Up Close and Personal

Conspiracy X – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Will


George Winston – Jason (jymmijamz)

Ray Winters – Me


James Adams enters the café/coffee shop and orders himself a Latte before sitting down at a small table.  He then notices a man walk in with a laptop shoulder bag thrown across his chest, who seems a little unsure but promptly goes up to the counter and order a Cappuccino with an Italian accent.

Ray patiently waits for his ordered Cappuccino to be made, standing at the counter, when a man he known to be James Adams approaches him and asks confirmation that he is the man to meet.  Ray carries on the charade, confirming his agreed name while keeping the accent, and the occasional stumble of English words.  They shake hands in greeting and James offers him to join him at a table he points out.

Ray and James settle down at the small table in the café/coffee shop, talking shop and discussing what it is that Ray is trying to accomplish with his project.  James produces a black photographic portfolio, displaying some very high standard shots of different scenes from various locations.  Ray carefully peruses the folder, taking his time and looking for anything that would resemble art that he knows.  Every now and again taking a slow sip from his hot drink, and engaging James in small talk, slowly bringing the subject to his current work, and whether he had any recent holidays from his busy projects.

George nonchalantly sips his own drink, reading a paper and taking a look around as he watches and listens in on the conversation between James and Ray.  George does notice that there appears to be a couple of Cops that are loitering around outside, sat in their Police vehicle.  So he sends a text message in Italian to Ray warning as much.  George relies on the smart phone from Aegis, and the Hermes database/ operating system to do the translating in to Italian for him.

James tells Ray about going to Morocco for a fortnight, and he had decided to leave the photography work behind while he was there.  Ray picks up on the fact that James said he was in Morocco for only two weeks, when their records show he had been away for a lot longer.  James shares that he has tried various different types of writing, but has settled on the weird and unusual for the out-there publication, such as ‘Dangerous Questions Revealed’.  And when asked if he has any of his work, James hands over a battered copy of a magazine that has one of his articles in.  James apologise for he writes nonsense really, and just makes it up as he goes along.  “It pays the bills you know.”

Ray asks James if he has any more photographs, and whether he could take a perusal.  James states that he has a busy day tomorrow as he has to go up to Yorkshire for some research, but should be back by the evening.  So they arrange to meet up again the following evening at James’ flat.

With this George decides to make an exit a little earlier than Ray or James, leaving the café/coffee shop, taking a slow walk out and stops to use his mobile phone.  He sends a text message to Ray advising him on what his actions are.  The Cops outside look up at George, but then look the other way seeing there isn’t anything to worry about.

After James and Ray arrange their meeting, James gets up first and leaves the café/coffee shop.  They have agreed for Ray to ring him about the same time tomorrow as their meeting today for arranging the whereabouts of James’ flat.  They shake hands and part.

As James leaves, the cops begin to follow, giving a safe distance before doing so.  James goes by foot towards his flat, as it is not that far.  George pretends to finish his conversation on his mobile and walk off towards the Cops direction.  He rings Ray and shares his observations, asking him to get the car and meet them where they parked near to James’ flat.

Soon the Cops drive past James and go on around the corner of the junction.  George closes the gap between him and James, but still keeps a safe distance so as to not draw attention to himself.  When they arrive at the block of flats where James lives, George see no sign of the Cops, but there is a Police car parked in the street, up around the corner from the flats.  The Police car is locked up with no occupants to be seen.  George loops around and heads on in to the block of flats.

Ray goes and picks up their car, after heading towards the hotel he had mentioned he was staying in, just to be on the safe side.  Once he arrives at the location near James’ flat, Ray parks the car up and sits to wait for what George finds, just noticing him walk in to the flats.

George takes the elevator up one floor higher than James’, and then walks down the stairs to that floor.  He walks past James’ flat, noticing the front door is slightly ajar.  George carries on along the terrace, past all the other flats, he then walks down one more floor before stopping and texts Ray for him to come over and meet on the floor below James’ flat.


Once George and Ray meet up, George tells Ray what he has observed.  How the Police car parked outside is the same one that was parked outside the café/coffee shop.  And that James’ front door to his flat is slightly ajar.  The have a quick talk as to what to do next.  Ray suggests using his ID to enter the flat and go from there.  But George believes that his ID may show too high an interest in the situation, and wishes that if the two Cops are IDD operatives, he doesn’t want them to know.  Then with that George notices the fire alarm on the wall they are stood near, and proceeds to smash the button.

