Into the Lion’s Den

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Frank Tomlin – Delta Force

Jason (jymmijamz) – Stie Malloan – NCIS

Will – John Cominski – FBI


A solitary figure lies on his belly in the undergrowth, his attire helping him blend in with his surroundings.  He is just under one thousands meters away from his target, that he has been watching through the telescopic sight mounted on his long barrelled rifle.  He has been in this position for over six hours now, and the only way to relieve himself was to go where he lays.  He is lying motionless and relaxed, his trigger finger gently resting against the body of the rifle near to the trigger.  There are about fifteen men walking about in the sweltering jungle heat, their loose string vests and short baggy trousers not helping a great deal towards the heat.  They all carry assault rifles, and a couple of them are carrying bulletproof briefcases.  The men are being tracked by another apparently solitary figure, watching them through high-powered binoculars.  This man is not far from the guy sighting down the sniper rifle, but they are in contact with each other as to what is happening.  Neither of them has had a chance to move, eat, drink or relieve themselves since positioning themselves here.  And only spoken when needed to.  The target at the end of the sniper rifle’s sight is a figure within an expensive sedan car.  Its darkened bulletproof windows wound up tight and doors closed.

Two of the men appear to be arguing, one of them familiar to the two men in the high undergrowth, from the picture they had been given.  He has a thick black beard, and a single thick black eyebrow, dark over his brown eyes.  He is known to be the second in command to the main target.  The guy is known to have tortured and killed American agents back on American soil, just before he had managed to escape.  The two men eventually exchange the briefcases, and the second in command walks back to the white Lincoln sedan and raps on the window twice.  The window opens but bare inches.  Two figures can be seen within and a voice speaks quietly in to the snipers earpiece.  “Got him.  Far right.  Shit!  Looks like he has got a broad with him on the left.  Hooker possibly but definitely not his wife.  Cleared for the shot if you want to take it.”

The woman in the car is wearing her dress loose and flirting provocatively with the man beside her.  She barely looks up at the man outside the window as she moves her attention back to the man beside her.  She nestles herself against him and moves her hand up his leg.  There is a suddenly sound of a wet splat and the man goes limp beside her.  Blood showers over her white dress and naked skin, as the man’s bloody head flops on to her.  Then a mere second later the guy outside the window flops against the car, blood hitting the window and some showering within.  The second in command’s dead body slowly slides down the side of the car, his still hot blood smearing down the side of the car.  The woman screams.

The scream is still fresh in the air as the two figures hidden in the undergrowth finally stand up and make a move.  The spotter pockets his binoculars and moves to their planned escape route, while the sniper pockets the shell casings and then moves out as he dismantles the rifle for transport on the move.  The two make their way to the local village that they had scouted out previously.  A four by four truck, loaded with chickens in cages and crates of vegetables in the back, slowly moves along the dirt track.  The spotter confirms the vehicle to the sniper and then makes his move.  He runs up next to the driver’s window and smashes it with the butt of his pistol.  He then hits the driver up side his head with the gun, and then opens the door and yanks him out.  He jumps in the seat and takes control of the vehicle.  The sniper soon joins him, jumping in to the passenger seat as they begin to hear the dogs of pursuit closing in on their location.

A helicopter is waiting patiently on the makeshift pad, the pilot looking over his shoulder and chewing gum as two figures jump onboard.  The sniper and spotter make it safely to the evacuation zone just in time before the place got closed down.  The pilot shouts over the roar of the rotary blades and engine, that he has a satellite communication being patched through.  “It must be important!”  The sniper instructs the pilot to get them out of there and buckles himself in the seat, placing the headset on his head.  After taking the brief call he make a note of some co-ordinates and then sits back for the ride.  Talking to no one and just looks out of the side of the helicopter at the land beneath them fly by.

A couple of days after the incident at the waterfront warehouse, John Cominski has been busy spending his time doing damage limitation, and covering up what had really gone down.  He has now been fully initiated in to the Delta Green organisation.  And is now busy looking over at the accounts again.  Valiant has appeared to have been filtering funds for the crystals and withholding many back for himself for some reason.  Cominski is congratulated for his find of the funds, and has lots of pats on the back.

