A Fresh Start

Tribe 8 – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Tribe Members;

Me – Lady Quinn

Jason (jymmijamz) – Brhyannon

Will – Aulderush


Getting to Know You

Looking back in the direction from where they had come, the three new Fallen can see the blinking lights of the Bazaar across the wide body of water.  The lowering sun reflecting its red rays of light on the rippling surface.  In the distance along the shoreline, they can see what remains of the ruined bridge that used to span the two landmasses.  And in the middle of these two expanses is a smaller island landmass, nestled under the bridge.  This is what is referred to as Hom, the home of the Fallen.  They find themselves now stood on a barren desert landscape near the water’s edge.  Further inland they can make out what appears to be forest, or wooded areas, but between here and there, there is not vegetation.  And at the limit of their sight they believe they can make out what looks like smoke, but this is a great distance away from them right now.

After all three of them have fully removed their sack hoods and taken in their surroundings, they turn to look at each other.  To taken in their fellow Fallen for the first time.  Lady Quinn stands up to stretch and rub her stiff joints.  She is of average height, but a well proportioned young woman, with long black hair that seems to have some fine ornamentation threaded within.  He clothes are definitely those of the Dahlian style, with dark purples and greens.  She just stands there not saying a word but looking around her and at her fellow victims.  She seems to wear an angry expression upon her face, but nothing else can be read there.  Brhyannon calms herself more to catch her breath and look around her.  She is a young woman with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  She stay put on the ground looking sullen and lost.  Her eyes still twinkle from the tears she has shed. Nothing about her, except for maybe her simple clothes, say much of her Evan past.  Aulderush stands looking around him, a brief expression of looking lost upon his face, being replaced by annoyance.  He is much older than the other two women with him.  He has the definitely look of a Yagan about him, but not so deathly as some.

Aulderush eventually turns his attention to the here and now, turning to his new associates and asking them what they had been up to before the recent down fall.  Lady Quinn doesn’t look directly at him but towards Hom, muttering a response of, “A bit of this.  A bit of that.”  Brhyannon turns to look up at him, looking lost and forlorn, but then turns back to looking across the water, back towards her home.  Aulderush tells Brhyannon that he understands she is missing home, but then can not stay there forever looking.  He tells them that they need to start moving.  Lady Quinn turns and begins to walk towards Hom.  “And we need to work together.”  Aulderush states, making sure Lady Quinn hears.  She turns to look back over her shoulder, giving Aulderush a dirty look, slowing her pace but not stopping to wait.  Aulderush then turns back to Brhyannon and tells her that they had better get a move on.  Brhyannon sighs and reluctantly gets to her feet, and starts to follow.  Plodding along at the rear.

As they walk, Aulderush stops to take in his surroundings, making a decision that it would be better for them to head further inland than along the coast.  He talks this over with the other two, suggesting that they may be able to find away across further in land, and possibly some food.  But they will have to get some attention from one of the Squat tribes.  As they stand there talking, both Brhyannon and Lady Quinn spot for a brief moment, a man backlight by the sun.  It was a shadow of a muscular man who seemed to watch them for a moment they fade back in to the trees.  The shadow seemed more of a tribal man than of the Squat.  Lady Quinn draws Aulderush’s attention to what she had just seen, checking if he had noticed it too.  She first addressed him as merely man before asking him to remind her of his name.  They decide to veer slightly towards where the shadowy man was spotted.

Soon the light begins to dim as the sun gets ever lower in the sky, and the shadows stretch along the ground.  They have roughly walked past where the shadowy man was stood, and they have looped back around now.  The direction had taken them near to the water’s edge once again, and Brhyannon spotted some round rusted metal disc type objects in the water.  The edges of these are all crumpled, and some are led to believe that these were used as some sort of monetary trading object.  The ground they find themselves amongst now is rough with dips and rises.  Parts of ruined red bricks stick from the ground in places.  They eventually lead in to the woods.  Some of the red bricks seem to form part paths or stairs in places, helping them on their way.

As they walk through the woods, Aulderush stops to check the ground, finding tracks and evidence of some wild animal, possibly that of a boar, passing through there recently.  He informs the others, telling them to be careful, as it could be dangerous.  Lady Quinn grabs a large piece of wood from a tree, a branch that she can use as a makeshift club to defend herself.  Both Aulderush and Brhyannon follow suit.  Soon they all hear an animal grunting type of noise heading towards them through the trees.  Lady Quinn turns to try to ascertain which direction the thing is coming from.  As she does so she spots the things near to the ground.  It is a rotund animal full of muscle and fat.  From it’s mouth two nasty looking tusks protrude upwards.  It stops and looks at them as it grunts and sniffs the air.  It has short legs and coarse bristles for fir.  It looks well fed.

