Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Frank Tomlin – Delta Force

Jason (jymmijamz) – Stie Malloan – NCIS

Will – John Cominski – FBI


Malloan panics and states that they had better leave.  Cominski assures him that he wants to too but they need to stick it out now they are in.  “Stay calm.”  Frank walks around the room taking a look around. He tries the shutters on the windows but they do not budge.  Next he tries the door, and with a sigh of relief it swings open.  He steps through and takes a look at the door from the other side.  A guy in the next building steps out and greets Frank with a glorious morning.  He is a thin young man with a hairy chest, he shares that he has only been with the Foundation for three months now, and states that he is off for morning prayers.  The outside of the shutters on the windows has bolted locks on them.  The building next door has the same but they are open and allowing the morning sun stream through.  Frank takes a look to see if he can spot any trails from their building to see where they may have been taken, but unfortunately he can see no signs.  Malloan believes that they were only dragged to the outside, and then once outside….he dares to think what.  But there is no evidence of what went down after leaving the building.  Frank and then the others come to realise that they were doing this last night, checking around but looking for bugs, when all of a sudden all they can remember is waking up this morning?

The three Delta Green undercover initiates gather their senses and head on over to the morning prayer within the pyramid.  The Living Power is stood in the centre speaking to his followers.  Everyone is looking and feeling lifted and energised by the proceedings.  All that is except for Stie Malloan, who feels like he is about to shit himself with mortal terror!  He just stands there shaking badly, while everyone else bows in meditation.  Cominski has a similar feeling as to what had happened to him when the crystal had touched his soul.

Frank notices that everyone is busy meditating on their on individual crystals, there are no central focal point except for the Living Power himself.  And Gene Downing, the Living Power was now walking amongst the gathered, exchanging their crystal for new ones.  However he was only doing this with select individuals.  Cominski quickly leads both Frank and Malloan back out from the pyramid and the meditations within.  On the way out they are met by Crowe, who greets them with a ‘good morning’ and asks if they slept well.  He then asks what their plans are for the rest of their day.  He then turns to Malloan and apologises for forgetting his name and asks to have it once again.  Malloan tells him that it is ‘Simon’.  Crowe tries the name with his mouth, and then toys with it some more on his tongue hearing how it sounds.  “I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t place your name for a while there.”  He then promptly asks them what they had done in their previous lives before coming there to the Foundation.  Frank tells him that he would rather forget about that as it is why he came there in the first place, to start a new life.  Crowe understands and then turns to Malloan again, “And what about you, Sss…Sim…Simon was it?”  Malloan tells him that he was a criminal in the past.  Finally he turns to Cominski who tells him that he had worked in a gym and studied some alternative medicines.

They next look for any building that may be a medical centre, which they find a small building within a single doctor.  He tells them that he is the only one, and that he is training up two additional people.  He also tells them that he uses a mix of modern and alternative.  He shares that at the moment they are trying to be self-sufficient, but unfortunately they do have to rely on the local hospital for anything more major.  Malloan’s mobile phone suddenly interrupts the conversation.  He answers it carefully not to give anything away.  He is asks as to his whereabouts as they have had a complaint issued through some high channels.  Malloan assures him that he has not done anything that should have drawn such attention.  Before the call ends Malloan is told that there will have to be an investigation.

