The Outcome

Heavy Gear – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Jason (jymmijamz)


Me – Robin Boyden

Will – Dillon Percival



It is the dark of the night, and Robin Boyden is tearing in to the night in his Cheetah class Gear.  Dillon Percival is still dressed in the enemy uniform, and now racing on foot towards his parked Gear.  The enemy camp is now full of activity, as infantry run here and there, boarding the Badger class APCs, or heading out on foot to chase down the two intruders.  The patrolling jeeps seem to be focusing in from their perimeter sweeps, as their roving lights turn in their general direction.

Dillon is trying to be hiding as much as possible as he makes his way back to his Jaguar class Gear.  Robin is trying to draw the enemy’s attention towards him, making sure to keep himself away from Dillon’s location and his Gear.  The enemy infantry seem to be setting up a perimeter.  The APCs are now moving out of enemy camp and heading towards Robin’s direction.  The Jeeps seem to be setting up a search pattern of the area.

Robin veers off towards the searching jeeps, in the hope of distracting them from Dillon’s progress.  Running through their searching grid.  Three of the jeeps get distracted and turn towards Robin’s Gear, while the remaining one jeep carries on its search pattern.  This brings the total of pursuers on him to three jeeps and two APCs.  He fires a shot from his Pepperbox, trying to distract this last jeep from Dillon.  His HUD registers that the shot just missed the searching spotlight from the jeep.  The jeep quickly comes to a halt.  Dillon picks up the pace, as he breathes a thank you to Robin over the comms.

As the APCs get closer to range on Robin, he tries to turn away and increase the distance between him and them.  However his HUD soon warns him that two of the jeeps and one of the APCs are now within firing range of him.  Robin quickly puts his foot down, increasing his Gear’s speed, in the hope of making it as difficult as possible for them to hit him.  And not too soon either as two salvos from two different sources bear down on him.  His HUD informs Robin that his Gear has taken some light damage, and his left arm has taken a hit, causing some minor damage to his Vibroknife.

Robin slows back down to his combat speed, and fires two salvos from his Pepperbox at the closest jeep.  And after all the smoke clears from the raining missiles, his HUD tells him that the jeep is no more, as hit after hit is registered.  A rocket from a jeep arcs through the night sky towards Robin, but he manages to dodge the strike, as dirty and debris is sent up from the near hit.  Robin keeps his distance from the approaching APCs, and fires another shot at the next closest jeep.  Again he takes out another jeep as his Pepperbox gun claims another victim.  To play safe Robin gives another burst of speed, to make sure he can try and keep both of the APCs at a safe distance.  The third jeep is getting closer to him too.

The fourth and last jeep has carried on with its search near to Dillon’s proximity, sweeping its lights across the dark terrain.  The searchlight scans across him and the engine tones changes as the jeep repositions itself.  Robin drops back down to combat speed and fires another missile at the third jeep.  But it misses as the jeep swerves away from impact.  However the second shot at the jeep hits dead on, claiming his third victim for the evening.  Dillon tries to find somewhere to hide, but as he does so the spotlight swings back and focuses on him.  He quickly draws his pistol and shoots at the light.  The jeep stops and Dillon takes to his heels again, racing towards his Gear.

Robin takes a wider arch, keeping the APCs at a safe distance, and pilots his Gear towards the fourth and final jeep.  Dillon finally makes it to his Gear, quickly climbing onboard as the jeep gets ever closer.  A rocket fires from the jeep, but they were pushing the jeep too much as they fired.  The jeep hits a lump in the terrain as the rocket is fired, sending it way off course and missing.  Dillon starts up his Gear on the battery first, this being the quickest way.  Another rocket shoots through the dark sky and narrowly misses Dillon in his Gear, knocking it slightly to the side with the force.

The last jeep has stopped moving and firing at Dillon.  Robin lets loose a shot from his M25 Pack gun at this jeep.  His HUD tells him of the hit, registering light damage to the jeep, but it takes out the rocket launcher, causing a further explosion that leaves it a wreck, which is of no further threat.  This gives Dillon the time he needs to get his Gear fully functioning with the engine now fired up.  The APCs are still drawing closer but not within firing range yet.  Once Robin is sure that Dillon is okay and safe, he knocks his Gear up to full speed and races from the area.  Dillon follows suit, radio in to Robin to tell him that he is okay.  “Well it is about time!  You got a nice pot of coffee brewing there have you?”

The Home Stretch

After several kilometres, roughly halfway back to base, the APCs that had been dogging Dillon and Robin, peel off and head back towards their camp.  Soon disappearing from their sensors.  After several more minutes another blip appears on their sensors coming from the general direction of their base.  Then the radio silence is broken by the voice of their Commanding Office.  “Okay boys.  You seem to have acquitted yourselves reasonably well there against the plebs.  It wasn’t what I would exactly call a recon mission, but you held up well under fire.  That lets see how well you cope against a proper opponent.”  And with that the onboard sensors, the IFF flags up that the blip is in fact a Hunter class Gear, and it is heading straight towards them at full speed.

