Tribal Meeting

Tribe 8 – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Tribe Members;

Me – Lady Quinn

Jason (jymmijamz) – Brhyannon

Will – Aulderush



The three companions and fellow Fallen, Aulderush, Brhyannon, and Lady Quinn, set off out from the Raider camp.  They follow after their new travelling associate from the camp, a short stocky guy with vines binding wooden strips of armour to his body.  The camp is left behind them, dug in to the mountain, with brick and metal for re-enforcement and a wooden path through.  The sounds from the camp follow them out as they hear simple stringed instruments, a few basic drums and a mouth organ, playing a simple tune.  As they leave they pass another party heading back in.  The party are dragging in two thin men, who have their arms shackled and their knees bleeding as they are bounced along the wooden pathway.  The two men look badly beaten with bruises already showing.  They look back at the three as they pass, expectantly and forlorn but dragged on regardless.  Not long after the party with the two men disappear in to the camp, then the music ceases and the screams begin.  The Squat from the camp that is travelling with the three companions looks back with a smile.

As they travel away from the mountain camp of the Raiders, Aulderush, Brhyannon, and Lady Quinn, discuss the best plan of action in trying to locate where they could find this Spiritwalker and his meeting.  Talk of trying to look out for signs of smoke from raided camps, heading in the general direction of where the Evan they met earlier had come from, and possibly trying to find the Skytouched tribe.  Aulderush spends some time studying the ground and routes, trying to get a bearing on a way from which the Evan may have travelled.  However he is struggling with what remaining evidence there is for him to use.  Brhyannon takes a look at the mountains, seeing if she can spot any possible location or route for the Skytouched to travel.  The Squat travelling companion looks grumpily at Aulderush as he tries to find tracks and the like.  Brhyannon spends  a lot of time stopping and looking at the mountains, while Lady Quinn keeps an eye out for any trace of smoke.

The sky begins to darken by the time one of them finds something.  Lady Quinn notices in the distance, nestled in the base of one of the mountains, a thin trail of smoke.  She points this out to the others.  Brhyannon isn’t convinced by this, thinking that it would not be a good place to be.  The four travellers decide to set up their camp for the evening where they are, away from the others in the mountains.  They do a watch shift over the night, with each taking it in turns to do their share.

Come morning, nothing had happened over night, and Brhyannon being on the last watch, kept an eye on the other camp.  They have a quick cooked meat breakfast, the Raider squat having his own meat to eat, while the other three still have meat left from their boar.  One eaten and broken down their camp, they set off in the direction of where the other camp was spotted.

The going is slow as they make their way through the landscape, more so because of Brhyannon’s wound that is still bad and causing her pain as she walks.  Aulderush and her keep an eye on this wound, cleaning and treating it regularly.  As they make their way, and at one point, the Squat turns back to Brhyannon at the rear and slows his pace.  He begins to turn and walk backwards in front of her with his arms behind his back and a smile across his face.  Every now and again he indicates towards himself, beckoning her forwards and saying something in his own tongue.  Brhyannon picks up her pace to try and see what he wants, but as she does so the Squat picks up his pace too, keeping the distance and beckoning her once again.  With this Brhyannon stops as she struggles and looks at him.  The Squat stops and turns around, throwing his hands in the hair and exclaiming something in his own tongue, before walking off towards the front of the party.

At several times during their journey, the Squat indicates to different routes that they may not have gone if it was not for him.  At one point through a light wooded area he points to a gully through a hilly area, he then walks down to it, stopping at the bottom and waving them down.  Aulderush, Brhyannon, and Lady Quinn, all stop to see what it is that the Squat is doing.  They soon see him disappear amongst the shadows of the gully.  Lady Quinn decides not to follow the guy, but instead follow the route of the gully from up above where they stand.  Aulderush is puzzled and decides to kneel and do a quick mediate, gazing in to a nearby puddle of water.  He pushes his hand in to the water, upsetting the murky content, swirling it around and loosing himself in the play of the patterns.

