Crossing Paths

Bughunters (Amazing Engine) –  RPG session.

Run by Jason (jymmijamz)


Me – Charlie Chiung

Chris (alcoholandaphorism) – Rhobyn O’Leary

Will – Richard Strawbridge


The squad of ten men (including Charlie, Rhobyn, and Richard), head out on their mission.  To make their way to the relay and repair.  Charlie is appointed point-man, while Rhobyn is given the rear.  They soon head out and make their way across land on foot.

As they march across land they soon come upon grass land.  The grasses stand at about eight feet tall, and make the going a lot slower.  They soon become aware that there are now no wildlife to be seen, or even heard.  The only thing they see is an insect swarm cloud in the distance, occasionally popping up in to the air and then back down amongst the grass, otherwise nothing.

After a time Charlie begins to see the grasses moving off to the right near where they are marching.  He stops the squad with a silent hand gesture, and then indicates the direction he has spotted something.  The squad stop and turn in the direction Charlie had indicated, raising their guns and taking the safeties off their rifles.  Suddenly a large ant, the size of a normal horse, jumps out and leaps up on a squad member, knocking him to the ground.  Quickly Rhobyn takes the initiative and moves slight out and to the right to give him a better visual advantage.  Richard moves up to help his colleague, aiming his sights on the ant.  Soon more ants leap out of the grasses attacking and hitting anyone in their way.  Even the medic of the squad is unfortunate to get attacked by one of the ants.  The squad close in on the ants and begin firing at them.  Rhobyn gets knocked down next, however Charlie rushes in to help and manages to distract the ant.  He eventually finishes off the ant and turns his attention to the others attacking his fellow squad members.  The fire fight is soon over and once again Charlie manages to mark more kills to his tally that he is marking upon his helmet.

Whilst they check on the members that had been knocked over and attacked, Rhobyn decides to head on out and scout the area to see what he can find out.  He eventually comes back with news that there are tracks of the ants movement.  A regular movement, and it appears that they happened to cross one path way the ants use.  So before heading off Charlie is instructed to keep a careful eye out for anymore tracks.  Charlie looks over the sluaghtered ants and finds the one with the most impressive mandables, cuts them off and takes them as trophies, stuffing them in his rucksack.

The rest of the day is uneventful.  They do come across some more ant pathways, and manage to avoid any further confrontation.  They find a clearing and set up camp for the night.  Early the next morning, a sentry that was on watch duty strolls into camp, mumbling something about “Its what they got. Its ours.”  Shouting and then he cackles with a strange look before bursting in to tears holding himself.  Everyone rushes out from their tents when they hear the guy shouting as he walks in to camp.

The squad leader walks up to him to see what all the fuss is about, and no sooner is he is next to him, and asking what is wrong and what the hell he is talking about, then the guy pulls a gun and shoots the Sergeant at point-blank in the head, blood and brain matter spraying everywhere.  Both Charlie and Richard make a dive at the guy, both having the same idea at the same time.  However they miss as the guy steps away and they bang in to each other.  Charlie makes another lunge and tackles the guy to the floor, knocking the gun from his hand.  While Richard tries to keep the guys arms still, but not before he stabs at Charlie, grazing his side.  Rhobyn quickly stamps down hard on the guys hand, disarming the guy, and Charlie hits him across the head.  However the guy still keeps struggling, so Rhobyn pulls the trigger of the gun he picked up leaving a hole in the side of the guys head.

The squad have now lost two men, and one of which being their commanding officer.  Rhobyn goes to check the area where the guy had been keeping watch, while the next in line for command takes charge. As Charlie was climbing back off of the guy he notices that the guy has a thin dried blood trail beneath his nose.  This he points out to the medic, who takes a look and dismisses it.

The new commanding officer informs the squad that they can not carry the dead with them to the relay and then back to base.  Charlie suggests that they had better burn the bodies and takes the ashes with them, especially as they can not carry the dead men back with them.  So Charlie is left to deal with this chore, ordering two others to help him.  Rhobyn comes back with no new news, nothing unusual found at the location of the watch.

The squad is ordered by their new commander to buddy up, so that they can keep an eye on each other, just in case someone else decides to go crazy.  Richard is picked to buddy up with the new commander, while both Charlie and Rhobyn each get a fellow squad member to buddy up with.


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