Update to character list 8-8-12

I would like to inform you all that I have just added seven more characters to the growing list, three of which are from/for other players.  These three are all from the same game that I ran earlier in the year for everyone as a one-shot, the write-up on here is the one for the Island, the one with the undead walking about on the Island paradise.  The other four are all of mine from before this group got together.  There are two for the AD&D system, one is for the first edition and the other is for the second edition.  Another character is the one I ran in a Shadowrun campaign.  And finally the last one is for the game system called Crimson Empire, and this one I had played at the UK Gen Con one year, while being run by the creator of the game, who was there demoing his system.

Oh and an additional to this, this weeks game session that we usually run on a Thursday evening, is this time, for this week only, is going to be played this very evening.  So as usual you can briefly follow what we get up to, if you follow us on twitter, as I post an update on there during the game.

And I hope you all like the new header image that I have used for the site, and the changed logo.  I thought it was about time I had renewed the images as it has been over two years now since I had started this blog.


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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