Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Gaston – FBI (NPC)

Jason (jymmijamz) – Stie Malloan – NCIS

Will – John Cominski – FBI


Gaston sits at his desk, it has been a very long five days, where he has probably managed to snatch about four hours sleep.  Lately he has been busy chasing up information for the new (Delta Green) agents in town.  Last he heard the agents had found the location of Ronald Valiant, where they obtained evidence and are taking it back to a secure lock-up.  He has just been informed about a major pile-up on the highway, and switching on the TV can see the CNN news helicopter flying around the scene, giving a bird’s eye view of the wreckage.  Cars are backed up, some piled end on end as it becomes closer to the front.  Smoke billowing up in to the sky, the fire services managing to keep the fires under control.  As the camera pans around, Gaston recognises one of the cars as being a very good look-a-like of the one he had let the new agents use.  And as this is the highway they would have taken, signs do not look good.  There have also been reports of a road rage assailant on the scene, and a couple of possible deaths at the scene.  Gaston decides to try to contact the agents on the secure phone to ascertain the situation.  Unfortunately the phone just keeps ringing with no answer.  Quickly thinking the worse, Gaston hastily rushes out of the offices, ordering a couple of officers to go along with him.  He rushes to the car with a fresh cup of coffee in hand and a cigarette on his lips.  He climbs in to the back of the car and allows the other to take the front and drive to the scene.

It seems to take an age to arrive on the scene of the highway pile up.  Police have the place cornered off, and Gaston has to show his ID to be allowed in.  The helicopters are busy flying about, both TV station owned and of the local police.  Plenty of fire and ambulance crew about.  There is also the jack-knifed truck visible for all to see.  Gaston hears talk while there of a woman who seemed to melt like plastic surgery under the fire.  He soon comes to the car that he had hoped wasn’t the one he had let the agents use, but now he can see with his own eyes up close that it is the one and the same.  There are dents in the roof and bonnet, windscreen totally shattered.  And a solitary figure can be seen still in the driver’s seat.  The figure is that of agent Cominski, slumped back in the seat.  Gaston checks with the paramedics and they tell him that they have already checked and stabilised him, and once they have finished they will get back to him.  Satisfied for now, Gaston begins to check around for any evidence that needs to be found and maybe covered up.  He orders his colleague to go check on the witnesses, to see exactly what they are seeing and stating.  Make sure that they reassure the witnesses as they have been through a very traumatic experience.

Turning back to the car, Gaston sees that the paramedics are beginning to attend to Cominski.  They seem to be happy to move him, but in a need to work fast demanding adrenalin and to lay him on the asphalt.  Behind him, Gaston can hear some other paramedics demanding to get the ‘cops’ over as it appears to have not happened in a car accident.  Turning and going over to the paramedics, Gaston comes upon what is left of the other agent, Brendan Woodowski.  They have people and obstacles in the way to stop civilians from observing the mess.  Kevlar vest and clothes cleanly and surgically cut.  Lays of flesh and body fat sliced open from side to side and top to bottom.  The blood is pooled all around under and near the body, the throat sliced from ear to ear.  A car cigarette lighter still held tight in Brendan’s fingers and a Zippo lighter in the other.  Gaston asks for their opinion on what had actually happened, and they inform him that it is possible, with all the glass about, that he could have been cut by being thrown out of the car, but it is the cut on the throat that doesn’t add up.  Suggesting that there is a mad woman running about, especially has they have heard talk of a woman melting, going about the cars.  The paramedics tell him that it is not unheard of.  And if the temperature is high enough then even skin can melt, and if there is a lot of plastic surgery then who knows.  They say that the woman could have gone mad through the pain of the heat alone.  However they have not come across anyone with this description.  The police are keeping a look out for this woman, especially near the outskirts of this scene.  One last thing before leaving poor Woodowski, Gaston signs for and takes the ID and possessions of the agent.

