How to Make Friends and Influence People

Tribe 8 – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Tribe Members;

Lady Quinn – Me

Brhyannon – Jason (jymmijamz) ABSENT

Aulderush – Will


Getting There

We find Aulderush and Lady Quinn, making their way back to the tall black tower with the flame on top, called the Sepulchre.  The place where Veruka keeps watch on the flame.  They have been making their way back with Harkin Antikin, tasked with getting him to safety for Halos.  Having almost made it back without incident, before running in to a problem near the Cage.  This is where they had to skirt around in a wider and long route, heading through the woods and through a different shantytown.  The voices coming from the shadows, where the eyes are intently watching them, is in a broken tribal language, heavily accented with Squat.  The voices are demanding not to shift any further back, “We will not be pushed back.  We have as much right to live here as any of you.

The tense is thick and heavy in the air.  Women push the child to the back and draw their own blades, while the men stand at the front, holding whatever heavy object they can find as a club.  The mood is darkening.  The party of three is probably about fifteen minutes out from the Sepulchre.  Lady Quinn opens her hands towards the colony of Squats, showing them that she is not intending to fight them.  As she edges towards the edge of them, walking around and towards the tower direction, she assures them they wish no harm and only like to have passage past them to the tower.

Lady Quinn leads Aulderush and Harkin on, skirting and edging ever so slowly around the group of annoyed Squats.  They are gaining some ground but it is very slow.  The three of them are within sight of the tower now, probably no more than five minutes away, when the ground gives out beneath them.  Lady Quinn slips, dragging the other two with her.  With her in front they smash in to one of the makeshift shelters, demolishing one of the walls and entering someone’s home.  A baby’s cry erupts from within, only adding to the circumstances.  The child no more than probably six months old.  The mother drawing her weapons and raising it as the others come to her aid, war cries rumbling in their throats.  Lady Quinn thinks quickly and calls upon her times with the Dahlians and her Bone clan.

Instantly acting on from her abrupt entrance, Lady Quinn acts the fool, pretending to have tripped and hurt herself.  She then pulls some more faces and trips over some more times.  Almost banging in to the baby before turning and falling to the floor with something toppling on top of her.  The Squats pause looking confused.  The baby on the other hand stops crying and begins to laugh out loud.  Next Lady Quinn pulls out her panpipes and begins to whistle a lullaby to sooth the baby.  She gestures to Aulderush to keep moving as she edges her own way out towards the direction of the exit and where the tower is located.  The residences don’t press them, but they neither give ground, instead keeping their hands on their weapons and intently watching what these three trespassers are doing.

Eventually Lady Quinn puts her pipes away and carries on walking away, as the people look on as they leave.  They finally make it to the tower and collapse in through the quickly closed door.  Luckily no ones is hanging around to bang on the door and gain entrance.  There is however a small tattered group who have gathered outside to pray for help from Joshua as they look on hypnotised by the dancing flame upon the tower.  And after a long hard climb up the metal winding stairs they make the top platform where they find Dais and Veruka looking out the window together.  He is comforting her with his arm around her.  They both smile upon seeing the three arrive at the top.

“Ah this will be the one they call Harkin.  You found him then.  How did you find it out there?  It all looks so small from up here.”  Dais is the first to speak.  They all discuss the situation outside, and then move on to how they can try to calm and rectify the madness.  Veruka mentions that she saw a man, in a long jacket with pipe in mouth, walking towards the Cage with a strange metal/wood staff in hand.  She also offers them to have a rest, while they eat what Dais has offered to make for them, which Aulderush and Lady Quinn gladly accept.  They share in Veruka meagre offerings and talk more on what they should do next.

Veruka suggests that they should try to get Kimber River back, as the people liked her and always listened to her.  She also states that Halos suggests that he may be able to locate a general area of where to find the Joshuan artefact.  Veruka mentions that she cannot leave the tower or the flame of her task.  Dais shares that he also has people he cares for that he needs to stay in Hom.

Finishing their meal, Veruka mentions that Halos had told her something about Dain Hadis picking up something around Hom.  Some sort of dream that could be travelled, but is full of anger or something.  Believing that a word with her could help point them in the direction of where Joshua would like them to begin.  That is if they can survive her tongue.  Aulderush and Lady Quinn agree to first head out past the Cage and have a quick look in on this stranger.  Then head out to see Paprika, and while there Lady Quinn will head on to her unknown meeting.  After all this they will venture to see Dain Hadis.

