A Plan set in Motion

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu) –  RPG session.

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Players / investigators;

Me – Frank Tomlin – Delta Force

Jason (jymmijamz) – Norris – Delta Force (NPC)

Will – John Cominski – FBI


The Escape

As the guards take the body of Malloan away, they can be heard saying, “I knew he was going to be trouble, especially after last night and what happened.”  Cominski uses Frank to help him steady himself as they stand looking at the pyramid and at their colleague’s body being taken away.  Frank explains to Cominski that he may be able to get in on Gene Downing’s good books, as he wants to trust and believe in him.  He wants Frank to join the Foundation and to stand beside him.  And so they devise a plan to lead Gene in to believing Frank and that he had questioned his colleagues about the lies, while signing a letter for Cominski to take out with him to the real world outside the Foundation’s compound.  And with this letter they can call in some back up, giving Cominski some numbers to contact.  As they are standing there and talking they can see the lights fading from the pyramid and the guards dispersing and walking off.

Cominski storms off in a rush towards the dormitories, beginning the act.  He stumbles as he goes and then Frank chases after him.  A few guards spot this charade and stop to see if there is any more potential danger, checking their guns holsters but doing no more.  Cominski crashes in to the dormitory door, grabbing some leaflets within.  He spots the camera within turning to his direction, so Cominski quickly scrawls a note on one of the leaflets for Frank to sign.  The camera soon focuses its attention on him, and Frank rushes through the door.  Cominski turns his back to the camera holding the note and pen to his chest.  Frank walks up to him playing his part, demanding to know what is happening and what Cominski is up to.  Frank pushes Cominski against the chest taking the opportunity to sign his name of the scribbled note and leaving special code for clarification, while Cominski says his lines.  Then Cominksi shouts coward and throws a punch at Frank, forcing him back and missing.  Frank goes up to Cominski again and pushes him away with force, putting the signed note on the leaflet in to Cominski’s pocket, “You have lied to me, how could you play me as a fool.  All these lies and deceit.  Look at what happened to Malloan, look what he has done.  All those innocent people.”

“You only have one chance at this, and your going to throw it all away on this.”  Cominski throws back at Frank, his body shaking with the stress.  “I have had enough of this, and now your going to turn like Malloan!”  Frank punches him around the side of the head and then storms off out.

Cominski stands dizzy for a few seconds before turning and gathering up his belongs in the room.  He then walks out and over to the main building marching in to the reception.  He explains to her that he can not stay there any longer, what with everything that has just gone on, and demands to have his gun back.  With her protests he assures her that she can get the security to escort him out if she prefers.  She stammers lost in confusion what with everything else that has happened, and then gives in, asking him to sign a form.  She opens the safe and hands him his gun.  Then he convinces her to hand him the other gun there, as it is his colleague who has gone on out, not wanting to hang about any longer.  With the two guns quickly deposited within his jacket, Cominski hurriedly marches to his car to get out from the Unylsis Foundation headquarters’ compound.  And just as he manages to get his way through the security gate, he spots in his rear-view mirror the guard answer a phone and look up at him.  Cominski puts his foot down flooring it the hell out of there.


The Meeting

It has been a couple of days since John Cominski managed to escape the Unylsis Foundation headquarters. He had managed to drop off the message at a specific drop-box.  There has also been a televised announcement of an attack by an NCIS agent upon the Unylsis Foundation, sharing their CCTV footage of the un-named agent, who had shot a security guard in the groin, assaulted someone with a taser, (here the footage is cut short).  And there is also footage of him going around threatening several of the receptionists, waving his gun around and calling them a ‘cult’, and stating that he will bring the force of NCIS down upon them.  After the CCTV footage there is a clip of the ‘Living Power’ Gene Downing making a statement to the camera.  He explains that the guy had no authority there and is clearly lost his mind.  And Gene uses this to share how he and his followers are endlessly attacked by agents, bringing up the botched attack at the warehouse earlier in the month.  The odd thing that Cominski notices about the CCTV footage is that it is shot at night, which is odd, but it definitely looks like poor Malloan.  The NCIS as given a ‘No statement’ until they finish their internal investigations in to the matter.  They only share that the agent was on leave at the time of the incident.

Cominski tries to look in to what has happened to his colleagues body, but unfortunately NCIS has closed up all their shutters and not sharing anything information with anyone, especially the FBI.  He does however receive a secure message from up the chain, (within Delta Green) asking ‘What the fuck are you guys doing in there?’  Cominski also gets a promotion to the head of his current cell.