Aulderush’s vision shows him the Squat companion walking through the gully, and then the vision moves up revealing marking and footpaths up above.  Markings of the Squat tribe of the Bear.  Revealing that their Squat companion is trying to guide them away from the line of sight of the Bear tribe, a rival Squat tribe.  Aulderush quickly breaks from his vision, blinking several times as he gasps for air, seeing symbology everywhere he looks to begin with.  He hastens a call after Lady Quinn to stop her.  Careful not to draw attention to their presence.  He informs her and Brhyannon that their Squat friend is trying to guide them away from an enemy Squat tribe.

The three Fallen companions quickly walk down to the gully and follow their Squat friend through the route.  It is slow going, especially with Brhyannon current condition.  In places it is filled with water and muddy in others.  They can feel things squelching under their feet as they go.  Every now and again the Squat companion stops and places a finger to his lips.  They then hear a movement above, and sometimes a shower of gravel scuttle down the sides.  At one point he even indicates for them to get down, as he sinks below the thin layer of water.  Quickly the other three follow suit, trusting on the Squat judgement.  Eventually towards the end of the day they finally make their way back out in to the open.

They set up their camp near the edge of the ravine, Brhyannon quickly tending to her wound, cleaning and bandaging it once more.  They have a quick meal and set about their duties for the night, once again each taking a watch shift.  Again the night goes by without an incident, and they wake refreshed and ready for another days journey.

The Squat companion guides them ever nearer to the mountainous hilly area where they hope to find one of the tribes they are looking for.  As they walk through the mountainous area, they can see above the odd metal beam, some rusted and bent, reaching out into the open.  They soon spot a handful of people making their way across the top, using the beams as walkways.  The people have thick vine ropes by their sides, with heavy wooden hooks attached.  These people use these ropes to traverse the beams.  The Squat companion sinks back in to the shadows of the trees around them, pointing directly at the people above and nodding.  At some points the people above seem to use the ropes as simple pulley systems, employing them to pull others unseen up to where they are situated.  In the midst of this throng of people appears to be a fairly muscular woman, her armour seems to be covered in a mix of feathers and furs, showing a bright display of blues and whites.   This makes her difficult to make out as she travels across the gaps between with only the sky behind her.  This woman seems to be an important person of this tribe, and they all are able to traverse these beams with ease.

The three Fallen and one Squat follow the Skytouched tribe from below.  Careful to try and stay hidden as they sneak along tracking their movements.  Lady Quinn is finding it hard going as her wound is begin to her from all the stress of the journey.  Aulderush is similarly finding the going tough but is also managing.  However Brhyannon is not so lucky as a branch sticking out catches her wound, causing her to scream out in agony.  The Squat with them is not to be seen.  Moments after the scream, vines begin to swoop down and figures descend on to treetops above them, bows in their hands, drawn and ready to fire.  The female figure stays at the very top above the ridge and trees, looking like an eagle as she looks down and barks out some words.

As Brhyannon stumbles back away from the Skytouched, an arrow imbeds itself in the ground next to her foot.  Again the female figure shouts down something in their tongue.  Brhyannon stops and holds up one of her hands, while she supports herself on her waling stick with her other hand.  Aulderush steps out and pushes her on back away from the tribe above them.  A man with animal bones strewn about him, holding a staff similarly adorn speaks down at them.  “You are Tribal, yes?  Stand where you are, or we will cut you down.”  After a pause he continues.  “Bow before the great mistress, the leader of our fine clan.  Why were you spying on us?”  Brhyannon speaks up in response. “Spying? We are not spying.  I am travelling and in need of someone with medical assistance.”  She leans on her stick some more emphasising her wound.  The tribe look down at her unsure at this, but neither are they shooting her yet.  But they carry on looking at her with narrowed eyes.  Brhyannon then quickly adds, asking them if they have anyone with medical knowledge who could help her.  Again she plays on her wound, clutching at her side and wobbling on her stick.

The Skytouched tribe translator and the female leader talk back and forth between themselves, before the translator turns back and asks Brhyannon what she has for trade.  Brhyannon offers them her meat, holding it all up that she is carrying for them to see.  He then asks what Brhyannon’s colleague has additionally.  Aulderush speaks up and tells him that he has some too, and also offers that he is skilled in herbs.  The translator asks Aulderush and Brhyannon to come with them.  They both ignore Lady Quinn and the Squat companion as they walk up to the Skytouched tribe.  The tribe quickly take the meat from them.

