity quickly uncoils from Cominski and moves away.  Turning its attention now to Brendan, anger in its eyes it reaches for his throat.  Quickly Brendan dodges the grasping hand and dives out of the stopped car.  Smashing the car door open and rolling on the tarmac, narrowly miss being hit by other cars.  The entity pulls and forms itself up on top of the car.  Brendan makes a dash for another stopped, crashed car.  The entity begins to form tendrils, a sound of crackling static charges the air around its out stretch limb.  An electrical blast smashes in to the tarmac near Brendan, electricity dancing where his foot had been mere moments before.  He arrives at the car and reaches in past the dead man’s body, glasses broken on his face and glass embedded in his eyes and face.  Blood pouring down his face and from his ruined mouth.  Brendan presses the car cigarette lighter in on the dashboard, and rummage through the guy’s pocket, luckily finding a Zippo lighter, exactly what he was after.  The inscription on the metal case of the lighter reads, ‘World’s best Dad’.  The car cigarette lighter clicks and pops out again fully charged and primed.  Brendan turns with this in his hand to find the entity now directly behind him, formed in to a shapely woman.  Her long brown hair flowing behind her she looks at him and tells him, “You, really, shouldn’t, do, this.  I, have, to, do, this, for, him.  Don’t, you, see.”

“Well see this Bitch!” Brendan exclaims as he swings his clenched fist, the one with the car cigarette lighter in, towards her face.  She tries to hit him under the chin but seeing his intention, quickly splits and reforms after his strike, meaning that he missed.  “That, wasn’t, nice.  Don’t, do, that, again.”  She then wrenches a car door off and smashes it down towards Brendan’s head, but he manages to dive out of the way.  The door embeddeds almost half in to the tarmac.  Brendan turns to make a run towards the next pile of cars.  However the entity grasps a large shard of glass and melds it with her hand.  She swings and lunges straight for him, racking his back and digging in deep.  His clothes on his back split open, the Kevlar vest also splits open, and unfortunately his flesh on his back also split open.  Blood escapes from his body like water breeching a dam.  Brendan drops to the ground already almost dead but that doesn’t stop her, as she begins to disembowel him there on the tarmac.  His organs spewing forth on to the highway.  She then stands up and turns, walking away from her road art, bored and giving him no more thought.


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