King and Country

Hong Kong Action Theatre –  RPG session.

Run by Yours truly (me)

Players / Actors;

Chris (alcoholandaphorism) – Mark Lee

Jason (jymmijamz) – Detective Lam

Will – Kessi


Hong Kong, 1997.  There is a pair of dark black shades on a guy, he is walking in a smart suit with a hat tipped covering his forehead giving extra shade to his eyes.  There is a barely perceived wire coming down from one of his ears.  He strolls as calm as silk across the street towards a building.

Inside a blacked out van parked on the street, a guy with glasses sits at a bank of instruments, computer, keyboard, and screen.  He has a com-link fixed in his ear and talking quietly.  In the corner of the van sit another guy, he has the air of authority over him as he sits and looks at the screen, and occasionally looks out the window to across the street at a man.  A half burnt cigarette smouldering in the corner of his mouth.

The suited man in the street enters the building.  He is toying with a black poker chip between his fingers.  He smiles at the female receptionist, “This is all that I had left from the last time I was here.  Floor ten, right?”  She smiles back and confirms the floor.  He slams the poker chip on to the desk and slides it over to her, “That is my lucky chip, and I am coming back for that when I am done.”  Again she smiles up at him, and then goes back to filling her nails.  He walks off to the elevator.  As he stands at the elevator he raises his hand to his face and whispers, “As much as I hate to say it.  It’s all on you now Kessi.”

Back in the van outside, the computer operator, Kessi, is busy tapping away at the keyboard as a lot of ASCII and Hexadecimal code flash up and scroll up the screen.  A schematic view of a building can be seen on another monitor screen next to him.  After a few manic minutes of typing and looking at both monitors, “Okay Mark here goes.”  And he presses the ‘Enter’ key.

Mark Lee, the smart suited guy with dark shades and hat, is busy riding the elevator up to the tenth floor when he hears the alarm sound.  A wry smile cracks his stone cool face for a brief while.  Suddenly the elevator stops at floor nine.  The doors open to reveal two security guards standing and waiting.  Quickly thinking, Mark steps out and shakes one of their hands, “I didn’t win that big last time I was here.  So what do I owe the pleasure?”  The guards explain to him that there has been an attempted break-in, and they need to close down the building for security reasons.  They apologise to Mark for the inconvenience, and ask him to leave.

The security is going from floor to floor, calmly evacuating the building, so as not to cause a mass panic.  Mark Lee does as he is instructed and casually walks over to the stairs and begins to walk down.  In the van, Kessi is busy making himself a cup of hot tea.  “Kessi! Do you think you could kill the lights for me?  Preferably within the next few seconds.”  Mark ‘accidentally’ drops his keys on the next landing down, and walks back, bending over to pick them up.  The lights go out, sending the stairway in to darkness.  A voice over the earpiece can be heard slurping on a hot liquid, “Is that what you wanted?”  In the darkness, Mark rolls over to the door.  He quickly picks the lock, all in silence, slips through and locks it once again.  Hopefully leaving no trace that he had gone that way.  As he walks off he asks Kessi for a location to the security locker room.

Mark finds an open window on the floor he is on, the eighth floor.  He looks down the outside to roughly the third floor.  Fixing a line, he zips down the outside of the building headfirst, stopping himself at the fourth floor and finds another window unlocked and open slightly.  With careful, well trained precision he deftly swings himself upright and in through the now opened window, which he knocked open wider with his leg as he swung around.  As he passes the threshold he releases the cable and rolls to the floor and still crouched scans the room for anybody else.  The darkness still cloaking his every move.

In the cloakroom of the security guards, Mark finds himself a locker where he stows his clothes.  He quickly dresses in the uniform of the building’s security, giving his face a quick once over to help with the disguise.  He glances up at the security camera, “Be honest, I look damn fine don’t I?”  He adjusts his hat.

