What would you suggest?

Earlier this week I got asked to recommend a good role-playing board game, one that could be easily played by only two people.  I was also told me that they got fed up with only playing something like Monopoly, which took too long to finish.  This question was asked of me by a friend’s daughter, who is in her twenties, she is interested in role playing but never played and not sure about the imagination aspect.  She does however play console and PC games, and was a big World of Warcraft player.  I told her that, yes there are some about but you really need to have more than two people to fully enjoy them, and also told her that it would not be a full role playing game as such, more elements from.  I said I would think about it and let her know later.

So during the day I thought about it and came up with some recommendations, going by the requisites of needing to be playable for two people, and to not take too long.  As an additional thought I thought that may be something that would not be too complicated.  I gathered some information and got links to current games direct on the game company’s web site.  This is what I chose;



Talisman (Ideal choice I thought)

Munchkin Quest



I highly recommended the Carcassonne game to her, as I felt that this would be a simple straight forward game to start with, it doesn’t take a lot of space, easy to learn, and can be fun to play by anyone.  Plus the fact that this can be added to, to build up the game if needed.

I had already said about the original Munchkin card game, and said that its a great fun game that has many different various themed versions of itself.  And that it has great humour.  But I did say that it would be better with more players, and that it could take a long time to play depending.  I have also since mentioned the game Zombies to her as an idea, and also told her about the board game of Bohnanza called Bean Trader.


Well would there be any currently available games that you would have recommended or not, anything missing?  Please comment and add your suggestions.

4 thoughts on “What would you suggest?

  1. Descent is a great selection, but don’t forget the Lovecraft games that FFG put out. Arkham Horror and Mansions of madness can both be rocked with two players and have some pretty good elements of RPGs in them. Even Elder Sign could be worth a look…

    • Yeah they are great games and one of my favourites, but I thought these would not be ideal initially. I may suggest them at a later date once she has bitten the bullet as it were. I did however tell her about Castle Ravenloft and she liked the sound of that.

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