Three Again

Tribe 8 – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Chris (alcoholandaphorism)

Tribe Members;

Lady Quinn – Me

Brhyannon – Jason (jymmijamz)

Aulderush – Will


Setting the Wheels in Motion

Aulderush and Lady Quinn are forcefully removed from Dain Hadis abode by her vicious tongue.  Aulderush has something crossing his mind, feeling that the synthesis used by Dain Hadis was different to those of the Tribes.  Lady Quinn has collapsed to the floor, her head throbbing and aching with sharp stabbing spasms.  She keeps hearing the word(s), ‘fuck, fucking fuck, a lot.  Something breaks in her mind, and as her body and mind settles she has a feeling similar to when Dain Hadis had slapped her head before the dream.  She can suddenly remember something, something about a woman in their dream vision, which had the smell of cinnamon about her with pale blue skin.  The woman had wanted to remove the memories, and apparently it was not so successful as she can remember everything.

They both hear Dain Hadis cussing down the stairs at them, something about not having your mind fucked with, and only having one block left in there, and once that is gone then you’re on your own.  “Why did I bother?  I may as well not!!”  Lady Quinn shakes the pain and veil from her mind, picking herself up from the floor.  She doesn’t feel as pained as when in the dream, but there is an ache within her body.  Aulderush helps her up, making sure she is alright.

As they turn to look the way they are going to head, they see someone they had not seen for some time.  Standing there about to head up towards them is Brhyannon, they are shocked and unbelieving, asking her if it really is her.  Aulderush asks where she had been.  Brhyannon tells them that she had been unconscious for most of it, but she had been dragged around the tunnels beneath Hom.  Aulderush exclaims that he knew it, knew she had to have been there.  Aulderush tells how happy he is to see her healthy, if a little thin.  Lady Quinn suggests that they should leave ‘this hell hole’ and get some fresh air.  Brhyannon begins to ask what had happened to them when Dain Hadis shouts out at them once again, seeming to get even more aerated than before.  “When I said sod off, I meant more than a couple of yards!  Can you move so far that I do not have to listen to your inane ramblings!”

All three of them, now back together again walk back towards the Hallows, talking and asking questions of each other and catching up.  Lady Quinn tells Brhyannon that they will be going to the Sepulchre to pick up her things from when she was a Tribal, and to talk to Veruka about their quest they are tasked with.  Aulderush and Lady Quinn fill in Brhyannon with some details of what has happened since parting, like the Cage and the two meetings, the tunnels and the Keepers, and then finally up to the anarchy that kicked off.  Brhyannon states that she had heard about this in snippets from her captors, and begins to tell of her story as they walk.

Stranger in a Strange Place

Brhyannon recalls the last things she can remember before leaving to cross the water to Hom, was that her wounds had got worse and became delirious with fever.  She has vague memories of the boat trip across the water, and a tremendous storm attacking them.  There are vague images of Lady Quinn seeming to go crazy, and something below in the depths of the water.  Next she remembers taking in lungful of water as she sinks, and a horrid creature trying to tear her apart.

Next Brhyannon wakes from the blackness, coughing up lungful of murky water, on to a cold stone floor beneath her.  This surface she finds herself laying on was generally used in the world before, a concrete or stone type of surface, which the Tribals refer to as Graytop.  There is a dark tunnel heading off in one direction, mould seeming to be growing on everything.  A drip slowly splatting to the floor from the tunnel ceiling.  A foul smell coming from something, and the feeling of her wrist bound behind her back.

A male voice from the shadows comes to her muddled mind.  “Hey.  Looks like the flotsam is finally awake.”  Then a woman walks from out of the dark, fur wrapped over her shoulders, a thin rat running from one shoulder to the other.  The woman kneels down by Brhyannon, while the owner of the voice stays in the shadows.  “Rise and shine.  Can you hear me?  You’re not one of those deaf mutes are you?”  After a moment’s pause, Brhyannon’s voice groggy breaks, “Who are you, where am I?”