Aulderush feels that he should call upon his mystery synthesis to shroud them in an area of unseen from others.  Lady Quinn helps him meditate in the ritual for about three hours, before stepping back out from the dreams.  It is late afternoon by the time this finishes.  Aulderush’s outline begins to fade from view and a feeling of oddities and coincident, and whispers of things unknown.

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Walking in a Mystery

Aulderush leads Lady Quinn, in his field of mystery, out on the dark path through the shantytowns and on to the Cage.  They pass the Squats who are huddled together eating what they can but still on edge.  Drawing near to the Cage they pass beneath a hidden group of archers above, ready to rain down arrows upon unsuspecting passers-by, Hearing their whispers within the dream.

At the Cage the fighting has ceased, but there are still a few groups of people hanging about on the outskirts.  They pass through in to the inner sanctuary and along the passages to the opening within proper.  They see the now empty large open area of the concrete auditorium, the concrete raised platform sat in the middle.  Well almost empty that is except for the rotting corpse of Taylor, and a commotion between a two fallen tribal tattooed men, their hair cut short.  With a man stood over them in his long jacket.  The hat on his head pulled low over his eyes and the pipe stuck out from his mouth.  Along with the oddities hanging from his belt that they had once seen before.  No sing of the body of the Joanite, Jackers.  Or the body of the woman they had captured in the apothecary.

Tinker is stood there with his strange mixed metal and wood stick in his hands.  He is pointing it directly at the back of one of the men’s head, it appears to be bound to the man’s head with some sort of white binding.  The other fallen man is upon his knees on the floor.  Tinker is telling him to not get any smart ideas, because if he falls then any pressure on what he is holding and the man before is missing his head.  “Look we got an agreement here, which you’re trying not to keep to, and which is why I am having to resort to extreme measures.  My brother here fell recently, and I am interested in finding out why.”  Tinker kicks the man over towards Taylor’s body.  “Right then, it is said that you can see the past.  Tell me what happened here.  Tell me who killed my brother.  Then I will be out of here and out of your hair.”  Tinker then pats something on his belt, and it makes an audible squealing noise as something turns within it.  “Okay keep talking as I am going to keep a record.”

Aulderush and Lady Quinn are then aware of a dream falling, and Tinker looks nervously from under his hat.  A static builds up as the man on his knees begins to talk in tongues.  Just gibberish coming from his lips.  Eventually the words start to become clear as the man caries on talking.

I can see now, the crowd moving and ones marked with the spider.  He walked between, he is not the big spider, but the one that is sent out to get caught by the birds.  But he still has the poison, the venom.  He has in his hands, he holds his fangs.  The skin is jaundice, but not yet, I can see it coming through.  I can hear the sucking of meat from bone.  He is young, barely born.  Not had a chance to mate yet.  The fangs pierce….He falls.  He falls.

The man who had been talking is sweating and shaking.  Tinker pulls his metal wooden stick away from the man’s head, ripping the white binding free and kicks the man away.  He tells them that he is going now, and he clicks the object at his belt.  Tinker then warns them that they may have a chance to try something as he leaves, but one of them will go down with him.  He asks for one of them to try it, but nothing happens so he backs his way towards the doors.  He calls back to the two men while removing the sticky binding from the end of his stick, “Oh and for future reference, if I call in a favour, don’t try to worm your way out of it.”  Tinker quickly leaps through the doorway, slamming the door shut behind him.  Once outside he breaks in to the sprint.

Aulderush and Lady Quinn seeing and hearing all this.  Stay quiet and when Tinker leaves they quickly follow.  They follow him back to the Hallow, to a building that has an overhang near to an entrance to the tunnels below.  Tinker huddles down at the entrance and bangs the object at his belt once more.  “Okay I have managed to give them the slip and got away safely so far, but I just want to add something in case anything happens.  That description earlier sounds familiar.  It didn’t match any of the two we had down in the tunnels earlier either.  It wasn’t the Quinn or the Aulderush.  What does worry me is that when I was helping with the tunnels one time, one of the kids had a spider tattoo.  I didn’t like to the look of him then either.  A horrid scent on his breath, like that of sickly rotting pork.  I could be wrong, but I will not kill a man purely based on that alone.  I’m going to find out who did this.  Okay this is my record.  Whoever finds this can get it back to my group, we still have some oil for trade.”  And with that Tinker clicks the device on his belt and slips down in to the tunnels.

