Who Are You Going To Trust

Tribe 8 – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Tribe Members;

Lady Quinn – Me

Brhyannon – Jason (jymmijamz) ABSENT

Aulderush – Will


The Package

Beneath Hom now, Aulderush and Lady Quinn are within the warren that is the Tunnels.  They are trying to seek the where-a-bouts of the Keepers, in a hope to come to a mutual agreement between them and the people of Hom.  But will down there, Lady Quinn has a side mission of delivering off a small wooden package.  Their torches they carry each struggling to penetrate the dark.  The tunnels are large in places, made of stone concrete, with small alcoves in regular places, and strips of metal running through the middle.  There is a mere couple of hours left for Lady Quinn to drop off her package.  They make their way back to the beginning.  Aulderush using his intuition and knowledge gleamed to find the way.

Lady Quinn uses the journey back to start to meditate, concentrate on a synthesis to hide the bumps on the vials that have popped up.  She hopes to use the journey time to give her plenty of time for this task.  Lady Quinn relies on Aulderush to guide her as he finds their way back, and then to seek out the tunnels where she needs to go.  However before they set off, Aulderush wishes to mix up and administer some herbs and medicine to help with his task to come, as his new wounds are giving him some grief.  Unfortunately he is struggling with the climate and vision situation they find themselves in, and it eats in to the precious time they have.  Lady Quinn paces about edging towards where they need to be heading, looking at him and then in to the dark tunnels.  He ends up wasting about forty-five minutes.

After around three-quarters of an hour, Aulderush gets them back to the entrance.  He then leads her to the destination of the package drop-off.  They had to squeeze through several narrowed tunnels, but they make it in time.  They where aware of the place before spotting it, due to the stale salty-sea air.  The location is situated on the south edge of the island of Hom, underneath a rocky outcrop.  The waters lapping at their feet, as they walk along the thin pathway.  There are some broken wrecked boats around the mouth of this hidden cove.  Aulderush gets a brief sensation of something out there in the waters, and as he looks at the low sun bobbing on the waves he thought he saw a shadow shift and then nothing.  But in the dream, Lady Quinn can see a redness in the distance, and blood pouring out with sickness.  It makes her want to vomit, as she hears the screams of the dead who are violated from it.  As the water breaks against the rocks, she hears the cries of the people who lost their lives venturing there.  She can see cobwebs everywhere within this location.  And there are four spiders that she can see that are pulling on the threads, tugging her in four different directions.  The dream is strong there.

Lady Quinn stops and pulls the package from her pocket, easing it down on to a flat ledge.  The dream guiding her hand.  Sitting there she crosses her legs and focuses on the synthesis of moving the bumps, forcing them to stay pressed down.  She places the package safely down, and looks up as she stands, a look of triumph across her face.  She then feels a rush of the dream shooting through, and it feels like she is standing on the Lunasphere, looking down at herself below.  Seeing the River of dreams run through her.

Aulderush looks over at Lady Quinn and sees her head look up as she topples over backwards, her head bouncing on the ground, luckily soft ground.  Drool running down her chin.  She just lies there unmoving, her eyes turning pure white, with no colour there at all.  Lady Quinn can only feel the dream washing over her like and lapping of the waves.  It runs through her body and exits at every pore and orifice.  He rushes over to her, to check on her condition.  He finds that she is physically fine, but her mental condition is trapped in the River of Dreams.

Knowing that there was a concern with the package, Aulderush decides to meditate on his synthesis, and focus it on the vials’ bumps.  He successfully works his mysticism on them, and he can feel a rage out in the distance.  Hearing whispers and secrets that can never be told.  Weaving and washing them through the river, focusing them on the vials.

Taken from site - heavenlyhikes.com

To Find a Keeper or Three

Aulderush hauls Lady Quinn over his shoulder and carries his burden back to the entrance once again.  Now back there he resumes his search back through the tunnels.  He is finding it easier going through the tunnels now, even though he is still carrying his burden that is Lady Quinn.  He becomes aware on some of the walls a kind of map.  The map is simply coloured lines, and in places there are some strange kind of symbols etched.  He also becomes aware of some of the tunnels with the collapsed roofs, actually have very small holes that are big enough for one person to crawl through.