Brhyannon quickly turns and climbs the closest tree, not stopping to look until she is high enough.  Lady Quinn gradually positions herself in to a fighting stance, barely moving and keeping her eyes on the boar.  Watching and waiting to see what it decides to do.  Aulderush whispers to her “Bacon.”  She licks her lips.  Aulderush carefully side steps and moves to the side flanking the boar, keeping his eyes upon the thing.  The boar turns to look at him and he freezes, realising that it has been a very long time since he was last in a fight, and even that was a practice one.  Sensing the fear in the air, the boar leaps for Aulderush, it’s tusked mouth wide.  With sheer luck, Aulderush manages to move just as the boar bundles in to him, knocking him to the ground.  His back impacting against one of the red bricks sticking from the ground.  The boar’s mouth gnawing at him as he lays prone, but he is managing to keep it pushed away for now.  Lady Quinn quickly makes a move, lunging for it with her makeshift club swinging.  Sensing her approach, the boar quickly turns and steps backwards away from Lady Quinn’s attack.  The boar grunting and trampling on poor Aulderush beneath it.  Her makeshift club narrowly missing Aulderush as it impacts against the ground.  The boar now focuses on Lady Quinn, charging forward and swinging it’s head forward and up.  However she quickly steps back out of the way from its attack as it attempts to gore her.  Lady Quinn quickly retaliates with a swing of her club, again missing.  Aulderush also makes a swing with his makeshift club, hitting it on its hind quarters.  The boar’s back swings around and buckles as it squeals out.  Brhyannon carefully climbs down from the tree, now the boar is limping as it focuses its attention now on Aulderush.

The boar charges at Aulderush, stumbling slightly with its numbed leg, and Aulderush quickly side steps away from the tusks.  Lady Quinn leaps on to the back of the boar, bringing her makeshift club down too hard and it snaps as it hits the ground, flying from her hands.  Brhyannon scurries in to the fray, swinging her makeshift club hard up side the head of the boar.  Blood erupts from its eye socket as it squeals once more.  It stands there shaking its head.  Aulderush makes contact again on the boar’s side.  It buckles and squeals as it makes a head long charge through and away from the three Fallen.  Lady Quinn jumps back on to the boar’s back, holding on.  Brhyannon runs after it, followed by Aulderush.  Lady Quinn gets knocked off the back of the boar, but manages to keep to her feet, running after it.  Brhyannon struggles to keep up as the boar races away.  Lady Quinn manages to jump back on to the back of the boar, while Aulderush keeps up the pace and chases after it.  Eventually they manage to stop it, and both Lady Quinn and Aulderush circle it as it looks at them panting.  The boar strikes at Lady Quinn, its tusk taking a chunk from her side beneath her rib.  She quickly rams her elbow down hard in to the back of its neck, hearing a crack as she does so.  The boar staggers about, barely keeping on its legs.  Aulderush whacks it across the head, sending it reeling.  The boar takes a couple of steps before collapsing to the ground unconscious.  Now the boar is down and not moving, they both give it a good few whacks with branches to finish it off.

Aulderush turns to Lady Quinn, seeing the blood on her side, and informs her that it looks as if she is injured.  Her response is thick with sarcasm.  “Really.  Do you think?”  She looks down at her bleeding side.  Aulderush takes a look at Lady Quinn’s injury, then gathers some herbs and tending to her bloody wound.  Brhyannon soon catches them up and offers that she can probably help with the wound, asking if she can take a look.  “Ah so you can be helpful then.”  Lady Quinn directs at Brhyannon’s offer of help.  “That’s fine by me.  If you want to be like that.”  And with that Brhyannon turns and begins to walk away.  Aulderush steps in and pacifies Brhyannon, encouraging her with how he saw that she did eventually come to help and could fight.  He then reminds her that they all need to stick together if they want to survive and get to Hom.  Brhyannon stops and listens, then once Aulderush has finished she sucks air through her teeth before turning back to Lady Quinn.  Brhyannon takes the remedy that Aulderush had started to concoct with some various herbs, and then takes some torn material for bandages and administers to Lady Quinn’s injury.  She warns Lady Quinn to take it careful from now on, and to do nothing too strenuous for a while.