Cominski suddenly comes around, his whole body aching and in pain, he is lead on the ground and someone is stabbing something in to his arm.  Cominski tenses unsure but finally notices the uniform the person is wearing, a green paramedic outfit.  The paramedic has a big friendly smile on his face, and is reassuring Cominski, telling him that he has been in a nasty car accident.  A memory comes flooding back to his mind of what had happened and he tenses.  With an instinctive reaction, Cominski reaches for his gun, however the paramedic clamps down on his arm and telling him that he doesn’t need to be doing such a thing.  Relaxing Cominski moves his hand away and the paramedics quickly take the gun.  Looking past the paramedics he can see agent Gaston walking over towards him, looking as tired as ever with a cigarette in his mouth and a take-away coffee cup in hand.  Gaston checks on how Cominski is feeling, and the paramedics tell him that they will be needing to take him back to the hospital for scans and observation.    Taking a deep breath and calming himself, Cominski turns and informs the paramedic that it will not be necessary, once again signing himself off the responsibility of the medical authority.

Once Cominski has been cleared to move and he and Gaston go to a more private spot, Gaston asks about the third agent Malloan.  Gaston helps guide Cominski by allowing him to lean upon him.  He is told that Malloan should be fine as he was not with them, but in fact staking out the Unulsis building on the off chance of Valiant returning.  Then regrettably Gaston informs Cominski that they will be down an agent from now on.  Telling him that Woodowski got taken out, and that it would not be advisable to see the body.  He then tells him about the eye-witness reports coming in, about a mad woman melting and attacking.  Cominski shares with Gaston that the woman was in fact the love of Ronald Valiant.  He also tells Gaston that they need to get all the evidence, which is still in the back of the car, to the secure lock-up.

Meanwhile over at the Unulsis building, agent Stie Malloan is quietly sat on a bench away from the building, but still so he can observe the entrance.  He has been sat there for what seems like a very long time, enough time even for the other two to have dropped the evidence off and got back.  He picks up his secure phone and dials the contact for the other two.  The phone is answered by a voice he wasn’t expecting, which takes his attention as he was waiting to hear either Cominski or Woodowski.  Without thinking he asks who it is and then where is Woodowski, even though he recognises the voice.  Gaston confirms that he is the one who answered and then regrettably informs Malloan of the bad news of Woodowski, without too much detail to what exactly happened.  Gaston asks him where and what he is up to.  And as Stie Malloan tells him the answer he spots the door to the Unulsis building open, and out walks a female he recognises.  Odd because he can’t remember seeing Sarah walking back in there?  Distracted, Stie tells Gaston that he has just spotted Sarah, the Unulsis assistant, leave the building.  He tells him he had better go and follow her.

Agent Stie Malloan carefully stands up and follows Sarah, keeping his distance as he goes.  At one moment she stops and takes a slow look around her, her eyes slowing even more as they look in his general direction, before finishing her sweep.  She then turns and walks on down the street.  He is suddenly aware that as he has been following her, on the opposite side of the road, that he has been walking down the brighter side, all the shops are closed, and only he and her are on the streets.  Sarah soon comes to an alleyway, which she turns down between two buildings and disappears in to the dark shadows of the thin alley.  Stie stops and checks his smart phone to see where the alley would lead out to.  With haste he makes a run for it and tries to beat her to the other end of the alleyway by going the long way around.  He can begin to feel his lungs start to burn, as he pushes himself to go fast, leaping over bins and cutting corners where he can.  He manages to make it there in time, coughing and wheezing as he doubles over to catch his breath.  He is aware that he doesn’t think he could have made it in time, when he suddenly hears foot steps slowly approaching from the shadows of the alley.  Quickly he steps in to a dark doorway, and keeping his eye out for the approaching figure.  As the figure draws near, his breathing sounding awfully loud in his own ear, he can hear a strange sort of disjointed humming.

