Orpheus Interview & Mission Brief

Written by Orpheus GM

Extract from an interview with Reverend Isaiah Bishop of The Church of the Immanent Resurrection; taken from The Call Magazine

Amanda Phearson

‘Reverend Bishop…’

Isaiah Bishop

‘Ma’am, please call me Isaiah. We’re all friends here!’


‘Isaiah… Gosh, I feel so nervous! Isaiah, it’s been a real ambition of mine to meet you. I know this isn’t the done thing in journalism. I mean, I can just imagine all my teachers and editors telling me how unprofessional I am for talking to you like this. But, ever since I read your book, I felt like we shared some kind of connection. What you said about community in ‘His Way’, was just remarkable. It really struck a chord with me.’


‘Ms Phearson? May I call you Amanda? Good. Amanda… I’m so glad that His message reached you. When I wrote that book, I had no grand plan, no great ambition. I just opened myself up-to the Lord and asked him to fill me up with his heavenly radiance. Those words; that message, that was straight from the Lord. Any one of us could do the same if we just turned away from all the distractions that surround us and just listened for that voice within our hearts. I’m sorry Amanda. I do go on sometimes. I believe you had a question for me?’


‘No, no! Please go on. I just find it amazing the way you changed your life around. The way you opened up your heart to Jesus. I mean, you did some… Things in your past… How, how did that affect you? Where did Next World come in?’


‘Amanda, that’s putting it charitably to say the least. I was a sinner, through and through. I was rotten to the core. I was a greedy, venal, weak and lustful man. I was a lier, a thief and a murderer. I went to prison and I was so full of that devils pride. Just so full of myself, thinking that I was the big man. I was a fool and I was headed to hell as quick as can be. It was really the intercession of the Lord through my teacher and friend Max Carpenter that saved my sorry life. Max was and still is a counsellor for Next World ministries. He’s not a man of the cloth himself, but he’s been there. Been through the system and out the other side. He helped me back onto the straight and narrow and into Church. It was through Next World that I learned to find a kind of peace and cast my old, bitter self into the big nothing. I learned to let go. And now I’m here in Britain, trying to do my bit on getting folks to surrender. To just take the plunge and let go. The time for handing over your life to Him is now. That’s really what this book and lecture series are all about.’


Orpheus Mission Brief 70

Our client has approached us following a recent bereavement. Alison Higgins husband, Staff Sergeant Matt Higgins returned from Afghanistan with injuries sustained from an IED during his second tour of duty in Helmand. Due to military budget cuts, he was being treated at Whipps Cross Hospital in East London. His family had sufficient financial resources tied up in property to be able to transfer Higgins onto a private health plan offered by the Cheiron Group. His injuries should have been survivable. Indeed Dr Babu, his health plan co-ordinator, predicted a largely uncomplicated recovery, albeit with some minor loss of basic motor functions in Higgin’s right arm and what was left of his legs. Staff Sergeant Higgins passed away at 2.30 am on Sunday 2nd September 2012.

There were some severe complications which arose concerning the precise manner in which Staff Sergeant Higgins died. The initial pathology reports suggest conflicting accounts surrounding Higgins death. The state of the corpse and the violence done to the room suggests foul play. However hospital CCTV does not disclose an assailant. What it does reveal is a series of distorted images that suggest the influence of some sort of violent PLE. This is the third death of its type in as many months.

Initial research shows that numerous patients and members of staff have reported distorted apparitions, spectral voices, moaning and weeping in dark corners and quiet areas of the hospital. This has also coincided with the reported sightings by some members of staff of an elderly woman in an ‘old fashioned’ nurses uniform. In almost every incident, this entity has manifested during or slightly prior to the unusual deaths at the hospital. So far, Dr Howard Tanner ( paediatrics) and Dr Libby Shaw (oncology) have had the most contact with the PLE. We believe that this entity is linked to the deaths and may in fact be murdering the patients at Whipps Cross. So far, press

coverage is blaming the deaths on a ‘superbug scare’. The hospital staff have been working with the police to hush up the overwhelming paranormal evidence and have concentrated on investigating the possibility that a disgruntled member of staff is at the cause of the deaths.

Our client believes otherwise and is convinced that a ‘vengeful spirit’ led to Higgins death. Your role is to investigate the cause of the violent deaths and fumigate the PLE responsible. Following your Crucible’s utter failure at discretion in the Crestview incident we cannot stress how important it is that you avoid drawing attention to yourselves. The hospital is crawling with undercover press, the Police and sceptical staff. Also, remember, this is a working hospital, so you absolutely must avoid adversely affecting the patients and staff. It beware. If this is a PLE at work, then it is an entity that is willing and eager to murder and torment its victims. Exercise extreme caution at all times.


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