After walking back out from the medical building, they discuss what they plan to do next, looking around at their surroundings.  People in their white robes are milling about talking amongst themselves, some look over at the three new recruits and then go back to talking.  Soon Crowe and Mosley walk up to them and Crowe turns to address Malloan.  “Simon, how are you finding it here?”  Malloan states that he is finding it a bit daunting and confusing.  And Crowe offers to help him through the first ritual.  Malloan tries to dismiss the offer by saying he wishes to wait to settle in first.  However Crowe insists, telling him that it will help him settle and find his way.  “The crystal will help you to self help and relax.  Please come with me and I will guide you.”  He then walks off with a reluctant Malloan following.  Next Mosley now turns to Frank and informs him that the Living Power Gene Downing requested to meet him personally.  “He is currently in his room in the Hall of the Living Power.”  And points to the pyramid, “It is a great honour indeed.”  Frank checks that he does wish to see him, and only him.  Mosley assures him, telling him that Gene thinks that he has great potential.  “Just him and me, alone, talking. No one else there?”  Frank asks and Mosley just nods a positive response.  Finally after being convinced, Frank agrees and asks to be lead the way.  However Mosley apologises and assures him that he will find the way, as he has to help ‘Howard’ (Cominski’s cover name) through his initiation ritual with the crystal.  So off walks Frank towards the pyramid.  Now Mosley turns to Cominski and asks him to follow him.  Cominski agrees and walks after Mosley off towards the main building.

Crowe leads Malloan in through the main reception of the main building, and then deep in though the back corridors.  He takes out a large set of keys and unlocks a cupboard.  Within this cupboard is racks upon racks of these crystals.  He takes one down and hands it to Malloan, a smile on his face, “I feel this one will be good for you.  What do you think?  Does it call to you?”  Malloan looks confused, and explains that he feels nothing and doesn’t know what it should feel like.  Crowe explains that he will know when it happens, “It is like when you are making love.”  Again Malloan assures him that he is not getting anything from it, so Crowe takes the crystal from him and places it back on the rack.  He then rummages through several until he happens upon another.  This one he picks up and holds it to the light.  Small rainbows can be seen refracting and dancing through it.  He then listens to it and then nestles it to his chest like a child.  Finally he hands it over to Malloan, “What about this one?”  Again Malloan thinks on it, trying to feel something and then admits to Crowe that again he feels nothing.  Crowe takes it from him and places it back amongst the others.  He then tells Malloan to stand before the crystal and place his hand on one, one that feels right for him, and then that will be the one.  Malloan randomly picks one up, and it feels warm to his touch.  “That one, that is an interesting choice.  Please come with me.”  And so Crowe leads him off to somewhere else.  Crowe leads him to a very small room that he unlocks.  It is barely big enough for two people to be in.  It has a small prayer matt on the floor, and the sound of quiet whale music soothingly playing in the background, along with ocean sounds.  Crowe walks in and kneels down at the back, and he then indicates for Malloan to do the same.  As Malloan steps in and the door closes behind him, he hears what sounds like a bolt sliding in to place.

As Crowe sits there he asks Malloan if he feels anything.  Malloan confesses that he feels a little uncertain and confused.  Then Crowe begins to asks why Malloan had come to the Foundation.  Malloan tells him again that after all the news reports of late, that it had struck a cord with him.  “So your name, Simon….Simon…what was it?”

“Simon Mallory”

“Mr….Malloan.  I have to ask you.”  Quickly Malloan interrupts him asking what he had just called him.  “Mr Malloan.  Stie Malloan.  Yes?”  Crowe clarifies to him.  Malloan quickly assures him that he does not know that name.  Crowe tells him that it is a good cover name, especially as it is very close to his real name, a name that he surely could not forget.  He then asks to see his ID again, the ID he carries in his wallet.  Malloan pats himself briefly and states that he doesn’t appear to have it on him, and it must be back in his room.  “Really, that is terrible Stie Malloan, of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service.”  Malloan carries on playing dumb to this revelation, denying knowing anything of it.  Crowe then tells him that they have a security video of him behaving badly, shouting obscenities and threatening the staff with his gun in his hand.  “I believe that if you superiors were to see this then you would surely be in a great deal of trouble.”

“But I didn’t do that.”

“I believe you mean to say that you ‘do not remember doing that’.”  Crowe corrects him, “Do you understand me?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.  You have lost me.”