After a quick discussion as to what to do next, Aulderush and Lady Quinn quickly follow Tinker down in to the tunnels.  They slip in and Aulderush drops the veil.  Once in they begin to make some noise to draw Tinker’s attention, not wishing to venture too far in.  Very soon after, Aulderush feels a metal tube pressed against his cheek.  Tinker tells them that his isn’t too worried about them following him, but he doesn’t want them make a lot of noise for others to follow.  He then drops the stick and tells them that it is convenient as he wanted to find them and have a word.  Lady Quinn assures him that they wanted to find him and tell him what had happened to his friend and theirs, Taylor back at the Cage, when they were supposed to have a meeting.  They talk and Tinker admits that he knows it wasn’t them, but he doesn’t entirely trust them.

Lady Quinn explains about who they believe it is and what had happened before the meeting and then happened at the meeting.  She also tells him about what they had leaned after about the young Agnites being recruited in to the group.  Tinker shares what he knows telling them about a kid with a spider tattoo.  He warns them not to kill him, but to get what they can from him, as Tinker will need to hear it from the person when he is around.  Otherwise he could not trust it.

They also tell Tinker of what they know about the situation and what else had happened in that incident.  They share about the kids running around with the food.  The Joanite Tribal being killed in Hom.  The captive they had, but because of the chaos in the Cage ended up loosing her.  Tinker asks how he should contact them if he needs to get a hold of them, and Aulderush suggests he leave a message with his employer Paprika at the apothecary.  Aulderush gives Tinker direction.

Once they have finished their talks, Tinker backs up to the end of the tunnels in the dark and then turns and goes around the corner.  Aulderush puts the veil back in place and then they leave the tunnels, going back out on to the surface of Hom in the Hallows.

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Now What

Once in the Hallows proper, and near to Paprika’s, Lady Quinn separates from Aulderush to go her own way to her secret meeting.  On their way they still hear and see the young kids doing their runs with the food supplies.  Lady Quinn makes her way in to El Per Do without any problems, herself keeping to the shadows and sneaking about with ease.  While Aulderush heads on towards the apothecary.

El Per Do is eerily silent, usually full of the noises of people being whipped and screaming out their sins.  She gets the odd feeling of being watched every now and again.  Suddenly she hears a whisper come from behind her.  “Finally.  You took your time.”

“Do you know how difficult it is out there?”  Lady Quinn turns to see the generic looking woman who is her contact, this time she is looking slightly different again.  The hair style slightly different from before, with different and less tattoos than before.  She informs Lady Quinn that she had difficulty herself getting there.  She then indicates for Lady Quinn to follow her.  They walk in to an old two storey building, the second floor long gone.  There is a large open glassless window, with many vines hanging and growing all around.  The woman leads Lady Quinn in to a still secure room that has a working door, the hinges all rusty but working.  She kicks it in several times to open the door wide enough.  At the back of the room is a solitary candle flickering in the dark.  Many twisted metal racks can be seen within, that used to hold something on the thin metal platforms.  On the still intact wooden desk at the end is an en-cloaked body of the Joanite, Jackers.  Several stab marks easily visible even in this dim light.

“So now you see.  Do you know how difficult it is to get through while carrying a dead body?  Even now it is not very easy.”  Lady Quinn asks the woman if she had been at the meeting when it had kicked off, but she informs Lady Quinn that she had heard about it shortly afterwards.  Lady Quinn asks the woman if she knows anything about the mass group dream that took place outside the Cage.  The woman states that she has some ideas but nothing concrete, she believes that there is a new group in Hom, but hadn’t bothered with them as she thought they didn’t warranty looking in to yet.  Lady Quinn shares with the woman about her run in with the group just before the meeting, delighting in telling how she quickly stopped the dangerous dance by the other party.  Telling the woman that she was a guest of hers until the disruption at the meeting where the captive had got away.  The woman likes the sound of this new group and would like to know more about them.  Lady Quinn shares what she knows of the group to the woman so she has something to go on.

