Are the Pieces Beginning to Fall

Conspiracy X – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Will


George Winston – Jason (jymmijamz)

Ray Winters – Me


The flight tickets were bought and paid for in cash at the airport, all through some ‘contacts’ of Ray’s.  And they arrived at the airport with no problems.  And it is not long before they have to check in and go to the terminal.

After about a five and a half hour flight, all three of them, George, Ray and James arrive in Morocco.  After picking up their small luggage, they pick up a taxi and head to the nearest hotel that has vacancies.  They avoid staying at the exact same hotel as what James had done when he was last there, but they are lucky to find one that is a walking distance away.

They book themselves in to a party room, which will happily accommodate all three of them in the same room.  All they do is drop their stuff off and check the room before leaving again to begin their search and investigation.  Ray question James with what he had done once he arrived in Morocco, and what he had done and visited.  James states that he had mostly travelled around the foothills and looking for places for photographic opportunities.

James is left to drive the hire car, leading them to the places he had gone, while George sits in the front studying the map as they travel, and Ray in the back observing the surrounding outside.  As they journey on, George becomes suspicious and notices that James is what appears to be avoiding an area on the map. A small valley that would have been the shorter way than the long way which James is taking?  George questions the route and suggests to James to take the shorter way.  James has no answer as to why he is going the way he is, but turns the car and heads in through the valley.

As they travel, James becomes more bold with his questions, asking both George and Ray about the ‘games’ that both them and the Cops are playing, and being very off when the subject of saving him from the beating in his flat.  Ray clarifies to James that they are not playing any game, but trying to find out exactly what is happening, and in the process help James.  “You’re all the same, just different sides of the same chessboard.”  Ray decides to ignore more remarks from James, and checks with their smart phone and the Hermes database, seeing what may come up/flag up regarding the area of the valley where James was avoiding.

The area shows that it is contested due to a good trade route, and IDD wish to have control.  There is also signs of Grey activity in that area, seeming to like the watery locations.  Ray keeps what he finds to himself to tell George later, when James is not around.  Until then he wants to see what James comes up with and what he does.

Soon James seems to stop talking and basically shut down socially altogether. But George and Ray do not pay much attention to this, and keep studying their choice of distraction, glad of the break from questions.  Suddenly Ray looks up, aware of a nagging feeling, stopping his Hermes perusing, and then dropping it all together has he lunges across to the drives part of the car, grabbing a hold of the steering wheel.  James is unconscious in the driver’s seat, with Ray stretching himself across the front seats from the back, steering the car as best he can in that awkward position.  George on the other hand is not aware immediately of what has happened, being too busy looking out at the view.

With a now relaxed foot pressing down on the accelerator, the car is careering down the road, with Ray desperately steering the car and keeping it under control.  At the moment!  Ray shouts out quick and sharp commands to George, getting his attention.  Instructing him to move James’ leg from the pedals, and then gently apply the handbrake.  However George is somewhat taken back by the turn of events, and his reaction time is a little on the slow side.  The car carries on careering down the road, with Ray doing the best he can to keep them all safe and on the road.  Ray quickly goes one-handed on the steering wheel, and quickly pulls the manual gear stick out of gear in to neutral.  The gears protest and crunch with this action but Ray is successful.  The car shudders and the engine over revs, causing the car to stall but carry on costing along the road.  Several cars and carts passing on the opposite side of the road have to swerve to avoid being hit, with many shouts and fist waving, along with blasting of horns.

Eventual the car reaches a part of the road where it has to climb slightly, which helps to slow the movement down, and Ray steers the car to the edge of the road to help with the slowing down.  Finally the car comes to a more or less halt.  George pulling the handbrake on finally, and James slumps to the side with the indelicate driving.  Ray checks and finds that they are still within the central area of the valley.  Ray turns to George; not looking to pleased and calms himself before speaking.  Ray shares what he found on Hermes, about the area they find themselves within.  George ignores the look and takes a good look around them across the valley.  They discover an area where some buildings have been knocked down recently.  From the looks of it, some small rural village that used to be out here.

James grunts and moans in his sleep, slumped in the driver’s seat.  George goes over and examines his condition.  James has a steady pulse but is unconscious with an odd green glow to the back of his neck.  This he points out to Ray.  Ray checks this oddity with the database on Hermes, finding a connection with this area and the Greys.  Some sort of odd experiments but nothing concrete.

George and Ray decide to take a quick look over at the ruins that are not too far from them.  Securing James in a safe position in the back of the car, while George sits in the back with him and Ray drives.


