WARNING! – Contains adult language.

Tribe 8 – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Tribe Members;

Lady Quinn – Me

Brhyannon – Jason (jymmijamz) ABSENT

Aulderush – Will


A Keeper Among Us

Aulderush and Lady Quinn had been blindfolded and lead from where the Keepers were, back to the other side of the collapsed tunnel.  Now their vision theirs once again, they can see Tinker busy working the rubble, bracing supports as he digs and removes fallen debris.  Taylor is with them and will be going back to Hom with them.  He has an unusual tattoo on his body, it is of a skull with wings upon.  He has some nasty scars around his face, and some missing teeth.  But among all of this he has a smiling face.  He talks with them as he waddles along with them, talking about the way they are going to head back.  He then suggests a different way and leads them back a different way, asking where in Hom they would like to come out.

They finally make it back out in to the blinding light, amongst the thronging people of Hom.  Taylor quickly slipping the metal disk back in place.  He then asks them what they need to do now.  Aulderush and Lady Quinn discuss what they need to do, suggesting that they need to talk with some people and try to organise the meeting.  Taylor seems happy with this and their actions, and suggests that he is going to trust them, allowing them to go on their own while he stays around here.  But he does warn them that if he hears anyone talking about what they shouldn’t, then he will have to kill them.  He then goes on to say that you need to be able to trust people, even though it is said that it will kill you.  “But trusting the right people can also help you, giving you someone who will watch your back.  You can be like family, like the brother and sister I didn’t have.”

Aulderush and Lady Quinn split here, Aulderush heads over to where the Doomsayers are located, on the far eastern end of the island.  While Lady Quinn heads over to see Veruka in the tower, as she is the Keeper of the Flame, which continually burns upon the top.

Lady Quinn makes it through the pathways to the Tower on her own, not having any problems from the other residence on the way.  Most of the people go on with their own activity without giving her a second glance.  The tower is tall and cylindrical, with a thick black sooty layer coating the outside.  She remembers what Ferris had called this building when they first arrived and walked nearby, he had called it the Sepulchre.  There is a thick wooden door barring entrance to the inside.  With no guards of any kind attending to it either.

Stopping before the threshold, Lady Quinn knocks on the wooden door, hearing the sound echo and reverberate around the inside.  And as she stands there awaiting a response, she can feel a heavy feeling, a strong feeling and presence of the dreams.  A pooling of everyone’s hopes and dreams.  Eventually after sometime, a small slit reveals itself within the door, revealing a pair of eyes looking out at her.  The eyes appearing to belong to a man with a shaved head and eyebrows.  “Oh it is you.  Lady Quinn isn’t it?”  She confirms this and asks to speak with Veruka.  The man then asks if she is expected, to which she denies having an appointment.  Lady Quinn does however tell the man that she has just come back from the tunnels and wishes to inform Veruka of her findings.  The man informs her that he will go see if Veruka is still with us.

After about fifteen minutes of further waiting, the man comes back to the door, “She appears to be with us, though distracted.  He opens the door and tells her he will take her to Veruka.  The man is thin but strong, with his entire body shaved of any hair.  The only covering on his body is that from his waist down to his knees.  The covering is of one piece of material t hat is wrapped around and tied at the waist, leaving the bottom open like a skirt.  He does have a strange body art, instead of tattoos he has embroidered his skin with thread in places, making strange patterns and symbols.  There are still needles left in his skin where he hasn’t finished some.

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A metal staircase leads up around the inside.  There is the occasional platform part way up.  As the man leads Lady Quinn up he stops to check a step every now and again, testing his weight upon it.  Some creak and groan, the metal adjusting.  As they climb higher, the winds blows through and Lady Quinn can feel the sway from side to side.  Eventually they make it to the top.  Up on this top floor there is an intense heat that radiates from the flame above, seeping through all the walls and wrapping around everyone here.  A thin woman stands and looks out the view, her eyes just staring out.  She blinks and turns to Lady Quinn, a half smile across her wrinkled face.  She asks how the journey had gone, saying that she can see marking around her.  “You had a very close experience with something that was tainted.  I can see tatters around you where it had touched you.  Are you well?”  Lady Quinn thanks Veruka for her time and seeing her.  She tells her that she is feeling fine.  They had succeeded with the tunnels, but she had a close encounter with the dreams and passed out for several hours.  Veruka then leans towards Lady Quinn and picks something unseen from the air around her.  She rubs her fingers together, nothing there, and then she snaps at another mere millimetres from Lady Quinn.  “There are lots of these on you.  Many.  Thousands.  An ill omen.  I have been seeing that around Hom too much.  These thousands of creatures.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know.  A sign.  I can see when you fell in to the dream, it left a tide around you and you picked up little remanence of whatever passed you by.  We must watch out for those, the sign of the many.  It is far to close to the sign of the Z’bri.  Ill omens indeed.”  Lady Quinn then remembers, and tells Veruka, of the humanoid person that was sniffing around her when she awoke, and wonders if maybe that had anything to do with it.  Veruka says that she will have to investigate in to it more and see what she can find.