The next thing Cominski knows is waking up with a throbbing pain in his temple. Unable to move his arms of hands, finding them bound behind him on the plain metal chair he finds himself sat on.  There is a bright light shining in his face.  He is unable to see much due to the light, but he is aware that the room is empty of any furnishings.  The rest of the room is very dark, and he is also aware that there is a very sharp long knife blade pointing at his throat.  There is a scared face before him, weather worn with cropped short hair.  The scar looks deep and old running close to one of the guy’s eyes.  He looks straight in to the eyes of Cominski as he wakes up.  “Right fella. Ya’d be this Cominski wouldn’t ya?”  Cominski gives his full name in reply.  The rough and deep voice of the scar faced guy pauses for the reply and then informs Cominski about a note, a message he had received from one of his men, except that it was not written by him.  And he tells Cominski that they are now a little bit suspicious, knowing about forced signings and the like.  He instructs Cominski that he will give them all the information that they require, and that he will tell his man and he points the blade over to the shadows at the back.  A man of about average height steps out of the shadows to be seen.  He has broad stocky shoulders and arms, and has a few days stubble growing on his face.  The hair is dark and matches his intense eyes.  “You won’t want to be left with ‘im”  Scarface explains to Cominski, and adds about how the other guy had broken a member of an elite force that are known not to break.  He explains about the noise that they heard come from the room, and how disturbing it was.  After this intimidation and enlightenment, Scarface asks Cominski again about the message.

Cominski quickly explains that he had actually written the message as they didn’t have time.  Sharing that he had to get out of there quickly, and the need to get a message out to Frank’s colleagues.  After a pause to see if there is more, “I believe you.” And then Scarface nods over to his colleague in the shadows.  “A good man here, but I’m not sure he does.  He’s a distrustful kind of guy.”  Cominski looks over at the guy in shadows, “He’s not a very good liar is he?”

Pain shoots through Cominski’s head as another blackness clears, aware of the taste of vomit in his mouth.  Looking up he sees the guy from the shadows stood before him and Scarface nowhere to be seen.  He bends over and moves his face in close to Cominski’s, and in a low calm voice he asks, “What have you done with Tomlin?”  Cominski tells him that he is at Unylsis.  He is then asked what he had done with Tomlin while at Unylsis. “Nothing.  We were there to find out what we could about the place.”  The shadow guy informs Cominski that there were no known orders for Tomlin to be there, or to be working with any other agencies.  Cominski tells him that they had worked together before, looking in to the Unylsis Foundation, “All strictly off the book.”  He also tells him about the incident at the warehouse, and that it was not as reported.  It had a connection with an explosion at a US senator’s house.  The shadow guy insists on knowing how all this has anything to do with the Delta Force or Tomlin.  Cominski shares with him that there were many different agencies looking in on the explosion.  Shadow guy carries on insisting on why and who gave the order for Tomlin, a member of a non-investigative agency to get involved.  And Cominski shares that he has no information on who gave him and orders, or who his boss is.

The door to the small barren room swings open, interrupting the questioning.  The bulldog scarred face of the commanding officer walks in.  He places a hand on shadow guy and states that he wants him outside for a moment.  Both men walk back out of the room, leaving Cominski on his own and still tied to the chair, and the light shinning in his face.  The scarred faced commanding officer, whose name is Hicks and goes by the call sign of Dogmeat.  Turns to the shadow guy whose name is Norris and call sign of Akai Satsui, and asks him what he has managed to get from the FBI agent.  Norris tells him that he believes that Cominski thinks that there is a threat to the national security, telling him about the bomb to the senator’s house and the link to Unylsis.  And how several agencies where involved in the investigations, and how this lead to the attack on the warehouse recently.  “And one of ours, Tomlin, was investigating the Unylsis Foundation at their headquarter, and is still there undercover.”  Hicks tells him that he would not normally believe this story, however he has been looking in to this, and there is a lot of people high up the chain who are not giving any answers.  “I looked in to the phone call he received before disappearing.  It appears that he has gone black and no one has told us.  We don’t leave one of ours out there.  We could catch a lot of grief for this, but we don’t leave one of ours.”  He then gives some details about getting a small five man team together to retrieve their man.  Then they can question him and find out what has been happening.

After Sergeant Hicks explains to Norris what they should do about getting Tomlin back, Hicks explains that he doesn’t like the FBI guy, and suggests that Norris go back in to the room and put the fear of God in to him, before they let him go and allow him in on the team operation.  And to find out as much information as they can about what to expect when going in.