Taking a closer look, it appears that the ruined village had been knocked down recently, probably within the last couple of years or so.  But can see nothing odd about the ruins.  There are roughly about tens buildings, and the surrounding fields still look fertile enough.  Staying in the car, Ray uses the smart phone to check up on any records within Hermes database.  He finds no conspiracy or cover up involved with the place, just a simple case of economy.  The village owed a lot of money so the place was sold from under them.

James begins to groan some more, moving restlessly in his seat.  George turns and checks on him.  He finds that his condition is worsening, with his pulse becoming weaker by the minute.  With this they decide to leave the village for now, and rush James to the nearest Hospital.  Driving with haste to the closest City, finding the signs for a hospital.

As they pull up at the hospital, James’ groans have disappeared as his breath has become very shallow.  They rush him out of the car, and one of the nurses spot them carrying James and rush over to help, calling out to colleagues in the local dialect (Arabic).  The paramedics rush James in and start to attend to him with haste.  They give James a shot of something and he begins to regain some strength and slight consciousness.  James opens his eyes and looks directly at George, a confused express across his face.  “Don’t tell them.”  Comes a weak voice from James.  George asks him what.  “You can’t tell them what happened here.!

“…Okay I wont tell them.”  George turns and looks at Ray.  Then James slips back under, closing his eyes but more restful.

A female doctor in her white formal dress walks over to both George and Ray, addressing George, first in Arabic and then in French, before resorting to English.  She checks if they are with Mr. Adams, and then asks what had happened to him.  George explains to her what had happened, but is evasive as to the exact location of the incident.  When asks George tells her that they are a group of friends that are celebrating together.  She tells them that she will have to keep Mr. Adams in over night for observation.  Ray hands her their contact detail, asking her to tell them if anything happens with James.  She asks Ray if he could shed any light on what had happened.  Ray explains that he can’t really help anymore, all he knows was that he was in the back of the car when James had passed out while driving.  Telling her what he had to do to save all of their lives.  The female doctor explains that any details they can give will be of great help, especially as there have been similar cases.  So anything they give will be of the utmost help.

Ray explains that he can’t really think clearly of anything, but anything she may shed on what she knows may jog his memory on the events.  After some subtle persuasion, the doctor asks if they had been anywhere near Fort. Stanley military base at all when it had happened.  Ray explains that they are tourist, but they had not been around that way as of yet.  She shares that some labourers and even military personal had come from the base with similar symptoms.  She also states that it seems odd that they had only been in the country for hours not weeks or months.  For as with the previous cases it had not shown any signs until a long time.  Ray gives her a general location of where it had happened, making sure not to pin point the area directly.  She makes notes of this.

After talking carefully with the female doctor, George and Ray leave James in her capable hands, and decide to head on over to the military base to investigate.  But first they want to take another look at the valley.  However this will all wait until first light the following day as it is now getting late as the sun is getting low in the sky.  Ray logs in to the Hermes database what has happened so far, and the information they have gathered.  George organises the paperwork for him and a colleague to take a visit to the military base the following day.


The next day George and Ray drive over to the valley once again to take a look at the ruined village.  With clearer minds and better light they can see things with more clarity.  As they look around they notice an area near to the village with a mass of disturbed ground, George sees that it appears to be like a crash site from the angle of the disturbed ground.  As they drive over, Ray checks to see if anything is logged in on the Hermes database, but nothing comes back.  There is a lot of footprints and animal tracks around the disturbed area, along with compressed imprints of some sort of objects and vehicle tracks that could be military trucks.  The tracks head off in a westerly direction from there.  Ray has a strong suspicion that Fort Stanley are defiantly involved with this somehow.

With this evidence they decide to head on over to the military base without any further investigation with the village.  The drive is a long journey from where they are now along the country roads and across town to the base.

Fort Stanley is a fairly large base with about two dozen large buildings and several smaller structures nestled amongst them, along with several barracks and a large aircraft hangar.  There is a stationed guard building at the entrance to the base, along with the thick metal bar across the road in.  The guard walks up to the driver’s window and asks for papers.  Once George gives his details, the guard instructs him to head on over to the visitor’s car park on the left.  Once parked they head on over to Commanders Connolly’s office.