Changing the subject, Lady Quinn tells Veruka that they had some success with the meeting of the Keepers.  Saying that one has come back with them, and wishes to have a meeting with the heads of Hom.  So she wishes to come to Veruka to see about organising a meeting at the Cage.  “Have you counted the steps here, on the way up?”

“No, I must confess.”

“No I didn’t use to.”  She smiles at Lady Quinn.  “I could tell you the exact number right now.  But I will let you count them on the way back down.  Well I guess I will be counting again.”  She then asks Lady Quinn when she is going to be calling the meeting.  Lady Quinn confesses that she is still new and has hoped for a time from her.  Veruka tells her to whisper in to Barber’s ear, and once he knows they nearly everyone will have.  Then after about a day, the rumour mill would have settled upon a time when the meeting will take place.  “It is better to accept that then to impose one.  Then you can claim that whatever time they agree on is the one you settled on.  This will then make you look like a leader than a follower.”

“Very wise words indeed.”

Thanking Veruka for her time, Lady Quinn leaves the tower to head out and see Barber.  To have a quiet word in his ear about a meeting.  She counts the steps going back down the tower, taking note of how many.

Aulderush on the other hand, heads east to the other end of the island, in the hope of finding the temple of the Doomsayers.  Never being out this way, he has a general direction where to head and pushes on in the hope of making it to the Doomsayers.  He heads right through the Hallows and out the other side, where the settlements thin out to nothing.  The surroundings are dirty and with a lot of sand.  The ground beneath his feet soon begins to crunch like walking on broken glass.  He soon sees the odd person who happens to be castigating themselves, some using whips, while others rub their bare hands across the ground.  Sinead Bal is a name he notices written within some of the glass in places.  The same name he noticed when he first walked in to Hom.  A woman is looking deep in to one of the writings, rubbing her fingers along the lines formed.  Her eyes roll back in to her head, swaying and humming, the glass resonating with her, lost in the dreams.  In the distance he can see the only remain structure left out here, made of steel and stone.  This square lump of a building risen out from the ground, like the sun behind it rising out from the lapping waves of the water.  This cyclopean structure has buttresses coming of from it along with metal rails.  There are long wide concrete steps heading up to the top, where there are large columns and statues of Joshua can be seen everywhere.  The people here walk about in hooded robes.  The people on the buttresses hold crossbows at the ready guarding.  The shadow cast by the building seems to stretch longer than it should.

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Aulderush comes across a woman he recognises from the meeting at the Cage, the one dressed in the pale blue material and said she spoke for Dane Hades.  Her head is bowed down low touching the burnt glass on the ground, and chanting supplications.  He slowly walks up to her and coughs politely.  She raises her head, small trickles of blood running down from cuts from the glass.  She also has a piece pierced through her cheek.  Pressing her tongue against the opposite side of her mouth she speaks.  “I saw you in a dream before.  It follows you.  Words whispered on the winds, speak highly of you.”  She then turns her head as if directing her ear to listen to the air.  “Oh of course. Halos.  How did you get a good standing so quickly little one?”  Aulderush pauses before speaking, introducing himself and admitting that he doesn’t understand the thinking of Halos.  He says he is of course honoured and wishes to speak with her for a while.  She agrees but warns she must return to supplications shortly.  “I must let the River run through me. Dane Hades has been angry lately.”