Robin slows himself down to combat speed, checking all his Gears sensors and equipment in preparation for the coming attack.  Dillon suggests that they both flank him, splitting his attention so that he will have to expose his rear to one of them while he attacks the other.  The Hunter Gear soon makes it in to their long-range, and fires a volley of Auto Cannon rounds at Robin.  The shots go wide but the fight as only just begun.  So Robin fires off a single shot in defiance at him from his M25 Pack Gun, that doesn’t make the target either, as the Commander manoeuvres his Gear out of the way.

Dillon takes it wide to come around towards the Hunter Gear’s rear.  He fires off a burst from his Machine Gun, hitting the CO’s Gear, peppering the rear armour but not penetrating.  The Hunter Gear carries on closing the range, facing towards Robin.  Robin takes advantage of this by encouraging it to follow his wide sweep, making sure that the rear is exposed for Dillon.  Another round of shots come from the Hunter, grazing across the armour of Robin’s Gear but luckily not causing any damage.  Robin holds back on firing for now, toying with the ‘enemy’ Gear, while Dillon fires at him.  Unfortunately the shots are missing as he follows Robin, but because of the shots peppering at his feet, the CO turns to zero in on Dillon.

The Hunter Gear fires at Dillon, but he manages to dodge the Auto Cannon rounds aimed at him.  The ‘enemy’ Gear now focuses in on Dillon closing the distance with him now.  A salvo of missiles from the Pepperbox fire off but Dillon manages to avoid this barrage too.  Robin chases the rear of the Hunter Gear, trying to close the gap, and fires off a shot from his M25 Pack Gun but misses.  Dillon lets loose half of his remaining Pepperbox missiles at the CO.  But again the Hunter Gear seems to be able to dodge the attack, and returns the favour by firing his Pepperbox at Dillon, who also manages to dodge.

Robin carries on closing the range, taking careful aim at the Hunter’s rear.  While Dillon keeps up the pace at the Hunter’s front.  Unfortunately the Auto Cannon rounds manage to find their mark on Dillon this time, effecting his movement as it strikes his Gear’s hip.  Dillon fires off a salvo of Pepperbox missiles that go wide of the mark again.  And another burst from the Auto Cannon strafed at him, but he manages to dodge this time.

Robin moves in closer, and after taking his careful aim, fires off a salvo from his M25 Pack Gun.  Causing heavy damage to the rear of the Hunter Gear, as they pepper across the lower torso.  Smoke begins to emit from the Gear due to the damage sustained.  Dillon lets loose a burst from his Machine Gun, keeping the ‘enemies’ attention but nothing else.  Likewise the Hunter keeps firing another round of Auto Cannon shells at him, but again these miss as Dillon dances out of the way.  Robin fires off the remaining shots from his M25 Pack Gun, emptying what is left in to the rear of the Hunter Gear, causing yet more heavy damage.  This time the shots hit the power generator as smoke begins to billow from it, causing his movement to grind to a crawl.

The Commanding Office, in his Hunter Gear tries to hit Dillon again with another round from his Auto Cannon.  He hits him causing further light damage, as Dillon feels his Gear take the impact across his legs.  Robin steps up from behind to impale him with his Gear’s Vibroknife, but all it does is slip off from the armour.  Dillon fires his last remaining shots from his Pepperbox at the same time, unfortunately due to Robin’s strike, this causes the Hunter to move making Dillon’s attack go wide of the target and narrowly missing Robin himself.

The Hunter Gear turns to face Robin now, swinging a large metal fist at him.  The strike glances the Gear shaking Robin up in his cockpit seat, but causing no damage.  Robin swings again with the Vibroknife, and again the Hunter Gear manages to dodge the strike.  Dillon fires off the remaining shots from his Machine Gun, but the CO seems to have luck on his side as he avoids being hit once again.  Next he pulls his Vibroknife and swings it at Robin but misses.  Robin pulls a Grenade and rams it in to a joint on the Hunter Gear, pushing him away as he steps back.  The grenade detonates, causing structural damage to the Gear, finally bringing down the Commanding Office and his Hunter class Gear in fine style.  Robin’s HUD confirms the kill as there is a whoomp sound with a flash and large amounts of smoke coming from the Hunter Gear, and it powers down to a slump position.

After a few moments and things settle down, the voice of Captain Ripley, their Commanding Office comes over the radio once again.  “Well done boys.  You did yourselves proud there.  Report back to base for debriefing.  But I think I can confidently say that was a pass.”  And with that the three Gears head back to base with the fresh new day slowly climbing up behind the mountains.


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