“And there is me, lead to believe that the NCIS only recruited the brightest.  I did not think that such simple things would lead you to difficulty.”  Crowe pauses you a while looking at Malloan before telling him that they are going to play a little game.  “For every lie that you tell, this will lead us one step closer to emailing the footage to your superior.  So Stie Malloan, what is your name?”  Malloan tells him again that it is Simon Mallory.  Crowe takes out a phone and calls a person called Lucy, telling them that he had left a flash pen behind.  He asks her to upload it on to the shared directory.  He then converses with some more small talk before ending the call and turning back to Malloan.  “That is step one.”  After another short pause Crowe states, “I again have to ask your name?”  Malloan quietly whispers something, but Crowe couldn’t not hear it.  “That’s good.”  Crowe smiles and leans closer, “Please whispers sweet nothings to me.”

Malloan suddenly slams both his open hands to the either side of Crowe’s head, against his ears with as much force as he can muster.  There is a very audible splat as Crowe wheels back.  Looking, Malloan can now see Crowe’s ears are reforming from the impact.  Malloan’s stomach feels a familiar knotting and tightness as he sees this.  The fluid matter washing over the remnants of human flesh and skin.  “That wasn’t really very nice, was it?  I believe I am going to have to call again for that.”  Again Crowe picks up his phone and calls someone.  He asks them to upload the file ready for email.  Once he finished with the call he leans in close to Malloan and again asks for his name.  Malloan looks at his crystal and then at Crowe.  He swings the crystal at full force in to the side of Crowe’s skull.  Malloan suddenly feels drained and dizzy as Crowe rolls back his skull blistering.  The fluid matter forcing the impaled crystal out from his head, as he rolls against the wall, a smile across his face.  Malloan grabs Crowe’s phone and steps away again.  Crowe carries on rolling against the wall, his body quivering and shaking.  The crystal slowly being forced out, leaving a glittery trail behind.  Malloan tries to stamp the crystal back in, forcing it a little in and felling a dizziness wash over him again.  A crack splinters down the crystal, and a familiar warm begins to fill the room.  Malloan uses the phone to call the security.  All the while Crowe begins to moan and writhe as the crystal moves about under his skin, leaving small fragments behind, almost like it is tattooing crystal dust in to his flesh.  Malloan tells the head of security on the other end of the line to open the holding cell door.  He spots the crystal crack in Crowe’s head, and hears an odd musical noise emanate.  After Malloan tells the guy which cell it is, he is informed that the guy will get there as soon as he can.

Soon a voice and a rattling of keys can be heard from the other side of the door.  “I will soon have you out of their Mr Crowe.”  Malloan spots the crystal split once more, and Crowe doubles over a strange liquid dripping from his mouth, and crystal fragments can be seen imbedded in his tongue.  The tongues stretching to the floor, and Crowe Reaches out towards Malloan.  More crystal fragments splitting behind his eyes.  Finally the door opens a crack and a telltale sound of a taser being primed.  Malloan throws himself as hard as he can against the door.  Suddenly he feels as if the world is shattering around him, as he seems to pass through the door itself.  It feels as if every moment it intertwines itself with him.  He stumbles pass the guard, who spins around, his arm passing in to the door and intertwining with it.  The heat from the room erupts as Malloan’s legs finally passes out from the door, ripping skin from his calf and leaving the material from his trousers behind in the door.  The door engulfs the guard, solidifying with him, forming around him and in him.  Pieces of metal and wood piercing through his body and organs, dying a grisly death.  Pain erupts through Malloan’s leg as his brain realises what has happened.  He collapses to the floor, jarring his knee, and blood quickly seeping out from the large patch of skin that got torn from his lower left leg.