Aulderush tells the woman that he has just returned from the tunnels under Hom.  She spits to the ground upon hearing this, blood coming out from her mouth.  “Those fools, they cling to the world from before.  The world that brought us the Z’bri.”  He carries on telling her that one of the Keepers has come to Hom, and he wishes to gather a meeting to the Cage again.  He then explains to the reasons why.  She then looks up at him, “You live in the apothecary?”  After a pause Aulderush agrees, wondering if he has helped any of her fellows, but she then tell shim that he needs to get back there right now.  “You really want to get back there now.”  Aulderush is about to speak when she interrupts him stating that he really needs to get back there, especially as there is no Mary around to forgive anymore.  “And there is going to be something to forgive if you don’t get back there tight now!”  She looks at him with her eyes completely white.  Aulderush thanks her as he backs away, confused and worried, trying to be polite and move with haste.

In a mad rush to get back and see what is happening, Aulderush races back through the streets of the Hallows, wishing to make it to the apothecary in time.  He speeds past Lady Quinn who is casually walking down the street.  “I may need some help at the apothecary.”  He tells her as he hastens past her, sliding along a plank and jumping a gap, tapping her as he passes her.  She was just about to step to the door of the Junk.  She stops and turns to race after Aulderush.

The Other Party

The double doors down to the cellar have been yanked open.  A man is unconscious spread out on one of the operating tables.  And the door to the small room at the back, where all the prayers happen is wide open, and the paraphernalia is strewn about.  Paprika is pinned against the wall with a knife to her throat.  The owner of the knife is a woman with a short cut shock of red hair.  Tattoos of knives cover the back of her hands, all pointing to her fingers.  And as she turns at Aulderush’s intrusion, he can see that the woman has painted signs of Joshua upon her teeth.  She also wears simple light leathers.  Her other hand covers over Paprika’s mouth.

“Hmm, warning works just as well in person I guess.  Aulderush keep where you are.”

“Who are you?”

“None of your business.  Who I am working for is the important thing.  Keeper tunnels are ours.  Stay the fuck out.  We made a deal, and we don’t want it fucked with.  We don’t like people fucking with them, we tend to knife fuck them in return.”  Paprika tries to reach for one of her operating knives, but the woman lowers the knife to Paprika’s finger, shaving a sliver of flesh from it and making her winch.  “Ah, ah, ah.  Don’t be getting any ideas.”  She then turns back to Aulderush.  “So what I been thinking, and this is up to you, is I could put this of as a warning, but you may think that we are turning soft.  But I can’t leave you thinking that, so I may have to leave a body anyway.  Just so you know we are serious, and not to be fucked with.”  She then lowers the knife to Paprika’s stomach.  “If you leave a body, then I will kill you.”  The woman laughs at this.  “Yours will be one of the bodies.”

“We run everything now.  We got the trade in, we got the trade out.”

“Yeah but you wont be alive tomorrow to know that.”

“You drop me and guess what.  You know that man on the table, he’ll be dead.  And the little girl that is missing, she’ll be dead,  We would have had three Z’bri rape her first.  That girl Quinn,” she laughs, “you wont find her before she is done with.  Bodies are thrown in to the river and never seen again as they are eaten by the fishes.  And of course you will be left to last to make sure you know about it all first, before they slowly kill you.  Again she laughs.  “So yeah feel free.  I’m backed by more than you know.”

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At this point Lady Quinn arrives behind Aulderush, stopping in the doorway seeing the scene before her.  “What’s going on here then?”

“Oh we were just talking about the horrible things we would do to you.  Well my friends would do to you, if Aulderush was stupid enough to kill me.  They were quiet detailed.  I could tell you if you wanted, but I wouldn’t want you to vomit.”

“Oh I could do with a laugh.  And I would be interested in know who your friends are that are so amazing to do such a thing.”

“We are the gang that run everything.  We are the power behind every throne.  We can control food in and out of Hom.  We can control weapons in and out of Hom.  That means we rule Hom.  Anyone we want will do whatever we want to get what we can get in.  So we are keeping on top here, so this is a message.  FUCK OFF from our tunnels.”  Aulderush butts in at this point, “If you weren’t terrified, you would have tried to bribe us before trying something like this.”

“We don’t bribe,” she laughs, “we take.”

“Yeah you were in charge of Hom, but we’re here now.”  Lady Quinn finishes.  The woman laughs again.  She then suggests that she was only going to leave a message, but as they are not learning she threatens to leave a body.  The woman throws Paprika to the ground, twisting the knife in her own hand ready to strike.