Stopping by one of these holes, Aulderush takes a closer look, using his torch to peer through.  As he is examining the passage, he can hear footsteps running but can’t pinpoint it as the sounds echo all around.  Now stopped, he looks around finding a location to safely place Lady Quinn out of the way, while he goes to investigate the caved in passageway.  He leaves her extinguished torch, and some small rations just in case.

Aulderush sticks his head in the hole once again and listens for the footsteps.  It takes roughly twenty minutes before he can no longer hear them.  He even thought he could hear voices every now and again, but he is unsure.  Taking the gamble, and believing Lady Quinn will be safe, he decides to crawl through the hole of this cave-in and see what is on the other side.

Dowsing the flame on his own torch, Aulderush begins his tight squeeze through the opening.  In places it becomes very tight, with jagged edge protruding from pieces of metal.  The going is tough and slow, especially as he is in the dark now.  He has to pull himself along, holding on to whatever he can find.  He feels a rat brush up against him as he goes.  He knocks the thing aside.  However as he does so, he hears a click, and feels a pressure beneath his hand.  Aware that the weight above him tense and shudder in anticipation.  He slowly and ever so slightly moves his hand mere millimetres, feeling the press of metal against his hand.  Aware that some rubble and dust shift above and drop down his back.  He quickly places his hand back down, sensing the weight brace.  Aulderush then carefully pulls his knife out and slowly push it under his hand.  There is an almighty rumble and clang as the braced cavity collapse.  Dust and rubble rolls and slides everywhere.  Large portions slam down closing off the hole for good.

Lady Quinn can see nothing but the dream, a dream of a rainbow arching from grave to grave.  Reaching five feet deep within the tomb.  She can see the symbols of Yaga battering at the walls.  And then something walks in front of her.  Three people, one is a bear, one a skull with one eye gazing from the centre of it, and the other is just a chain between the two.  Bear seems to look at her directly in her dreams.  She then hears a female voice complain about a lot of people being down there!  But they then sat something about it not being the one they are looking for.  Then something else about having to go a different way due to something having collapsed, not being a good day.  The bear then just walks away.

Some how, and with generous luck, Aulderush finds himself trapped in a very small confined space within the collapsed cavity.  His ears only now recovering from the thunderous sound of the collapsing weight above and around him.  In complete darkness, and trapped in a small space.  He is aware of there being no possible way out.  His hand is still on the switch.  He moves it gingerly aware that it has done it job now anyway.  Aware of his situation he spends several hours contemplating and meditating on his situation, trying to find a way and means of escape from his sepulture.  But unfortunately he has no joy of escape as he wiggles and shift, and still finding no way to go forwards, or even backwards, up or down.

Aulderush then hears some voices.  They seem to be discussing one of them hearing a sounds buried from within.  Quickly Aulderush begins to make tapping sounds.  The voices ask him questions, but they cannot hear him.  They ask him for easy answers with a tap for yes and two for no.  They warn him to move, if possible, away and be prepared.  A voice then mutters about a hope of what ever it is they place against the wall, that it is not too damp.

There is an earth shattering sound, as the whole place vibrates.  Dust and smoke rushes in to the area, and Aulderush finds himself deaf and blind.  He can only feel the air rushing against his face, so he stumbles quickly that way.  And as he falls to the floor barely out from danger, a female voice tells him that it is far enough, telling him to not move.  He can barely see through gritty eyes, but seeing nothing as it all appears to be totally dark.  The woman asks him to put any weapons on his person, and to place them on the floor before him.  She then asks him a question about winds speeds and velocities, but the words go way beyond his comprehension or understanding.  After a moment’s silence he repeats the words ‘wind speed’.  She then states that he can’t be a Keeper in that case.  Then asks him why he is there.

Aulderush pauses before answering, telling her that it is a long story.  But he then tells her that he is there for two reasons.  To find his friend and to find the Keepers.  She admits that they are busy, and he has now found the Keepers.  He is on their turf and managed to destroy one of their entrances.  The woman then quickly turns to her colleague, calling him Tinker and asking him to go check the other entrances as she thinks Aulderush may be a distraction.  “If there are any signs of anyone approaching, then collapse them.  We don’t want to take any risks here.  We have had too much problems with loosing C4 & C5 recently.”