Over in the pyramid, Frank stands below looking up at where the Living Power resides and awaits his arrival in the clear glass room.  Frank finds Gene Downing sat by a low Japanese style table, his back towards a computer.  He is sat meditating on his crystal.  No one else is around in this location, and Frank makes his way to the room.  As he approaches Gene rises and opens the door for him.  “Brad.  It is a pleasure to see you.  Please join me.”  Gene steps aside and offers Frank the admittance to his room.  “This is the most spiritually fulfilling and uplifting location of all the places around here.”  Once in the room Frank thanks him for the invitation, and asks in wonder why he had asked to see him, why the special treatment.  Gene tells him that he needs to talk to him, asking if he is close to the other two, ‘Howard’ and ‘Simon’.  Frank shares with Gene that he had only met them yesterday when he had come to join the Foundation, and is only as close as people can be when they band together as new recruits.  “Would you be shocked to be told that you didn’t know what you thought you should?  That they had betrayed you greatly.”  Frank looks puzzled at this, telling him that he is not sure what Gene is referring to.  “What if I told you that they lied to you?  About the ‘Secret’ organisation, and how you operate under full authority.  What if I told you that they lied about that, and that the organisation is illegal?  That they are trying to drag you in with them.”  Frank again denies knowing what he is referring to, half of which is true, but he keep sup his act all the same.  Gene carries on telling Frank that the operation he is involved with is an illegal black ops that was shut down, and that they are merely operating now as criminals.  He tells Frank that they hope to recruit him, as he is a steadfast and talented guy.  They wait until you have broken the law in one of the operations before telling the truth.  Still Frank acts out his part, while inside he is interested in knowing how much of what is said is the truth.  “Please do not let lies come between us.  You are stronger than them.  You have not gone too deep.  You can still step in to the light and stand beside me.  You owe them nothing.  They are using you.  They will cast you off broken.  Ask them how many have died before you, how many have been thrown away.”  Frank carries on with his act, but does however tell Gene that he will question the other two as to what they are.  Gene brightens on hearing this and takes a hold of Frank’s hand.  “Please do not let this be hollow words, let it be a truth in your heart.  When you came here you told yourself you were doing it for the job, but you have a chance here to do it for real.  Don’t listen to their lies.  Don’t listen to their betrayals.  You have a chance to stand by me, and to defend us against their depredations   Just think about that please.  I know you are going to lie to me now, but you’re a strong man, we could do with people like you here.”  Still Frank carries on with the act, but does agree to talk with the other two as regards to what Gene is referring to.  Frank also asks a question of Gene.  That how can he know so much?  Smiling Gene holds his arms out, “I am the Living Power.  The spiritual heart of Unylsis.  I seek congregations with the power of life itself.  If I set my mind to truth, then truth is what I find.  You can be like this too.  You can have the shadow of deceit cast from you.  You do not have to stand is the darkness anymore.”

Morsley in the mean time leads Cominski in to the main building, and to the wall full of crystals.  He instructs Cominski to pick a crystal that talks to him, while he goes and prepares the prayer room, showing him the door to go to once he has finished.  Cominski once alone looks at the large amount of crystals staring back at him, thinks for a moment and then randomly picks one up.  Mosley is waiting by the door, and when asked leads the way in to the room with a smile on his face.  The room inside is completely black, the darkness engulfing as the door closes.  Cominski can hear the steady moist breathing to one side, and see a dim flicking flame on the solitary candle before him.  The image of the flame burns itself in to Cominski’s eyes before it goes out leaving the room in a black void.  But in the brief moment when the flame flickered out, a figure could be seen upon the wall.  The figure is that of a blonde hair, blue-eyed man.  His arms stretched out beside him, his hands nailed to the wall.  A smile on his face even though his entrails are dripping down.  The figure is that of Mosley, with his life force and excrement dripping from him.  Suddenly the rank aroma invades Cominski’s nostrils.  The Mosley that lead Cominski in to the room is stood next to him looking up at the figure on the wall.  Mosley turns and hands him the candle and a lighter, then returns to the darkness unseen.

In the darkness Cominski asks, “What is this Mosley?”  A female voice answers back, “You…see…I…trust…you…with…the…fire.  Do…you…understand…this…trust?”