As Cominski leaves his boss’ office, all the glass window shutters closed, he spots a news article on the TV, about a Gene Downing, also known as the living power.  The volume on the Monitor is down low but everyone seems to be paying attention.  Cominski’s friend Brad, who is very good on the amateur wrestling league, waves him over and points out the article on the screen.  He informs him that Downing seems to be talking about the incident with one of the Deacons, and asks Cominski if he should turn the volume up.  As Gene Downing stands up from the chair he was on, pushing back his short brown hair, his green eyes looking in to the camera, almost as if he is looking directly at Cominski.  Downing talks about a bad raid on one of their gatherings, and how it is not their first to be harassed by government agents.  And as he talks he weaves in his teachings and preaches about their beliefs.  A text scrolling across the bottom of the screen announces that the broadcast is a live satellite feed from the Unulsis foundation.

On board the USS Reagan, Stie Malloan finds himself drawing near to the end of his manoeuvres.  He is laid on his bunk in the confined living space of his shared cabin.  He is used to the odd noises a ship makes as it ploughs through the waves of oceans and seas, happily dreaming during his down time.  He sees his fellow crewmates looking at him blankly.  They mutter through no-existent mouths, “We have come to the night at the opera.  We have come.”  Malloan doesn’t recognise any of these people as to those that he has worked with.  He walks towards them, his feet feeling heavy, caught by something.  Looking down at his feet he sees his shoes crushing down through broken ribcages, the eyes of the bodies looking up at him.  Malloan recognises these people, they are all the people he has worked with before, on operation that have died.  He carries on walking through all these people he know, until he is back surrounded by the other people with blank expressions that he doesn’t know.  He is heading towards the opera.

Suddenly Malloan kicks awake, aware of a heaviness on his chest, realising he can’t move.  His eyes flicker to the side of him, seeing a woman whose face is slightly melting under the heat.  She leans close to him and whispers, “That…wasn’t…very…nice…was…it?  Trying…to…get…away…from…me.”  Her faces once again and Malloan recognises her as the one that almost killed him on the last operation.  The one he shot through the head but wouldn’t die!  Malloan tries to thrusts himself out from his bunk but he can’t move, it feels like someone is sat on his chest, but as he looks he can not see anyone or anything restraining him.  She leans close once again and whispers.  “I…have…b…….”  She vanishes as Malloan throws himself hard off his bunk, almost stumbling as his feet hit the ground.  His gun clattering to the floor and he bends down to pick it up.  Malloan is dripping in sweat, the last ‘b’ syllable gradually fading from his ears.

A large tattooed colleague ask Malloan if he is okay, to Stie assures him he has never felt better.  “Just slipped getting off the bed.”

“What were you gonna do, shot it?”  The guy points at Malloan’s gun.  Stie tells himi that he must have cought it as he leaped from the bed, and he then places it back in his holster next to his bunk.  He takes to the shower to clear his head as it is near time to rise anyway.  Coming from the shower he notices the news report and broadcast from the Unulsis foundation, and stops to listen as he finishes drying himself.  One of his colleagues approaches Malloan and asks if he had seen or head about the ‘Nemesis’.  Malloan hadn’t so his colleague informs him that NASA had made an announcement earlier.  A big objects, ‘Massive’, up in space, possible hit Earth.  His colleague then tunes in the radio to a new report that mentions the object.  ‘The object is just past Pluto, and moving at a phenomenal speed through the solar system.  And it is about the size of Mars, and an extremely large gravity well.  Estimate to be three times that of Jupiter.  Also there are many unusual radio frequencies which they are investigating.’

Later on through the day, Malloan hears an announcement over the ships tannoy, informing him that there is a communication for him.  Upon taking the call he hears a familiar clicking as encryption starts.  “You are cordially invited to a night at the opera.”  Malloan gives no response.  He replaces the headset once he hears all the message and goes off to his quarters.  Once there he begins to pack his things ready for immediate departure.