The door to the small room opens once again, and Cominski sees the guy that had questioned him (Norris) walk in, pulling behind him an old dolly cart with odd miscellaneous items sat out on top in neat positions, each looking like you wouldn’t want to know what they are going to be used for.  Such as a car battery and jump leads, or a mail sack and a bottle of water, or hammer and pliers etc.  He slowly pulls in and stops the cart in line of sight of Cominski, up against the wall.  Then Norris walks back to the door and looks out in to the corridor, looking both ways before carefully making sure to close the door securely.  He then slowly walks around the back of Cominski, around to the front and over to the doll cart, all the while looking at different parts of him and scratching his chin in thought.  Once at the cart he looks over the implements in thought, his hand touching each as he does.  Cominski asks,”Do you like the Opera?”

“Not really, I prefer Ballet myself.”  Norris answers with sarcasm, he then picks up a scalpel and walks over to Cominski, walking around to his back and stands there.  He hums an unrecognisable tune to himself and he taps the flat of the blade on his lower lip.  Eventually, after what seems like an eternity Norris places his hands on Cominski’s shoulders and leans in so his mouth is near to Cominski’s ear.  “I think it is about time you told us the truth.  Don’t you?”

“Uhh…what is it that you want to know?”

“Force, numbers, armament, and defences and security.”  Quickly Cominski tells him that they have a rent a cop time of security, some of which are better than that.  He shares that they have shotguns and handguns.  And when asked says that he never saw any serious weaponry, only time he had was from before, at the time of the warehouse incident.  There are no vehicles of note to worry about.  During this confession Cominski stutters and babbles the words out, his mind racing with what may happen any second with this guy stood behind him.  Norris bangs his hands down hard on Cominski’s shoulders once more, silencing his stammerings. He then swaps to Cominski’s other ear and asks, “Now there is nothing else you wish to tell us is there?”

“I am answering all of your questions as well as I can.  I don’t know what you want or what is significant or not.  Please ask more questions.”

“Okay, I think we are about done here.” And with this Norris stands up.  He slowly pulls out his large combat knife, making sure that he is positioned for Cominski to see all of this in the corner of his eye.  He then twists and examines the blade and tip with his finger, making sure the blade catches the light.

Norris reaches down and cuts the bindings that hold Cominski to the chair.  He then informs him that they are due for a briefing and to follow him.  With this Norris walks over to the door and opens it, waiting for Cominski to follow.  However Cominski stays sat there for a moment, contemplating whether it is a trick of some kind or not.  After a long pause, “A briefing?  Okay I can handle that.  I know what a briefing is.”


The Actions

Frank Tomlin finds himself on his owns in the ‘Lions Den’, having to carry on with the act.  It has been several days now since the shooting and death of Stie Malloan.  Some investigators came in and then when they left they too the body with them.  After things had settled Gene Downing asked to see Frank once again up in his glass room in the pyramid.  Gene tells Frank how much he appreciates him for staying, especially after everything that had happened.  Frank admits to Gene that he is still trying to process all that had happened, all the chaos and waste of innocent lives.  And he shares that he is unsure what to do next and how to fell, but he does know that he feels responsible for all that happened.  Gene reassures Frank, telling him that this is how it happens with the agencies.  The government fear them and their belief and act this way.  “We did not start this violence.  I am sure you can understand this.”  Frank nods his head and shares that he feels that this was what he wanted, a place of peace and oneness to open to, but he feels that he has lost all this and needs to start again.  Gene steps closer and places a hand upon Frank, “I understand. I understand completely.  It must be difficult to find a life away from the pain.  You do know that they are going to return, don’t you?  To try and destroy what we have here.  Because they are afraid of the potentially that is within each of us.  Us human being who can find their way.  We want nothing but peace.”  Gene then carries on to ask Frank what he knows of them and what they are likely to do.  Frank explains that this was the first time that he had worked with them, and that he was here to find out what he could about the Foundation.  Gene nods along and reassures him at the end, and tells Frank that they need someone like him there.

Gene explains to Frank that they had lost many vital people in the attack by the NCIS.  Frank interrupts to apologise for this and tell shim that he feels responsible.  Gene dismisses his apology and assures him that it was not his doing.  Then continues to tell Frank that he needs to find his place and peace.  To find his peace with Unylsis, and then that will help him find his peace with the world.  Frank tells him how that was the idea, but now feels that he should leave.  Gene quickly stops him to say that he has no need to leave.  And then tells Frank that they have a delivery that evening, of crystals.  And hopes that this could help relax him, a simple matter to help.  This could then give an oneness with everyone around from all their centres, and hope that this feeling from the crystals will energise him.  Frank shakes his head and asks Gene to explain again what he requires as his head is not thinking straight.  So Gene explains simply that he would like Frank to help where they are short of man power, and to carry the boxes in from the trucks to the pyramid.  “Someone with your strength will be of a great help to us.”  Gene tells him as he places his other hand on Frank’s other shoulder.  Gene continues to explain that his help will be needed, especially as there will no doubt be another attack, and shares that the crates full of crystals are from followers who have empowered them with their thoughts and wishes.  Telling Frank where to place the crates once in the temple area of the pyramid.  Frank happily agrees with helping out where ever he can, and Gene gives a broad smile at this. “I knew you would.  Now if you would excuse me I have much to attend to.”

