Another Conspiracy

Conspiracy X – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Will


George Winston – Jason (jymmijamz)

Ray Winters – Me


The alarm clock displays a bright red neon reading of numbers, showing the early time of 6:00 am.  George is just climbing out of his bed and hitting the off button when he hears the dulcet tone of his mobile phone, announcing an incoming text message.  He stretches the aches from his body as he goes over to mobile telephone.  The text message reads – ‘ AEGIS’.  Seeing this message many times before, and knowing exactly what it means, George gets dressed in his regulation white shirt and black tie, all tucked in to his un-pressed dark grey trousers.  And as he goes out the front door he throws on his dark grey suit jacket.  The stories this jacket could tell, with the many years of service it has put in with George through its time.

On his way to the hidden location within the woods, George stops off at one of the new coffee shops that had opened recently.  He has become a regular in the mornings for his first coffee of the day, and wonders at why the idea of a takeaway coffee shop hadn’t sprung up earlier.  He tucks a newspaper under his arm as he goes back to his car.

Ray Winters arrives at an old hidden underground bomb shelter, hidden overgrown within a thick woods in the countryside.  He drives past the hidden sensors within the thicket and stops at the old rusty-padlocked gates.  It looks as though no one has been through he for a few weeks.  As usual he is the first one to arrive and heads on in.

Down in the cold dark and dank room where he waits, the lights flickering on with a quiet background hum he is used to.  The same old single desk with a solitary lamp stand sits over to one side, while against one wall stands a gun cabinet with five handguns within, and around twenty clips of spare ammunitions.  A small simple desktop computer sits on a larger desk over by another wall, and a door leads in to a small room that is used as a simple medical area.  Everything is as it always is; no one has been down there since the last time he was there from the looks of things.

Ray brews himself a nice warm, golden brown mug of tea and sits down to wait.  After about thirty minutes, give or take, George Winston walks in, a short portly guy of aging years, which has clearly seen better days, but is still a strong and powerful man.  His hair is thinning and beginning to go grey.  Ray as worked with this guy for a couple of years now, working behind the scenes for this clandestine agency called Aegis, which mainly investigate unidentified alien occurences.  He knows not to mess with this George, who is in fact an MI5 operative and has been for a long time, since his early days when he left the armed forces.  Ray on the other hand is a bit of a mix match for this George, but they have worked well, his occupation outside of Aegis is that of an art thief.  This match up in the early days was a difficult situation.

Not long after George arrives, a tall woman with a cigarette in her mouth walks in to the room.  Under her arms is a pale brown folder.  “Good day gentlemen.”  Ray lifts his mug to her in response, and then takes another sip from his cooling brew.  They recognise her as their contact from the organisation, and she always seems to be well informed and intelligent.  Her name has never been given to them, but she is a higher up in the agency.  George takes the initiative, as he always does in these matters, bidden her a good morning and asking what has happened.

The woman begins by clarifying the situation as to there being no investigations for a while, and suggests that they had need of getting things going again, especially since the recent reports that has come across her desk.  She places a small metal looking plastic object on the table, almost an identical shape and size to that of a packet of chewing gum.  She tells them that all the relevant information is stored on the thumb stick.

She then tells them of a man called James Adams, who was a freelance photographer up until recently.  He has an ex-wife with no children, and lead an ordinary life.  But in the past two months has appeared in a couple of fringe publication.  About eight months ago James had left to go on a two-week vacation in Morocco, but had disappeared for around six months.  When he came back he carried on as normal, saying that he had just gone off to experience the world travelling.  However he began to write articles that went along with some photos.  These articles were only picked up by fringe magazine, and described certain government conspiracies.  He seems to have no certain means to gather such information, and has either hit a luck shot or may have another means to the information.  But this kind of information he describes is best left out of the public eye as it would be safer.  And especially from the eyes of an organisation called I.D.D. (International Defence Directive).  A very unfriendly clandestine group that are believed to work with alien forces, and are likely to not be happy in reading what James Adams has to say, nor would the alien group.

The woman asks George and Ray to look in to see if IDD have found out about James Adams yet, and what his source of information is coming from.  Also to see if Aegis is not known about.  The main concern is the information leaking to the public.  James seems to be working freelance still, and not targeting any one specific publication.  The woman states that they have managed to give out miss-information, and the conspiracy nuts don’t seem to go in for what James Adams has to say.  Not yet anyway.  When asks she confirms that when James had disappeared for six months, there was no trace of him, physically or monetarily.  So as far as they can see, he disappeared without a trace.  But may have been backpacking, finding what cash in hand work he could find as he travelled.