A run down but still operational old theatre in the out skirts of the city, the dust is settling once more on the old fittings as the amateurs haven’t had a performance for a few months now.  There are marks on the wood stage at the front where numerous props have been set and then broken down.  The seating is looking a little worn and dog-eared, and some are even looking to have signs of being mouth eaten.  Even a couple of loges either side of the stage at the front still remain, if somewhat run down in elegance now.  A lone man dressed in civilian clothing this time instead of a camouflage military uniform, and without a long barrelled rifle or spotter for company.  He walks in to the theatre in the early daylight hours of the morning, a bulge beneath his left breast pocket of his jacket.  The low sun glinting of the metal that glimpses from beneath for a brief moment, as the sniper from earlier opens the door and steps in to the dim antiquated playhouse.  Once inside he scouts out the location, finding all possible exits and ways in and out.  He then finds his way in to one of the loge with the best possible view and escape routes.  Once settled the sniper makes himself comfortable and waits, viewing the auditorium.

About an hour later in the morning, and according to the invite, both Cominski and Malloan make their way to and inside the old theatre.  The six feet tall and athletic looking Stie Malloan walks on in front and down the auditorium.  Followed by a well built but geeky and nervous looking Cominski.  They talk quietly to themselves as the walk in, saying how good it is to see each other again and all is well.  A figure moves in one of the private audience boxes near the stage.  Cominski turns to Malloan and asks him is thoughts on the new guy.  Malloan mentioned that he only really saw him briefly at the induction, and he seems to know his way around equipment.  Malloan then spots a movement and motions for Cominski to look.

A guy in the shadows of the loge private box near the stage, has lent over the balcony rail of the loge and gave a friendly salute towards the two figures in the auditorium.  He jumps over the balcony once they spot him and walk towards them.  He walks at six foot two inches tall, with very short cropped military flat top blonde hair, a guy that looked like he could have been a jock at school.  And the casual clothes he is wearing look out of place, like they are too well pressed and presented, everything exact and in its proper place.  The military life carrying over in to the civilian look.  Cominski and Malloan greet their new colleague in the Delta Green unit, Frank Tomlin.

Not long after they have all gathered together, all three of their mobile telephones ring at once.  They each answer their individual devices and retrieve a message.  ‘Co-ordinates confirmed.  Please provide thumb print and retinal for access.’  Each of them press their thumbs on a screen and then look close in to a camera on their mobile devices.  Once all have been confirmed another, message comes through saying as much and telling them that there is a recorded message, ’24 hrs prior.  Previous link to Valiant.’  The recording then plays, it is of a distant almost bugged sounding voice.  It mentions the object that has been spotted in space, and how it has changed its trajectory significantly to come in range of the Earth.  And that the gravitational pull of the object will interfere with both the Earth and the Moon’s orbits, causing a great catastrophe.  ‘An extinction level event.’  They are asked to find out more information about this object and the connection with Valiant.  A message tells them that they have tickets waiting for them at the airport, to head to Tulsa and the Unulsis headquarters.  ‘Please provide own cover story.  Enjoy the Opera.’

After a brief discussion as to what they should do, they each head back to their individual accommodations, finding special cases and holdalls for use on the airplane are already waiting for them to use.  They load up and all meet at the airport, their special luggage in tow, and soon board and then arrive at Tulsa without a hitch.  Finally stretch their legs out from the terminal of the airport, and pick up their car.  They head to their five night booked motel, out on the outskirts of Tulsa near to where the headquarters of Unulsis is situated.  The night is beginning to veil the sky with its inky blackness, so they book themselves in and settle their gear in to their individual rooms.  Then they spend the rest of the evening to have a meal and drink, and go over what they plan to do next.  Frank Tomlin relying on both Cominski and Malloan to help guide him on this, his first official ‘opera’.  They recap on what had happened previously with the Unulsis Foundation and Valiant to Frank, bringing him up to speed.

