The Chase Is On

Conspiracy X – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Will


George Winston – Jason (jymmijamz)

Ray Winters – Me


George and Ray now find themselves amongst the patients in the military’s small hospital ward.  Doctor Mortimer is busy rushing around from bed to bed, giving each a quick check to see who is more critical of all his new arrivals.  Some still arriving as he goes about his duties as best he can under the circumstances.  One or two of the new patience even seem to be gibbering nonsense, as they are lead to a spare bed by a colleague.  Mortimer seems to be unaware and worried by this situation, but is performing in a professional manner.  Two low ranking medical helpers join him to help check on the growing number, and even take a look at the few that are now dead.

Mortimer looks over at both George and Ray, and barks out an order to them, asking for them to go and check on one of his patients.  George being more on the medical persuasion steps forward and goes over to the closest, un-attended patience, and begins to check the guy’s blood pressure.  Ray stands about feeling a bit useless and in the way.  He goes over to stand near the door, to assist by opening the door, and see who comes and goes.

After several minutes the sudden influx begins to slow and then cease.  The small medical area pretty much at its limits.  Ray engages in some small chitchat with one of the security guards that brings a guy in, asking if he knows what had happened, and maybe where it stems from.  Where the epicentre could be?

A Sergeant asks what Ray is doing there, and Ray turns his head, nodding over towards George, stating that he is with him.  He also shares that Connolly is aware of their presence on base.  The Sergeant suggests that if he has nothing else to do, he could help him to a search of the base to find any remaining personnel that are not accounted for, which may need assistance.  Ray agrees, glad to be of help where he can.

As the Sergeant leads them out from one building to the next, informing Ray that some area he will not be allowed due to security clearance.  Ray’s Aegis mobile telephone rings in his pocket, recognising the familiar ring tone.  Ray answers the call, being careful how he answers and replies.  The Sergeant not looking to happy with this infringement of possible security breach, but refrains from saying anything, instead turning his attention to the job in hand.

The voice on the other end of the call is the smoking, smart-dressed woman who is George and Rays contact with Aegis.  She asks if they are in Morocco, and wishes to know what is happening.  She instructs him that whatever is happening there needs to stop immediately as it is causing problems locally with their psychic operatives.  Also telling him that the military base in Morocco is lighting up like a… Ray confirms that the base is the exact location of where they are.  She also asks if any outside influence has made any effect.  Ray states that he will check with Winston, but as for himself, he is unaware of any as of yet.  The woman’s voice tells him that they believe it could have a grey connection, and asks him if he has seen any evidence of psychic activity.  Ray thinks and then tells her about the problem they had with James Adams.  She tells him to get him out of the hospital straight away, and then to take him and contain him at the military base.  They then must end this phenomenon immediately.  She then hangs up, and Ray turns the phone off and slips it in his pocket.

The Sergeant turns back to Ray and asks if that was a girlfriend or something.  Ray tells him that it was the ‘higher ups’ checking in.  “You know how it is?”  The Sergeant looks sideways at him but carries on.  “You do realise this IS a military base here, and we take security seriously?”

“Of course, I would not expect anything less.  I am glad to hear it.”  Not saying anymore on the matter, but keeping an unhappy expression, the Sergeant leads Ray in to a nearby barracks.  The living conditions are somewhat squalid.  The room is nice and spacious, but the furniture is somewhat rickety.  There is no one around, as everyone looks to have left in a hurry.

They give a quick check around the barracks to make sure that no one is left hidden on the floor collapsed.  Once finished, Ray tells the Sergeant that he needs to quickly report back to George Winston, and asks where he will need to head back to once he has finished.  The sergeant points over to another building, telling him to report to Briefing Hut 3.

Back at the medical building, some more medical personnel arrive and go over to assist George with the guy he is attending, as his vital signs are very weak.  George hears they talk about incident they have seen that involved nerve gases, but quickly dismiss this idea, as the symptoms seem to differ.  The patient is stable but his blood pressure is high, and heart racing.

Soon Ray returns and walks up to George, he tells him where he has been, and then pulls him off to one side, sharing what he has been told by their female contact.  After a brief discussion, they decide to both go to the hospital back in the city and get James Adams discharged in to their care.  They inform Mortimer what they are planning, George doing all the talking, saying that it would be good to contain him in the military base as well as it could be a connection between the two.  Mortimer offers them to give his name if they come in to any difficulty.