Lady Quinn rushes in without a second thought.  Leaping over the table and landing with her arms around the woman.  One hand around her throat while the other twists the knife from the woman’s hand.  This she keeps herself to threaten the woman.  The woman then goes for the scalpel that Paprika had tried for, trying to swipe it across Lady Quinn, who is too quick and easily avoids contact.  Aulderush tries to bring his quickly draw knife to bare on the woman, but the woman swings her weapon in the way, making him withdraw.  Paprika on the other hand is quickly scampering away.  Lady Quinn slips her knife hand through the woman weapon arm, locking her in the position and pressing the knife down against her spine.  And then pushes her weight against the woman, pressing her face first up against the wall.

The woman now pinned, the fight over before it even had begun, the scalpel dropping from her hand.  She starts to protest, threaten that they had better let her go, otherwise hell will break out on this place, and they will tear down everyplace.  Aulderush tell her to shut up, and Lady Quinn pushes the woman face against the wall harder to quieten her.  Lady Quinn asks Aulderush to tie up the woman’s legs and arms.  Paprika eventually stands, shaken but otherwise unharmed.  She thanks them for the help even though she believes they may have brought it upon her house.  Aulderush apologises to her.  Paprika smiles and pats the man on the table, a familiar man going by the name of Jerry, and she suggest that if he was awake she would be sure that he would have seen the woman off with his manhood alone.

Aulderush suggest that they could just take the woman to the cage and see how many people turn up. But Lady Quinn feels that she should head on back over to the Junk, where she was going, first before they head over to the cage.  The woman keeps trying to mumble things but none of it is audible as Aulderush gags her.  If looks could kill, they would all be slain by now from the woman.  Before leaving, Lady Quinn looks the woman in the eyes and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, telling her she will see her later.

Leaving Aulderush to look after the female captive, Lady Quinn enters the Junk to see Barber.  It is about midday now, and Barber is busy getting the place ready for his first customer.  He is cleaning out the mugs on the makeshift bar.  Lady Quinn’s drink tab is now showing twenty-five drinks as her tally.  She says hello and Barber asks how it had gone.  He informs her that it had been ‘enlightening’.  He asks her if she has heard any more important news.  She suggests something like a female working for someone and issuing threats.  Barber looks a little confused and asks if she could share a bit more of what she is suggesting, as he doesn’t like having to fill in the blanks.  Lady Quinn tells him that it would cost him a drink with a smile.  He thinks and comes up with a woman who has been throwing obscenities at Dane Hadis out at the temple.  But she tells him no not that, so he gives in to not knowing.  So Lady Quinn asks him if he knows of an organisation that is supposed to be running Hom.  “Nobody runs Hom.  Everyone thinks they do, but they don’t.”  She then informs him that a woman who works for an organisation who runs Hom, has just threatened her.  Barber raises an eyebrow upon hearing this.   He then tells her that it will cost her two drinks.  She tries to sweeten the deal by telling him that they will need to be another meeting in the Cage, but he insists on it being a sweet deal, especially as they are friends.  She agrees and Barber scratches off two drinks from her tab.

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“Okay I haven’t got a great deal of information, but I have been seeing stuff.”  He begins, putting the mugs down and turning to face Lady Quinn and tells her what he knows.  He believes a new organisation had been set up roughly about the time she was back in the Outlands.  They had been getting together mainly Agnites.  Young Agnites from what he can tell, young and stupid.  And he has heard that a lot of ex-Agnites have been spotted around the tunnels, so I am guessing this is your little group.  This is all he knows, and the main guy behind it has been keeping himself hid and head down.  “They hadn’t done anything major, so I haven’t dedicated any resources to finding out more.  Now I could look in to it for you, but it will cost you a lot more than two drinks.”

“No that is fine for now.  I know where you are if I need to hand over anymore drinks.”

“They seem to be recruiting the young, stupid, and freshly Fallen.  Which is usually around the late teen years.  They are usually full of testosterone and anger.  If these are the ones who control the tunnels then we have a problem.  I think it could be a two person group at the back of it, but that is all I have.”