After the distraction of the news about the new group in Hom, the woman then focuses on why she wanted to see Lady Quinn.  She turns to the dead body and asks if Lady Quinn knows the dead body.  Lady Quinn just states that it is a Joanite that died in Hom.  “You know I was beginning to think it had got too dull of late.  But if this body was to bravely stagger back across the bridge, and to nearly make it when it collapsed from it’s wounds, seen by the guards.  What do you think would happen then.”

“Well there wouldn’t be much of Hom would there?  But where would the play be then?”

“Oh there would be Hom left.  Terrashiba would pull them off after about a week.  Terrashiba is pulling al the strings.  But for that short time.  About a week.”  The woman then begins to laugh to herself.  “Dahlia would laugh so.” After calming enough to carry on talking the woman then goes on to state that she doesn’t have the gift, but then thought about who had such an ability and sick sense of humour to take the task up of making something once dead mobile again.  The woman then looks directly at Lady Quinn and states that she then thought of her.  “So what do you think?  For the great game.  We don’t want Dahlia to forget about you.”

Lady Quinn thinks about it and shares her concern about the other games that are in play, and how this would affect them.  They argue back and forth in jest about what would be good for Dahlia, and what about the other games in play.  The woman tries to convince her to do this act to appease Dahlia, as she wouldn’t want her Fallen stature to become real.  “What is a few hundred Fallen, fallen in Hom.  I can get you and even Aulderush out to safety.  For me and Dahlia.  For your mentor.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint him would you?”  Lady Quinn turns and asks the woman how she can in fact trust her and what she is saying, how does she not know it is a game of her own device.

The woman breaks down the thoughts of how the play would be of Dahlia, and then shifts to how the part of the Fallen is getting the better of Lady Quinn, how she is probably internalising it.  But the woman says that she will not hold this act against her, and will do what she thinks best with it herself.  And that they are still professional acquaintances.  “Until you prove me otherwise, yes.  I have been trusting your word up to now.”

Before they separate the woman then states that she can give one certainty, and then asks Lady Quinn how she is getting on with Barber.  Lady Quinn believes that things are going well and that he trusts her.  The woman shares that Barber had picked up the package in the tunnels himself.  She then suggests that if there could be a problem with this, that she could help interfere and make the blame shift to a group that Barber has suspicions of.  The woman’s group, and this being something that a trustful person would do for a fellow colleague.  The woman then pats the corpse next to her, saying that in return… And leaves the sentence hanging there.

Lady Quinn doesn’t admit to a possible problem with the package she delivered, and sticks to her sentiment of not doing the animated corpse task this time.  Especially has the woman would want it done within the next two days.  The woman reluctantly backs down and admits defeat this time, stating that she will throw the corpse in to the water and hope that it will wash up somewhere useful.  The woman refuses the help from Lady Quinn to assist on taking the body to the water’s edge for her.  And with that the woman tosses the corpse over her shoulder and heads out, telling Lady Quinn to keep in touch.  She then goes out the back door, disappearing in to the shadows of the back alleys of El Per Do.  Lady Quinn on the other hand lets her go and head her own way back to meet up with Aulderush as agreed.

Aulderush tries to sneak his way from where he separated with Lady Quinn, dropping the veil, as it was used up, to the apothecary of Paprika.  Unfortunately things don’t go so well when a large hulk of a man, who quickly draws his blades, slams him into.  Luckily the man pauses for a moment focusing on Aulderush and realising who he is.  The large man is in fact the Z’bri fighter, Mech, who he had seen twice now at the meeting in the Cage.  “Oh…Darn it.  Follow that one down there he is getting away.”  Mech gestures as he takes of sprinting down the alleyway.  Aulderush quickly leaps aside and looks in the direction of the target.  He sees a young thin lad, wearing loose black clothes.  The lad slams in to a wall and scales it in all one fluid motion, disappearing beyond.  Aulderush decides to see what the fuss is and follow Mech.

