What’s happening

This post is just a quick update to let you all know what is happening, as there was no game or write-ups last week.  Basically there will be no Tribe 8 game session for the foreseeable future, as our GM has burnt himself out.  There was no one-shot either for last week, and  I have not heard anymore as to when or even if there will be another game session, whether it be one-shots or not.  This will be a big shame if our gaming sessions has suddenly come to a sudden death.  I will have to look in to this and see what is what.

As for the Orpheus write-ups, this I do not know what has happened, as I thought there was another one coming, but have not heard anything of this game write-up either.  I do not know if there has been anymore session of this or not, so to all the people who loved reading these and are waiting for more, I am sorry but I can’t give you an answer at the moment.

It is always difficult when your gaming group and friends get split up by situations and circumstances, and even doing it over the internet becomes a problem.  Personally I prefer to game around a table face to face with my fellow gamers, but needs must and all that.  So again there will be no game session this evening as well.  Hopefully this lull will only be a temporary thing.

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