Well unfortunately we had to cancel our gaming get together (over Skype) last night, as one of our players was not feeling 100%.  And as we are at a point where we needed all hands on deck as it were, we could not have carried on where we left it from last time, so it was decided to skip this week and hope we can carry on next week as normal.  As for our get together around my place on the evening before (Wednesday), that went according to plan.  We drank plenty, and talked all evening without getting any gaming played at all.  Chris brought over some beers, (as reviewed on his blog) and I shared some great Umeshu of different types, (especially two very unique ones).

It just goes to show that as time goes on and you become older, your time for the things you enjoy become less.  How does that happen?  We only can organise everyone to the one evening each week, and of course when something like this happens then that is it for the week.  Unlike the old days of yon where you gamed most if not all the week, so a day out didn’t matter.  I have even been thinking of trying to maybe organise another day with some friends, some that I know on the Xbox 360.  But as some of them are American the time difference is going to make fixing a day and time to play even harder than now.  However those that I have suggested it to are up for it, it is just that the different time zone add even more complication.

So perhaps when we are all ‘too’ old and of the retiring age, where we are all in some retirement home sat around doing nothing day in and day out.  Then and only then perhaps we can get back to gaming all day every day, with friends around the world, and we can all enjoy our old age together.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Too bloody true, I remember back at university. Even with the insane workload of year two and three we were getting in a couple fo games a week just to keep us sane.

    BTW thanks again for the great and rare Umeshu – seriously good stuff. You spoiled us 🙂

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