Relay Repair

Bughunters (Amazing Engine) –  RPG session.

Run by Jason (jymmijamz)


Me – Charlie Chiung

Chris (alcoholandaphorism) – Rhobyn O’Leary

Will – Richard Strawbridge


The remaining members of the squad break camp and head on out towards the relay.  The journey is mostly uneventful, travelling up and down rolling hills, and skirting the long grass where possible to avoid any more surprises.  As instructed the squad are all buddied up in pairs, and the pecking order is as before, with Charlie out in front and Rhobyn bringing up the rear.

Just as he hears an exclamation from his buddy, Charlie suddenly drops down a hidden pit trap in the long grass.  The pit is a ten foot deep man-made hole, with roughly hewn sides and luckily nothing at the bottom.  Charlie bounces off from the walls of the pit as he lands at the bottom.  Richard notices that Charlie had suddenly disappeared and rushes over, jumping down the hole to help him.  Unfortunately poor Charlie at the bottom gets a side swipe from Richard’s descent.

Once he picks himself up and dust himself off, Charlie finds that nothing is broken and should be fine to carry on.  The commanding office orders a rope to be thrown down for his men, and Richard takes the lead to climb the rope first.  Whilst down there waiting, Charlie spots a big, about three inches long Earwig, crawl out from beneath the dirt at the bottom of the pit and head towards him.  He quickly draws his gun and shots at it.  Hoping for a little overkill on a small bug.  However the bug moves at a blinding speed dodging the shot with ease, and it then lounges for Charlie.  Richard eventually makes it up the rope, a bit slow going but makes it up over the edge.  Next Charlie jumps on to the rope, avoiding the bugs attack, and shots once again at the Earwig, and this time splatting it to pieces.  Charlie makes it up over the edge of the pit in no time and finally regroup back with the squad.

The squad march on through the grasses and hills and soon come in sight of the relay.  Relieved to finally see their destination, the squad pick up their pace.  This time a cry comes out from another squad member as Charlie, again being unlucky, gets hit by a hidden spike trap that springs out from beneath the soil.  Charlie manages to avoid taking any serious damage, and once checked over they carry on, but this time more carefully.

Once they are within striking distance, the squad makes a charge for the relay building, rushing the remaining yards between them and the sanctity of the building.  Both Richard and the commanding officer tripping over their feet as they reach the open ground.  They make the door with no traps being sprung, or anyone firing on them for that matter, which was a growing concern.  Richard takes a look at the door control panel, but the commanding officer steps in and shows him how to open the door without wasting anymore time.  Richard throws a smoke grenade in to the building and quickly closes the door again.

After several minutes have passed and nothing has happened, no cries from inside, no one rushing out.  They open the door carefully, letting the smoke dissipate from within and stepping inside.  They soon find that the building is totally empty.  No one is within in dead or alive.  All they find is the machinery and instruments that they expect to find here at the relay.  So the commanding officer and Richard set to work repairing the relay, while the other squad members set up outside for any unexpected attacks that may come their way.  Both Charlie and Rhobyn climb on to the top of the building roof, to keep a high eye out for any early signs.

It is not long before the early signs of something approaching are spotted.  First it is some of the other men from the squad on the ground, near the outer perimeter, but then Charlie spots the grasses moving.  Charlie is the first to open fire, laying a bust across the area where the movement was heading.  Soon all hells breaks loose as movement is spotted spreading out from before them.  All the squad open fire now, as they see their targets rushing them.  It is humans that are attacking, normal settlers except for a crazed look on their faces and in their eyes.  Charlie manages to take most of them down, but Rhobyn takes the last man standing by taking an aimed shot at the poor guy’s scrotum, blasting them clean off.  The guy drops like a sack of spuds to the dirt, screaming and crying out in severe pain, blood mixing with the soil.

All while this is going on outside, the two engineers are busy trying to repair the relay inside.  Hearing the gun fire and picking up their pace.  Richard showing the commanding officer that he does know what he is doing.  Outside Rhobyn jumps down from the roof of the building, to interrogate the downed colonist.  Two squad members have dragged him over to the building, and the medic is attending to him to stop the blood loss.  However as the medic is trying to help the guy, the guy grabs a hold of the medic by the face, thrusting his face to his and snarls at him.  “This is ours!  This is ours!  Oh the pain.  The pain!”  Rhobyn pulls the trigger on his pistol, cutting the guy off and ending the threat to the medic and the crazed babbling.

The medic spends some time taking a careful look at this colonist, while the others take station and await the engineers to finish.  Not a long wait before the commanding officer and Richard come out.  And this is when the medic exclaims, drawing everyone’s attention to the colonist’s ear and the fresh blood trail from canal.  He explains that he believes he just saw a big Earwig climb out and rush off through the grasses.  Charlie and Rhobyn jump to it and begin to chase after the bug, and they are ordered to take Richard with them.

After probably about an hours tracking, the going becoming tough as the trail begins to get cold as the bug seems to be able to travel at an unbelievable speed.  They find themselves heading towards, what the locals call ‘The Forest’, a wild large shrubbery.  The three bug hunters stand outside the shrubbery making sure that this is the destination that the Earwig had gone, before taking the next step and entering.


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