A loud and dull white noise rings out throughout the whole block of flats.  Ray hurries back out to their parked car, to observe what happens from that vantage point.  People begin to come out of their flats, some in panic, while others curse.  George goes to the floor of James’ flat, and goes from flat to flat, banging on the doors and shouting ‘FIRE! FIRE!’.  As George arrives at James’ door, he bangs on it and it freely swings open.  He notices that the lock has been forced open.  He sees no ones immediately, but does hear hushed, deep and threatening voices coming from further inside the flat.

“FIRE! FIRE!  Hello is anyone there.”  George calls out.  He releases the clip that fastens his shouldered gun in its holster.  One of the Cops comes from around the corner, looking George straight in the eyes.  “Don’t worry sir, we think it is a false alarm.”  The Cop then asks if George lives in the block of flats.  George confirms by saying he lives one floor above, and is doing the rounds on his way out.  The Cop tells him that he surely should be making sure he is out to safety, not going door to door.  George replies by saying that the Cop should be out also, to which the Cop states again that it is a false alarm.  With that George shrugs his shoulder and turns leaving the flat.  As he is walking out, George hears a muffled cry of pain come from within the flat, and a dull thud.

George hurries to the stairs, seeing the two Cops exit James’ flat, both going separate ways.  As George arrives down on the next floor, again he goes from door to door crying his warning.  He can see one of the Cops running towards him.  When they meet up the Cop asks George what he knows of this false alarm.  George denies knowing anything.  The Cop speaks into his shoulder mic, using some Police code to basically say, ‘okay I have him’.

As George reaches inside his jacket, the Cop throws a clenched fist.  Just as George was about to open his mouth he catches sight of the intention and dodged the attack.  George this time manages to withdraw his hand from inside his jacket to reveal his warrant card.  The Cop stands with his jaw dropping, “M. I. Fff..  Does this have something to do with internal security?”

“Suffice to say we have an operation underway in the area.  And at this time you are interfering in it.”

“I’m interfering in it?  Is it something to do with Nutterboy up stairs?”

“Who is Nutterboy?”

“Mr Adams.  James Adams.  The one who writes conspiracy theories.”

“What makes you believe he has a connection to an internal affairs investigation?”

“Uhh, none.”

“Then why bring him up?”  The Cop admits to having been given an order from up high, to keep the guy quiet, and stop him from investigating things further.  “Look I have better ways to waste my time than with this.”

The Cop changes the subject and asks why George had set the fire alarms off.  George suggests that it is none of his business, and that he and his mate should leave quickly and quietly.  They then both get in to an argument about orders and suggestions.  This is when the second Cop turns up from behind, a puzzled look to his face.  George steps to the side so he can keep them both in his view.  Again George suggests that they both should leave so he can get on with his investigation.  The Cop that has been doing all the talking turns to his partner and states that they had better go back to the flat to pick up their gear.

George walks after the Cops, telling them that he will accompany them.  This again upsets the Cop and he voices it, arguing that surely he must have some more important work to be doing than walking with them.  At this point the Cop is getting disgruntled and un-cooperative, complaining about MI5 and muttering about talking with his Sarge.  George calls Ray and informs him of the situation, asking for Ray to come over for back up.

Ray hurries over to the flats, waiting down the terrace of the floor which houses James’ flat.  The alarm has ceased it wailing by now, turned off and people returning aware of the false alarm.  George slowly and quietly enters James’ flat once more, being careful of a volatile situation.  James Adams can be seen sat on a chair with his hands cuffed behind his back.  A floorboard beneath George’s foot creaks, and as he enters the two Cops are waiting for him.  The Cop that had been doing all the talking smiles and asks again what the interest is in Adams.  George again denies an interest except for getting the Cops from his area of investigation.  And with that he launches himself at the Cop.