Mark steps out and walk amongst the people, assuring them that everything will be okay.  He steps in to an elevator and asks Kessi to stop it at five floors below thirty.  As he stands there watching the numbers go by, he prepares himself for ruse he will set in one of the offices.  The numbers flash up with a dull ping at each floor. 24…25…26…27…28. Ping.  The doors open to reveal two security guards waiting on the other side.  Quick thinking, Mark bluffs that there has been a report of a break in on that floor, and thanks them for arriving there so quick.  They look a little puzzled and glance at each other.  One of them scratches his head.  Mark steps through them and begins to issue orders.  Instructing one to check down one corridor, while he tells the other to check the opposite way.  “We need to be quick, we could lose a lot of business.”  The security guards take a quick look in to the elevator and then rush off to do as instructed.  Mark shouts after them, telling them that he will check the floor above to be on the safe side, and instructs them to meet back down on floor thirteen within ten minutes.

The security guards are all busy searching the building, a few on floor twenty-eight looking from office to office.  Mark Lee walks past the floor labelled ‘29’ as he heads up to the target floor of thirty.  He carefully approaches the door and listens before easing the door open ajar.  Using a small telescopic mirror, he peers in scanning the area beyond.  Kessi warns him that there is another detail of security stationed on the floor.  Mark notices one stood near a doorway, and another patrolling along the corridor.  All dressed in black suits.

Mark takes a step back and goes down to floor twenty-nine.  He takes a bullet from his gun, breaks open the tip and empties the powder.  Lights the trail of powder with his Zippo lighter and hides behind a door.  And waits.  And waits.  And waits.  Feeling that it should have done something by now, he steps back around to find it had fizzled out and just burnt up all the powder.  “Damn! I suppose I can’t blame Kessi for this one.”

In the mean time, Kessi is busy tapping on this computer keyboard, finding the security measures on the thirtieth.  He deftly fingers the keys and within seconds have all the locks and alarms disarmed on the target floor.

Mark is still standing over his failure, a puzzled look across his face.  The squad leader, who up until now has been sat quietly in the corner of the van, speaks up.  “This is taking too long.  Get a move on, and do it now!”  This snaps Mark out of his trance and instantly motivates him.  He draws the security’s walkie-talkie from the belt holster, twirling it as if he is in an old American spaghetti-western.  He sends out a warning and distress call, instructing that he has found the assailant on the fifteenth floor, and that gunshots have been fired.  He demands back up from all available personnel.  Finally leaving the call with, “Man down.  Man down.” Hanging in the air.  After a few seconds all he hears is a few mic keying on the walkie-talkie and then nothing.  So after a further moments silence, Mark gets in to communications with his leader, asking for authority to use extreme prejudice.  The leader confirms this and adds for him to hurry up and not get caught.

Mark steps through the door to the thirtieth floor as bold as brass, gun in hand and firing off rounds.  The first shot impacts and takes the guy before him down.  Walking around the corner of the corridor, he takes out the patrolling guard.  Mark carries on forward towards the office he needs to enter.  Two more guards go down, as the bullets seem to fly in slow motion from his gun, the guards barely have time to draw their own.  Pieces of plaster rip from the walls and send dust clouds in to the air.  Entering the room, a fifth guard is taken down as a bullet tears through a window blind.  The sixth and final guard, standing before Mark and his mission objective, is now mere feet from him, the gun in his hand and ready to fire.  However Mark fires first, the bullet shooting straight through the guy.  The bullet exits his body and carries on with force in to the glass window behind him, fracturing the glass.  And as the guard’s body sails backwards in to the glass, it shatters sending the poor guy tumbling out from the thirtieth floor to the cold hard concrete below.

In the van, both Kessi and the team leader hear the impact of something crashing down hard on to a parked vehicle.  Looking out they see a caved I roof of a car, with only the hands and feet of a person visible.  The glass windows of the car shattered on to the road.