“Ah, two very good questions.  But first, can I ask, who are you?”

“I don’t know.  Who am I?”  Brhyannon thinks before answering.  The woman has a puzzled expression cross her face before sitting down.  The woman takes out from a pocket a small soft piece of a cracker and feeds it to her rat.  “You don’t know.  You’re not attempting to mess with us are you?  Because we don’t like people who are like that.  We are trying to be very helpful to you.  Notice how you wash up here, in the middle of nowhere, and then you wake up without a slit throat.  We are very nice people.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t seem to remember who I am.”

“Oh well never mind.  We will just have to keep you here until you remember.  We wouldn’t want to be letting loose any dangerous people like spies or anything would we.”  Woman states that they still have a job to do, and turns to the shadows asking if they have any sedatives left.

A short and squat man walks out from the dark, a scar runs down across his left eye, and has chains wrapped around his hands, with very flat shoulders.  He gives a short and simple response, confirming they still have.  The woman turns back to Brhyannon and assures her that she needs to relax as she still has wounds that need to heal up, and taking the sedatives should help, but they will take her out for a day or two.  The woman asks Brhyannon to open her mouth, but Brhyannon keep she mouth shut.  “If we were going to kill you, we could have simple slit your throat.  Just saying.  Why would we go to all this effort?”  After a thoughtful hesitation, Brhyannon reluctantly and slowly opens her mouth.  The last things Brhyannon remembers before passing out, was the woman joking that it was their best poison she had just swallowed.

Becoming aware once more and rolling her eyes open, Brhyannon hears the woman ask if she has remembered who she is.  Brhyannon feels that her wounds do not feel so severe for now.  She can see that they are now in a corridor this time.  Crates are lined up against one wall, chains wrapped around the boxes.  Everything seems to be grey, a single candle illuminating the scene.  She can hear a thudding, a beating, like that of a heartbeat, coming from somewhere.  And as Brhyannon looks in the direction of the sound, the light just cuts off to complete darkness in that direction.  The woman is sat on one of the crates looking down at her.

Brhyannon admits to her captives that she seems to have a vague memory of being turned away, but not remembering more.  The woman chews of the answer, and then tells Brhyannon that one of her questions is that they are now under Hom.  She then asks if Brhyannon is a Fallen like them, especially as she has the markings of one.  Brhyannon plays up with not know what the Fallen are, and the woman seems to buy it for now.  The rat runs up to the woman, and she lowers her arm for it to run up.  The rat appears to whispers in her ear.  Within moments the woman jumps down of the crates exclaiming.  She turns to Brhyannon and demands to know if she is lying or not as the shit has hit the fan.  “Look, we are going to have to place a blindfold on you and move right now.  This thing is expanding, and we don’t want to be here when it does.”  The woman calls out a name of Olaf and then a blindfold is wrapped around Brhyannon’s head.  The woman keeps muttering about how dire it is, how ‘she’ is not going to be happy as they needed to hold this area, but they need to move right now.

Brhyannon is lift up, probably by the man, her back and the wound starts to hurt again.  The woman pleads to have a name, any name to call her instead of using ‘oi you’.  Brhyannon thinks for a moment and then comes up with Chloe, telling her that she seems to remember the name.  The woman pauses and thinks on this.  “Chloe, Chloe.  Chloe Trav’on.  Chloe Trav’on of Eva?”

“That name does seem to ring a bell.  Why?  Why do you know that name.”

“Lets just say I have heard it around.  Right we must get going.  Now!”

Brhyannon is forced to move and she is dragged along, her legs tired and weary.  She can hear the sounds of metal being dragged and slide to the side.  They seem to double back in places, and eventually Brhyannon is tossed to the ground, her blindfold taken from her head.  The woman kneels down before Brhyannon, taking up the entirety of her view.  “Well that was damn close.  We need to give you more sedative, as we aggravated your wound.”  The woman then checks if Brhyannon is remembering that name as it is her name or someone she remembers, but is told that it is just a name that is familiar, the first that came to mind.  Again Brhyannon passes out to the black embrace.