Both agent Gaston and Cominski are busy loading the car up with the evidence from the wrecked car that Cominski was driving.  While they are busy, Gaston hears an argument coming from over where the police are manning the barricade.  “No. No seriously, I just want to check if they are okay.” A woman’s voice can be heard.  She tells the officer that “They were there early and took some things. I just want to check if they are fine.”  Gaston tells Cominski that there seems to be a little problem over by the barricade, and suggests he carries on loading while he goes and takes a look.  Over at the barricade Gaston can see an attractive young lady arguing with the police officer.  She is wearing a crystal around her neck, with shoulder length hair.  Gaston interrupts and asks what the problem seems to be.  She insists that she only wants to check on the agents, informing Gaston that he knows them.  She explains to him that the agents were at her place of work earlier, and that they had taken some evidence.  Telling him that it was at the Unulsis Foundation building, and that her name is Sarah.  She points over at Cominski loading up the car, sharing he concerns for seeing the car carrying the evidence wrecked on the highway.  Gaston turns to the officer and tells him that it is okay to allow her through.  He leads her to Cominski, unclasping his clip on his holstered gun, his hand staying next to it as he walks.  Once with Cominski, Gaston asks him if the lady is indeed Sarah from the Unulsis Foundation.  She is looking very concerned and worried standing there, again showing concern for the evidence.  Cominski is curt with her and assures her that all the evidence is fine and secure, telling her to go away.  Gaston walks up to her and also assures her that the evidence is secure, reminding her that they are FBI after all and take it all very seriously.  Cominski un-holsters his gun and draws it, pointing it directly at the ground.  He is suddenly aware that there appears to be two!  “Stay where I can see you.”  Gaston orders two officers to take care of her, to keep an eye on her in their patrol car.

The figure walks out of the shadow and passes in front of the doorway.  She stops with her back towards Stie who is still stood there.  She puts her hands in her pocket, and even looks at her watch checking the time, as if waiting for someone.  She then turns around and looks directly at Stie standing there.  Sarah greets him as if surprised to see him there.  “Oh! Hello.”  Stie straightens himself with a little cough.  “You, are, following, me.”  Stie tries to turn the tables stating that she was following him.  Sarah smiles hearing this, “Why, were, you, watching, there?”  But Stie avoids the subject saying that he was looking at the graffiti.  However she pursues the subject stating the Unulsis building, and as she does so she steps closer to him.  Stie involuntarily drops his hand to his holstered gun.  “Were, you, looking, for, someone?”  Again Stie tells her that he doesn’t know what se is referring to.  Now her smiles grows bigger, almost looking to threaten to split her face, stating that he is lying to her.  “I, don’t, like, that. I, don’t, like, that, at, all.”  She then asks him if he knows an agent Cominski, or an agent Gaston.  But still Stie claims to not know what she is referring to.  “It, is, not, nice, to, lie, to, me.” The tone in her voice changing.  “What makes you think I am lying to you?”  Asks Stie Malloan as he slowly eases his gun from its holster.  His phone begins to ring in his pocket.  She steps closer still to him.

Cominski demands that he and Gaston should go and find Stie and quickly.  He pulls his secure phone from his pocket and dials Stie, as they rush in to the car.  Gaston behind the steering wheel of the car, while Cominski rides shotgun.

Stie brings his gun up and points it straight at Sarah, telling her to freeze.  “You, are, going, to, hurt, him, aren’t, you?”  She repeats the question and ending it with a statement that she will not allow him to do that.  “I, love, him.”  She ends with almost a whisper.  Stie Malloan squeezes the trigger of his gun.  The bullet leaves the barrel of his gun at high velocity, exploding out and through her face at point-blank.  The hole that is left in her face is of a rough size of a fist.  She just looks at him as her face reforms.  “THAT, really, wasn’t, nice.  I’m, going, to, have, to, hurt, you, now.”  She then thrusts her forearm hard against Stie’s, shattering his Ulna bone.  Quickly followed by slamming his head against the wall as she kicks at his knee, sending his Patella bone out to the side.  A scream erupts from Stie’s mouth as he collapses to the floor, his phone ringing in his pocket.  Once on the floor his hand delves into his pocket and presses the pick up on his phone.  “GRAFFITI ALLEY!”  Stie manages to prononciate through his pain and screams.