Mark steps to the edge of the broken window and peers out, looking down at the devastated vehicle below.  He shrugs his shoulder, turns and walks over to a computer.  Slams in a USB stick.  “Kessi.  It is over to you.”  Kessi taps away at his computer once more, hacking in to the computer and downloading the files to the USB stick.  Mark stands there on guard, eyeing up the progress bar on the screen.  Within a couple of minutes it hits the ‘100%’ complete, and quickly Mark pulls the stick and pockets it.  He quickly busy himself propping up one of the dead bodies, with a gun in it’s hand.  Using it as a distraction for anyone entering the room.  Mark then goes over to the broken window, secures a pair of suckers to this hands and knees, and climbs out.  He makes his way down five floors before re-entering the building.

Just has Mark disappears over the edge, the door to the office is slammed open and two guards rush in.  They see the body and shoot, ducking behind cover as they do so.  Two more guards behind slam their backs against the wall near the door.  They glance in and fire of a couple of shots too.

Mark casually walks down the stairs to the fifteenth floor.  He takes a look in to find it deserted.  He pulls the guard’s pistol from the belt holster once more.  Fires a shot in to the wall, and then tosses the gun to the floor.  “Kessi.  I am coming out the front door.  Pick me up from there.”  The team leader butts in and demands for Mark to hurry up as he is wasting too much time, “Stop enjoying yourself and get a move on.”

Mark stops off at the third floor, picks up his clothes and stuff the guards gear back in to the locker.  He then casually strolls back down to the ground floor and over to the reception desk.  Picks up his black poker chip, gives the woman a kiss, “That’s for luck.”  And as he walks away he sends her a wink.

With a squeal of tire rubber on concrete, Mark jumps in the back of the van as it tears off down the street.  “Kessi please tell me you drive better than you hack.”  Kessi puts his foot down forcing Mark to tumble backwards in to a chair.  After shaking his head he pulls out the USB stick and tosses it over to the team leader.


It is a run down part of town, that no tourist venture to visit, but we find the team of three mainland Chinese governments secret agents holed up within a run down old factory building. The team leader is busy talking on a mobile telephone, while Kessi happily taps away at his laptop.  Mark Lee busy himself cleaning and checking his dismantled guns before re-assembling them in pristine condition.

It is not long before the team leader, Lam, steps back amongst his men and address them.  He informs them that his superiors are happy with the operation, and that they are to hang fire there until further instructions.  After roughly thirty minutes have passed, they all become aware of some other presence near by, especially Mark Lee as he becomes on edge and turns to his team leader.  He no sooner questions what has happened and whether they have become compromised, when a window smashes and gunfire starts spraying in.

A hit squad all dressed in black has snuck up to the old building in the abandoned industrial estate.  A couple have made the window to the building, smashing the glass and firing through the breach.  Putting their back against the wall for cover.  Mark reacts first, he leaps on to a nearby table, using this to catapult himself to the window, whipping the strap from one of his submachine guns to entangle a gun sticking through the broken window, and then using his second submachine gun to fire.  One down and one to go.  He pushes himself away from the wall aiming both of his submachine guns at the window, letting his bullets rain against the breach.

Kessi stands up, kicking the chair away from him.  He shoots at a circuit breaker box on the wall near the window, sending sparks flying.  He runs over and grabs a hold of the free cable, jabbing against the gun sticking through the window, electrocuting the poor guy holding it.  Kessi then turns and runs for the stairs, shooting back at the window to cover himself.  More men fill the gap where the downed men were stood, taking their turn to firing.  Bullets spark and ricochet off the concrete floor narrowly missing Kessi’s feet as he runs.

As Mark finishes his slide on the floor under the table, he decides to kicked it up and towards the window, covering him regaining his feet and rushing the window once more, spray bullets at them from both of his trusty submachine guns.  Kessi turns to an old broken bicycle at the stairs, ripping a chain from the spokes.  He turns and charges the front door, chain spinning above his head.  As he reaches the door, the door swings open and two more black clad men step in.  Only to meet face to face with Kessi’s chain.  One goes down with a bloody face, while the other gets knocked to the side.  Now standing in the doorway, Kessi can see more men approaching, but this time they are dressed differently.  These men are dressed in smart clean suits, dark shades and with expensive shoes.  They quickly pull their guns upon seeing Kessi standing there.  To Kessi these men look like they are part of a Triad gang.  So he whips his chain once again, taking the other black clad guy out.  He lunges forward and whips his chain at one of the Triad men, catching him across the neck and taking him out.