“I hope you will be able to forgive me.” Frank states as he goes to leave.

“There is nothing to forgive.  You are merely a grain on the wind.  But we will teach you how to fly.”  And with this Frank nods and walks out.

Frank spends his time keeping a low profile, not wanting to stand out.  He keeps away from the hierarchy of the Foundation, and stays amongst the newer recruits.  Frank does however get to know a guy called Stuart, who monitors the security cameras in the small booth room in the pyramid.  He is a friendly family man, who often regales Frank with tales of his past old hedonistic Life that had put stress on his marriage.  When he talks of the old times he often has an excited zeal, which after he blushes and apologises, holding his crystal close and saying that it is all in the past.

Several trucks come in on the evening.  The security guards are happily chatting with each other, and Frank joins them to help carry the crates in to the pyramid.  The trucks are filled with crates, and each crate is filled with crystals.  One of the security guards chats happily with Frank, (or Brad as he is known by everyone in the Foundation, this being his cover name).  He instructs what to do and where to place the crates.  And during the small talk the guard asks Brad (Frank) what his thoughts are on the press.  Frank shares that he feels that it is not a good idea.  He is told that one of the dormitories has been set aside for them, and that they will have free roam of the place.  The guard feels that it will be good press.

The unloading of the crates takes almost an hour to unload, and the crates are taken in to the temple of the pyramid.  There must be thousands upon thousands of crystals.  One of the guards share that they have done this several times over the past week alone.  And Frank thinks that he can not remember seeing this many stacked there before.  Frank keeps up the small talk and checks where the crates came from.  He is told that they come from other branches of the Foundation, from other members who have empowered their crystals with positive thoughts and wishes for the Foundation, and then they are given a new crystal in exchange.  Then all the crystals come to the pyramid.  Usually it happens every month or so, but the last few weeks it has become more regular, especially with all the new member of late.

Once all the unloading has finished, a long dark haired hippy looking guy locks up the temple, pocketing the key.  “Jobs a good ‘un.  Jobs a good ‘un.  I don’t know about you but I think I am gonna sleep a good tonight.”  Frank agrees with him.  As they all walk away from the pyramid, lights begin to emit from the structure.  Blues and greens race up, reflecting on the bottoms of the clouds in the dark sky.  Seeing Frank stop and look the hippy guard turns, “Its beautiful innit.  Do you know, back in the day I would have rolled a big ‘un and just stared at it.”  Frank checks that this usually happens when they get a load of crystals, and is told that it does indeed happen each and every time.  “Its all that good energy all together in one place.  And of course the Living Power walking amongst it.  It is its way of letting us know that we are loved, man.”  The guard eventually turns to Frank and pats him on the back, and informs him that he is going to turn in and probably listen to some old tapes of the Ungrateful Dead.

Frank stays behind and watches the light show.  He also watches where the hippy guard with the keys heads off to.  Making a mental note where he stays, seeing him use a numerical key pad for entry in to the dormitory.  Frank is also aware that Stuart from the security monitors had locked up and gone just before the last crate was unloaded.  To his knowledge the place is now empty, except for Gene Downing that is.

Sergeant Hicks along with Norris and three other Delta Force volunteers, and of course our FBI agent Cominski are in a temporary base about five miles out from the Unylsis Foundation compound.  They have just finished eating their rations and dousing the camp fire, making sure that there are no signs of smoke or fire to be seen by any observers.  Hicks turns to Cominski, gives him a hard look before addressing him.  “Look we are here now, and no matter what, you are coming in there with us.  You know the lay of the land within those walls.  I am going to lay down the rules of engagement and what we need to do.  If you feel that something I have instructed is not a good idea then state your argument now before we commence our operation.”  He tells them all that he wants to go in quiet, and to keep weapon exchange to a minimum.  To go in and retrieve their operator and to get the hell back out of there.  Hicks details what weapons and ammunition they will take in, and checks with Cominski what the opposition has.  Cominski states that they are the usual hired security type with the same type of weapon and armourment.  Hicks finally warns that he has heard there is a news reporting team within the compound, and instructs everyone to avoid them and to make sure they are not filmed.  “Look we are NOT here.  This is black ops.  No one needs to know that we are here and if so, then I am afraid they will need to be taken out.”  Before heading out Cominski implores for them to remember that this place is a deeply fanatic place, and some people may loose it.  “This place is weird.  Do not underestimate it.”  Hicks turns to Norris, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this.”