“I think so.” And then Cominski lights the candle.  Mosley is stood there before Cominski with blank eyes, standing beneath the crucified Mosley.  “I…needed…to…talk…to…you.  You…killed…him.”  Then a smile crosses Mosley’s face.  “You…killed…the…enslaver.  That…is…why…I…don’t…kill…you…now.  Idea…in…his…head…while…he…was…in…mine.  A…debt…he…considered…it…stupid.  Which…is…why…I…held…on…to…it.  You…freed…me.  Now…I…free…you.”  Mosley then points up at the crucified Mosley, “He…was…going…to…interrogate…you.  I…helped.  We…are…now…even.  We…meet…again…here…and…I…kill…you.  You…cannot…stop…anyway.  It…will…come…here…to…your…little…world.  We…have…called…him.  You…cannot…stop…it.  So…run…and…take…your…little…life…and…we…are…even.  Yes?”  Cominski asks and checks with the female voiced Mosley that she is referring to the asteroid object.  She smiles a confirmation and instructs him that he may want to take his weapons with him on the way out.  She tells him also that it does not matter to her as her part is done.  Cominski then asks her if she wants ‘him’ here, to which she states that his is trying to interrogate her and that is not how it works.  “If we meet again we are enemies.  Today we are not.”

“No…I…just…kill…you.  Do..not…put…more…words…on…it…than…that.  We…are…not…enemies…it…is…something…that…just…needs…to…die.”  Cominski tells her that he freed her from her enslaver, and wishes her help.  She laughs emotionlessly at this, informing Cominski that she learned this from him, a strange felling.  “Your…needs…doesn’t…matter…little…creature.”  She then goes on to explain that an ant’s needs do not matter to humans, nor the grass.  And that they do not matter for the air.  After a pause she then states that perhaps she didn’t explain plain enough, and then tells Cominski that the door behind him is open.

After some thought, and a quick double check around the small room, Cominski lights and drops the Zippo lighter on to the little prayer mat on the floor, and makes a hasty dash for the door.  The mat catches fire and flames leap up at her, forcing up away from leaping for Cominski as he dives through the door.  The flames and heat begin to melt her as it grows feeding from her liquid matter.  Cominski catches a glimpses of the horrific scene within the small room as he picks himself quickly up from the floor, and his mind takes over.  He blindly flees as quickly as he can, all the while pissing and shitting himself.  After a mere couple of minutes he finds himself in a fetal position on the grass outside shivering to himself.  People are gathered near the buildings looking over at Cominski as he rocks back and forth.  Suddenly aware that he hadn’t had the chance to close the door behind him.

Frank walks out from the pyramid and spots Cominski huddled on the grass over near to the main building.  All of a sudden a muffled thud and a shockwave erupts from within the main building, racing through everyones souls.  Then the cries of people screaming can be heard coming from within the building.  Cominski comes around to himself enough to know what is starting to happen around him.  He even spots Frank hurriedly walking over towards him, a worried look on his face.  Soon the people outside collapse to their knees and then begin to cry, some shouting and others screaming.

Malloan picks himself up off the floor and looks at the guard who is now part of the door.  He can make out that his one arm is exposed and hanging limp on the other side of the door.  Malloan gingerly opens the door, knowing what was in the little room moments ago.  Luckily it seems to be safe, and the door slowly swings ajar enough for Malloan to reach in and take from the limp wrist of the guard, the taser that is still attached there.  He tries not to look directly at the door man mixed object, nor tries to think about what happened, all he thinks about is to get out of there safely and with a weapon.  In the little room there is singed gristle and crystal fragments everywhere, plastered against the walls and floor, along with an eyeball looking out.  Malloan frees the taser from the guard’s wrist, the wrist strap partially fused with the flesh and bone, as he hears footsteps approaching.Malloan rushes as best he can with his damaged leg, up to the corner of the corridor and slams himself against the wall, waiting for whomever it is to approach around the corner.  He has the taser ready in his hand.