The building begins to get surrounded by black clad hit men and Triads.  Lam the team leader manages to take a few more of the hit men out.  But more fill the space and open fire in to the building.  They all manage to avoid getting hit by the flying bullets.  Mark jumps out on to the window edge, kicking off and up to the next level.  Swinging himself up and eventually landing on to the roof.  He is meet on the roof by more men as he stands.  He throws himself in to the fight, thrusting his leg up and in to the first guys stomach, knocking him down and he slips off the edge of the roof to the ground below.  Using his momentum, Mark carries on to his next target who has just managed to make the roof.  Mark drops and kicks his leg out in a wide sweep, sending the guy back down to the ground past his college still climbing the ladder.  As the next guy makes the roof, Mark once again makes contact sending the guy to meet Mother Earth with a thud.

Kessi dispatches the last Triad before him with his chain, sending blood arcing through the air as the guy hits the dirt.  Still pumped he looks around for his next target finding the area empty of standing targets.  Team leader Lam fires more rounds from his gun and dispatches more men.  It is not very long before there is no more targets left standing.  All the black clad hit men, and the smart suited Triads have been taken out.  Lam orders for them to do a quick sweep to double-check before packing up their gear and vacating the area.

The local Hong Kong police have received a call, regarding a shoot out happening at an old abandoned industrial estate.  But by the time they arrive there is no one left alive still around.  There are many bullets holes in the walls and blood splatters.  Various different shell casings scattered about the floor, inside and out.  The dead bodies that are left are a mix of both a local Triad gang, and some unknown hit squad from the looks of it, probably from Mainland China from the looks of things.  Detective Lam and his partner Chin are in charge and take a quick look around.  They find traces and tracks of another group that had been there, who has managed to escape in a vehicle.  Chin finds a few photos on some of the Triads and hands them over to Lam for inspection.

Lam takes a look through the photos and pauses on one with disbelief.  The photos are targets for a hit.  The three targets are a special black ops squad from Mainland China, and one of the members, the leader, Lam recognises as his long lost brother.  (They had got split up when they were both very young.  His mouth took him and went to Hong Kong, while his father stayed in Mainland China with his brother, and they never heard from each other again.)

With a sudden fire stoked within him, Lam focuses on the vehicle that managed to escape, knowing that there would be only one way out.  He calls in to the station to ask for them to check the traffic cameras for a vehicle that had left the area recently.  And once found try to trace where it is heading.  With that Lam orders his partner to the car and off they race.

Detective Lam eventually gets a call regarding the missing vehicle, it is a van that is busy going all over Hong Kong, backtracking and going in circles.  A possible ruse to cover any pursuit, but there seems to be a common direction it is vaguely heading, and Lam knowing Hong Kong like the back of his hand heads to the only possible location.


At the Docks the three-man secret service team pull the van to a halt, deciding what they had better do next as they will not have much time.  Detective Lam is not far behind them, and watches as the van comes to a stop.  He parks his car up several hundred yards away and watches.

Kessi suggests that they need to find out what is in the file.  Mark is looking all moody and grumbles about the damn government.  Leader Lam states that he needs to step outside and get some fresh air to think.  He leans up against the back of the van, tapping a cigarette from his slightly crushed packets.  Flicking the Zippo open, Lam sparks a flame, taking a few short pulls on the cigarette.  Once light he takes a long slow drag on the cancer stick, letting the smoke fill his lungs before releasing it once again through his nostrils.

Detective Lam’s breath catches in his mouth as he watches his long lost brother step out of the van.  He turns to his partner Chin and asks him to stay put.  And with that he steps out from the car and begins to casually and slowly walk over to the van.  Mark seeing this obvious cop begin to walk towards them, quickly stash the guns away from plain sight.  Warning Kessi of the approaching guy.  He then taps on the side of the van nearest to his team leader.  “Cop approaching.”