The female leader looms over the two of them, being this close they can make out several small blades hidden about her person.  And as she speaks the translator states. “The meat is not enough, but we will save your live so that you will make a better sacrifice.  We shall give you as a gift.  We have a meeting coming up soon.  The two of you as slaves will make an appropriate offering.”  Aulderush asks who they will be offered to, and he is informed that they will be offered to Spiritwalker of the Boarhead tribe.  Aulderush also asks him why they are going to have a meeting with Spiritwalker.  He is told that Spiritwalker has asked for the meeting, and he is too powerful to ignore.  “Now quiet.  You are our property now.”

They settle down for a while, looking over Brhyannon’s wounds.  They can’t do much more than what has already been done.  But they do put clean fresh bandages and bindings on her.  And soon they are off again en route to the meeting.  There are mutterings amongst the Skytouched tribe as they seem disgruntled being unable to take their normal route above.  Lady Quinn does not reveal herself, but keeps herself at a safe distance following where the Skytouched tribe lead, lurking in the shadows and using all that she learnt during her time with the caravans.  The Squat companion keeping with her in the shadows.

They all journey for the rest of the day, leading on through towards the flatlands.  On the morning of the next day, both Aulderush and Brhyannon are given fresh clothing to wear.  The clothing is of fur and feathers, coloured in a mix of bright reds and blues.  It reveals quite a lot of the flesh when worn.  They both struggle in to the new clothes, not wishing to annoy them for now.  When they get a quiet moment together, Aulderush asks Brhyannon if she is fit and feeling up for an escape when needed.  Unfortunately she confirms with him that she is not in great shape still and will try to meditate on her state over night, see if that will help.  Aulderush offers his help in the meditation, hoping that she fell be healthier in the morning.  Also during the evening Aulderush decides to do a mediation of his own, causing an ill chill to creep through the camp.  People near him toss and turn in their sleep.

By the morning the Squats of the Skytouched tribe seem edgy and hesitant as they go about their business.  They do not wish to stare too long at the two slaves offerings, and seem nervous of what awaits them during the day ahead.  Brhyannon doesn’t fell a lot refreshed and better by the morning, it felt as if someone else was working in the River of Dreams with an opposed emotion.  It felt like some with a feeling of descent upon the ranks.  Aulderush can see that Brhyannon is not in any better shape this morning, and is aware that she will not be up to anything too physical.

Lady Quinn and the Squat companion keep themselves away and hidden.  They both wait for the morning breakfast to finish and be ready to follow the Skytouched tribe once again.  Lady Quinn has an odd feeling of uneasiness.  She seems to notice an odd twig broken nearby or a strange noise, but none of it she can pinpoint.  The feeling makes her hairs stand on end and makes her extra cautious.

They soon make the plains as the trees thin out.  Before them is a large camp, easily one to two hundred people could be within.  There is a mishmash of different tribe that have been brought together from the look of the tents and hangings.  Many tanned animal hides are stretched and hung up.  Large flamed fires set up and burning.  Many warriors and positioned around the parameter.  Aulderush and Brhyannon can feel the tension within the Skytouched as they make their way towards the camp.  Several members from the camp break away and challenge them as they draw near.  But after an exchange of words they are allowed to enter.

Within the camp they can see a large oxen roast over a large fire.  On another fire, smoke of different hues spark in to the sky as strange herbs are tossed upon the flames.  And the thick smoke seems to play with their minds as they pass.  There are many tents scattered about, some large and some small.  Aulderush and Brhyannon draw plenty of looks as they walk through the camp.  The members of the Skytouched tribe keep their hands near their weapons as they walk through, all heading towards the center tent.

Lady Quinn and the Squat companion keep themselves at a safe, hidden distance.  They watch as the others walk in.  They can see how large this camp is, and see the animal hides being erecting high on the outside.  There are even some poles being erected with maimed tribe members staked upon them, some only have a head on a spike.  But all on the outside is the markings of the Boarhead tribe, visible for all to see that this is theirs.  Lady Quinn keeps a careful eye on where her two companions go.  Which tent they enter and what are the easiest access points to and from there.  She also makes sure that her weapon is in good condition and ready for a fight.  And she also makes sure her bandaged wound is in good shape.