He then asks he a question, suggesting that she can either answer or choose not to.  He asks stating that she has worked for ‘other’ agencies, and feels that it would be good to know if there are any competing loyalties.  And if they were to ask her to do something, he would like to know if there would be any conflict of loyalty.  “Just remember who you’re talking to.” She suggests, but he retorts that this is why he is asking.  So she suggests to him that it is first come, first served.  “Ah, open trader then.  Recommendation, I would prefer if you didn’t go against mine.  I don’t mind people working other jobs.  I just don’t like people working against me.  Understood?”  She agrees to understanding, and checks with him if all she has done has been good and proved her worth.  He then shares that he had heard of her work before, and how she had been sent on a job to get information, and then people tend to come back dead.  After this clarification he changes the subject and checks to see if she does want the meeting at the Cage called for, telling her that he will call it quits on him doing so.  He thinks that it should take no longer than a few hours to set in motion and ready to attend.  Lady Quinn checks if he has anything he wants to add to the meeting, but he believes it is best left alone this time.

Before she leaves, Barber offers her a freebie that would benefit both of them.  He tells her about him hearing of some Magdalites being in Hom, he doesn’t know why or how many, but if she hears anything to let him know.

Lady Quinn now back in the apothecary with Aulderush, tells him about who this woman they have captured is working for.  About the Agnites and all that she knows so far.  The woman muffles things behind her gag.  Lady Quinn pats her on the head.  Aulderush takes the gag off and asks her what she had said.  “I am not a fucking Agnite.”  And she denies ever being one.  “I am not like one of those brain-dead ones, I am on the top.”  Lady Quinn tells him that the meeting will be in several hours time.

Meeting Again

Aulderush carries the captive, bound and gaged, woman through the streets of Hom.  They get many strange looks as they walk   Eventually a crowd gathers and follows them to the Cage, wondering what is going to happen, hearing about the meeting and now seeing them carry a bound woman.  They gather the Keeper on their way, Lady Quinn making heading off and telling him to follow.  Taylor asks how she is, and she informs him that they had a run in with the people who they have a deal with on the tunnels.  He suggests that they were a generous group, but she corrects him saying that they are a threatening group.  He tells him also that they have captured one and are taking her to the meeting with them.  She tells him that Aulderush had done the work, as Taylor believes her to be to slight of a girl to have been able.  “I wouldn’t have believed that, he looked a bit…bookish to me.”

As they walk to the Cage, Taylor states that he doesn’t recognise the woman, and says that he had preferred the woman with the bear rug,  “She had huge…”  He gestures with his hands.  He looks around them, seeing the crowd following, asking if this is normal.  Taylor keeps calling both Aulderush and Lady Quinn as Brother and Sister.

They get to the Cage, leading the Keeper in through the high and wide metal doorways.   Several people are gathered within already.  Mech, one of the Jackers, is already there too.  In his full armour and with a broken sword by his side.  He also has a massive purple bruise on the side of his head.  Several of his men (and women) that accompany him are growling at anyone that comes particularly close.  Lady Quinn walks near by and says hello to him.  “Another time girl.  Another time.”  Is all the response she gets from him as he looks up.

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Aulderush and Lady Quinn head to the stage area, and place the captive woman upon the stage, making sure that she is a focal point.  Many more people keep filling in to the Cage.  It is looking like a fair chunk of the islands residents are turning up.  Mech stands and makes his way towards the stage through the crowd.  He has his shield over one arm, and his bow strapped across his back.  The people quickly step out of his way.

Mech pulls himself up to the stage.  He turns to both Aulderush and Lady Quinn and asks if he could take to the stage.  Lady Quinn suggests on waiting for the others to turn up, but he says there is enough as there are always late comers.  She checks to see if Veruka has turned up, and sees if he would prefer her to be there and hear what he has to say.  But he dismisses it, saying that she turns up when she wishes.  He doesn’t need her and can’t wait.  He does respect her.  Lady Quinn turns to Aulderush and they both agree to allow him to say his peace.

Mech stands on stage and addresses everyone.  He tells them that there is someone who is reporting back to the Tribes.  A murmur spreads around the crowd.  “Now you know me.  Our main concern is the Z’bri.  But we can’t get there with those cowards on out front gate.  So I decided to turn my attention to them, but unfortunately someone had given them the heads up.  They had doubled the count there.  It was an ambush.  We managed to get a few licks in before having to retreat.  But if I manage to find out which of you scum fucks is responsible for me getting this.”  He runs his hand over his cheek.  Lady Quinn suggests that it may be a group that are said to be running Hom, and they probably don’t like him messing up their plans.  Mech agrees that it could be a possibility.