The three Fallen make camp and have a good meal for the evening as the campfire warms them.  They decide to take turns keeping watch over night.  Lady Quinn goes first, and while she is awake she fashions a makeshift axe out of bone and a tree branch.  She wakes Aulderush up for the next watch.  She has kept the fire going through her watch and he can see what weapon she has fashioned and decides to do the same during his watch.  During his watch he is aware of many creatures of the night stalking about in the darkness out of reach of the firelight.  Aulderush’s attempt at creating a makeshift bone axe didn’t go so well as Lady Quinn, but he did end up with another more sturdy makeshift club.  Aulderush points out the movement in the dark to Brhyannon when he wakes her for her watch.  Not long in to her watch she senses that the creatures seem to be a lot closer than what Aulderush had described.  She gets glimpses of the creatures in the dimming firelight as they stalk closer every now and again.  The creatures are fanged with a hair fir covering.  Their sides are thin and the ribs can be seen sticking out in places.  Brhyannon tries to keep the fire going but her lack of knowledge fails her and the fire instead goes out.

Suddenly Brhyannon finds herself all alone in the darkness, the dimming fire embers her only companions.  She can her many footsteps around her moving about.  She then hears a gnawing sound nearby, like the creatures have found something to chew on.  Brhyannon gives out a loud shout waking both Aulderush and Lady Quinn.  They both can only see the dim glow from the embers of the now dead campfire.  They can also hear a gnawing nearby.  Aulderush goes over to the fire to try to get it going again but fails, while Lady Quinn gets up and starts to make a lot of loud noises, trying to scare the creatures away.  They soon hear the footsteps and gnawing moving away, as they hear something being dragged from their camp.  Then in the distance they hear a bone snap.  And then another bone snap and everything suddenly goes deathly silent.  Aulderush joins in with Lady Quinn’s noises.  After a while they both cease their scare mongering and all is quiet around them.  Aulderush quickly goes back to the campfire and builds it back up.

Looking around they see no trace of the fanged creatures of the night.  What remains of their killed boar still remains there at their camp, all gnawed and chewed on, pieces of meat torn from it.  There are plenty of animal tracks around the boar but after a while they head away and then suddenly disappear.  They all go back to the camp and finish off the night, trying to catch up on any lost sleep, dreaming a dream before dawn.

The dream is of a city, a city in chains.  It is completely empty and people gradually step through one at a time, looking around in wonder.  And where ever people step the chains fall away.  Light glowing from each person as they walk further and further in, until the light is as bright as the sun itself.  A murmuring goes between the people as they walk, and the river of dreams flow in to them, filling them with concepts they have never had before.  Soon the people fill the city and the land it is situated upon, everyone chanting as one, but each voice unique.  All the chains now chattering with the power of their voices.  And as the sunlight warms his face, Aulderush awakes to find the sun already rising in the sky, and one word is still clear to his minds. Hom.

Getting Along

The campfire has burnt out now as the three rise ready for a new day.  The sun not warming them at all as the frost begins to creep in once again.  They gather up what remains of the boar, sharing it between them and head back towards the area where they had spotted the shadowy figure the day before.

Coming from this new direction, and as they go amongst the many rough terrain with the red bricks, they can see many places that have a kind of over hang in places.  One particular spot is interesting as it has a wooden trap door visible, which leads down in to the ground.  The hinges and metal work all looks rusted, but the soil around it looks freshly disturbed.  They stand and look down at the doorway in to the earth and quickly agree that this is a good a place as any to investigate.  Aulderush levers the trapdoor open. and a strong musk invades their senses.  The musk seems to be that of some kind of canis lupus, a wolf perhaps.  The smell is heavy as they look down in to the darkness.  A thick smoke quickly finds the opening to escape through.  A freshly made wooden ladder leads down deeper, this lent up against stone that seems to be from the world before.  As they stand debating on what to do next, looking down in to the darkness, the light barely making a dent down below, they get a feeling of a dream like sense as the vision before them shimmer as if in a haze.  But just as quickly it returns to normal and everything looks as before.  Aulderush, who is more in tune with this than the others, warns that it appears to be more dangerous than the wild boar they faced yesterday.