During the day in the Unylsis Foundations headquarters, the press with a reporter and camera crew are busy walking about the compound, filming people as they walk about their daily lives there.  And they even stop and interview a few.  Frank keeps himself well away from this invasion, making sure that he is never where they are.  There is another large prayer gathering, and Gene Downing is walking amongst the gathered, speaking each of their names and patting them on the shoulder.  He mentions about the recent loss to family and loved ones.  By the end everyone is weeping.  Frank notices that there are no signs of the crates of crystal anywhere to be seen.  Yet nothing was taken out.  No sign of the crates or crystals.  Everything has gone.  Later in the day Frank was told in passing by one of the guards, from the delivery the night before, that there will be another shipment of crates arriving that evening.  Yet Frank has not been officially told about this one.  Frank offers his help with the unloading, and the guard is surprised to hear that he wasn’t on the crew already.  Frank assumes and suggests that it is perhaps Gene allowing him to find his own way, which the guard agrees with, saying that it is how Gene helps people, allowing them to find their way in life.  Then the guard changes the subject on to recreation sports, telling Frank that he has just taken up squash.  He demonstrates by swing his arm in an over arm swing, the flab under his arm flapping with the motion.  Frank agrees that he would be up for some of that.  The rest of the day passes uneventful, but Frank notices that the security guards have been stationed a little different due to the press being there.

The evening soon supersedes the day.  And not long after the sky turns dark, the trucks begin to trundle in.  The same group of guards organise to meet and unload the trucks.  Frank checks up on the CCTV monitor room.  See if Stuart from before is stationed there again.  And sure enough he is there again.  They have a quick chat before the unloading begins and Frank heads off.  Stuart suggests that they get together for a drink sometime.

They all head in to the compound.  Four men and Cominski go in and one stays on the outside in a vehicle ready.  They are all dressed in black with a full black balaclava, and this is the only extra equipment they give to Cominski, otherwise he is on his own with his own weaponry and armour.  They all now look the same to Cominski, he only knows who is who when they speak.  One of the men is working his magic on a section of fence to the Unylsis Foundation’s compound.  Bypassing and cutting it so as not to trigger any alarm.  Once through, Norris is instructed to take point.  He is then to be followed by ‘Spoon’ and ‘Charlie’.  Hicks and Cominski will bring up the rear and keep and eye out.  “Agent, stay out of the way and point us to the way we need to go.  And if there is anything that is ‘Weird’ that we are about to run in to, then let us know.”  Cominski nods, “Understood.”

Norris crawls under the freshly opened part of the fence, aware that the grass he is now on is a man made synthetic material.  It is too dry here and they must use this type of grass to be able to keep up the appearance they are after.  In the distance he can see the pyramid and dormitories, and over in one part there is some activity.  It looks like there is a delivery of some sort going on at this time of the evening.  Norris reports back to Hicks that he is through and all is clear.  He also reports that there is some activity happening near to the lit area, and checks how to proceed.  Hicks instructs him to evade the group of people and head to the dormitories at the far end.  “Lead a path to the dormitories and keep to the dark.  The people in the light shouldn’t be able to see, but keep low.”  Spoon and Charlie follow at about one hundred metres distance, with Cominski keeping near by.  Hicks follows through the fence at another safe distance, keeping himself at the rear and slowly moving forward.

Norris busily keeps to the shadows and stays low as he carefully makes his way towards the dormitories.  The other two Delta Force operators with Cominski slowly follow in Norris’ steps.  However Cominski notices something odd.  A door to the reception has been left open, and then he spots some fresh trampled grass.  Stopping and looking around, he follows the signs, Cominski looks up to spot a couple of security guards walking towards Norris in the shadows.  Quickly Cominski taps one of the Delta Green guys on the shoulder, and once he looks at him he indicates his eyes and then points towards the security guards.  This happened to be Hicks who had caught up to him, and gives him an angry look until he realises what is happening.  Without hesitation he uses the short range personal communications to instruct Norris to hit the deck, “You got two incoming on you.”  Norris gets down low on to his belly, keeping himself under some bushes nearby.

The two security guards carry on heading towards Norris.  Hicks voice comes over the comms, “Okay slot ‘em.”  Cominski bends and picks up a small rock, feeling the weight of it in his hand and looks for a target.  A window nearby is selected, but it is still a fair distance from them.  He winds his arm up for the throw.  Norris pulls the trigger on his suppressed MP5, with hollow point rounds.  Firing a three round burst he catches one of the security guards at almost point blank straight between the eyes.  Chatter comes over the comms, and the other guard takes a hit too.  Both guards get knocked back, recoiling from the blow as the bullets pass straight through them.  Then the holes left behind from the invasion to their bodies begin to reform and solidify.  Straightening up, they re-orientate themselves and move towards their target once again.  Cominski looks over at Hicks, “Weird shit.”