Frank set to hunting all the information he can find on this new object coming in to their solar system, and any connection with the Unulsis Foundation.  Having both Cominski and Malloan help out with any key words that will be of use to the search.  While Cominski checks on whether there are any tax or account information flagging up on the foundation, but it comes back all clean.  After some hours of searching, Frank pulls up most of the previous information that Cominski and Malloan had found out before.  But he also finds out that there has been a surge of new initiates to the Unulsis Foundation, ever since this object appeared on the news.  People believing that this object suddenly appearing was ‘The Sign’ that Gene Downing had spoke of.  The crystals mentioned being of a self help, meditation focal for the group.  And before turning in for the night, they all take a look at the location of the Unulsis Foundations headquarters on the internet maps.  Seeing that they have about two hundred acres of farmland fenced off.  There appears to be what looks like a white pyramid in the centre, and roughly eight other large buildings around the grounds, and one main entrance.  The internet map is very rough, due to it not having enough information on the exact details of the land within the fenced off area.  So they go to bed in agreement, that they need to get inside the area, and the best way is to go as possible new recruits.

Next day Cominski and Malloan head off to the Unulsis Foundation headquarters in the car, each with their personal hand weapon.  While Frank gets dropped off at a near by bus stop and walks the rest of the way to the headquarters.  The first thing they see is the very tip of the large white pyramid, before the fence comes in to view.  Then the gate becomes clear and they see the guard house at the entrance.  As their car approaches they see that the guide is looking fairly bored stationed there, and beyond the entrance they can see a wave of grown corn swaying in the breeze.  The aroma drifting in the air, making this bright sunny morning a beautiful peaceful start to the day.

As their car draws up next to the guard house, the guard steps out to greet them.  He is wearing a loose blue shirt with a utility belt around his trousers, and he also has a little badge of the Unulsis on his chest, almost making it look like an official police badge.  He also wears a holstered revolver at his hip, and places his peaked cap on his head as he leaves his out-building.  A smile crosses his face as he welcomes them to the Unulsis.  Malloan takes the lead and tells the guard that they had heard a lot about them recently, and had decided to drive over to join.  The guard is surprised that they drove all the way to there, instead of signing up at their local branch.  All the while the guard kept looking at Malloan, and even after informing where to drive once inside, he offered an evening with him to Malloan, over a glass of wine or two.  He even mentioned that he can see that Malloan works out, and tells him that they have a very good gym that they can go to together.  Malloan politely thanks him for his offer and help and winds the window back up.  Cominski drives them on inside and over to the fountain as instructed.

After a few hours Frank walks up to the guard house, feeling that it would be best to make sure the doesn’t turn up straight after the others.  Guard looks at him as he walks up, a surprised expression on his face.  He hurriedly steps out and walks up to Frank, greeting him with a smile.  The gurad asks him about it must have been a long walk.  Frank explains that he felt it would be best to take a step away from the norm and make a little sacrifice and walk.  The guard looks him over and states that Frank must work out, and Frank tells him that he feels that he needs to look after his body.  The guard clucks and speaks more to himself than to Frank, “You don’t see a guy who works out for months, and then you see two in the same day.”  Frank tells him when asked that he feels that he needs a change in his life, to take a step in the right direction.  Hoping that the Unulsis will be able to help them.  The guard informs him that there has already been a couple of new initiates gone through already, and expect that they should be finished talking and ready to be guided.  Frank small talks some more, asking that they are having a lot of new recruits of late.  And the guard shares that there has been a rise of interest, especially since the new sighting in space, and of course since the incident at the waterfront warehouses.

Both Cominski and Malloan are kept waiting for a time before someone comes and apologises.  They then give them a brief tour of the nearby grounds, explaining the life within the Unulsis Foundation.  The see many different gardens, some that have an almost Zen type feel to them.  While others have small, like Bonsai trees dotted around.  They can just make out a faint musical sound drifting through the air.  Almost sounds like moving water and Whale voices.  The large central area is very open with white marble stairs going down to the beautiful fountain in the middle.  Calming lights play within the bubbling water.  The large buildings they saw on the map are now seen as to be dormitory buildings.  The young woman in loose white robes points to the magnificent pyramid, explaining in a calming voice, that there is where the congregate for meditation and prayer.  That it is the hall of the Living Power.  “The Living Power himself lives in there.  It is a very, very sacred place to us.  You can feel the vibes running through it.  When I am in there I feel so energised.”