Mech is slow at scaling the wall with his metal armour on.  Once on top he un-slings his bow with his gauntleted hands.  “Keep up there, he is getting away.”  He shouts out.  Aulderush picks up the pace and manages to climb the wall a little quicker.  The lad is bounding from ruined rooftop to ruined rooftop, diving through empty windows and leaping across gaps between buildings.  Twin blades can be seen at the lad’s sides.  When the lad glances back, his hands going to his blades, they can see his young face with red full lips and piercing blue eyes.  Around his eye are drawn four legs, looking an awful lot like a spider.

Aulderush tries to talk with Mech about who the kid is, but Mech tells him to talk later after the have him.  “Trust me you’ll want to talk with him.”  Mech then aims down with his bow, trying to get a clear line of sight.  So Aulderush gives chase to the lad, trying to cause him to stay out in the open.  However the lad keeps the distance, leaping and swinging from the trimmings of Hom, such as the nooses attached to tall poles and the like, dodging and weaving about like a jack rabbit.  Poor Aulderush just doesn’t have the finesse to keep up.  And Mech has an unfortunate happenstance, the string on his bow snaps as he pulls back for the strike.  He throws the bow to the ground, cussing with colourful language as he then draws his blades and gives chase.

They carry on with the chase, Mech manages to catch up with Aulderush, which is quite a feat for a man his size and wearing metal armour.  Tearing along the ruined edge of a brick wall, the stone and brick crumbling as his feet briefly make contact.  Aulderush doesn’t get a chance to gain any ground on the lad, seeing him at a distance swinging on these tall poles, going from noose to noose.  The drop to the ground is about ten feet in all.  This area gives the lad the opportunity to lose both Aulderush and Mech, who both find it hard going through here, especially Mech with his extra weight.

As Mech tries for one last attempt to halt the kid, by pulling a throwing axe, Aulderush gets himself tangled in Mech’s arms and the lad escapes for good amongst the alleys.  Aulderush asks as he catches his breath who the kid was.  Mech begins to head back and retrieve his bow.  “I was hoping you could tell me that.”

“Why should I know?”

“Found him attacking Barber at your employers place.  He had a wound in his side, but I managed to chase him off, and that was when you turned up.”  Aulderush then tells of a rumour he has heard, of a youth that is called ‘The Spider’.  He also shares the information about the group that he feels the ‘Spider’ works for, and the difficulty that arose due to the tunnel and Keeper expedition.  Believing that this group was the ones that had started the riots.  Walking back to the apothecary, Mech slaps Aulderush on the back, saying how impressed he was with the instant reaction, especially as he took him for a bookworm, but he is pleased to find he has balls.

Entering the apothecary, Barber looks up and smiles weakly at Aulderush.  Paprika is busy attending to his wound, herself holding her right arm up and tucked in to her side as she works.  Aulderush goes and asks how she is fairing, to make sure that she is okay.  “You do bring back the most interesting people you know.”  She replies through gritted teeth.  “They were looking for you again.”  Barber explains that he had heard something about one of the group was in the area, and had come to investigate, but admits to not being very good with a blade.  Better at hearing things than stopping stuff.

Barber explains to Aulderush that he had come in to the apothecary, to discover the young lad trying to chew Paprika’s fingers off.  Admitting that he had not got there soon enough to stop the lad fully.  Paprika winches, and Aulderush notices that she has the end parts of her fifth, baby finger (Digitus Mi’nimus Ma’nus), and fourth finger (Digitus Annula’ris) missing, leaving the bone visible on each.  Paprika confesses that she will have to shut the apothecary down for now, as she can’t afford to employ guards.  She does say that she will re-open it again once things have calmed down.  Barber asks where Lady Quinn is, and Aulderush tells him that she had her own thing to attend to.  Barber raises his eyebrow at hearing this.  He asks if he knows what, but Aulderush admits to not knowing what she gets up to, as she tends to keep things to herself.

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Paprika asks if she could speak with Aulderush in private, so Mech helps Barber leave the apothecary, allowing them the privacy to talk.  She apologised again for the inconvenience as she attends to her fingers, wincing in pain as she rubs on the ointment.  She tells and assures Aulderush that it is not his fault, as he is doing something to help.  Just like the guides, they did something big to help and now they are punished and suffer still with distaste. Aulderush thanks her for everything she has done for him.  And she wishes him well in his endeavours.  “May the Goddess go with you wherever you go.”  Paprika finishes, and they go their separates ways.

