Preparation and Rest

Bughunters (Amazing Engine) –  RPG session.

Run by Jason (jymmijamz)


Me – Charlie Chiung

Chris (alcoholandaphorism) – Rhobyn O’Leary

Will – Richard Strawbridge


After their initial holographic training mission on board the vessel Dauntless, the crew finally arrive at the destination planet of Wolf 259/7.  A landing party go down to the surface and set up a temporary base of operation. Charlie, Rhobyn, and Richard join the crew to set up on planet side.  Once they had finished with the days work, the three are given the next day for a little R & R.  They discuss what they are going to do, and all three decide as one to go off in to the colony settlement, called Newtown, to find a pub, some women, and make the most of their free time.  They take a battered up looking jeep and head to town, thinking that this would more impress than some fresh and pristine looking vehicle.  In no time they arrive in the settlement, only being a mere half an hours journey.  There is not much to see and not a lot of people about at the moment.  It is still early morning, not even close to lunch time yet.  There is a large statue in the center of the settlement, with roadways leading off in four direction like a compass.  They also find that they are spoilt for choice on the pub front, as they spot two near to each other.  One is the Wanderer’s Arms and the other is called Shilock’s Saloon.

They decide to try the Shilock’s Saloon first, and it is luckily open at this time of the day.  Once inside they see a makeshift bar with a barman stood behind, and a couple of patrons sat over at one end.  The customers seem to keep themselves to themselves, only looking up briefly as they enter, and then turn back to their drinks.  The three go up to the bar and order themselves a drink each and Richard chats with the barman.  He is told about a problem that seems to have hit the settlement recently and is told to talk with one of the guys, by the name of Hubble, at the table down the end of the bar.  They find out that there has been some attacks and a disappearance  up north, and they have been waiting for help to arrive.  The guy they talked to had his small holding attacked, north of the settlement.  People have been going crazy and marauding.  During the conversation, if you can call it that, Hubble every now and again keeps looking down at his empty glass and then back to the eyes of Richard.  Richard gives and buys him a short, which pleases the guy and he talks some more about the problems.  Once the drink is finished he would look at his glass once again.  Richard only refilled the glass a few times, enough to get the information.

After getting bored quickly in this pub, the three head out and on over to the other pub to see if there will be more action.  The scene is more or less an exact copy of the other pub, even done to only having a few patrons.  Again they order themselves more drinks and support the makeshift bar, seeing that once again they are the only ones drinking anything heavier than a hot drink at this time of the day.  Again they hear talk of the problems the settlement is experiencing.

Again they soon get bored with the excitement, and decide to have a walk about the settlement in the hope of wasting some time, in the desperate hope that things will become more lively later.  They take a look at the statue, seeing that it is of a guy who had first landed and settled here onboard a ship called VitaliusOpum.  There are a few makeshift shops liberally sprinkled on the streets here and there.  Most of them are for the general everyday items needed, or some hand-made items.  However one shop takes their attention, it is purely called The Boutique.  So off they go to investigate.

Once in side The Boutique they are met by a marvelous sight.  The shop is in fact a weapon store, with various different guns to buy.  They enjoy taking a look around and decide to spend some of their hard earned wages and savings on procuring a personal gun for themselves.  Well all that is except for Rhobyn who decides to leave it for now.  But both Charlie and Richard buy themselves a pistol each, and a few rounds of bullets, and one set of special jet propelled rounds.

The Morning goes very slow for them, but by the afternoon they soon mellow in to the atmosphere of the settlement and enjoy their time of rest and relaxation.  They take drinking slowly to extend it until the evening arrives and see if thing liven up, and even see if there will be any women to meet by then.  And by the time the evening is over they can’t really remember much, except that they had drunk a lot and spent a lot of their wages.

Back at the base, the next day they are a little hung over and are given some extra training on rifle and pistol use.  And after this they are given a briefing as to why they have arrived there on Wolf 259/7.  There is a damaged relay that needs their attention.


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