Eventually another new recruit, that being Frank Tomlin, joins Cominski and Malloan.  And one of the faithful makes the introductions for the new recruits so that everyone knows each other.  Soon two tanned, blue eyed and blonde haired, men walk up to the small group of new possible recruits. They also appear to be well toned, and one steps forward and speaks, introducing himself as Crowe and his colleague as Mosley.  His tone and voice very flat and emotionless, enquires to the three men before him whether they wish to join the Unulsis Foundation.  He then leads them through to the main hall, informing them that he is the Chief Steward, and Mosley is in charge of the Public Relations.

The hall they finds themselves is filled with very plush and luxurious settees that Crowe sits himself in.  The floor a mix of black and white marble, and chandeliers hang from the ceiling.  Once all settled, Crowe goes through the induction, explaining about the foundation and the persecution that many followers find from the blind.  “I’m here to help you find your way.”  While he speaks he notices that both Cominski and Malloan each have a gun peeking out from a shoulder holster under their jackets.  He reassures them that the foundation can look after and protect them from any attacks, and asks for them to relinquish their personal devices over.  Both Cominski and Malloan both shares doubts of handing over their guns, and allowing others to guard their safety.  Crowe explains to them that he wishes to take them to see the Living Power, ‘For all the initiates to meet and feel the power from him is part of the inductions.  But we can not do this with you both being armed.  As you can understand there are many that wish him harm, and want to take him down.”  Malloan notices while watching both Crowe and Mosley, that they don’t seem genuine, like they are saying everything that is expected of them, but lack any real emotion for what they are portraying.  Crowe asks if Cominski or Malloan have their ‘conceal’ licences on them.  Of course they both claim to not have their licences on them, and eventually they give in and hand over their guns, but only for the time being.

Crowe takes the two guns and locks them away in a safe behind a reception desk.  He then instructs the small group of new recruits that he will now lead them to see Gene Downing.  Leading them to another room where a familiar guy dressed in a toga, his green eyes looking up at them as they enter.  He is knelt on a cushion, a crystal in his hand.  He finishes his pray and turns sitting on his cushion, his sandaled feet crossed before him.  He greets them enthusiastically, wishing to know each of their names.  Malloan quickly states his name as ‘Simon Mallory’.  Gene Downing stands up and embraces him stating that it is a pleasure to meet him.  “I can feel the energy within you.  You are strong than you think you are.”  He then turns to Cominksi, who quickly offers his hand and introduces himself as ‘Howard’.  Gene Downing takes his proffered hand and pulls him close, placing his arms around him.  “A pleasure Howard. A true pleasure.  This is your first step, a step to your true destiny.”  He then separates and turns finally to Frank.  “Ah the walker, that’s fine.  I believe a lot can be accomplished without any tools that man rely on.  Don’t you?”   Frank agrees and when asked tells him that his name is ‘Brad’.  Gene downing voices the name ‘Brad’ and then hugs him.  He holds it for a moment and squeezes. “You are already well on your way.  You can feel your old life behind you already can’t you?  The burning of your old shell.”  Malloan notices that both Crowe and Mosley now have a genuine smile of happiness upon their faces, now being in the company of the Living Power.

After this greeting, Gene Downing excuses himself and informs the three initiates that they can now have a change to have freedom to walk about, looking at what they will, and to talk to who they wish.  Telling them that he will organise a place for them to stay for the night.  He then turns to Malloan, “I hear that you have already made friends here, and that you may be entertained tonight.  But however I do ask of you, that once you have finished to please return to your own accommodation for tonight, just so we know where all our new initiates are for the first night.”  Finally he hands each of them a crystal, telling them that they may have it with his blessing and to keep it close.