As Gaston puts his foot down and speeds off back in to town, Cominski hangs on the phone, waiting for Stie to answer the phone.  After sometime the call is finally answered, however Cominski had to quickly pull the phone away from his ear as a scream erupts through the earpiece.  Even Gaston could hear the noise from where he is sat.  The scream sounds as if someone is having dentistry done by an amateur DIY enthusiast with a hammer drill.  Cominski does however catch the words Graffiti Alley, and tells Gaston to head there and to make it quick.  Gaston knows the place and takes the quickest route, putting pressure on the car’s engine as he floors it.

The entity that is Sarah makes a grab for Stie’s arm and misses as Stie manages to pull himself just out of reach.  He begins to drag himself across the ground away from her, his gun clattering to the ground and left behind.  She reaches down to grab his retreating legs, and Stie takes a desperate swipe at her with his fist.  Unfortunately his hand passes straight through her, his hand feeling terribly cold and slick.  His mind is desperately trying to keep hold of reality as it tries to retreat from what is happening.

He has managed to drag himself barely out of the alley, heading for the main street.  The location is a mix of residential and shops.  Most of the shops seem to be that of coffee shops and eateries.  The shops have large glass fronts, the insides full of darkness and shadows.  There are a couple of cars parked on the street, but unfortunately no one has walked by.

Gaston is making great time tearing down the streets.  He knows the city like the back of his hand, knowing where all the short cuts are, and going the wrong way down one-way roads.  He is breaking the speed limit at every turn, and feels so alive and invigorated as the adrenalin pumps through his veins.  He narrowly misses parked cars and corners of buildings as he shoots past.

Stie grabs a hold of a garbage lid and throws it towards a window of a back room.  It bounces off the wall near the window and rolls back towards him.  Sarah turns and looks.  Then looks at him confused, “Why, did, you, do, that?  I, don’t, understand.”  She then stands on one of his feet, pressing it at an odd angle in to the ground, “Explain!”  Again a scream erupts from his mouth once more.  Her arms extend and begin to wrap around his arms, pulling him up towards her.  She moves his face directly next to hers, “I, could, just, take, it, from, you.  Tell, me, why, did, you, do, that.”  Her tongue begins to extend out, probing his mouth, trying to peel back his lips.  Through gritted teeth, Stie tells her that he thought he saw Valiant.  She quickly looks in that direction, blinking as she looks and then turns back to Stie.  “You’re, lying.  AREN’T, YOU?”

“No no, there was definitely someone there.  It looked like Valiant.”  Next thing he is aware of is the shattering of glass, as his body is thrown through that exact same window, hitting the floor with a thud.  Glass embedding itself in his clothes and body armour.  “HE, IS, NOT, HERE! I, do, everything, for, him.  I, love, him.  You, will, not, mock, that.  I, WILL, kill, you,  I, will, not, even, tear, it, from, your, brain, now.  I, will, snap, you, in, honour, to, him.”  Stie finds himself amongst broken glass in the middle of a coffee shop.  The intruder alarm now filling the void of the shop with its piercing white noise.  Stie tries to scurry and drag his failing body towards the back of the shop and behind the counter.  She begins to envelope a table in to her arm and swinging it down towards his chest.  The impact is not directly on target, luckily for Stie, as her table arm crashes down beside his chest and cracking a few ribs.  The comfort of darkness’s embrace closes around Stie’s body and mind.

As Gaston steers the car down the street towards Graffiti Alley, they can hear and then see a shop alarm wailing in to the night.  Gaston hand-brake turns the car to a halt outside the coffee shop.

Words echo in Stie’s mind as the pain begins to fade, “They’re, too, close. I’ll, deal, with, you, later.  You, can’t, escape.  I, see, you, now.”

Cominski and Gaston rush in to the coffee shop to find Stie Malloan laying in broken glass, his arm broken and blood oozing from several wounds.  Cominski instantly drops to apply first aid and help stabilise if possible poor agent Malloan, snapping bones back in place, applying bandages and wrapping up his ribs.  He slowly comes to, conscious and in pain, bruises begin to weld on his face and limbs.  When he finally comes to his senses and manages to get to his feet, he tells the other agents about his confrontation with the woman who looked like Sarah from Unulsis.  Explaining how his gun was of no use against her.  They help him to the car and take him to the local hospital.

