Update space filler! [UPDATED]

(UPDATE to post)

(Well I would like to apologise and inform you all, that any who tried to view any of the old characters listed and discovered that they went to somewhere completely different, should now find that it all works.  For some reason WordPress seemed to have messed up all the links on the two pages listing all the characters, so I had to go back in and find each one and manually reassign them all to the correct character, and also list the correct description on the mouse over.  Strange I do not know what had happened but it should all be working as it should now.  But if you do find something not right then please let me know.  Thanks)

As the title suggests, and as there was no game last week I have had nothing to write-up from that week’s session.  So with that in mind I thought I would get around to writing up and posting some more of my old characters from previous games.  And wow, I hadn’t realised we had done some much of one game system for one-shots.  As you will see Unknown Armies takes up a lot of this update to the character roster.  I have also added a character from a home-brew diceless one-shot that Chris had come up with.  And finally I have got around to adding all the stats for the Tanaka, Mummy character.  And boy did that take a bit of doing, but not as much as the Exalted characters will take when I get around to it, there is a lot of information to add to the background I already have up.  Oh and I also added a character from a Hunter game that ended abruptly.

Eight new characters have been added to the roster along with the updated character.

I hope you all enjoy taking a look over my old previously played characters, and who knows I may be able to get around to adding some of the other players characters.  Hopefully we will be back to the Delta Green game this Thursday evening, and as usual I will be twitting the proceedings as and when I can during the game.


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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