Update to character list 2-7-12

Today I have updated the page ‘Characters Used (PCs)‘.  And I have also created a new page which is basicly the same, called ‘Characters Used (by system)‘, but this time the list of characters are ordered by game system used.  This way it will make looking for a character by the game system played a lot easier.

I have managed to write up and post six more characters, that date back to a time before having to roleplay over the internet via Skype.  All from different game systems, like Feng Shui and Vampire, plus there are some familiar like Paranoia and Godlike.

Hopefully people are finding these useful and interesting to read, and maybe even of help for a game or two if needed.  Of course there are still yet more characters to bring to the public.  And I may even be able to bring some that have not been played by me, but by the other players.

Until next time, Catch you later and Game On!


4 thoughts on “Update to character list 2-7-12

  1. Stuff like this makes me wish I had kept all my old character sheets. Sadly, when some of them died, they were just thrown out as I would never be able to play them again. Might start saving mine now, just in case…

    • lol yeah I know what you mean, but I thought they could come in use again one day so I kept them. With a little tweek here or there I could have a quick NPC if needed. Plus they can often bring back some great memories. (Maybe?)

      • yeah, it’s the memories that the most important, even the bad ones. I remember tearing up an old character sheet in a teenage fit of pique because they’d died after four, yes four, critical fails on healing rolls in a row. Now I look back at him as one my favourite characters, but have nothing substantial of him left.

  2. Ha ha you have got to love when the dice turn against you. I can’t even get away from it when using an online dice roller. And it always has to come all together for one player. Damn the Dice Gods.

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