“Ai, understood.”

The woman begins by asking his name before carrying on questioning him.  She tells him that they do not like others knowing where they are.  And asks him if he would be able to find his way back.  Aulderush admits that he probably could.  She thinks and asks for a reason why she should allow him to live.  He tells her about coming from the Eighth tribe, and a meeting they held in the Cage.  The woman admits to knowing of it, and how they would like to take materials from the structure, but they are not allowed by the people.  She then stops and seems to talk to the air, muttering about two more incidents at C9!  “Send two people around there, and use the flammable liquid.  Burn the entire lot.  Find any samples, then bring them back.”

Aulderush states to the woman that he is there to discuss with them about the ‘thugs’, tribes that harass the people as they come and go from Hom.  And they would like to be able to use the tunnels.  The woman is not happy to hear that, complain that it is always the tunnels with ‘you’ people.  Aulderush also tells her about the Spiritwalker, slaying through the Outlands.  Correcting her that he is not a Squat.  They argue about the wanting to use the tunnels, before she suddenly tells him that he is too late, as access has already been traded for a group from Hom.  She then checks the air again, asking for a report in.  She reminds him and tells him, that everything they use, The Keepers, is irreplaceable, and that includes the tunnels.  She then tells him that they are at their limit with the agreement they set up about two weeks ago.  They cannot agree to anything else.

Taken from site - stormchaser.ca

In the Dark

Lady Quinn wakes, several hours later, alone and in complete pitch-black darkness.  She feels around to find a closed-door next to her, with a torch and flint before her, along with some dry rations.  Being careful, Lady Quinn whispers out Aulderush’s name.  Having no response, she risks lighting the torch with the flint.  A face up close and personal illuminates before her, sallow, pale and white.  Its eyes go wide and cowers back, pained from the torch.  It then looks directly at her again, and she begins to feel a rush of feelings as if one amongst many.  She feels listless as the humanoid backs away.  She feels hard pressed to have any motivation to do anything.  The humanoid stands and sniffs around her.  It then looks directly in to her eyes, smiling and sniffing again.  It then pulls out one of her small sample vials of the dangerous liquid.  Once obtained the humanoid runs off in to the dark.  Her self-control then washes back over her.  It was not a feeling of synthesis that she was aware of.

Lady Quinn looks around her now, trying to see where Aulderush could have gone.  She spots the newly collapsed area.  And a torch sticking out from one end.  She picks herself up and scraps up her supplies, working the aches and stiffness from her body.  She has a quick bite from her rations, aware of how hungry she is feeling.  Must have been out of it for several hours she guesses.  She takes a look at the collapsed area, seeing that it is a mix of old and fresh rubble.  All that can be seen is a rough human sized space that has come back out from there.  She then hears some footsteps in the distance, so she turns and heads in that general direction.

Keeping very quiet and to the alcoves and shadows, Lady Quinn sneaks her way cautiously along the route towards the sounds of footsteps.  The direction is the same as the direction the humanoid ran off towards.  She soon comes across a man wearing a Stetson hat, with tuffs of white hair sticking out from one side, and scarring on the other.  He has a wooden pipe sticking out from his mouth.  Over his body is a long brown jacket.  And slung over his back is a wooden and metal mixed stick.  From a belt about his waist hang various different metal trinkets, some like tweezers, and some with glass within.

The man is kneeling over a prone body, turning its head this and that way.  He then presses a metal box on his belt.  “Okay, we have ourselves one dead….male.  Don’t know if it is a friend of the other guy.  Don’t know what took him out,  No wounds.”  The man appears to be talking to himself.  Lady Quinn keeps herself hidden and just watches and listens.  The man then begins to cuss, something about it stop working and then fiddles about with a box on his belt.  He opens the back and rummaged about muttering to himself.  Lady Quinn then feels something similar to synthesis being used, but much harsher, more like the lines are being more defined.  A spark then leaps from the box in the man hands.  Again the man cusses and quickly closes the back.  He presses a button, and with a laugh a static sound emits.  “Sorry about that, I had to jerry-rig as best I could there.  I don’t think this is going to last mush longer.  Right as I was saying I got another male here, he looks like the five we ran in to in the west district.  D4.  We got a whole bunch of them down here.  Oh!!! It gone again.  To hell with it.”