Leader Lam casually inhales another lung full of tobacco as he glances over at the guy approaching.  “It is okay I think we are safe.  You stay here.”  And with that he pushes himself away from the van and walks towards the Detective.  Seeing his brother begin to walk towards him, Detective Lam stops.  About half way between the two vehicles, team leader Lam stops and waits for the other guy to approach.  A slight smile crosses his face as he pulls on the cigarette.  After a moment’s pause, Detective Lam carries on walking over to his brother.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you today.  But it is good.  How are you?”  The brother from Mainland China begins.  Back at the van, both Kessi and Mark watch as their team leader happily chats with a local cop.  The brothers ask each other about their respective parents.  The conversation soon turns to the subject at hand, why either of them are there at this moment.  “Have you come to arrest me?”

“No I have come to find out what is going on.”  A screeching of tyres then suddenly interrupts the conversation.  And when turning to look in that direction, they see several cars racing towards them.  The windows wind down and guns poke out.  And soon the two brothers are being shot at.  “Are these with you?”  He turns to look at the approaching cars, taking the cigarette from his mouth and flicking it to the floor.  And with that he rushes back over to his van.  Detective Lam waves at his partner in the car to join him and he runs after his brother.  “I have an idea.  Get your men and follow me.”

Kessi and Mark look worried as they see their team leader run up.  He looks to them both and asks them for ideas.  Mark suggests that the cop is setting them all up.  But his team leader cuts him short, “He is not like that.  Not only is he a good cop, but he is also my brother.”  And as he grabs his stuff, he suggests to his men that they do the same and follow.  “Well if I can’t believe in my government anymore, at least I can still believe in my friends.”  And with that Mark taps his leader on the shoulder and follows.  Kessi quickly follows suit, grabbing his laptop and USB stick.  Before leaving Mark rigs a little surprise for his pursuers.

The five men run along the dock edge as the cars pull up to a screech.  Several men jump out of the cars and begin to give chase with their guns firing.  As some of the men make it to the van, Mark triggers a mechanism in his hand.  BOOM! An almighty explosion rips out from the van, a small orange mushroom cloud grows from the remains of the vehicle, as the men are sent flying along with pieces of the van.  The blast knocks others near by to the ground as a smile crosses Mark’s face.  ‘I’m afraid all I have for you today is death.’ He states to no one in particular.

Detective Lam jumps in the boat first, getting the engine started.  His partner begins to untie the boat as the three-man Mainland China squad jump on board.  Several rounds of gunfire follow them.  A couple of stray bullets manage to hit the boar but causes no major damage.  Detective Lam pushes the throttle forward and guns it out of there.

As they weave through the Junks that are slowly going about their business, they are soon joined however by several pursuing speedboats.  Leader Lam lights another cigarette, places it in the corner of his mouth and then un-shoulders his rifle.  “Do what is necessary.”  Is his response to Mark’s ruminative look.  Detective Lam opens up the throttle more and begins to dodge around all the floating Junks, dodging and weaving, trying to evade pursuit.  The speedboats begin to catch up with guns blazing.

Several of the Junks get riddles with bullet holes as the Triad pursuers miss their targets.  Mark braces himself on one knee as he aims his gun to fire.  As the water sprays up, sending millions of little rainbows in the air, the boat rocking up and down on the wakes.  Several bullets rip through and take a guy overboard from the speedboats.  One of the speedboats thinks itself capable of copying Detective Lam’s movements, only to find itself unable to turn and crashes in to a Junk.  It sits there embedded for several seconds before the engine explodes.

Mark tosses a couple of grenades at a boat that draws near to theirs.  One goes straight to the depths of the water, while the other lands in the pursuers boat, bounces several times and then lands back in the water and explodes, sending a shower of water in the air.  He shrugs at this and swings his guns back in to play.  However one of the speedboat’s engines is hit by fire from Chin.  The engine explodes, flipping the boat over and crashing back down upside down, before splitting in half and sinking, the occupants nowhere to be seen.