Coming to once more, Brhyannon can hear the woman talking.  “I don’t care, I know she is lying if she claims that the name is her.  But that doesn’t matter because I think we have something better.  Do you know why, because I think I know who we have.  It makes sense, you know with the description.  But last I heard she was supposed to be out in the Outlands.  That means we are in luck here.”  Brhyannon keeps her eyes shut, pretending to still be asleep as she listens.  Olaf speaks next, asking when they are putting the next one through?  The woman tells him that they are supposed to be getting the next delivery any day now.  The man and woman then talk about hearing of some newcomers, and they have gone to the Cage, talking about getting people down in to the tunnels.  The woman sounds surprised as she states how difficult it was for them to d this.

Next Brhyannon feels the breath of the woman on her cheek as she asks her if she is awake.  The tells her that she doesn’t need to open her eyes if she doesn’t want to, but was wondering if the name Brhyannon meant anything to her.  After a pause Brhyannon opens her eyes and looks up at the woman.  “I don’t know, I feel that it should but I don’t know why.  Why?”

“Okay did you know a Joan Wagg Trav’on?”  Brhyannon tries to suppress her reaction at hearing her mother’s name.  But luckily the woman didn’t seem to notice.  Brhyannon shakes her head denying knowledge of the name.  “Okay back to the drawing board.  It is probably just some stiff who washed up.”  The woman tutts, saying she has some good feels about this one.

The rat scurries through once more and talks with the woman.  The woman quickly turns and exclaims to Olaf that ‘they’ have only gone and found the Keepers.  “How the hell did they do that?  The place is a maze down here.  Well the Keepers are a paranoid lot, they will probably just send them away.  We didn’t even manage intentionally.”  The woman tries to find out from Brhyannon again if the name Chloe is her real name or one she just remembers.  The woman states how it is a shame their boss woman isn’t there to sort it all out, but they have had to move too many times recently.  “If only it didn’t keep expanding.”  Another dose of sedatives is given to Brhyannon.

Brhyannon comes around again, but this time her wounds feel totally gone, there is no pain or ache.  She can see Olaf busy pulling off a lid to a crate.  “Not this one either.”

“I told you to mark them up correctly.”

“Harder than looks.  All have to look like air holes, otherwise Keepers get paranoid.”  He pulls yet another lid off of a crate.  “Ah I have found it.”  He then pulls out an old woman with her arms chained behind her back.  From the looks of the old woman’s markings she must be a Squat from out east of the Outlands.  Olaf states how thin the old woman looks, but the woman tells him that they can’t afford to give food to random strays, not if they want to stock pile before winter comes and still have their plan happen.  “Right give her some sedatives and shove her down the tunnels.”

“How many more we need do?”

“Oh I don’t know.  Until the boss woman tells us we have done enough.  This is our ace in the hole, no one expects this one.”

Again the rat scurries in and whispers to the woman, who quickly gets worked up and excited upon hearing more bad news.  She tells Olaf that they need to move again, as ‘they’ have managed to negotiate with the Keepers and they are even leaving with one of them.  “How the hell did they do that?  The boss woman is calling for all of us right now.  We are doing the plan of do stupid shit.”

“That is not the plans name.”

“I don’t care.  We are doing it and we need to move now.”  They shove the old woman down the tunnels, and then sprint off themselves disappearing in to the darkness.

At this point Brhyannon feels so much healthier and stronger, aware that the bindings around her wrists are not sufficient enough anymore to hold her.  With some struggling and working Brhyannon frees her arms.  Looking around she finds herself in a small grey tunnel, not very wide or high.  There is a breach in one wall where the two captives ran through, opening up in to a larger tunnel.  There is the opening in the tunnel where the flickering candle doesn’t permeate.  The direction the old woman was shoved, and an odd sound of buzzing, like that of a swarm of wasps.  In the opposite direction is a closed door.  Brhyannon looks over at the crates, seeing the one that the old woman came out of was padded on the inside.  One of the unopened crates Brhyannon manages to open, to find it full of different food types.  She quickly finds a sack and fills it.