Unulsis Foudation headquarters

They spend most of the rest of the day walking around taking in the sights of the Foundation, and talking to various different people.  They also have a good look around the great hall, its white entrance doorway inviting them in.  The building stands at least five stories tall, and within the centre is a large square room with an open stage in the middle.  The audience positioned all around.  The ceiling is open up for almost the entire five stories, with many various lighting rigs attached here and there.  And they take a look through a window of a locked room labelled ‘Control Booth’, seeing recording equipment and knobs and switches for various controls of the lighting and sound.  They also see a small room up in the rigging about five stories up, with light beaming down upon it.  They climb up and take a peer in, seeing a low Japanese style table and folded bedding within.  The door is locked but they can see in due to all the walls being glass.  They soon meet with the head technician up there, and he tells them that the room is where the Living Power himself stays.  They small talk with him for a short while about the beliefs and life with Unulsis, and the strange object that appeared in outer space recently.

It is earlier evening and about the time for the meal, so Cominski, Frank and Malloan decide to head over to the canteen, where everyone is all happily eaten their meals of rice and vegetables, no meat can be seen.  There is around seventy to eighty people sat in here, of various different ethnicity, friends and families.  All seemly running their lives as anyone would outside the foundation, laughing and arguing, flirting and chatting.  There is even the off-duty guard from earlier who looks over at Malloan and gives a wink and offers an empty space at the table.

After the meal they head on over to take a look at the ‘E Compatibility Research Center’.  And the facility staff are happy to show them around.  Showing them the crystals they are working on, trying to find better isometric shapes for better meditation.  Talking about lay-lines and meridians, chi and Earth harmonics.  “This is serious science”, one lab-coated member of staff adds.  When they do finally leave the building, the sun has gone and twilight is darkening.  Crowe walks up to them as they walk away, greeting them once again with the same flat emotion.  He asks if they would like to be shown to their accommodation.

As he walks and leads them to one of the large dormitory buildings, he informs them that as it is their first time he would show them, and if they so wished and the other party didn’t mind, he could show them where someone else resides.  The building he leads them too is a smaller and sectioned structure.  The room he leads them to has accommodation for four beds.  A dreamcatch hanging on the wall near the rafters.  He bids them farewell and informs them that he will see them again in them morning.  After he closes the door Frank notices that the door is locked behind him as he hears a slight click from the lock.

On a piece of paper, Cominski writes the words ‘Do you think the place is bugged?’  To which Frank nods his head, and Malloan agrees.  So they all do a search around the room to see if they can find any traces of a bug or two.  As they go about it they say random small talk to cover up what they are doing.  But to no avail, they find no trace of anything like a bug.  And as they have been locked in they settle in for the night.

The next morning Cominski, Malloan, and Frank wake up feeling odd and twitchy.  Malloan’s hand is shaking uncontrollably, no matter what he does nothing can pacify it.  He naturally closes his eyes in a long blink, and then his hearts races and he thrusts his eyes open once again.  The feeling of being blinded made him feel like he was going to die.  The sweat is now pouring off him.  And as they are all getting themselves up and ready for the day ahead, they notice that their watches are four hours behind.  And Malloan also notices that his wallet with his ID is back in his jacket pocket.  They check on Malloan to see how he is as he doesn’t look good.  After which they decide to take a look around the room again, see if there are any signs of something happening the night before.  Malloan notices that there are some slight signs of scraping near the door, that matches some scuff marks on the heels of their shoes.  Also he spots slight bruising marks of pressure on each of them.  And upon closer investigation he spots something disturbing.  He blinks a few times non-believing and looks back and forth a few times between Cominski and Frank, then he checks himself panicked.  On top of each of their heads, Malloan barely spots a faint surgical fine line that circumvents their entire skulls.  Which has healed remarkably fast, and matches what would of happened if someone had removed the top of a skull to access the brain.  Malloan slowly shares with the others what he has discovered


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