Before not too long they manage to evade the pursuit, taking the boats out one way or another, and escape in to open sea.  Detective Lam tells them that he has a small home on an outlying island where they can stay for the night.  Mark being cautious, only puts away one of his guns and keeps guard just in case.  He takes a brief glance at the two new people in the group, narrowing his eyes slightly.  Kessi keeps a close guard on his laptop and USB stick.


On the small outlying island, Detective Lam shows everyone to his home, offering them a chance to clean up and take refreshments.  Mark keeps up his suspicions of Detective Lam, confronting his team leader and asking if they can really trust them.  But Leader Lam assures him that everything will be fine, and to make the most of the respite they have been given.  “You keep my back and I’ll keep yours.  As always.”


Sitting his brother down, and while no one else is around, leader Lam assures his brother that his men are good, and that Mark is having difficulty with what has recently happened to trust anyone.  Kessi sits himself down in a quiet corner and begins to spend more time looking over the file they had to retrieve earlier in the day.  Mark walks around the perimeter, checking there is nothing to worry about, and sets himself up on the roof of the house.  The sun is getting low in the sky, and he sets an instant noodle beside him, pouring hot water in and breaking open a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks.

Later on we find Detective Lam sat outside in his small garden, keeping himself and his thoughts company.  He has a lot going through his mind that has all happened in such a short space of time.  One big one being finding his long lost brother again, but what a situation to meet him under.

Kessi finally breaks in to the files and finds incriminating evidence, pointing to some in the Chinese government, having contact with the Triads.  It even points and names the head of this as being a man called Dien Li Dao.  A superior whose cover is the head of a major bank in China.  He quickly calls his colleagues and tells them what he has found.  Afterwards Mark has a quiet word with Kessi, explaining to him what has gone through his mind regarding the situation they find themselves in.  He suggests that they should go direct to the bank and go public with the details they have, “Blackmail is for those without honour.”  He also remarks that they may have problems with the Hong Kong cop, their leader’s brother.

Mark gets down from the roof and goes to have a private word with his team leader.  They discuss what Kessi had found, and what they need to do next.  He also brings up the subject of having his brother there.  “You are our leader, and we will follow you to the end.  We have got your back.”  Team leader Lam assures him that he will explain things to his brother and see what he has to say on the subject.  He checks with Mark if his brother is still out in the garden, and then heads off to him.

Out in the garden Detective Lam has much turmoil spinning around in his head.  He has his respect and honour for the law, but also now that he has found his brother once again he now has family loyalty.  A lot has happened in a short space of time today and it is busy going around in his mind.  Using the peace in the garden to calm him and think clearly.  As it is getting dark his brother comes out and has a word with him, first checking to see if it is okay to disturb him.  They talk privately in the garden about each other at first and what has happened.  But the concerned look on his brother’s face soon brings the subject around to the matter at hand.  He tells him what they have planned, what exactly needs to be done.  He explains to his brother, from the beginning, what had happened that day.  “We are going to take the fight to them.  Clear our names and show up the corruption within the government.  Are you with us or against us?”  After some cogitating Detective Lam stands and clasps his brother’s arm, “We are blood.  I am with you.”

Detective Lam has a quiet word with his partner, telling him what is needed and suggests that he doesn’t have to follow.  But his partner is all up for the mission, telling him that he has his back, “Lets show them what us Hong Kong police are really like.”  Detective Lam goes to the fridge and pulls out two beers and tosses his partner one.  He takes a long swig pulling the can from his face with a smile.

Now that everyone seems to be on the same page, they all go back inside and talk over what they need to do as a group.  Planning who is going to do what, and what preparation they need to set in to play.  They synchronise their watches and set the time to set off in two hours time, when the hour changes to twenty-two hundred hours.  Mark Lee heads off to do what he does best and organise his part of the plan.  Kessi goes back to his laptop and sets some wheels in motion his end, for covering what they are going to be doing.