Gaston leaves Cominski with Malloan in the hospital, while he goes to the secure lock-up and drop off the evidence.  The hospital patch Stie Malloan up asking question and make sure that he is able to move and sign himself out from the hospital once more.  The pain has eased thanks to the staff doing all that they can over night for him.  Come morning Stie is discharged.

In the morning Gaston’s phone goes off, and with a sigh of reluctance he answers the call.  His contacts tell him that they have finally managed to track the phone they were trying to trace.  Telling him that it had been used again, and what is even better is that it is from a warehouse were they had the public phones tapped for a drug bust.  The public phones have been used to arrange for groups from the Unulsis to meet at the warehouse in half an hour.  The numbers of people he is probably gathering is around the sixty mark.  Gaston informs them that they need to organise their own force, instructing to gather available agents, along with a SWAT team, snipers, a breach team with flash bangs.  After the call he contacts Cominski and Malloan to tell them what the situation is, asking what force they can muster to help.  He then rushes off to his car, coffee cup in hand, and cigarette in mouth.

Gaston picks Cominski and Malloan up from the hospital, confirming with them the situation in person, and checking what they have been able to muster for assistance.  Stie Malloan has contacted his group informing them about a rogue ex-marine and an illegal gathering, but they will not be able to get there quick enough, but are coming.  They also get the local USCG (Coast Guards) in to help as it will be going down at the docklands.

At the warehouse, Gaston and his two Delta Green agents arrive seeing that the police already have the place surrounded, no one has moved waiting for him.  The police look nervous and teams are in position and waiting.  An office in charge comes up to Gaston as he walks from the car.  The office is in full body armour with helmet, SWAT emblazoned across his back.    The officer introduces himself to Gaston and informs him that no one knows they are there yet.  He also tells him that they are getting about sixty to seventy heat signatures from within the building, predominately in the centre.  They have not been able to get and video in to see what is happening within, and no signs of violence yet.  The three agents discuss what would be the best plan of action, whether to go in hot or not.

A guy from near the door to the warehouse rushes over, has a word with the head SWAT officer and then comes over to Gaston.  He informs him that they have listen devices monitoring the proceedings within the building, and tells him that a speech has kicked off.  The agents go over to listen to what is going on.  The sound isn’t great but clear enough to know what is being said.

The voice inside thanks those for coming, telling them that a city courier had delivered a letter to them this morning.  A challenge for their ‘Not for profit’ status, and zoning conflict for the neighbourhood.  ‘Perhaps this will encourage your sick group to find a new home.’  The voice quotes.  He then goes on to encourage the gathered people to not hold hate in their hearts, telling them that they can change ‘their’ minds.  “The biblical prophets had faith to move mountains.  But we are family, we are legion, we have the faith to move the stars.  Because we have the inner power to change ourselves, and that is the only power that matters.  Brothers and sisters, help me, help us.  Meditate with me and focus on your realiser.  Channel your hopes and faith in to a mighty power, a living power to move the stars.”  There then comes a faint murmuring, and eventually a chanting begins.

Cominski grabs a loudhailer from one of the police.  A squeal comes from inside and the speaking dies.  The small light that can be seen through the high blocked windows flicker out, leaving the place inside in darkness.  Cominski steps back and uses the loudhailer.  “Valiant!  This is the FBI.”  The chanting rises and can start to be heard without the listening devices.  “You see they are here to stop us.  Concentrate your faith, don’t let fear over come you my brothers.  Together we can stand.”  Cominski carries on trying to get Valiant’s attention.  A gentle pulsating natural glow begins to show through the cracks in the warehouse.  Gaston sends out the order to move in as Cominski stops using the loudhailer and turns to him.  A scream erupts from within the warehouse.