“Shit!”  Hicks turns to Cominski, “Okay smart guy, how do we slot this?”  Charlie mutters something under his breath and can be seen shaking ever so slightly.

With their weapons now drawn, the two security guards pull the triggers on their tranquiliser guns at point blank at Norris.  Norris tries to manoeuvre out of the way, but was un-prepared for how the guards reacted with his shot.  Unfortunately he takes both darts to his body, and begins to feel a numb sensation at the point of impact, knowing that this will very soon spread through his whole body.  Norris pulls the trigger again on his MP5, putting another short burst through one of the guard’s head.  Both guards look down blankly at him, almost looking with distain at him before turning from him and heading towards the others.

“I have only seen one of these before.  Ever.”  Hicks interrupts Cominski and instructs him to talk faster.  “Fire…Electricity.  Fallback and get the bloke in the van to burn something.  Hicks instructs everyone to fallback.  And as everyone fallback they release suppressive fire at the guards.  The guards seem unperturbed by the gun fire and slowly walk towards the retreating Delta Force, casually reloading their tranquiliser guns.

Norris stumbles to his feet and begins to pump his blood through his body as he tries to make a run to fall back, however his legs soon turn to jelly and he briefly feels his body impact the ground.  He quickly radios in his situation, asking for support.

Cominski spots Spoon turn and sprint back for Norris grabbing him by the arm.  And then sees the two guards turn and move towards Spoon in a pincher movement.  Spoon tries to kick out at one of the guards, in a hope to take out his knee.  But his leg just slides through.  Cominski pulls a lighter from his jacket pocket.  The two guards grab a hold of Spoon and begin to wrap their arms around him.  Cominski takes his glove off and squeezes some lighter fluid over his hand.  Spoon is soon enveloped within the guards, and eventually collapses to the ground, coming out of their bodies unconscious.  Cominski ignites his Zippo lighter and touches his hand to the flame.  The guards look over at him, and seeing the flame immediately draw their handguns.  Cominski makes a dive for cover behind a wall.  One shot whizzes by, but the other shot hits him solidly in the chest.  Cominski feeling the impact against his Kevlar vest, knocking him unbalanced and aware of the bullet pressing up against his ribs.

Frank hears two pistol gun shots fire off at a near distance in the dark.  He has a crate in his arms as he has just lifted it from the back of the truck.  “Quick.  Get everything in to there Now!  We only have a few crates left.  Get it all in there and lock it up.  Quick.”  One of the guards beside Frank shouts to the group of carriers as a whole.  Frank makes sure to slow himself down enough to end up being the last person to take the last crate over to the pyramid.

Cominski looks up to see that the two guards are being peppered by gun fire.  In the distance he can hear a vehicle’s engine revving high.  The bullets that do hit the entities guised as security guards make no effect on them as they pause before turning to their next target.  Cominski quickly extinguishes the flame enveloping his hand.  Hicks hits the wall next to Cominski, as he uses it for cover as he lets another burst from his gun hit the guards.  “We need EVAC right NOW!”  He exclaims over the comms.  He spots some more guards rushing in and asks Cominski if they are likely to be the same.  “I have only ever seen one of these before.  I doubt it.”

As Frank walks in with the last crate within the temple, Gene downing comes running down the steps.  “Please everybody.  Quickly, this is an important night.  Get everything in and barricade the place so no one can get in.  This is a vitally important night, spiritually.  Please we mustn’t let anyone interfere.”  Frank handles the crate he is carrying with care, taking his time to place it delicately beside the inside of the door.  He stands and goes to close the door behind him.  Gene pleads with Frank to please leave the crate where it is and go outside, as he needs him out there to help.  And that it is vital for him to be alone with the crystals.  “I trust you.  Do what you can my good friend.”  He presses a key in to the palm of Frank and asks him to lock the door.  Frank takes the key and walks out, locking the door behind him.  He then places the key in to his pocket with a wry smile.

One of the dark figured Delta Force operatives slams an adrenalin shot in to Norris’ arm.  Norris can feel the pain in his chest, his body heavy and aching.  The operative lifts him and places himself under Norris’ arm for support.  “New orders, we need to get in the centre where the trucks are.”  Norris can make out that the news reporters have come out from the dormitories and set up their camera.  He tells his unit about the camera crew over the comms.  “Tad busy here.  Deal with it yourself.”  Comes Hicks voice.

Frank can now also see the news reporters with camera in hand.  And can also make out two black cloaked figures, one supporting the other, heading towards the Zen garden and the trucks.  He can see several security guards groggily coming out and then rushing over to the supply block on the opposite side of the Zen garden to the dormitories.