Taking a look at the door, Brhyannon finds it to be closed shut on rusty hinges, stiff and unmoving.  It may budge somewhat with some effort and noise.  Brhyannon decides to investigate the way her captors had run.  She finds herself in another bigger tunnels, this one a lot higher and wider, with two metal strips running side by side in both directions in to the dark.  There are written warning signs on the walls, but she can’t understand them.  One direction seems to head up a slight incline, splitting in to two directions further on.  As she heads that way she notices a rat perched on top of a chair, looking intently at her, it’s nose raised in the air.  After a moment it scurries off in to a hole.

Taken from site -

Brhyannon spends some time walking about in the near dark, seeming to not get anywhere except for lost, her eyes adjusting to the dark.  She then hears a cheery whistling nearby coming towards her from down a tunnel.  Brhyannon huddles down in a corner, trying to stay hid from whatever, or whoever is coming her way.  The person soon comes in to view, a light preceding him as it sweeps back and forth across the width of the tunnel.  A candle flickering in a box with shuttered doors.  The light sweeps across her that catches the man’s attention.  He calls out asking if someone is down there.  Brhyannon stays still and quiet.  The light sweeps back and rest upon her.  “Hey, Brhyannonnnnnnn.  How you doing there girl?”  The man’s voice sounding vaguely familiar from somewhere, and then as if to confirm this he states, “It’s your old friend Ferrisssss.”

Brhyannon memory flickers back to the time when she was knelt before the Judges, along with two others, Aulderush and Lady Quinn.  They were about to be cast out when another latecomer joined them, who had blood on his hands, and had been found to have killed his parents.  He had the cheek to ask for leniency due to being an orphan.

Now he stood before her in the flickering candle light, his bushy red beard sat on his chin.  He kneels down by Brhyannon and tells her that everyone has been looking for her.  Brhyannon stands up and walks towards him, to which he opens his arms wide to hug her.  Brhyannon stops shy of his embrace, and as he steps forward she carefully takes a step back.  Ferris tells to not be like that, and explains how Aulderush had offered to help him if he could find her.  Brhyannon asks if he knows where they are now, to which Ferris offers to take her to them.

As Ferris leads Brhyannon back through the tunnels, he admits to believing that they would find her first, and he had given her stuff to them for safe keeping.  He also tells her about what he had heard.  How someone who hated her guts was glad to have her captured.  They soon come upon a woman stumbling along in the tunnels, holding her arm against her side.  Brhyannon recognises her as the old woman who had been taken from the crate earlier.  Ferris stops and asks quietly if Brhyannon knows the woman.  She tells him honestly no.  Ferris looks happy with this, and suggests that they out number her and should go say hello.

Ferris leads the way while Brhyannon slows her pace to hang back.  He announces himself to the old woman, telling her is name and saying Brhyannon’s name too.  Assuring her that she has nothing to be worried about.  The old woman tells him to stay back, and Ferris assures her that they only wish to help her, they can help her get to the surface where they are heading to.  The old woman nods in agreement, she then turns to look at Brhyannon, staring for some time before smiling, “That would be nice.  Thank you.  Ferris was it.”  Brhyannon ushers Ferris to lead on, hanging back herself so she can keep both him and the old woman before her.  Ferris happily leads on, seeming to know the tunnels well.  The old woman hangs back too, turning to talk with Brhyannon.  “He called you Brhyannon.  Is that your name?”

“What is it to you?”  The old woman staggers at this abruptness, suggesting that she was only wishing to make introductions.  The old woman shares her name as Lucy from the Outlands.  She asks Brhyannon where they are, as she was brought there through some tunnels.