As they look down deciding on closing the trap door back up and going, a light reflects off what appears to be a wolf eyes, and voice booms up at them.  “Either come in or shut the door, but don’t stand there forever.”  Aulderush turns to the others questioningly and states that it sounds like an invitation, to which Lady Quinn agrees.  So he gingerly makes the first step down in to the hole in the ground.  Brhyannon follows next which leaves Lady Quinn to bring up the rear.  At the bottom they can just make out with the light from above, wolf pelts hanging on the walls, and sat in a corner away from the radius of light, is a dark muscular figure.  “Shut the door after you would you.”  Lady Quinn stays at the back near the door, holding on to the handle and ready to open at a moments notice.

“So, any particular reason why you come knocking at my door?” asks the large guy in the shadows.  Aulderush informs him that they are just trying to survive.  The guy tells them that they did okay against the boar, and wont hold it against them that they killed his pet.  “Well two of you anyway.  Anyone who runs at the start of a fight doesn’t deserve anything.”  He then turns to Brhyannon and tells her to give her food to the other two.  Lady Quinn smiles upon hearing this.  Aulderush tries to argue for Brhyannon, saying she did alright in the end.  “I would not like a prized pet be feed to someone who would run away from it.  It would be an insult to the creature.”  Again Aulderush stands up for Brhyannon, telling the guy that he will not let anyone starve , especially someone who helped the injured Lady Quinn.  The guy tells him to hand the blade to Brhyannon next time and let her kill it.  Telling them all that it toughens you up, and makes you learn how to do it right.

The guy shares with them that this place they are in is not his home.  He has barely even been there a whole day and night yet before they came across him.  “Home are too easily invaded.”  Aulderush asks him if there is anything they can help him with, if he would help them in return, as they are trying to get to Hom.  “Fallen then hey.  What did she get it for?  Cowardice?”  He turns to look in Brhyannon direction.  Brhyannon growls under her breath at him and his remarks.  “Don’t growl if you can’t bite.  And don’t bite what you can’t kill.”  The guy snaps back at her.

“I’ll show you my bite.  Old man!”

“Girl!  Do you know what these old eyes of mine has seen.  I have seen girls like you split in two.  And each part kept alive so that it can be violated by Z’bri.  So you, who ran away from a ‘Boar’! can shut up.”  Brhyannon says no more.

The guy turns back to Aulderush and suggests that there may be something they could help him with.  He would like to know the Z’bri movements.  To know if there are any around this area as he is pretty new to the area.  “If you know that, then that could save my life.”  Aulderush shares with the guy their movement the previous day, and tells him that they hadn’t come across any Z’bri during their time.  The guy seems happy with the information and states fair trade is fair trade.  He then offers them some information, the first piece being a free piece.  He tells them not to bother going to Hom, not unless they want to live their lives in a spiritual dead land.  He then suggests that they go hunter a Z’bri, and once they find it they should kill it.  And then after that they should find another Z’bri, hunt it and take it down.  And if after all that they still survive then they should find another Z’bri, hunt it down and kill it.  “It is the only use to your lives now that you are Fallen.”  He reminds them that information is free.

The guy now moves on to the piece of information they traded for. He tells them that the section they are heading towards has three main tribes within.  There are those that follow Shitaken, these tend to stay by the water and deal with the creatures that come out of there.  They are pretty skilled at it too, but they are a small tribe.  Then there are the new ones that came in from the east.  Dogpar leads this tribe, and they seem to make a living out of raiding the other tribes.  He tells them that he has heard they have a Magdalite with them, and they are trying to set up connections.  He doesn’t know her name though.  And lastly he tells them of the tribe that everyone used to suffer by, it was led by Boarhead, but his son got tired of being put upon.  And it is now led by the son Spiritwalker now.  Apparently he spent time with those who are said to be soulless.  He took his father’s head.  He warns them that they have to watch out for the Spiritwalker and his tribe.  He especially has a hate on for Dahlians.  He then turns to address Lady Quinn, confirming with her that she is in fact a Dahlian.  Saying she looks annoying enough to be one.  He warns he to stay away from him and not to talk with the guy.  The shadowy guy in the corner then tells them that this concludes their trade, reminding them that it was a fair trade.

The guy shares with them that he is impressed with how quickly they have learned to keep their moves shut and not ask question.  He tells them that the new ones usually ask so many questions.  He tells them that he likes them more than the last lot.  Aulderush  then asks him what had happened to the previous ones.  The guy turns and address Lady Quinn, “You’re a Dahlian right.  You know when you get those puppets and put them on your hand and make them say things?”  Lady Quinn keeps quiet and says nothing.  After a short silence they all hear a pair of teeth clamping together open and closed, and a voice saying, “A gottle of geer.  A gottle of geer.”  The guy then laughs and tosses the object that was on his hand to the floor with a wet squelch.  “Ha ha, I never get bored of that one.  They made the mistake of calling me an abomination.  I made the mistake of proving them right.  But never mind, I shouldn’t have lost my temper, but they annoyed me.”