“Security has tasers.”  Cominski offers to Hicks, seeing the guards coming.  “Let them get close, then slot ‘em.”  Cominski also offers that the head of the foundation is probably within the pyramid.  But Hicks tells him that the mission is blown and they are getting out of there.  “You don’t want to leave them two alive.”

“Look, we’ll get the tasers, take them out and then get out of here.  Then work on a plan B.”  Cominski can see two dark operatives heading towards the trucks.  Charlie keeps firing off rounds in to the two entity guards.

Frank makes a move and races towards the trucks, making sure to use as much cover as possible between here and there.  Trying not to be spotted or recognised.  He manages to make it safely to the trucks and rolls to the chassis, pulling himself under to hide in the shadows.  Many more people have started to spill out from the dormitories.

The operative that is helping Norris walk towards the trucks, is happily guiding him along even after more guards come and point their weapons at them, demanding for them to stop and drop.  The operative smiles and pulls his pistol.  He points it at a young woman on Norris’ side and pulls the trigger.  Her head snaps back and her body buckles a second later, a bloody hole in her forehead.

There is a squeal of tyres.  In the distance a black masked drive charges his vehicle towards the location for the EVAC.  The two entities turn and fire towards the racing Humvee.  The shots go wide and a chuckle can be heard over the comms, “ha, come on lets play chicken.  Lets see how you fucking like this.”

Norris is feeling more able to stand on his own by now, and what with his team mate firing on the civilians, and the guards all aiming and tighten their grip towards them.  Norris makes a dive and roll for cover at the trucks.  Once down there he is aware of another shadow amongst the truck’s axle.  The team mate fires once again at the crowd, not really aiming, just swinging and firing.  Frank keeps himself deep within the truck’s shroud, aware that someone else is using the truck for cover, and notices that the pyramid has just suddenly flared to life with a light show that burns brighter than he has ever seen it before, almost like a fire is running down the outside with so much energy.  Frank quietly gives out a coded call sign to the new comer, making sure that it is a friendly and to let it know likewise.  An expected response comes back from the new comer, confirming it to be a friendly, Norris.

Two of the security guards fire upon the Delta Force operative that was helping Norris, knocking him back slightly as they hit his body armour.  While a couple of other guards fire at Norris, one hitting him in the shoulder on his body armour and knocking him prone to the ground.  As he falls two more shots from guns hit him, and one penetrating his left arm.

Hicks waits for the approaching guards to draw closer and then springs out.  Firing one burst in to the head of one guard, taking most of his head with head, his body slamming to the ground knocking his gun in to the dark undergrowth.  While the second guards gets hit in the body, impacting his body armour and knocking him against the wall.

The two guised entities fire again at the charging vehicle, shattering the windscreen, causing the Humvee to swerve, and a cry of pain comes over the comms.  However the vehicle still ploughs straight through the two things sending them flying.  But as soon as they hit the ground they are back up and moving again.  “EVAC is here.  Now will you all get in there.”  Hicks orders over the comms.

Two more shots come from the Delta Force operative firing in to the crowd, hitting one guy square in the face that Frank worked with when carrying the crates.  And the other hits the hippy guy Frank got to know in the knee.  “A quiet mumbling comes over the comms.  “Just following orders.  Just following orders.”  Norris asks Frank how to get out of there, and gets the reply of, “The way you came.”  Then Frank asks him to throw the earpiece comms over.  Norris looks puzzled, “Why?”

“To reach out.”  Norris takes off the earpiece and tosses it over.

The light is shooting up in to the heaven from the pyramid now, bursting up in a constant stream, illuminating the clouds and piercing the sky.

All the security guards tunr to concentrate on the one guy firing in to the crowd, pumping shot after shot in to him.  But they keep aiming and hitting him in the body.  This only sending him back, as it gradually tears at the armour.  Blood does begin to seep out from the odd area or two.  Cominski breaks his cover by the wall, and lunges towards the staggered guard and misses.  A wild shot fires from the guard’s gun and hits Cominski’s body armour.  Hicks lets off another burst at the guard before Cominski, only catching him a glancing blow this time.

Gunshots rapidly burst from inside the vehicle, a flashing light show strobing out and illuminating the entities as they ooze their way in through the window.  Norris keeps low behind the truck and begins to open fire with short bursts against the security guards.  Taking down several and some collateral on the civilians.  The cameras are still filming watching everything transpire.  The crazed operative that had helped Norris now fires wild in to the crowd with large bursts.  Many of the general residents drop, as the others turns and flee screaming.  The hippy guy who is down holding his knee takes another bullet through the eye ending his life there and then.

