What is happening tonight

There will be no normal game meet up on Skype tonight for our usual roleplaying session.  This is due to the fact that I will not be home, however I will be meeting up, in person! the other plays around one of thier homes.  This we have not done for such a long time now.  Unfortunately Jason will not be able to attend, so it will be just me, Chris and Will.  As for what we will be up to, well that I do not know yet.  Maybe we will have some drinks, (no alcohol for me as I am having to drive,) food, and probably some sort of game.  All while we catch up on general life and make a social evening of the time.

There is nothing like having a group of you all meeting up in person and having a great time.  Gaming, chatting and just having a good laugh.  After all that is what our hobby is all about.

Maybe I will be able to up-date as to what we get up to tonight on the Twitter account.  Until next time.  Catch you later and Game on!

UPDATE (The morning after.)

Well we had a great little evening of talking.  Chris had a little idea of a game that we could run through, and I had taken along a couple of small and simple games to play.  However we ended up not playing anything as we caught up on life, setting the world to right, and reminiscing on past glories and deaths in previous games.  (Before Skype play.)  And just never got around to playing anything, but we did arrange to meet up again next week, in person and this time at my place the evening before our game session.  (Yeah inebriation fluid consumption time!)


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