George dives for an attack on the Cop, aiming to throw a fist on to his jaw.  But the Cop was ready enough to just manage to avoid the hit.  Luckily George manages to also avoid both retaliation strikes from the two Cops.  A thrown punch from the target, and a pepper spray attack from his partner.  The irritant mist from the aerosol just missing his face, but causes him to gag and cough slightly.  George manages to turn and knock the spray can from the Cops hand, causing it to discharge once more as it hits the ground.  Then a fist from George lands a glancing blow across the side of his face.  A fist fight breaks out between George and the two Cops, the one seeming in charge landing a strike on George, while the other stand back unsure what is happening.  The Cop also states that he knows George has as much authority and right to be there as they do, and promptly tells him to ‘Fuck off!’

Ray hears the kerfuffle and stands by the front door, seeing that George has the situation at the moment so stands ready by the door.  Avoiding to be seen by James for now.  Both the lead Cop and George carry on to bluff each other as they wait for the other to make another move.  George pulls his gun, while also showing his warrant card again.  This quickly pauses the situation and George tells them that he wants them gone.  The lead Cop is complaining about it but turns to his colleague muttering.

The two Cops reluctantly walk from the flat.  Ray backs off and leans against the balcony, about one flat along, looking out over the street.  The Cops give him a quizzical look as they pass annoyed.


George un-cuffs James, releasing his binds and giving him space to breath and read the vanquished situation.  “O, o, okay.  Who are you?”

“A friend.  I am here to help.  I think we need to find somewhere a little quieter.”

“But I am a writer, a journalist.  I write things and that is it.”

“Yeah but some of the things you write are a little close to the knuckle.”

“What do you mean.”

“Look, lets just say you have drawn the attention of some people you really don’t want the attention of.”  James begins to say something more but can’t find the words.  He then turns and states that he had better pack some of his clothes.  James demands to know what is happening, and to have a straight answer.  He wants to know his rescuers name.  George tells him his name, and tells James to get some of his things he needs as they had better get a move.

As James is gathering his things, George tells Ray what the situation is.  Ray agrees to loosing his cover as it is not necessary any further, and then he goes off to bring the car around to the entrance to the block of flats.  George leads James with his hurried bag of essentials to the front door to the block of flats.  James keeps throwing out questions to George as they stand and wait, but George assures him that he is one of the good guys.  James implores him that he is only a writer that makes up stories that he disguises as conspiracy theories.

Soon the car pulls up and George and James hurry in to the passenger seats.  James is surprised to see the Italian contact he met earlier sitting behind the wheel of the car, driving them away from his home.  James stammers a response, checking to see if it really is who he thinks it to be.  Ray confirms it in plain English, and without an Italian accent.  “So you wont be wanting to buy a picture?”

“No sorry, there wasn’t anything that covered what I needed.”

George contacts Aegis and warns them about the two Police officers they met, and share that they have now got James Adam with them in the car.  James is sat in the back speechless, shocked at the turn of events.  Eventually he braves the odd question, asking about the both of them and the organisation they work for.  He then leads on to what has happened and why still surprised by it all.

Ray makes contact to one of his less scrupulous associates, and organises a place for them all to stay for the night.  A little later on the car is stopped and a shadowy man is leaning up against the drivers window, slipping an envelope with an address and a set of keys on to Rays lap.  After a little simple small talk the car is off once again, heading towards their new destination.

James Adams keeps talking, probably more in shock than interest.  But he does ask to whether he will be arrested or beaten up by more Cops tomorrow.  George and Ray question him, suggesting that he needs to help them, to help him.  Ray asks what had happened to him on his holiday and what he remembers.

It transpires that James Adam believes that he was only away on holiday for two weeks, giving the correct dates of departure and return, not realising or seeing that it is in fact a lot longer.  An extra two weeks longer in fact.  It was when he returned to good ol’ Blighty that he began his writing for the strange publications.  When George and Ray show him the dates and his belief do not correlate, James looks puzzled and mentally does the maths.  On realising the absence, James asks what had happened to him, whether he may have been in an accident.

They carry on questioning him about how he comes up with the ideas for his writings, suggesting that he may be influenced in to it, because James mentions they just come to him.  He can’t believe that flying saucers and Big Foot really exist.  At the end of the day they both agree that they need to take James Adams back to Morocco to trace what his movements were, and the places and people he may have met.  So starting tomorrow, all three of them will be travelling to Morocco.

George checks the database on Hermes, finding details that the Greys seem to be found around bodies of water, like coast lines and lakes.  They also are some kind of psychokinesis type of powers and abilities.  Remembering that IDD are in contact with the Greys.

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