Before leaving, and after all the questions are out of the way, the woman pulls out a large swanky mobile telephone, which has a large touch screen, and asks each of them to touch the device for several seconds.  George goes first, making sure to hold it in his right hand as instructed.  Ray stands and places his mug on the table, intently watching what happens as George holds the device.  The device hums to itself as George places his hand around it, growing warm to his touch.  He becomes aware that this thing in his hands seems to be reading his biometric information.  He knows of such apparatus, but never anything so small as this.  It probably is using some sort of alien technology.  After around five seconds the screen glows green and then the woman nods.  Now it is Ray’s turn.

After receiving the device back from Ray, the woman taps in something on the touch screen and a browser window opens.  It seems to be connecting to a remote computer system called Hermes.  The woman explains that the device is their latest way of being able to communicate with Hermes, and allows them access to the database there in.  Otherwise the device appears to be just a rather large and expensive mobile telephone, which will not allow anyone else but them access to the more advance features.  As she leaves she stubs out her cigarette on the table top, leaving them to begin their investigation.

The damning reports and news articles detail human contact with alien life forms, and how there is a schism in the midst of the American government.  It is known to Aegis that the IDD tried to and succeeded in shooting down the UFO in Roswell.

George and Ray head up the motorway to Birmingham, to arrive at the current address of James Adams.  After the couple of hours drive, they arrive in area and park their car up the street.  They decide to sit and stakeout James’ address to find out his coming and goings before confronting him.  It is becoming late morning as they sit observing the location.  Soon George suggests that he will go for a walk and check out the block of flats that James lives within, while Ray waits in the car.

Most of the occupants are out at this time of day, probably all at work in one form or another.  James is known to be living alone.  On his walk around, George didn’t come across anything and goes in a circular route around the area back to the car.  After another hour of sitting around init he car, George suggests that Ray go over to the flats and have a walk about on the inside of the block, checking out the whereabouts of the flat and condition of his front door.  Basically to make sure no one has got to him already.

Ray goes over to the local newsagent first to pick up a newspaper before walking over to the flats.  He then goes up one extra floor and then walks down to James’ level.  He walks the entire length of flats straight past James’, listening in for anyone who may be in.  He stops at James’ flat and pulls out a notepad to scribble down a note, but he looks at the door for any evidence of a forced entry, but all checks out.  After that he heads back to George and reports what he finds.

After spending several hours of no activity outside James black of flats, George and Ray agree to try ringing around some of the publication James used to supply photographs for.  Ray comes up with an idea of speaking in an Italian accent, throwing in the odd word, pretending to be an art journalist wishing to do an article on old famous art pieces and the current locations of the piece.  How the landscape has changed.  They begin with the last publication James had a photo published with before his holiday in Morocco.

Ray makes the call and pretends to be an Italian just arrived in the country, asking for a good photographer, a freelancer, that they could recommend for his article that he wish to start.  With luck he is given the name of their photographer James Adams, giving Ray the telephone number, only asking that he put in a good word for the publication and how they would like to see more of his work.

Carrying on with the cover story they have made up, Ray telephones James, again pretending to be an Italian.  He informs James that he was passed his contact details by the publication he was in last, and asks if he could help with some photos for his new project he wishes to get off the ground.  James apologises for not being of much help now as he is not in the photograph business, but he may have some old pictures that may be of help.  So as they talk they arrange to met up as he pretends to have just got in the country and is in fact in Birmingham.  Ray reels of technical details of the fine art game adding to his story.  James suggests a meeting location, in a coffee shop near to a theatre.

Knowing that they now have time before the meeting, and that James will be out of town, they decide to go back over to his flat and enter.  Ray has the skills of picking the lock and allows them entry without any problems.  The flat is a straightforward bachelor pad, with all the mod cons.  So they go about the place being careful and taking a look around.  The fridge has about a weeks worth of food within, all of the value brand, no brand names, and plenty of instant foods.  Books on his shelf are of the factual new age type.  His diary contains the usual stuff right up to and including his holiday, but then it stops for about a month.  After that it continues, but the writing is more skittish, and he is seeing omens where there aren’t any.  It almost seems like a Post Dramatic Stress disorder, and the places he goes to aren’t named within, it is either ‘the usual place’ or circumvents the naming of the place.

George and Ray spend the rest of the day before the meeting preparing, getting anything that would help collaborate their story.  George will be not sitting in on the meeting so a listening device will also be needed, and Ray buys an Italian imported newspaper to tuck under his arm, along with his laptop, which they change the language settings to Italian.  George goes on in to the coffee shop early and finds a good vantage point to sit, roughly about thirty minutes..  Ray decides to arrive about ten minutes early for the meeting that is at six pm.  James also seems to have decided to arrive early walking in to the coffee shop five minutes before Ray, appearing to look a little put out and envious that someone is already sat in the best vantage point.

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    • lol I know you love the Orphius write-ups, but these are out of my control, but from what I know they will still be played and written up for this blog, as and when they have the chance to play more games.

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