The man stands and looks around for a bit, as if being watched and then asks if any one is there.  Lady Quinn averts her eyes for a moment before looking back.  The man pulls the metal/wooden stick from his back and points it out from him.  Lady Quinn thinks that he is holding it all wrong for a weapon.  She then becomes aware that the human on the ground is in fact the humanoid that had taken the vial from her.  Its eyes are wide open, and the vial is empty in its hand.  The man lifts the body and begins to walk off with it.  Lady Quinn follows at a safe distance.

They soon come to what appear to be a dead-end.  The man un-slings the wooden/metal stick again and prods up in to the roof.  A metal sheets swings down and the man pulls himself up in to the hole.  The metal sheet is then closed back up behind him.  Lady Quinn waits to not hear the man near by anymore, before she pulls herself up in to the hole.  She then follows the man once again at a safe distance.  Eventually she comes across an area where she spots some very fine thread strung across from wall to wall, covering the whole area with no possible way through.  The thread seems to be embedded in to small holes in the walls that look like they have fine flint within.

Lady Quinn picks up a small stick and uses it at arm’s length, to pull on one of the threads.  An ear splitting sounds erupts from the wall.  A screech like tortured bats echoes up and down the passage.  Lady Quinn quickly presses herself up in to one of the dark alcoves, hiding away in the shadows.  She can hear the man exclaim, and a sound of something clicking solidly a couple of times.

Taken from site - giantbomb.com

The man’s head peers carefully around the corner, the stick pointing out from his hand again, down the passage.  He looks up and down the passage, muttering to himself, thinking that whatever it was that had set it off must have retreated.  He then tells himself to notify the others of it and for them to keep an eye on the exit.  The man then seems assured of the situation and shuffles his way back through the threads, carefully up pinning and then re-pinning each one as he goes.  Again muttering to himself about their supplies are getting low.

Lady Quinn retraces her steps back to the collapsed area where she believes Aulderush could have been.  She investigates the area some more, still finding no trace of him, but whoever was trapped there did make it out alive and had gone on through somehow.

Mean while, Aulderush is still in talks with the woman.  His eyes are getting accustom to the darkness and he can make out two figures with him, one being the woman.  He can also see large bulky shapes around, and a smell akin to a tar like stench.  They both agree to disagree, and to not argue on the matter any more needlessly.  The woman admits that she does not want to kill anyone.  A sudden sound like bats screeches interrupts their talks, and the woman quickly talks to herself again.  She states that she can deal with this one, referring to Aulderush, and instructs the others to go investigate.  She asks Aulderush if this would be one of his friends.

Aulderush admits to the woman that he had come down with one other person, and informs her that she had fallen ill.  He had left her a little distance away from the collapsed room.  She asks him what they should say to her if they come across her, to stop any needless deaths.  He tells her to say his name.  The woman announces to herself to state that they are in talks with Aulderush, and asks for confirmation of her name, which Aulderush tells her is Quinn.  “If it is not her then we must assume it is another one of those swarm lots trying to intrude.”

Once she has finished with her instructions, and she turns back to Aulderush, they carry on with their discussions.  He offers her that they have enough manpower to offer her, but not any of this metal stuff.  But again she states about the agreement already.  She then goes on about problems with three groups, problems with the machine men, an infestation from the swarm and dust wastes.  Telling him that they can’t risk anymore, they are at their maximum.  Aulderush tries to get clarification on what she is saying, asking if the other three groups are the equivalent of tribes for the Keepers, but she quickly stops him, saying about how great his little play of the spy, but she will not tell him anymore.  The woman asks for something from Aulderush to convince her to let him go and not put a bolt through his skull.  Aulderush tells her that he has also been looking for a female friend of his that he had lost about a week ago.  They had got separated as they were crossing the river.  The woman pauses with a humph,  “That really is a good act you perform you know.”