Turning back to look at the two women falling back, Ferris assures them to hurry at it is not far now.  Fresh air and food awaits them.  “Come on then Lucy.”  Brhyannon suggests and picks up her pace.  “Oh its not a problem.  I think I know my way from here.”  Brhyannon stops and turns back to look at Lucy, questioning her.  “What do you mean, you think you know.”

“I  know my own way.”  Lucy points off to a tunnel to the right.  Ferris stops ahead and turns to call out as to where they have gone.  “Didn’t you say you was brought from the Outlands, how can you know your way around?”  Brhyannon asks Lucy.  Lucy smiles and shares that she has been paying attention.  “The tunnels.  The layouts.  It is all obvious.”  After an awkward pause of silence as Brhyannon just looks at her, Lucy carries on.  “Is it not obvious to you?  The tunnels they are simple.  There are more than eight exits coming off at eight times.  There are no more than twenty-six potential routes they could go.  It is simple as there are no elevations involved in the mix, just the one level.  This is not complex.  Do you find it complex?”  Brhyannon looks even more puzzled now,  “I found it complex at eight exits.”  The woman looks surprised for a moment.  “Oh, in that case please ignore me.  I am merely being stupid.  I must just be lost.”

“Oh you’re lost.  In that case.”  Brhyannon grabs a hold of the woman’s arms and drags her after Ferris.

As they are about to break the surface, Ferris warns them that they may want to keep their heads down, as things have got a bit insane of late.  He tells Brhyannon that her friends are right now going over to see the completely mad bitch Dain Hadis.  Ferris apologise to Lucy, saying that he has to lead Brhyannon to her friends, making sure that Lucy will be okay from here.  Lucy assures him that she will be fine.  And off they set in their separate direction, leaving Lucy behind.

As they walk Ferris as Brhyannon if she found anything odd with Lucy.  Brhyannon admits to feeling that Lucy appeared from nowhere and knew her way around, yes she was a bit.  Ferris stops and talks more serious, asking about Lucy and knowing the tunnels.  When told he makes sure that Brhyannon tells him when she found this out.  He seems very anxious when asking her the questions.  He then apologised to Brhyannon, asking her to wait for a few moments while he shoots off as he has just remembered he has to do something.  Brhyannon shrugs and waits.

Brhyannon stands there waiting for Ferris’ return.  She takes in the panorama of Hom around her, the ruined buildings of the world before, with the wooden walkways overhead.  She is aware that autumn is most definitely well established in the world by now.  As she looks over her new home with its unusual charms and foibles, Ferris comes walking back in to view.  He seems to be picking something out from beneath his nails.  It has probably been all of twenty minutes or so since he had hurried off, and now he has returned and again apologised for the fact.  He adjusts his trousers, informing her how it is when you have too much to drink, “You just have to go instantly.”

Ferris explains that they are now passing through the Hallows, telling her how things have changed of recent, instructing her to keep her head down, and if someone was to begin to shout at her, then she should run.  They pass near to the large metal wheel standing tall against the sky.  Eventually coming upon the large open expanse of the barren wastelands.  Soon seeing the large grey structure before them in the distance.

As Brhyannon and Ferris approach the imposing structure of the temple, a female voice beckons to them, a bow drawn and ready to fire.  The female guard asking who goes there.  Ferris tells them not to worry, as it is only he, Ferris who walks amongst them.  Six more bowstrings get pulled taut ready to fire.  “Ferris is not feeling very welcome.  I heard that the Aulderush and the Lady Quinn were here.

“What business is that of you?”

“Well I have their friend Brhyannon here, wishing to get them back together again.  Reuniting the crowd.”

“Brhyannon can come in, but you can’t.  Go away!”

“Oh, I understand.  Well don’t forget about me ladies.”  Another bowstring or two can be heard being drawn.  Before parting Ferris tells Brhyannon to not forget to tell the others who had saved her and brought her to them, parting by adding he has some more important things to do.