A young lad of about fourteen years walks around the corner of the corridor.  He is wearing white robes and has a shaved head.  In his hand in a pistol, and he looks straight at Malloan his face turning red.  The lad’s eyes blink several times as he looks past Malloan at the room, and seeing the gore he screams at the top of his voice.

Outside Frank has run up to Cominski, checking up and asking him if he knows what has happened.  While the screaming and panic gradually spreads through out the compound.  “She’s here. She killed him.”  Cominski states his eyes focusing on Frank.  Frank asks him to who is he referring to, “Her….. You didn’t meet her.  You don’t want to meet her.”  People start spilling out from the building.  A young blonde lady in long white overalls comes out and spots Cominski and rushes over, asking Frank if the guy next to him is ok.  Frank tells her that he has only just come over and is cheeking him, and that he doesn’t know what has happened or what is going on, especially as now everyone is panicking and screaming.  She reaches over to Cominski, pushing her two outstretched fingers towards his neck.  Cominski flinches away and rolls on to his back getting away from her.  She looks at him and then at Frank, “I am not going to hurt you sir.”  Frank asks her what she is intending to do.  She is trying to check his pulse, and perhaps he can help.  She explains that Cominski doesn’t look too good.  Cominski interrupts them both, holding his hand out to them,  “I’m fine, I just need some air.  Just a moment.”  His heart in his chest is still racing at a rate of knots.  Frank stands up and moves away giving him space, and motions for her to move also.

The young lad in the corridor backs up against the wall with a look of terror on his face.  His eyes turn and meet Malloan’s, and with that the lad turns and flees back down the corridor shouting and screaming.  Malloan limps his way through the corridor, the pain shouting up his leg with every step, back to the reception area.  He puts the taser away in his pocket and opens the door, just as the lady at the reception was about to open it for him.  Other people in the area are looking around confused.  She asks him if he is okay, looking down at his leg.  She tells him that she heard the young lad runnig and screaming about dead people.  Malloan tries to explain that it is something with the crystal and that he doesn’t know what has happened.  She looks panicked even more now and states she will call the security as she reaching under the counter of her desk and hits the button.  Suddenly there is a wailing of an alarm sounding off all through the building.

Outside the alarm can be heard all over the compound, screaming out from tannoys on pole dotted about.  Frank looks over towards the pyramid and spots security rushes over with weapons drawn.  Inside Malloan can see uniformed men drawing weapons and rushing towards the reception area.  Malloan can see the first aid box on the wall, next to the safe that is holding his gun.  He walks casually over to the first aid box and quickly grabs the contents and attends to his leg.  Two guards grab either side of Malloan and begin to lift him, instructing him that they need to get him out of there.  And as they do they ask if he has seen the attacker, which way did he go and what does he look like?  Malloan stammers that he thinks he saw the attacker head through the holding cells.  The guards thank him and carry on lifting and taking him towards the outside.  Malloan tells them to leave him and hurry after the attacker as he was running fast.  The guards implore that they need to get him out safe first, and gently take him out and sit him down against a wall.  Another guard places a blanket over him and presses a bottle of liquid in to his hand.  One guard then tell him to keep calm and try to remember everything he can about the attacker, as he lifts up his walkie-talkie ready to relay the information.  Malloan stammers some more lies to the guards, something about an odd explosion and a shifty guy running off in the opposite direction.  The guard relays this in to his walkie-talkie.

Another guard in body armour and pistol in hand, walks out from the building and over to Mallon.  He tells the other guards to get back in to the building, as he hasn’t been able to find anything.  He then states that he had better look after Malloan, and probably get him to the hospital.  Malloan tries to convince him that everything is okay and that they all should concentrate on getting their suspect.  However the armoured guard insists.  Malloan reluctantly staggers to his feet and stumbles over to the guard.  As Malloan stumbles the armoured guard grabs him to stable him.  Malloan pulls out and rams the taser up in to the guard’s armpit.  A scream bursts out from the guard’s mouth as first his arms splatters, and then his head recoils away and then splatters.  Finally his whole body melts in to the ground, only leaving wet clothes behind.  The body armour and gun bounce to the floor.  Everyone starts screaming once more running away.  Several guards turn and look over at Malloan, they then look to the guard’s uniform on the ground and back at Malloan.  Suddenly the guards are patting at the gun holsters, some even grabbing their crystals around their necks.