Lady Quinn begins to hear very faint voices from the other side, but can’t make any words out from the murmurs.  She tries but in vain.  She then hears more footsteps coming closer, probably a set of two, and they are talking about finding a friend of Aulderush.  She soon sees the same man as before, along with another man who is shorter and stockier than the other.  He waddles along with a clank, wearing many metal bits all over him.  His small eyes peering through a green helmet, and carrying a crossbow with a bolt notched.  A sword hangs by the man side, and he has a tube that beams a cone of light that occasionally flicks before them.  Lady Quinn quickly makes sure she has all her weapons on her concealed.  She then begins a performance.

Taken from site - geograph.org.uk

Stumble out and about towards the two men, Lady Quinn moves as if she is lost and confused.  A beam of light passes over her and then focuses on her presence.  A loaded crossbow levels at her, while the man she followed earlier raise his hands to her, trying to get her attention.  “Girl. Girl can you hear me.”

“What.  Where.  Where am I.”

“Hey I’m Tinker.  Look you’re in a place you’re not supposed to be.  This is our turf here.  Do you have any weapons on you?”  Lady Quinn keeps up her act, she acts confused and asks about weapons, patting herself and telling him no.  The guy seems to buy it and states that she seems to be stupid.  He then checks to see if she knows the name of Aulderush.  She confirms that it is a name she can remember.  And then when asked she tells them that her name is Quinn from what she can remember.  They tell her that they are talking to her friend and wish to take her to him.  He assures her that everything will be okay, but they need to bandage over her eyes and lead her through.  She thanks him for his help, asking who they are.  Tinker tells her his name again and introduces his friend as Taylor.

The two Keepers, Tinker and Taylor, bind Lady Quinn’s wrists and then cover her eyes with a bandage.  They assure her and lead her through to meet up with Aulderush.  Tinker tells her he will be talking to her as they go, and must do everything they say.  If she steps on something that moves, then she mustn’t and wait for them to help her.  They lead her on, moving her this way and that guiding her slowly on.  Eventually they draw near and can hear a woman’s voice demand a pass code.

The blindfold comes off, and the woman warns that they will be putting the lights on, but they will be dim.  She then asks for the number four spanner, as she will be needing to hit it hard.  There comes a dull metallic thud, then a whirring of machinery.  Smoke and fumes billowing out as this thin light flickers out from this glass embedded around the walls.  The woman is stood there is black overalls. The clothes have a lot of black oiled smudges all over, with what was once a white cloth hanging down from her trousers.  Glasses perched on her nose before her eyes.  There are long pale lines down her face.  Two small hand crossbows hanging at her sides.  Her hands rest on these as she looks over at Lady Quinn.

“Right we can all see each other now.  Congratulations that is more information you have got.”  She gestures towards Lady Quinn and asks Aulderush if this is her, to which he confirms.  Now accustomed to the dim light, they can see that these Keepers all have worn dirty, oily clothes, and they all have a tired look to their faces.  The man in metal green clothes, who walks with a waddle and goes by the name Taylor, interrupts the woman and states that ‘they’ are here for the package, and asks if he should get it to them.  The woman turns to Aulderush, saying that they need to keep this private, but asks if he wants to pass on a message to them.  He thinks for a while and tells her to just say ‘It’s been interesting.’

They all talk and think for a time, the woman wondering what they can do with this situation they find themselves in, and not really seeming to have a trade option.  After chewing with ideas in her head, the woman finally puts to words her thoughts, and agrees that it is probably the stupidest things she is going to do and suggest.  She suggests that Taylor will go back up to Hom with both Aulderush and Lady Quinn.  He will meet up with their lot, their top people, and then they can find a way of dealing with this situation.  Aulderush agrees with the idea.  “Don’t get any ideas of taking him as a captive, or harm him in any way.  We still have this stuff down here, and we can blow the tunnels taking down Hom with it.”  She hands him a quickly sketched map, telling him to hand it to someone he doesn’t like, saying they haven’t had success in investigating that area.  It is at the northern end of the island.

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