Setting the Wheels in Motion – continued

Aulderush and Lady Quinn lead Brhyannon through the Hallows, keeping their heads down and being careful.  They soon come upon Mech who is leading a small group of men on patrol around the neighbourhood.  He hails them as they approach, Lady Quinn calling his name and nodding her head.  Aulderush explains who their new companion is, and Mech welcomes her to the Fallen.  He offers her to join in the hunting camps to go in search of the Z’bri.  Lady Quinn looks over to see what Brhyannon’s reaction is.  They then talk about the food and lack of it for some and not for others.  About where they have just come from, and where they are heading, such as the Sepulchre then on to the Sky Realm.  He warns them how dangerous the place is, even on the streets.  There are those who worship the Z’bri.  He tells them that he never ventures above the third floor, as things get very dangerous.  He also tells of other scavengers out there that are pointless in fighting if there is no need, there are plenty out there for everyone.

As they are talking a woman runs up to them, her breath short and rapid.  Mech shouts out a challenge of halt who goes there, his hand going to his weapon.  The woman is dressed in loose white, with her hair loose too flowing behind her.  From the looks her hair was tied up in the ponytail, which is now come undone.  She is holding her sides in gasps.  The woman walks up to them trying to talk.  In gasps of air and panting the woman apologise and tries to explain what she is doing.  She explains that she is trying to find the dead body of the Tribal that has disappeared from the Cage.  She also explains that someone had seen a ghost walking about.  She is worried that the Tribals will find out.  Aulderush tells her to calm down and explain things, asking for her name.  Terry, ex of Magdalite, is her response, slowing herself down and trying to calm.

Mech explains to Terry that he has not seen or heard anything.  Aulderush tells them not to worry about it, looking over at Lady Quinn to see her reaction.  Mech shares he is still worried, not wanting things to kick off between them and the Tribes.  Aulderush explains to him that he is an ex Yagan.  Mech smiles and pats him on the back, “Well that the spirit taken care of and I trust you, but what about the body?”  Again Aulderush assures him that he can take care of that too, keeping his face straight.  Mech gives an exaggerated wink to Aulderush, patting on the back again.  Terry insists on finding the body, so Aulderush assures her that he will take her and show her.  Lady Quinn questions the trust of this woman, and the need to waste time on this ‘matter’.  Terry looks shocked.  Aulderush suggests that if he does this, she will need to help Mech, and if he hears that she has been untrustworthy then he will come looking for her.  She assures them that she can be trusted and will willingly help out, keeping an eye on the streets as she is good at this.

Aulderush leads Terry off while Mech goes about his business and Lady Quinn takes Brhyannon on to the Sepulchre.  As they walk Aulderush shares with Terry that he is sure of which branch or stone the body is wedged under, knowing full well that Lady Quinn had thrown the weighted body in to the water.  Terry explains that she knows people who have hungry pigs that may help make the body disappear.  Aulderush nods in understanding but says nothing.  Eventually they arrive at the location and Aulderush explains what had happened, assuring the woman so she will drop the matter as settled.

When asked by Terry, Aulderush shares with her that both he and Lady Quinn had done this for Hom.  With a straight face she says,  “That is very….noble of you.  Well I had better be off to help Mech.  I am giving him something, but I feel I owe you something too.”  Aulderush explains to her that they will be having to go to the Sky Realms, as she wishes to pay her debits immediately instead of leaving it until later, and he wonders if she has anything of use for them.  She stands there thinking, mentioning about the warning of not going.  After a time she does believe she could help out, she feels she may have someone who could help.  Terry then asks where the person who will help them should meet.  Aulderush tells her that it will be the Sepulchre.  Terry seems to very happy with herself, a smile across her face like the Cheshire cat.  She tells him it will be an ex Terrashiban, and part of the Lightbringers called Hal Ninva.  She explains tha the guy likes to be seen with important people and climb the social ladder.  The guy cannot fight but will more likely bring his own bodyguard for that part.