A shockwave hits everyone, knocking the wind from them and shaking the ground they are standing on, as one of the dormitories explodes.  The Delta Force operatives aware that this was a controlled explosion.  Pieces of body and clothes, furniture and glass showering down from above.  The camera operator knocked to the floor but still filming, one of his colleagues now set on fire and running about screaming.  Frank radios in hiding his voice but using a coded call sign so as to be recognised.  Stating that a man is down, and when asked gives coordinates to Norris’ location by the trucks.  Hicks asks for him to be evac’ed put is told a negative.

The crazed Delta Force operative gets hit in the knees taking him down, but he carries on firing as he goes.  Cominski charges the guard before him once again, trying to punch him.  The guard fires at him, but his gun jams and bolts back knocking him over.  Cominski takes this opportunity to grab his taser and make a run.

Charlie who had been keeping at the back and worked his way over to the truck and siphoned of some fuel, soaking something that he lights and throws at one of the entities.  It bursts on impact, washing over the creature and setting it a blaze.  It screams out as it writhes in agony.  “How do you like that fucking bitch.”  While inside the Humvee, the driver has the other entity enveloping his head cutting off his screaming.  Norris takes more of the security guards down, leaving one who drops his weapons and turns tail to run.  However the crazed operative Spoon finishes him off, and with a pained breath states to no one in particular, “Just following orders.”  Frank busies himself trying to take an impression of the key he was given, and notices that the pillar of light from the pyramid is dulling and subsiding.  Cominski with taser in hand makes a run for the pyramid.  Hicks picks up the other taser and charges towards the Humvee.

Hicks jumps on to the Humvee and discharges the taser in to the entity on the driver.  Charlie avoids being shot by the entity on fire and kicks at him, knocking him to the ground and pinning him there, letting it scream and burn.  Suddenly the Humvee revs and charges off towards the Zen garden and trucks parked there.  Norris sprints over to the camera crew, reloading his weapon as he goes.  The crazed operative Spoon, now lying on the ground, pulls his pistol and begins to drag himself over to an injured person, firing a bullet at point blank range in to their skull, then drags himself to his next target.  Frank breaks cover from under the truck and charges towards Cominski and the pyramid.

Cominski turns seeing Frank running at him, holding his taser out in a guarder position.  He asks what has been happening, but Frank tells him to pretend that he is chasing him and to keep moving towards the pyramid.  So Cominski turns back and picks up the pace, shout back over his shoulder to stay away.  A message from Hicks comes ove rthe comms.  “Where are you two going?  And where the hell is our Evac?”

“The focal point is the pyramid.  NOW.”  Frank replies as he chases Cominski.

“Look I would like to point out that I am the Sergeant here.  And the focal point is the pyramid.  Move out to it.”  After a pause Hicks then asks what he should do as his men have gone crazy.  Cominski offers that they should settle once the ‘weird things’ are dead.

Two more dormitories go up in a blaze of fire and body parts, knocking Norris back to the ground.  Norris turns to look for the camera crew, seeing one dragging themselves away with their skin bone sticking out from their leg.  Another has a shard of glass slice in their throat.  The last one just standing there with blood dribbling from their mouth, not moving.  Norris picks himself up and runs to grab the camera, now aware that it seems to be on a live feed.

Now standing at the locked door to the temple at the pyramid, Frank hears the voice of Hicks behind him and feel a weapon being pressed in to his hand.  Frank turns and takes the rifle with a smile.  “I have a feeling you will be needing that.”  Hicks instructs him, “Are we going to be blowing the door.”

“Nope”  Frank states as he produces the key from his pocket and unlocks the door.  He swings the door open and holds it like that for them to enter.  Norris runs up bringing the camera with him.  They wait for him to catch up before going on in.

They all carefully step in through the threshold, snaking in single file.  Frank instructing where to head.  And as they step in to the temple proper, they see floating above the staged area a shimmering light.  The light of hazed colours not of this world framing a hole, a rip in reality.  All the crates of crystal are no more to be seen anywhere.  The group turn to look at each other.  Hicks looks directly at Frank, “Is there any reason in asking why I am looking at a hole in….the fuckiing air!?”

“I have got used to it.  Don’t ask just act.  There are things that you will not understand, that are a threat to our nation and the world.”

“Do we need to go through there and slot someone?”  Hicks asks Frank.  Frank turns to Cominski for the answer.  Cominski looks around seeing that there is no one apart from them there. Frank turns back to Hicks and checks what gear was brought along.

Hicks turns to Norris, “Okay Akai Sastsui, your on point.”  Norris steadies himself, checks his weapons one more time, looks at his colleagues, and takes a step in to the very hole ripped through their reality.


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