The Meeting

Both Aulderush and Brhyannon are ushered and pushed on through the large camp, pass all the tents and fires.  They go pass the stretched animal hides to the center, where they can see this man held aloft on slave held poles.  His stomach bulging out and he wears a mask upon his face, that of a boar skull.  Tanned animal hides make up his clothes and fingerless gloves.  And they can see on the side of his corpulent belly where pus is weeping out from an old wound.  Brhyannon can see that it is an old wound that is attended to, but not one that will get any better.  And as the slaves lower him to the ground, others rush up to him to tend to his wound.  Using sponges they gathered from the sea, to mop and wipe clean his old injury.  They pour alcohol over his infliction, and he can just be seen to flinch and tense with the pain.

The members of the Skytouched tribe follow behind Aulderush and Brhyannon.  They each have their weapons sheathed at this time, and push the two to the front before the wounded man.  They can hear the translator behind them telling them to kneel.  Reluctantly Aulderush kneels, soon followed by Brhyannon.  There are several exchanges in the Squat tribe language between the female Skytouched leader, and the corpulent man.  She indicates to the two Fallen slaves her tribe bring with them.  Eventually the man pays attention and looks over towards them, speaking in the Tribal language that they would understand.  “You.  You’re of the tribes, aren’t you?”  Aulderush carefully answers the question with a yes.  The corpulent man runs his tongue over his dry lips, and then spits out a blob of blood.  “Do you know who you’re addressing here?”

“If this is the Boarhead tribe, then this would make you Spiritwalker.”  Aulderush replies with careful thought.  The man again runs his tongue across his lips and teeth, some spittle dripping off the end.  “Ahh, what is the name of this bright one.  This educated one.  Who are you?”  Aulderush introduces himself, purposely addressing the man as Spiritwalker.  Spiritwalker tries the name Aulderush in his mouth, encouraging him to give his full name, which he does, but leaves off the tribe name.  So Spiritwalker then asks him of what tribe he comes from, to which Aulderush shares with him that he was born of the Baba Yaga tribe.  “Ah, a Yagan.” Spiritwalker coughs before carrying on. “What do you see here.”  He then moves his finger down to his wound, which is even now weeping more pus again.  Again Spiritwalker coughs.

Aulderush closes his eyes, asking Spiritwalker if he would be so kind as to indulge him for a minute.  He meditates on the wound, and lets the water from the River of Dreams wash over him.  He soon walks the dreams, and can see death hanging over Spiritwalker.  There is time due to him taking drugs and receiving the best aid.  See people hurrying around him, doing their best to keep him in the living.  Aulderush can see that the wound has been worsened than what was initially inflicted.  He then can see a connection between the wound and Brhyannon.  He can see her hand on a knife.  Spiritwalkers cough brings him back to the now.  Spiritwalker asks him of what he sees.  Aulderush thinks and carefully speaks what he saw, telling him that he saw death in the wound.  “But due to your position, you still have time yet.  Time to achieve.”  Spiritwalker nods upon hearing this.  He then turns to Brhyannon and begins to asks of her, before stopping, leaning forwards and asking her to come closer and to step in to the light.  “What is your name?”  Brhyannon gives him her name leaving off any tribe connection to her name.  “And from what tribe do you hail?”

“Of no tribe.”  Spiritwalker coughs as a chuckle escapes his throat.  “Oh I see, so you are born… You’re of the eighth tribe then are you?”  He thinks for a moment.  “You can’t be.”  Again he pauses “Brhyannon.  Brhyannon of Eva.”  Aulderush turns to look at Brhyannon with a raised eye brow.  Brhyannon looks surprised by this.  “What chance brings us back together again.”  Spiritwalker coughs out.  He then explains that he was slimmer when they had last met before.  And it was quite dark back then too.  “Tell me.  How is your friends eyesight now?”  Brhyannon looks at him puzzled, she can’t understand who this man is.  But as she thinks she becomes aware of a familiar tone under the pained voice and begins to join the dots.  She informs Spiritwalker that her friend’s eyesight was fine the last she saw.  “You don’t still hold grudges do you?  About that little altercation, I will point out that your blade dug far deeper than mine that night.”  Brhyannon turns her head slightly to hide a smile.