As they arrive at the Sepulchre, Lady Quinn introduces Brhyannon to both Dais and Veruka, and explains to Veruka everything that had happened and what they need to do next.  She hands over all of Brhyannon’s gear back to her from her time when she was a Tribal.  Veruka questions whether Brhyannon will be travelling with them now.  They are three once more.  She then states, knowing, that Brhyannon had been in the tunnels, muttering about why people who had been down there have these things.  Veruka leans forward and plucks nothing from the air right before Brhyannon’s face.  Dais is still leaning by the window and smiles over at Brhyannon introducing himself.  He guess her as being an ex Evan from how she responses to questions.

It is not long before Aulderush arrive back at the tower called the Sepulchre, Dais seeing him coming from the window.  Lady Quinn asks him how well it had gone for him.  He explains to them, with a quizzical look about his face, sharing that it hadn’t took long and was straightforward.  He tells them that he has got help from two people who will be arriving there ready to leave with them to the Sky Realm.  One being a Hal Ninva and another good with a blade.

As they turn in for the night, ready for an early start, Lady Quinn has a quiet word with Aulderush.  Asking him what he can remember of their dream vision, and if he can remember any cinnamon.  He tells that he can remember the bat thing, there was a tussle and it then flew away.  “Look I am just trying to help, but if there was something you had forgotten, would you want to know what it is, or would you prefer to stay ignorant to it?  Especially if you had agreed at the time to have said memory removed.”  Aulderush thinks for a moment before answering the loaded question.  “This may be rash of me but no, I think I would want to know.”  Lady Quinn explains that he had, and she hadn’t, agreed to have his memory taken away.  And at that time both his and hers was taken away of that incident.  “But in a mad rush of pain everything came back to me.  Now I remember and was wondering if you would like to gain something extra from your trade by gaining some of your memory back.”  Aulderush agrees to being told, Lady Quinn tells him, happy to share this information and piss the cinnamon woman off.  Aulderush has no connection with the smell or word of cinnamon.  She shares with him about the pale blue woman and the smell, how the woman had visited her before and tried to visit him.  About the fight and talk in the dream vision at Dain Hadis, and how the woman had said about the incident at the Bazaar and his mentor.  Someone of the pale blue woman’s group had tried to attack Halos and failed.  And the threat of Aulderush knowing about her and her group.  ‘Dream Assassins’.

The next day the wake early with the sun shining through to them.  A man is there waiting for them, his arms folded before him, wearing a long black jacket with buttons that run all the way down to his feet.  He has dark skin and wears facial hair on his chin in the fashion of a goatee.  His hair is shaved revealing a tattoo of scales.  He smiles upon seeing them and greets them, introducing himself as Hal Ninva, and stating that Veruka had allowed him entry.  He explains to them that he has a friend waiting for them, and he is good with a blade.  As for himself, he knows people in the seven Tribes that have little secrets that they wish not to be told.  He shares that he had heard about this from a beggar man, but wishes to know what the plan is, only knowing that the Sky Realm was mentioned.

Aulderush explains to Hal that there is believed to be an artefact of Joshua there, or a start to finding the object.  Hal is impressed with the idea, and how it could unite all of Hom.  The three of them happily agree with Hal’s suggestion of keeping things strictly between their close-knit friends.  “You never can trust anyone fully you know, and it is best to be untrusting.”  He then shares some information with them, how he heard of another outcast that never made it to Hom.  The person had an altercation with some Joanite guards.  The woman was of the Judges, a Terrashiban, and thrown to the feet of the Judges at the Judgement.  She has been sentenced to banishment to the Sky Realm.  So I have a personal matter in this too, as this woman may be a potential contact.  As there is talk, but not confirmed, that she may be a Fallen sympathiser.  Hal knits his fingers together,  “I believe fate has brought us together for a common goal.”  Lady Quinn turns to Aulderush and suggests that this woman could be the first sign they are looking for.

Hal asks for their acceptance in to the venture to the Sky Realms and they agree.  He suggests going so everyone can see them leave to head their, possibly boosting morale.  “Lets Dance.”  Is all that Lady Quinn can say.

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