A man then pulls himself up on to stage.  A large man with a fat belly, tattoos and piercing.  He pipes up saying that he doesn’t like Mech accusing all of them.  But before the man could finish his diatribe, Mech swings his head with force in to the man’s nose.  He collapses like a sack of potatoes to the stage, bouncing off and hitting the ground at the gathered people’ s feet.  Some of the large man’s friends pull their weapons, and Mech tells them that he doesn’t mind, any time and anywhere.  “If you can deal with a Z’bri and then come back to talk, then you will be worth talking to.”  Mech looks around the crowd.  People are beginning to push and shove each other.  The voices are starting to rise as small arguments erupt, and it becomes hard to be heard.

Lady Quinn jumps on stage and pulls out her pipes.  She performs a dance and tune, trying to calm the gathered crowd.  He theatrics manage to distract and calm them some what, but she is aware that there is a fuse shimmering in the background ready to ignite once again.  Three women in serene green and blue light clothes, join her on stage.  They talk gentle to the crowd, their voices being difficult to be heard.  “We need calm for this.  We need the dream to be able to see where we are going.”

Suddenly a harsh female voices comes across, cutting through everything from the back of the hall.  “Right!  Did I teach none of you anything?  Oh wait, no I didn’t even though you are claiming it.”  A woman with hair down to her shoulders, with a dark purple robe covering her body and purple leathers.  She has a third eye painted on her forehead.  And as she steps in it feels like static is dancing of the metal around the structure.  “I don’t appreciate people taking my name when I didn’t give it.”  A nervousness ripples through the crowd now.  The woman carries on pushing her way through the crowd towards the stage.  Then on stage the woman grabs the first person within arms reach out of the three women, twisting the female’s head this way and that.  “You say you have my word.”  The female collapses screaming.  “Yeah I thought so.”  She then turns and looks out over the crowd.  “Anyone else want to claim they are speaking for Dane Hadis?  Anyone else want to use my name for authority?”

The woman now known as Dane Hadis turns to Aulderush and says that he is an up and coming bright lad, and asks him if he wants to claim her name.  “I’m not claiming anything.  I am here to talk.”

“Smart boy.”  After a pause and a look around she continues.  “I hear a friend of mine took a shining to you and your kindness.  Warning, kind hearts get you killed around here.  Dane Hadis then states that she is getting out of there, and turns to the three women in serene green clothes.  She tells them that she is taking them with her.

Before leaving Dane Hadis then turns and looks over at Lady Quinn.  After a moments thought, “Ha.  Who would have thought it.  You!  You’re the tunnel runner aren’t you?”

“Tunnel runner?”  Lady Quinn questions.

“Yes you, a tunnel runner.  Someone who like to stay in the dirt and dark, away from the light.  Maybe because it hurts your pale complexion that effects men.  I don’t know.”

“Yes fine, whatever you say.”  Dane Hadis demands to be told where exactly she had gone in the tunnels.  But Lady Quinn tells her that she doesn’t know, explaining to the beratement of how they had gone to look, without a map, and then was lead back by the Keeper.  She demands to have a map given to her when Lady Quinn remembers.  Lady Quinn decides to turn away from her.

Mech’s head snaps up and looks in to the crowd.  “Why you cheeky little shit.  You have got to be kidding me.”  He rushes in to the crowd, shoving people out of the way.  One man tries to start a fight with him.  “I’m not trying to start a fight, I am trying to help all of you.  I think I have found our traitor here.”  He grabs a man from the middle of the crowd, and drags him back to the stage.  People begin to crowd around him and follow him back to the stage.  He pushes a hooded man to the stage floor.  Mech pulls a warn orange scabbard from beneath the man’s hooded robes.  “It’s a fucking Joanite.  I know this Joanite as well.”

As Mech pulls the hood back from the Joanite’s head, Aulderush is shocked to see a face he recognises.  It is Jackers, the Joanite that had arrested Aulderush back in the Vimary, when he had saved the woman.  “I am not the spy who got you…”  Jackers begins to protest but Mech cuts him short, not believing a word coming from his mouth.  The crowd work themselves up, baying for blood.  Aulderush bangs a piece of wood upon the stage, demanding from Jackers what he is there to do.  “Actually it is convenient.  I was looking for you Aulderush.”  The crowd are becoming uncontrolled, and Mech has to push one person from the stage as they try to jump up.  Aulderush bangs the stage again.