“A night that changed a lot that night.  I was forced back here.  My father thought I had become nothing because of that.  Wounded and useless.  But I had learned a lot that night.  I took the clan tribe from him.  I learnt a lot about the tribes.  Do you trust the tribes there Brhyannon?”

“I trust nobody bar myself and my companions.”

“Oh and who would you call your companions?  Do you trust this Yagan here?”

“He has proven himself useful at times.”  Spiritwalker coughs as he laughs upon hearing this.  Again he runs his tongue over his dry lips.  He then explains to them that they have both been offered to him as his slaves.  He then asks them what they would do if they were his slaves.  Brhyannon offers that she could ease his suffering, but Spiritwalker informs her that so could the Yagan, and more effectively.  Aulderush smiles at hearing this.  Spiritwallker then turns and says something in Squat tongue to the woman, who turns red before he turns back to Aulderush and Brhyannon.  “Now I am not one for slaves, unless they are those who stand in our way.  We will travel where we will.  We are not dragging people behind us.”  He then states for their bindings to be cut, and soon both Auldrush and Brhyannon feel their bindings cuts and their wrists free.  He then asks them to stand.

Spiritwalker then explains that he needs people, people like them as the Squats do not have the magics that he saw when he was among the Tribes.  “None of our people are Fatima touched.  What do you say.  I need people to join me on this.  You have been cast from the Tribes.  What do you say that you take my words as you head back to…What is it they call it…Hom.  And then between us we can burn the plague from the land.  Starting with those darn Dahlians.  Burn the caravans and all that are within them.”

“Your quarrel with the….I have no love for the Tribes.  But today I am planning on surviving.  Your quarrel with the Tribes is not mine.”  Aulderush tells Spiritwalker.

“So what is your plan then?”  Aulderush explains that he wishes to learn more about this new place he will have to live in, sharing that he does not know enough about life outside the Tribes.  Spiritwalker tells him that it is the same as everywhere else.  They hunt and survive.  He then goes on to tell them that he has enough in his tribe to take on all the other Squat tribe, and that none can touch him.  “We have food no matter what.  We have a life no matter what.  And so I need someone who can take it over afterwards.  Spend time with me.  And if it is longer enough then you could rise to take over.  A strong leader who can take where I cannot with my ill health.”

“I am afraid that I am of the eighth tribe now whether I like it or not.  I don’t believe I would be trusted or accepted by your Squat people.”

Changing the subject slightly, Spiritwalker tells them that he has given them their freedom, and in return he will need a favour.  One day he will find them and ask for it when he is in need of it.  Aulderush argues that it doesn’t sound fair due to the fact that their freedom was stolen from them to begin with.  “You give us back what is rightfully ours to begin with.  In return for a favour.”

“Yes well the Skytouched thought you would be a good gift.  You see what I am having to work with here.”

“And do you see why I would have so much difficulty working with it.”

“Well if you can not do this and owe me a favour, then I am afraid that you are a very dangerous person to have walking around.  And I am afraid I can’t have that either.  You can see that can’t you?”

“Tell me Spiritwalker, how did Brhyannon force that wound on you?”

“Oh there is such fire in this one.  We were both looking for something that was not ours.  I wanted it for security to stay nestled within the Tribes.  Back when I thought that it was worthwhile.  I have no idea what she had hoped to gain from it.  We were both willing to use force.  She had more than me at that time, but I think this time the boot is on the other foot so what.  Don’t you?”

The woman in feathers, the leader of the Skytouched, is edging her way to the exit.  Her offering been rejected.  He whole tribe now being even more on edge than before, as if waiting for the trap to spring.  Aulderush gives Spiritwalker an answer, telling him that they will be going to Hom now, and that he is prepared to repay him with something that would not harm Hom.  “You can not ask me to sacrifice what is expect to be my home.”