At the hospital, Ray did all the driving, not sure how well it would be for George after his little spell, they enter to find someone who they could talk with about discharging one of their patients.  They give the name of Doctor Mortimer from the Fort Stanley Military Base.  The guy goes off to find the woman in charge of the patient, Ray also giving her name too to make sure.

The female doctor looks confused at them, wondering why a military base would be involved with them if they are only on holiday.  George explains that they were visiting the military base when they got talking to someone there, and were told that they may be able to help with the unusual circumstance.  Again he gives the name of Mortimer, and this seems to help as she looks relieved to her his name.  She tells them to wait while she just goes to contact him to check the story

Soon the female doctor at the hospital comes back, just as orderlies are wheeling James Adams towards the ambulance loading bays.  James is still unconscious and not looking well, with a yellow, jaundice complexion.  He still seems to be muttering things to himself, much the same as when they had brought him in.


They allow the hospital to transport James Adams in the ambulance to Fort Stanley Military Base.  George accompanies James in the ambulance and to keep an eye on him, while Ray follows in the car.  As they are speeding along one of the winding and dusty roads towards the military base, they notice a large black SUV (sports utility vehicle), come from a side road and draw up along side the ambulance and keep up the pace.  Ray is aware that there is a number of men within the car, hidden behind the darkened windows.  Ray keeps his attention on this new sturdy car that has joined the journey, keeping his distance so he can watch both them and the ambulance.

After travelling for some time, parallel with the ambulance, the SUV accelerates and swerves in front forcing the ambulance to break hard.  The ambulance driver slams on the horn of the vehicle, giving his annoyance to the other vehicle.  Choice words coming from the driver and colleague sat in the front of the ambulance.  George barks out an order, telling them to put their foot down and speed past the vehicle as it stays in front trying to slow them down.  This distracts the ambulance driver who turns and doesn’t look to happy at George.  When he looks back to the road, the SUV has slowed considerably, swerving and forcing the ambulance to make a dramatic manoeuvre of his own.  The ambulance driver, with years of experience having to tear along busy streets in a speeding emergency vehicle, effortlessly avoids crashing in to the SUV, and instead swerves, clipping the corner of it as the ambulance tears out on to the desert surrounding the road.  Without a thought he carries on towards the military base rejoining the road.  The driver giving a quick snort aimed at George.

Ray seeing this, takes note of the SUV’s number plate and log it in to the Hermes database on his Aegis smart phone, seeing what will come up.  The plate is licensed to a local company that he has not heard of, a legal firm operating out of the city.  Now the SUV takes drastic action, turning and trying to crash in to the side of the ambulance.  Luckily the driver avoids this attack once again.  Ray phones in to the military base, warning them about the attack they are experiencing on their way to the base, telling Mortimer about a rogue vehicle trying to run the ambulance off the road.

Again the SUV tries another attack, this time speeding up to cut across the front of the ambulance, clipping the front as it does so, causing a headlight and front grill to be torn off.  This does however force the ambulance to career off the road and in to the desert once again.  This time the driver of the ambulance stays on the desert and aims towards the military base, cutting across and making his own route through the desert plain.  In the back of the ambulance the ride is not so comfortable, as equipment is being tossed and thrown about.  George having a hard time to stay on his feet.

George clambers through to the front of the ambulance, winding down the passenger window drawing his gun.  The driver was about to complain until he saw the gun, so clamps his mouth shut and focuses on the driving.  Ray hangs back but keeps them in view and turns off the road to follow both the SUV and the ambulance.  George fires off a shot, but it just goes wildly off, almost like a warning shot, not being used to firing his gun from a rough moving vehicle.

The black SUV spins off, the driver not finding it so easy as the ambulance driver.  This causes the ambulance to speed off in front, and Ray to draw up close to the SUV who turns to pursue the ambulance.  Ray speeds up to put himself and the hire car between the SUV and the ambulance.  Trying to cause as much difficulty as possible to the pursuers.

On this surface, the SUV has the advantage,  It manages to catch up and try to ram in to Ray and his car, but luckily Ray swerves avoiding the collision.  Another dust cloud begins to appear in front of the ambulance.  The SUV carries on speeding past Ray and towards the ambulance.  Two guys open windows and lean out of the SUV with guns in hands, aiming to fire at the ambulance tires.  Semi-automatic gun fire erupts from the SUV as Ray accelerates to intervene, putting himself as best he can between the SUV and the ambulance.  Most of the bullets go awry, but several impact in to Ray’s hire car, none hitting anything vital.