Aulderush makes their excuses, telling the guy they had better make a move.  And ask him one last question.  Whether there are any Z’bri on the way to Hom.  The guy shares that there are in fact two Z’bri within Hom itself, but to not tell anyone he told them that.  “I would go in there myself, but frankly that place is a snake pit.  I can much easier take them out, out here, instead of having to take out half the town with them.”  Aulderush thanks him and the guy tells them not to look behind them when they leave.

Lady Quinn quickly opens the door and steps out, letting the light flood back in to the hole.  Brhyannon quickly follows, and then shortly after by Aulderush.  As they are about to leave the guy shouts up for the Dahlian,  “Before you go.  Put your hand down we are playing catch.”  Lady Quinn careful places her down, and something wet and solid hits her hand.  “I got bored with the puppet.”  Lady Quinn pulls out in her hand a longhaired head of a Evans from the looks of the tattoos.  A small part of the spine still attached to the severed head.  Aulderush quickly kicks the trapdoor closed.  Lady Quinn tosses the severed head to Aulderush, asking him if there is anything of importance to him.  He turns the head around taking a look and finds nothing of significance so he drops it at his feet.  Lady Quinn picks the head back up and positions it near to the trapdoor, remembering one of her old Bone tribe Dahlian tricks she can use with the head, rigging it so that the mouth opens and creepy crawly insects spew out as the door opens.

It is early in the day as they head towards the water front once again, off to see if they can meet up with the Shitaken Squat tribe.  After a while, as the ground becomes more sandy again, and the vegetation more scrub.  They spot off to one side, coming from a small copse of trees, a figure dragging itself across the ground.  It spots them and one hands raises slightly as if to call to them.  Both of its legs seem immobile as it drags itself along.  It appears to be in great pain as its weak voice tries to call out.  The three turn to each other and decide on caution.  They decide on Brhyannon going in first as she has the healing knowledge.  The other two keep at a reasonable distance to cover Brhyannon.

As they get close they can see the figure is a man, and from the markings he appears to have come from the Evans tribe.  Both of his legs have been broken, metal nails been driven through both of his kneecaps.  Nearly all his nails on his hands have been torn from his fingers, where he has been dragging himself along the ground.  The man is hallucinating as he looks up at Brhyannon.  “Eva!  Eva is that you?  I can see you” He tries to lift his hand up to Brhyannon but collapses.  He coughs and moves his tongue about his mouth.  His tongue is a putrid green.  There also appears to be a wound in his side between his ribs.  The man tries to call out and reach up again.  Brhyannon takes a careful look around before squatting down next to the man.  She begins to examine his wounds to see how bad is condition is, and whether there really is anything that can be done.  Brhyannon can see that this man has mere moments left, in fact it is surprising he has got this far, and he must be calling upon Eva to keep him going this far.  “Besanti needs to be warned.”  The man feebly mutters,  “He needs to be warned.  He is going to take over all the Squats.  He wont negotiate with us anymore.”  Brhyannon tries to ask him who he is referring to, but the man just calls upon Eva gain and again.  “It’s the Spiritwalker.  He is going to destroy them all.  If we do not stop him, his rage could destroy all the tribes.”  Aulderush checks with Brhyannon if there is anything that can be done.  But Brhyannon assures him that he is beyond her skill, and more closer to his.  “Oh if only there was a Yagan to take my soul.  Eva.”  Aulderush walks up to the man and places his head in his lap, asking about the Spiritwalker.  “We asked the Spiritwalker if he would respect the deals we had made with his father but all he did was laugh.  He then set his men upon me.”  Aulderush asks the man for his name, and is told it is Charon Evary of Eva.  I cannot keep it going much long.  I am just thankful I have met other spirited ones to take my message on.”

Aulderush assures Charon they will take his message on.  And no sooner had he states this then they see the dream seep from Charon.  The colours wash out with black and white.  The surroundings get a brief haze as all the life fades from Charon.  Aulderush quickly speaks the Yagan rites of passage over Charon.  Hearing the words a smile spreads across his mouth, and as the words reach the final crescendo his eyes snap open.  “No, no.  What is this.  Why is Yaga not there.  Why is she not here to take me across…”  and with a final cough the life leaves Charon forever, his eyes wide in absolute horror.


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