“So your are willing to owe a favour, but none that would strike at your new home, your new tribe.”  Spiritwalker then goes on to explains that there will be some Keepers arriving soon, and if both Aulderush and Brhyannon allow him to blindfold them, then he would be able to get them to Hom without delay.  But Aulderush tells him they still have some business with the Fisher tribe and Shitaken.  He shares that they had helped them in a fight and have offered their passage to Hom.  “I wouldn’t expect them to be around for much longer.  My way is much safer.  They are stubbornly independent.”

“But as I said, we have business with them and I wouldn’t want to go back on a deal.”

“I was hoping to keep you in sight until you were out of the Outlands.  Tell me what the message is to the Fishers and I will make sure it turns up.”  Aulderush tells him that they have passage offered by the Fishers and wish to honour the deal.  But Spritwalker assures him that the passage he offers with the Keepers is much safer and faster.  However Aulderush shares with him that they had already dealt with a keeper before.  They were blindfolded, dumped in the middle of the Outlands with no food or weaponry.  Spiritwalker tells him that it will be the same but this time they will be left in Hom not the Outlands.  “Yes but if I go my way then we will travel without blindfold, with supplies and arrive with allies.”

“I have important things to deal with.  Feel free to wonder but do not leave where my tribe walks.  We will talk later.  And if any of you start anything with my tribe then you will be killed.”

Lady Quinn, at her vantage point, can see both Aulderush and Brhyannon free to walk out amongst the Boarhead tribe.  And no more than twenty minutes later the Skytouched tribe storm out, their weapons held close to them, and the female holding her head high.  Several of the Boarhead tribe jeer at them as they go.  Tension close to boiling but they separate without incident.  Lady Quinn tries to get her Squat companion to pay attention to what is happening down in the camp, especially as he doesn’t seem to be interested.  She elbows him and points to get his attention, but he glares at her and she just smiles back at him.  The Skytouched tribe leave camp and head back in to the mountains.

Eventually both Aulderush and Brhyannon are called back in to see Spiritwalker.  “Well that did not go as planned.  Oh well, you were with them for awhile.  Just as a friendly exchange of information, you wouldn’t happen to give me directions to where they were staying.  I don’t see a need for them to stay around for that much longer.  Especially those that can traverse places mine cannot.”  Aulderush tells him that they were jumped a few days from where they are now, in a valley.  Giving Spiritwalker slightly off direction.  Spiritwalker nods and informs them that come tomorrow they will be moving once again.  “Different clans and different ways.  There is much to do.  Feel free to rest here for the night.  Come the morning we will be gone.  And good luck with your Fisher friends, they have not got much time left.”  Seeing how Brhyannon is looking at him, he tells her that he is the one that should be holding a grudge, but instead he thanks her for being one of the those that had helped him, taught him how to use the violence to achieve his ends.

The Outcome

Being freed, both Aulderush and Brhyannon leave the Boarhead camp and head in the general direction of where Lady Quinn is likely to be, and wait for her to show herself to them.  Once out of sight of the Boarhead camp, Lady Quinn reveals herself amongst the trees.  Seeing that they had been released unharmed.  She looks quizzically at them expecting an answer.  She ends up having to ask what had happened.  Aulderush explains to her what had happened, and that Spiritwalker is not so much interested in slave, but interested in allies.  He also shares that he owes Spiritwalker a favour for allowing them to leave.  As they talk about what had happened they explain that Brhyannon had met him before amongst the Tribes, explaining where and when she had encountered him.  Sharing that she had come to blows with him and came out the better.  Their Squat companion is looking perturbed by the conversation between them.  Aulderush points back to his tribes camp saying the name of Dogpar.  He looks confused and points back towards the Boarhead camp, saying something they do not understand.

Aulderush focuses himself and meditates on what it is that their Squat companion is trying to say.  Soon he can she symbols float around him, and his tongues moves and feels odd.  Both of his Fallen companions can’t understand a word he is saying.  However the words from the Squat guy is suddenly understood in his ears.  “You speak my clan tongue.”

“It is coming form the River of Dreams.”  Aulderush replies.

“When are we going?  I saw the two of you go first and then waited for the woman here to go in so we could spy on them.”

“The woman is not in a position to go in or spy.  Did you not hear anything that was said?”

“No, we are far outside.  The Skytouched left.  They do not look to be making an alliance.”