The Breach team knock the doors open wide, and flash bangs get thrown in.  A blinding flash and with ears ringing, Gaston, Cominski and Malloan rush in, followed by the SWAT and Breach teams.  When they can see they notice Ronald Valiant standing on a raised platform.  A platform likely made of wooden pallets with a white cloth thrown over.  Light is radiating from Valiant, a large crystal in his hands.  A group of people encircle him each with a crystal in hand.  About a third of his people are collapsing to the ground convulsing, while the others back away.  Most of them are holding their ears and looking about stunned, due in large to all the flash bangs going off.  Valiant looks slightly shaken by what is happening but resolved as a glow washes over him.  The teams rush in pointing their guns at Valiant, but confusion on their faces seeing that there are no guns evident.  A voice crackles over the communication radios of the teams, “Weapons tight or weapons loose?”   Gaston orders back to stay loose.  Both Cominski and Gaston notice that the ones convulsing on the ground only have half crystals.  The victim’s eyes suddenly snap wide open burning a bright fiery light.  Gurgled screams come from their mouths and as their voices become like one, a powerful energy washes over their hands burning their skins.  Flames begin to dance across their bodies as their skin begins desiccating.

Cominski lets his gun do the talking, firing at point-blank, unfortunately it is not against Valiant but instead against the back of Malloan.  Stie collapses to his knees as the bullet hits his vest bruising and winding him in the back.  He shouts to the officers standing and pointing at Valiant to go loose.  The flames begin to rise on the bodies, as all hell breaks loose.  Bullets begin to erupt from the various team’s guns.  Gaston charges at Cominski to shoulder barge him but misses.  Cominski turns and fires at Gaston grazing him on the side of his ribs.  The full auto rain of bullets fly towards Valiant, however all the bullets stop in mid-flight before him, and with a wave down gesture from his hand the bullets drop to the floor.  Gaston carries on to tussle with Cominski to stop him from shooting at his own side.  Stie turns and focuses on firing at Valiant, his first shot going wide.  Cominski keeps trying to shoot at both Malloan and Gaston.  A blast of power forces Gaston back and away from Cominski as he tries to kick at him.  Another wave of Valiant’s hand, and the shot that Stie fired stops and falls to the floor.  A glow intensifying from Valiant, the brilliance from the crystal making Stie feel sick as he looks at it.  Another shot from Cominski hits Gaston, luckily only grazing him once again.  One of the SWAT team members gets targeted by Valiant, who raises his hand and thrust it out towards the guy, sending him flying back through the air and smashing in to the wall behind, leaving an impact dent in the concrete.  As the power increases Valiant slowly begins to rise in the air.  Valiant then begins to slowly float across towards Cominski.  Gaston radios in for more assistance, all teams go.  Bullets keep raining in on Valiant as he floats through the shower of gunfire, not one shot penetrating and hitting him.  Gaston fires at Cominski with his handgun, shooting the firearm from his hand and leaving a bloody hole through Cominski’s hand as he drops to his knees.  Valiant stops by another SWAT guy, grabbing and snapping his neck, dropping the body where he found him.  He then turns to face another, and with a look and wave of this hands, the guy’s bloody and flesh are sucked from the body in to a floating bloody pool.  The skeletal body crashes to the ground with the weight of the clothing, and then the bloody pool splashes to the ground.  More and more members of the SWAT team are slowly taken down by Valiant as a rain of bullets pursues him.  Eventually a stray bullet manages to get through, only manage to bend at the last minute and leaving a bloody trail on his cheek and he flinches.  Gaston kicks at Cominski’s gun that is on the floor, sending it further away from him.  So Cominski tries to grapple him, but Gaston easily parries his hands out of the way.  Stie gets a flash bang from a SWAT member and goes behind Valiant to throw the grenade.  Cominski charges at Gaston, trying to throw at punch at him, but Gaston keeps dodging, slowly leading Cominski further away from the epicentre.