Commander Connolly greets them as they enter.  He is a tall and well-built man of aging years, with a strong thick jaw.  George takes the lead, doing all the talking while Ray plays the role of his subordinate.  George begins the questions on the state of illnesses that seem to originate from the base.  The military officer denies anything serious, only admitting to the usual ailments.  Connolly even suggests that they check with the chief medical officer on this matter, suggesting that he will arrange a meeting either the following day, but in the afternoon if possible.  George convinces him that he should see him now while they are already there.  Connolly grits his teeth as he reluctantly agrees with the suggestion.  He calls his assistant and instructs the medical officer to drop everything and come over.

Soon the medical office arrives, giving a salute to the commanding officer.  Connolly shares with him what George is there regarding an illness outbreak.  The medical officer Mortimer looks puzzled and denies any such thing, looking directly at George.  George questions him, but not giving exact details, only that it is both military and civilian.  Mortimer suggests that George could take a look at the records, to which George confirms that he would like that.

Mortimer leads George and Ray to the medical building to show them the medical records.  George takes a look over the paperwork, while Ray is instructed to peruse the computer-based records.  As hye begins to look at the paperwork in front of him, George tells Mortimer that he doesn’t need any further help from him for now, and suggests that he can go back to his work.  Mortimer looks contemptuously down at George, turning on his heels and walking out.

Ray doesn’t find anything, however George does.  George discovers that two people had falling ill under mysterious circumstances and one of them had died.  Each case was written in different handwriting.  But each person was attached to the same department when it happened.  The department was working on some sort of construction project.

Soon the medical officer, Mortimer, comes back to check in on George and Ray.  George draws Mortimer’s attention to the two cases he found.  Mortimer dismisses it as nothing to worry about, as it was not contagious.  George asks him what they were working on, to which Mortimer tells him that it was the new hanger.  George thanks Mortimer for his help and then leaves him in his office, Ray follows.  Once outside George shares what he found out, and Ray tells him that he had not found anything else.

George and Ray head on over to the new hanger structure, which had been built about two years previous.  The structure looks nothing special, just like any other hanger in any other military base.  A guard stands outside the entrance and asks both George and Ray to sign in before being allowed admittance.

There is a group of people around a gathering of components and metal parts, looking like they are trying to put something back together.  To George’s eyes it looks like they are engaging in an investigation of the objects in front of them.  There are a handful of personnel working on the puzzle, while a couple of guards stand and patrol around the inner structure, all of them in military fatigues.

George questions one of the guards as to what is happening, being told that the personnel are trying to piece together a crashed aircraft and find the black box.  George uses a terrorist cover story for his being there and investigating.  Ray refers to George, suggesting whether there may have been a pilot in the crash or near by.  The guard tells them that he is unsure, but thinks that there could well be.  He checks his personal records and shires that there has been no record of anyone going to a local hospital, or even being admitted to the military one.  Looking over the guard’s shoulder, George and Ray can see that the crash happened at the location they are suspicious of.  They can see that each part has been systematically recorded as to where found, looking a lot like an archaeological dig.  Ray asks the guard what type of aircraft had crashed, but the guard is not sure, saying he has not seen anything like it, but dismisses it as he is not knowledgeable in those matters.

All of a suddenly George begins to feel flushed and light-headed.  He turns to Ray and states that he needs to take a walk outside and get some fresh air.  He suggests that it could be the paint fumes he can smell.  Ray suspects that this is not the actual case, and feels it could be something else but agrees with him.

As George steps outside the nausea eases, but he gets an unease cross his mind, almost like another being is in there, effecting his mind from the outside.  George shares that he knows what James may have gone through; sharing that he thinks someone is in his head.  The presence in George’s mind becomes strong and agitated.  George goes to the nearest bench or wall to sit himself down before he collapses.  When he sits he focuses on the presence, or tries to but it becomes painful like a mild toothache.  George becomes aware of the wind picking up and a shaking of the ground.  He turns to Ray and asks him if he can feel it too.  Ray looks down at his feet then back at George, confirming to him that he can not feel anything like what he describes.

Suddenly the windows from the building they just left moment early shatter out, like fractures from an earthquake the glass rain down.  Then Mortimer, the medical officer, runs out from his buildings, running up to George and telling him that they may have a case of the illness he was investigating.  With this George struggles to his feet and demands to know where.

When they get back to the medical bay, they find three soldiers lay out on the beds.  George is told that it had only happened within about three minutes ago, each of them has a green glow to the backs of their necks.  The one George is holding is already dead as he can feel no pulse.  “How long as this one been dead?”  Mortimer turns white with shock at this news, barging past George to take a look himself.

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