“Their alliance didn’t work.  I think they could not make an agreement.  Spiritwalker has told me that he is likely to wipe them out soon because of no alliance.”

“Let me see that and I will believe you.”

“Can you spy on them easily?  Are you skilled at this?”

“I am better than yours at this, but I will need assistance.”  Aulderush explains to him that they will not be able to go back in to the camp with him, but they could help him from him with the use of the River of Dreams to hide his appearance.  The Squat agrees telling him that he doesn’t understand, but needs to learn what he can.

The three Fallen talk about what is needed, Aulderush explaining the plan.  The three help him in the meditation, with Lady Quinn adding assistance in the make up with her skills from the time with the Dahlian caravans.  Using what she saw when looking down in to the Boarhead camp.  Brhyannon adds a feeling of belonging to the ritual, making it feel like the Squat is one of the tribe.  Aulderush adds some green wood and herbs to their little fire, creating a colourful smoke to emit and envelope them all.  They spend several hours in the ritual, chanting and gesturing.  By the end the smoke and covered the whole of the Squat, blurring his current presence, changing his tattoos.  They can see through his eyes, and become aware that they have been out for several days due to this intense ritual.  The growing hunger making them aware of their own bodies.

The Squat companion has to spend several days hidden amongst the Boarhead tribe.  Trvelling with them, and watching them eventually catch up with and attack the Skytouched tribe.  A battle ensues, and the initial attack goes to the Skytouched.  But now their presence known, the Boarhead soon overpower them in numbers.  And the only ones that remain are the ones that surrendered.  The tribe now down to less than half before, their female leader bowing down to the Boarhead tribe and agreeing to become part of them.

Aulerush, Brhyannon, and Lady Quinn come back to their bodies finding their Squat companion standing over them.  He looks sullen and nods in agreement with a grunt.  They are ravenously hungry, and both Aulderush and Lady Quinn are aware that their light wounds have healed.  Looking around them, Lady Quinn can make out heavy footprints that have gone around them, and traces of a bladed weapon being dragged.  Someone has been patrolling and watching over the three of them while they have been out.  Lady Quinn informs the others of her discovery.

They soon make their hurried way back to the Raider tribe camp in the mountains.  The entrance to the camp this time as two captives strapped and hung up on either side.  Their back whipped raw.  There seems to be several camp members gathered nearby, and they look to be betting on who of the two will expire first.  They hurry pass and head to Besanti to meet up and inform of what they have discovered.  Their Squat companion talks in the Squat tongue of what he learnt.  She then turns to talk with the three of them.  “I hear confirmation.  Useful I know, but I feel we had it confirmed several days earlier.  But it is good to get it from a second source.”

Is it the Skytouched tribe, is that what you are referring to.”  Aulderush asks her, his stomach and throat still getting the strong urge to gag from being near to her.  “Not exactly no.  Well there is definitely no hostility between us and Shitaken’s Fisher tribe now.”  She tells them before they leave that they do not wish to meet them again.  Aulderush asks if they could know what the other source of informs was before they leave.  “I think you will find out soon enough.”

“Oh okay.  Well I wish you good journey and good luck against the Boarhead tribe.”

“I believe I must be going soft, but it seems things aren’t going your way.”  She then pats around herself and pulls out a small tin.  “I traded with some Keepers for this once.  Rations, they don’t seem to go off.”  She tosses the tin at Aulderush.  “You’re going to need it.”

As they leave camp a cheers goes up from those gathered around the hung men.  One of the men goes limp as the blood continues to drip from his raw torn flesh.  One of the Tribe members scoops up all his winnings with a cheer.

Finally the three Fallen make their way back to the Fisher tribe camp.  It seems strange that it has been nearly two weeks now since they first arrived here in the Outlands.  And a lot has changed already.  As they walk over the brow of the hill before them, they come across a body impaled to the ground.  And as their eyes look up towards the camp before them, they quickly come to realise what the second source of information was.  The Fishers are no more.  The buildings and torn down, and several dead bodies are strewn about, some hung up or crucified.  The only thing that is not touched by the destruction is a single un-burnt boat.  ‘It was a pleasure talking with you’ reads a message left within, ‘so I left you some transport’.

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