Eventually Valiant destroys all the SWAT team within the building in various different bloody ways, as the other teams rushed in raining more bullets against him.  Seeing the last SWAT member go down forces the other police forces to lose morale and turn to flee, dropping their guns and screaming as the race out.  Stie’s flash bang goes off near Valiant, close but not close enough, the energy around him flickers for a mere brief moment and then Valiant concentrates on Stie, giving him a big smile.  Gaston keeps himself moving away from Cominski hoping to lead him further away, and grabs a flash bang grenade from a fallen colleague.  Cominski diverts towards fallen SWAT member to take up an automatic rifle.  Stie frantically turns to find another flash bang amongst the dead bodies, and as he searches Valiant tries to grab him but misses as Stie dodges and grab a grenade.  Out of spite and fury Valiant targets a meaningless random policeman, and throws him in the air, twisting his neck one way and his the limbs another, snapping and breaking the bones and joints.  He then just tosses the limp body to the side like casting away garbage.  The remaining cops keeping firing futilely at Valiant, none making their mark.  Valiant floats over towards the last remain group, moving his arm and targeting the wall near them.  Most turn heel and run screaming from the building and the floating Valiant.  Cominski flicks the switch on his rifle and pulls his trigger to empty the full clip, aiming it at Gaston.  While Gaston throws his flash bang directly at Valiant and over throws it.  Stie throw his flash bang at the same time and it goes off nearer to Valiant.  As the two grenades go off, the energy shield around Valiant flickers and goes out.  Bullets rain out from the gun Cominski is firing, peppering the wall directly behind Gaston, and not one bullet finding its mark.  Some of the raining bullets from the remaining police find their mark on Valiant, now without a shield.  He goes down to his knees, blood oozing from wounds in his chest and arms.  He screams out in rage as he looks up to the ceiling, standing back on to his feet.  The roof and concrete fly off the warehouse, and metallic thuds can be heard from outside.  A piece flies down inside the warehouse and slams down on to Gaston, pinning him to the floor, blood coughs out and bone cracks as he blacks out.  An officer rushes over to help him but to no avail.

Valiant begins to glow once more turning to look for another target.  Both Cominski and Stie manage to avoid being hit by falling masonry.  The snipers now manage to get a bead on Valiant, but unfortunately non are able to penetrate and hit him.  More people from outside the building also begin to open fire, now the sides and roof have been blown off the warehouse.  The police and coast guards rain fire down on to the glowing Valiant as he floats in the air.  Valiant spot Stie rummaging through another body for a possible flash bang grenade, so he makes another attempt at grabbing for him, but Stie is too quick and manages to slip away pulling a grenade from the dead body.  More bullets rain on Valiant back drawing his attention to them.  A police car outside flips in to the air and slams in to a nearby warehouse, sending the police scattering for cover.  Stie quickly turns and tosses the flash bang straight at Valiant’s face, going off on impact and staggering him back.  Cominski turns and empties another taken MP5 directly at agent Stie Malloan, but as his mind is not his and that he is not trained in sub-machine guns, the kick back sends his arm all over the place, the bullets all missing their target and peppering the building near to Stie.  Another loud shot echoes through the docklands as a sniper fires at the now staggering Valiant.  Everyone nearby notices the now headless body of Valiant slump to the floor, his head exploded in a shower of blood as the shot impales through the skull.  Cominski collapses to his knees vomiting up a strange liquid, almost reminiscent of the fluid form of the entity that he had fought against.  In fact that was the last thing that he can remember, fighting her in the car.  He looks down to see the contents of his stomach on the floor around his knees, and looking up and around he is now aware of the bloody surroundings he finds himself in.  Agent Stie Malloan looks over to see Cominski vomiting up a liquid, which looks an awful lot like the substance that he and the other agents, found in the lake from their previous mission.

Looking about Cominski spots a woman who looks like the Sarah he had seen in the Unulsis, look down at Valiant’s body with anger and then walk off, disappearing amongst all the cops outside.  Blinking and struggling to his feet, Cominski looks again to see no sign of this woman.  The police that are of a stable mind rush in to help the down and injured colleagues.

The police force eventually get the area around the warehouse cordoned off, and the injured are attended too.  A story of cranes and harnesses are spread about with regard to what had been witnessed.  And someone remembers mention of a strange weaponised hallucinogenic.

Eventually, after some evidence being planter to reinforce the claims of crane and harnesses being used, the incident begins to be referred to as another Waco by the media.


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