Frank and Cominski happen to be looking over towards Malloan, thinking that they finally know where he is, when all of a sudden they see the armoured guard splatter.  Frank blinks several times upon seeing this.  His legs feel like jelly momentarily before he gains his composure once more.  They also see that Malloan suddenly start to scream and panic like everyone else.  One guard bends over and vomits, while another draws his gun and aims it at Malloan, shouting for him to ‘get down on the ground!’  Malloan carries on with his act, while the guard shouts for him to drop the weapon and get on the ground.  Malloan notices the armoured guard’s gun before him, so he drops his taser to one side while at the same time dropping to the floor and laying on top of the gun.  The guard walks over and kicks the taser away, going to kneel down on Malloan’s back.  However Malloan reacts, he grabs the gun beneath him and fires it up towards the guy’s groin.  The .44mm shot from the gun rips through the guard’s groin taking some of his thigh as well.  The guard collapses down next to Malloan letting out a high-pitched scream before passing out.  Blood is pouring out everywhere.  The other guards now snap out of their shock and draw their guns on Malloan.  Shouting and screaming that they have the mad man, and to not let him get away.

Cominski having seen what was about to transpire had gotten to his feet and began to run towards Malloan.  But then seeing what had happened has stopped in his tracks, looking about unsure what to do next.  Malloan makes a run for it, heading towards the crowds.  A guard un-slings his shotgun and pumps a shot, letting the buck tear in to Malloan and take him down.  Malloan feels the blood seep from his side and the pain shot through him from his ribs as he hits the floor.  He is down but not out yet, so he begins to pull himself through the crowds.  The crowd run away from him, kicking at him and screaming.

Frank carries on looking confused while keeping an eye on the pyramid, seeing the guards set up a perimeter.  The guards are watching what is happening with Malloan but are not moving.  Cominski heads back to Frank.  The two guards going after Malloan shout for the crowd to move out of the way.  A large guy from the crowd tries to take advantage of the situation.  He pushes his son behind him and makes a grab for the gun in Malloan’s hand.  But Malloan is having none of it, he swings the pistol at the guy’s jaw, breaking it and blood spraying out.  The guy stumbles back in to his wife sending them both to the floor.  He gurgles a scream of pain.  Malloan can see the cover of the fountain that he desires a mere few meters before him.  He concentrates on giving all his energy to his limps as he forces them to make the leap for the fountain.

A light begins to emanate from the pyramid and shine out like a rainbow.  Cominski tells Frank that they need to do something.  Frank tells him that Gene Downing knows all about them, about the lies.  “Even about the lies told to me about the elite group we work for.”  Cominski looks to his feet when he answers stating that they need to concern themselves with the bigger threat, and gestures towards the pyramid.

Malloan hits the water in the fountain, turning it red with his blood.  His sides turn numb from the cold and loss of blood.  He gasps for breath as he goes under the surface.  Bullets hit the surface of the water and zip through around him.  He makes it to the other side of the fountain and drags himself out off the water and behind the structure.  Nearly everyone has gone from around him now only the guards are there hounding him with their guns.  He can see his two colleagues across the open talking and looking and the light-emitting pyramid.  He looks around and finds some more cover he can use to get further away from the guards, but it means another dash across a five-meter opening.  As Malloan makes the crossing he dives to jump over the rock and land prone behind.  However a guard gets a lucky shot, taking Malloan’s head.  A quarter of his head explodes in a shower of blood, as the momentum keeps him going but not enough to go over and instead crashes in to the rocks spilling his brain, the limp body sliding down to the ground.  The guards run over and check him, kicking the gun away.


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