Lady Quinn gets an odd feeling, reminding her of when she was back working as a Dahlian.  Just something, a movement she remembers.  Maybe something she would associate with Troika.  But she is not sure what or where she was it now or then.  But it is so difficult to focus on it, as there are people pushing and shoving all around.  Something is niggling the back of her mind, something from amongst the crowd.

Dane Hadis demands she has no time for this and begins to try to shove her way out.  Aulderush becomes aware of an old woman watching, she has only just arrived.  Several people stand guard around her with weapons drawn.  Jackers looks up at Aulderush and speaks, barely heard by him or even Lady Quinn.  “I have two things for you.  One, to aid you.  Your life is in danger.  Two, you aid me.  There is something very bad going on back in the Tribes, and I need to know what you saw.  I call that a fair…”  A brick from amongst the crowd hits him in the side of his head.  Jackers shakes his head.  “I come here not to start a fight, but because I am a guardian, a policeman.”

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An awareness suddenly hits Lady Quinn, remembering the movement.  It is of someone placing a very fine pin in to their hand.  The pin was then dragged across the back of the Keeper Taylor’s hand.  She then hears a voice, coming from no one near her, and only she can hear it.  And in a whisper she hears, “Yes, don’t fuck with our side.”  Taylor’s head suddenly snaps back as vomit spews from his mouth.  His body slumps to the ground, and the people around recoil from the unknown.  The crowd near Jackers leap to him shouting Fatima trick!  Bricks and stone begin to fly.  Aulderush becomes aware of a scent of cinnamon, which is soon replaced by the smell of bile.  Taylor’s body jerks and turns blue.  Jackers is thrown bodily from the stage.  The people around Veruka are kicking out at the crowd.  But the press of the mass crowd agitated by the chaos, and someone gets pushed on to a drawn blade.  Mech lashes out as people begin to kick out thrashing and punching.

Lady Quinn looks around to see what had happened to the female they had brought along as a captive.  But she is nowhere to be seen, probably lost in the seething mass.  Lady Quinn spots her trying to work her way back through the crowd, so she jumps of the stage and begins to push her way towards her direction.  Aulderush looks down at Jackers as the people around him are drawn small concealed blades.  Both Aulderush and Lady Quinn can feel a dream building up massively from just outside the Cage.  It is a mass group ritual that is pounding over the whole structure.  Dane Hadis is still shoving her way out, and she growls upon feeling this too.  Four others within the structure drop in to micro rituals.

Aware of how bad the situation has become, Lady Quinn decides to head towards the nearest exit.  She leaps and bounds over everything like a theatrical Olympian, as the dream washes over the whole place like a tsunami.  Aulderush also makes the same decision, leaving Jackers to the crowd.  As he leaps from the stage he is knocked to the ground and dragged by his feet.  As Lady Quinn makes it out safely, she has this horrid urge to indulge in her childish misgivings and petty cruelty.  The crowd then erupts in a wash of uncontrolled emotions.  Aulderush holds on to his feelings as the people around him begins to scream and shout at each other.  He hears someone’s head nearby go splat against a metal support.  In the chaos Aulderush manages to get to his feet and slip away.

Outside the Cage, Lady Quinn is seeing that the people out there are beginning to act on their childish violence.  People turning on fellow residents and family members.  The effects radiating out like ripples on a pond.  She moves herself further away from the Cage, trying to keep from the contagion.  Aulderush manages to make it out safely but at a different location to Lady Quinn.  They can both hear a sort of metallic childhood laughter emanating from the Cage.  Lady Quinn spots the group of people who where around Veruka, guiding her away to safety.

Soon the violence spreads out to the shantytowns.  A person being shoved over in to a boiling hot pot of liquid, his screams dying amongst the shouts of rage.  Lady Quinn manages to locate where Aulderush is as she defends herself from nearby assailants.  Aulderush is buffeted and pushed, but makes it safely.  Unfortunately his wounds open once again.  They decide on the location which is closer and possibly a safe defendable area to head is Veruka’s tower.  So Lady Quinn Helps Aulderush as they make their way from the anarchy spreading out from the Cage.

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