It is dark and the time is right.  The group meets up, checking that everything has been set in motion and everything went as planned.  Then they check one finally time that everyone is in on this to the end.  And off they set.  They take Detective Lam’s boat back to Hong Kong docks.


Unfortunately as they draw near to the docks, they are set upon once more by a few more Triad controlled speedboat.  They have come from the docks and are heading out towards the outlying islands, when they spot the boat with the five on board and turn to cut them off, drawing their weapons and firing.

Mark aims his twin submachine guns out to one side.  The same side one of the pursuing boats is on.  Mark then instructs Detective Lam to slow it right down.  The pursuing boats tears past, but not without Mark open his guns at them as they race pass.  “Efficiency.  Always important.”   The bullets from his guns riddle the speedboat, going from bow to stern and eating in to the engine.  Due to the engine being hit, the speedboat loses control and veers off.  The engine catches fire one minute, and the next it explodes.  Detective Lam carries on steering the boat while he pulls out his pistol.  His hand happily rests on the wheel as he turns to fire off a few shots at the pursuing Triads, taking one guy down.  Kessi pulls his shotgun out and fires off a burst, taking another guy out of the fight.

The Triads keep trying to cut the group up, preventing them from any further progress towards the docks.  Shouting out obscenities and firing their guns at them.  As one speedboat draws near, Mark runs full tilt to the back off their boat and leaps off, diving through a spray off water as the boat rocks over the waves, landing and rolling to his feet on to the speedboat behind.  Point blanking and then kicking each occupant off the boat as it bucks on the wake.  Once he has finished walking amongst and killing the Triads, the speedboat hits another wave and he uses this to help his jump back to his colleagues boat as they zip past.  The speedboat veers off and crashes with an explosion.

“Hold on!”  Shouts Detective Lam as he turns on the wheel sharply, sending his boat back and towards the last speedboat.  Going at full throttle, he uses the wake from the speedboat to gain air as he flies over the top of it.  He points his pistol towards the engine, firing off a shot before he lands on the other side of the speedboat.  The shot was not a direct hit, but a mere glancing blow, puncturing the fuel as it bubbles out down the engine.  As Detective Lam gains control once more of the boat and brings it around to bear on the Triads, a spark ignites the fuel and the engine explodes, sending the back of the speedboat in to the air in bits.

They finally make it to land again, and the group disembark on to the docks.  Mark goes off with all their weapons to give them to a gang of smugglers he made a deal with.  To transport the weapons over to Mainland China, where they will instantly be picked back.  While they all go off to catch the last ferry heading back to Mainland China.  Mark makes sure that they are all disguised as tourist before boarding.

On board the ferry it is only the five of them and two other groups of two natives heading back to Mainland China.  The journey across is uneventful, each group keeping themselves to themselves.  As the ferry draws close to land, the other two groups onboard begin to position themselves to disembark, heading towards the front of the boat.  Taking this cue, the agents and cops group head to the back of the ferry and go overboard as silently as they can.

They tread water as the ferry makes the dock.  They swim to land noticing that there is a group of people in suits, talking to the ferry operator and other passengers.  Not being seen, the five fugitives make land further down the docks and quickly make contact with the smugglers.  Once they have their weapons back they head further in land, finding a place to rest up for the night, ready for an early start in the morning.

An abandoned industrial estate, with most of the grounds a large open wasteland of broken concrete and knocked down buildings.  There are many burnt out or wrecked vehicles scattered about, along with odd bits of machinery.  There are only a couple of warehouse type buildings left still standing, and in one of these, which is situated in a prime.  The group of five have managed to catch some restless shuteye, with one always being on watch.

In the early hours of first light, the group is alerted to a disturbance heading their way outside.  Looking outside they can see a black van parked up with all the doors wide open.  And a group of armed men dressed all in black, with their weapons drawn and aiming their way, moving quickly on to their location.  A further two vans are moving in on them too from different directions.