Gone Fishing

Aulderush and Lady Quinn meet up en-route to the temple, meeting just on the outside of El Per Do and heading east, as arranged.  As they walk Lady Quinn quickly tells Aulderush of what she believes he would like to know.  She tells him that she had just found out the information.  She tells him about the missing dead body of Jackers the Joanite, saying she heard that his body is going to be dumped, or perhaps has already been dumped, up on the northern coastline.  Aulderush confesses to being interested and they talk about what and where the body will be.  Lady Quinn suggests that she may be able to pinpoint its location a bit more, but feels that they had better make a move now as it may wash up near to the bridge in to Hom.

Lady Quinn leads Aulderush to where she believes her contact would ideally dump the body.  Making sure they hurry, but not so much as to getting there on top of when the woman arrives or is still there.  The going is a little slower than what Lady Quinn wanted, but they follow the shadow of the large ruined bridge over Hom.  Following it up north.  Once on the coast line they begin to look around, Aulderush not finding anything, but Lady believes she has spotted something a little further out in the water, near to one of the support struts of the bridge.

Aulderush begins to make his way out towards the body in the water, using hanging wires and vines from the bridge above.  Unfortunately one of the guides he was using snaps on him and plunges him in to the water.  Rapidly begins to move him in the currents.  The shock of his body hitting the cold water takes his breath away from his lunges.  Luckily the currents seem to swirls and take him ever closer to the corpse.  But unluckily Aulderush still cannot swim and is taking in lungful of water.

As Aulderush splashes about in the water, trying to keep his head above the water and waving at Lady Quinn.  Lady Quinn looks around for something to throw out at Aulderush, for him to use as a buoyancy aid.  Aulderush is making a lot of noise splashing and shouting.  A small log splashes near to him from Lady Quinn.  He quickly throws his arms over and catches his breath.  After a short time, Aulderush begins to make his way towards the corpse, finding the dead glassy eyes looking back at him.  Once he is there, Aulderush secures the dead body to the log and then tries to paddle him and the corpse back to land.  Mean while Lady Quinn secures the rope they have and toss the other end out to Aulderush.

In no time, and with the aid of the rope and Lady Quinn, both Aulderush and the corpse make it back to dry land and safety.  They notice that the body of Jackers has had all his armour and heavy clothing stripped from him, as if to make him more buoyant.  Without much time to rest they move the body to a more secluded and safe place so that Aulderush can work his synthesis on it.  In the hope of finding out exactly what Jackers had wanted with him.

The sky is darkening as the day comes to an end.  The sounds of Squat camps are heard in the distance.  Aulderush begins to take a long ritual meditation in preparation of his synthesis, and Lady Quinn joins in to help assist.

Aulderush’s body becomes colder and colder as the night draws on.  His body starts to ache as the sounds around him become still and silent.  He looks down at the corpse’s eyes, the pupils rolled up behind the eyelids.  He can feel an importance coming from the Joanite’s dead body.  Aulderush is aware of all the dead that has gone through Hom, and the death from the camps.  It is then that Aulderush feels more than hears the last thoughts of Jackers from the Tribes.

He was coming to see Aulderush, as he had been investigating the Terrashibans, to try to find out the link to the death of the Yagan.  He had come upon some compelling evidence, but some how it didn’t seem right, it had always came too easily.  Things kept falling in to place way too freely.  He had been on the watch too long to fall for it that easily, so he dug further and deeper in to the clues.  Always Jackers came to the conclusion that someone before him had paid the person off, or planted the evidence.  But always he would be aware of this smell of cinnamon.  And the more he dug and looked, the more his dreams became stranger and stranger.  Until one day that is where he thought he caught a glimpse in the corner of his eye, of something that he had noticed the last time when Aulderush was around.  This is when he became aware that he has been getting further and further away from the truth of that night, and he knew that only one person knew it.  And that person was Aulderush.  So he set off that day to find out, but that night he almost died in his dream.  He barely managed to choke himself awake.  He has splintered recollections of that night, but knew that he must have been on to something.

Then the vision fades from Aulderush, and he becomes aware of what the importance was.  Jackers spirit is not there, nor has it passed on to the River of Dreams by Baba Yaga.  Instead his spirit is walking back home.  His ghost is walking back from Hom, to the Vimary, across the only way it can, across the bridge.

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