Mark stands up and walks off disappearing amongst the rubble and shadows.  Kessi takes up his chain and moves out towards the approaching force.  Detective Lam pulls both his pistols and marches out, both guns pointing for targets.  He waves his guns about pointing them this way and that, pulling the triggers as each target is in sight, crossing and un-crossing his arms.  He manages to take down five of the eight men.  Next Kessi manages to gain the distance and starts to whip his chain about him.  He misses the first guy, and makes a glancing blow against the second.  On the third strike he manages to whip the chain across a guy’s face, tearing a deep gouge out and blood spray through the air.  The last two men go down from gunfire from both the team leader and brother cop’s partner Chin.

Mark Lee waits patiently until the next van pulls up and the occupants step out.  Once they do he steps out in the middle of them, focusing all his inner energies on the task at hand.  He lunges for the guy at the back first, punching him straight in the throat and taking him down.  Next he grabs a guy and uses him as a meat shield before kicking him away into another.  Mark grabs the knife from that guy and stabs it in him finishing him off and then moves on to the next.  Mark carries on working his way through all eight of the men from this van alone, kicking and punching his way through their ranks.  He knocks guns and knifes away, sweeping their legs from beneath them and kerb stomping their asses.  He grabs two guy’s heads and bangs them together.  And the final guy he grabs by the scruff of the neck, smashes his head against an old iron hook, and then leaves him hanging there.  And as the dust settles all that remains is Mark standing there looking for his next target.

The last van pulls up and the men quickly jump and stick close to the van, using it and the doors for cover.  This time they are going to be more cautious than their team mates.  They open fire on the fugitives, firing around open doors and around the back of the van.  Mark manages to dodge and jump one shot, but gets caught by the second, catching him in the arm and blood begins to flow.  Detective Lam also manages to dodge a shot with his name on, avoiding taking the hit this time.  However Kessi was not so lucky as he takes one in his leg before he could move.

As he is getting shot at, Detective Lam ducks, dodges and weaves his way to the last group that are holed up against the van.  He jumps up on to the bonnet/hood of the van, and in the same fluid motion leaps on to the roof.  Swan diving backwards off the side of the van, shooting his pistols as he arches through the air.  Another assailant goes down, leaving him face to face with another shocked one before him.

Kessi runs over to the last van too.  He whips his chain at an overhanging crane arm, using his chain to swing to his destination and then start lashing out at his victims.  Unfortunately they manage to narrowly avoid being hit.  While this is going on Mark decides to use the chaos to saddle up next to one of the guys he took down, swapping uniforms and disguising himself as one of them.  But while he is doing this a stray bullet ricochet off and nearly hits him, however he was fortunate to avoid it at the last minute.   Team leader Lam and partner Chin both manage to take another two out of action.

Detective Lam parried the guns aimed at him, ducking and dodging.  He then opens up with his pistols at all before him.  His fingers pulling on each at a blinding pace, unfortunately one of his pistols runs out of bullets earlier than he judged.  His finger still squeezing the trigger on the gun as it just clicks away doing nothing, leaving him with just the one gun to finish off the few remaining.  He points blanks the two guys before him, doing the splits and ducking under a rifle pointed his way.  He leans back and takes that guy out before rolling out and on to his feet for the next guy.  By the end of it, when the gun smokes dies down and the ringing echoes stop, there is no one left standing for him to shoot.  All the assailants have been taken down.

All that is except for what appears to be one, who only now seems to be standing up and walking over to them all casual like.  Luckily for him they soon notice who it is and put their guns away, but not before worrying him first.  They smile.

Once again aware that the Chinese Government has sent another hit squad against them, they quickly gather their things and break camp, leaving no trace of their presence.  And with that they head off towards their intended target, the bank.  To go public about the government and the guy behind it Dien Li Dao.  By the time they arrive, it should be time for the bank to open its doors.  So the five fugitives jump in their van and drive through the rush hour traffic.


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