George climbs back through the ambulance towards the rear, and as he opens the door, gun in hand, he can see Ray positioning himself between the ambulance and the SUV, keeping himself in line of sight and making it hard for the SUV to get near.  However as time goes on and the distance dust cloud draws near, the SUV decides to veer off and turn back towards the road, heading off in the opposite direction.

Soon the dust cloud gets close enough to reveal a military vehicle that has come to meet them.  It then escorts the ambulance and Ray safely back to Fort Stanley military base.  And as soon as they stop within the confines of the base, they quickly stretcher James Adams from the ambulance and in to the medical area.  Leaving the ambulance to make its own way back.


The base Commander Connolly walks in to the medical area, straight past Ray, ignoring him, and walks up to George.  Looking extremely unhappy he asks him what has happened, and how it has some connection to his colleague James Adams.  George tries to pacify Connolly, sharing that it appears another organisation is trying to get involved, trying to capture their colleague.  Sharing that all the symptoms are exactly the same as the ones in the military base.  Connolly turns to Mortimer who nods a confirmation of this.  Then he turns back and states that he must close down the base, as he is not happy with an attack on his base.

Connolly questions George, asking what he knows, as he has been aware of this situation for about twenty-four hours.  Also wishing to know where the occurrence happened.  George says that he is unsure, but if there is a map he could point out the rough area.  So Connolly lead both him and Ray out and over to a briefing room in another building.

The briefing room is in a far better condition than what the barracks was.  With higher quality and better condition furniture.  A large map of the local surrounding area, and of the whole of Morocco, is fixed up on one wall.  While other maps unseen are busily been squirreled away from prying eyes.  George does as instructed, and points to the rough area on the map of where the problem with James happened, after taking some time to carefully look over the map as if unsure.  Connolly checks with George to see if it is the road that leads to the abandoned village.  Of course George denies know that there was an abandoned village there.  Connolly looks at him sideways and demands to know everything instead of holding things back.  George gives in and admits knowing about the village and the crash site, saying that the aircraft may or may not be emitting some sort of emanation that could be causing the health problem.

Connolly shares that the aircraft was shot down my a local force unknown several days ago, and is of an unknown design.  He then asks if George knows anything of the design, but George admits to not knowing.  When asks by Ray, Connolly shares that the local government has allowed him and his base to investigate the crash, but there was no crew that he was aware of at the crash site.  “It would be interesting to know why it was worth shooting down in the first place.  And now it seems to be the cause of the illness and deaths within my base.”

Ray asks Connolly if he and George can have a private talk for a moment.  Connolly agrees with a not too happy expression, walking on out towards the medical building.  They discuss whether to share more information with Connolly or not, and to state if it could be Alien or not.  Once agreeing on how to progress they go on back over to the Medical building, and ask to have a private talk with Connolly.  This time Ray taking on the role of expert and doing all the talking.

They walk off with Connolly to a private small office and waiting room where they can talk.  Ray warns him that they have more information that is very delicate, and a threat to national security.  It is on a need to know bases, and would have been better if he was not to know, but they feel that they need to share all the secrets they have to resolve the situation before them.  Connolly agrees and keeps quiet to listen to what has to be said, encouraging Ray to spit it out.

Ray confirms with Connolly that the aircraft is of an unusual design, something that has not been seen before.  Connolly confirms this is so.  Next Ray brings up the subject of the materials of the craft.  Connolly shares that most of the material are standard fare, except that is the internal, which seems to consist of some sort of porous rock.  But they have had difficulty analysing it.  Next Ray asks about a pilot or a navigation or computer system.  Connolly admits to not finding anything and believes it to be some sort of glider, possibly coming in from space.  He also confirms that it can’t be merely a shell as there was nothing else to find around the surrounding area.  When asked he shares that the aircraft was tracked on radar, coming in from the Atlantic, at a surprising low altitude, “Especially for something coming from orbit.”

“Orbit?  What makes you say it came from an orbit?”

“This is one of our very few guess.  It is something we have not seen before.”

Ray question if he knows where the epicentre may be, and whether it could be from the hanger with the aircraft within.  Connolly admits to not know or investigating it yet, what with all the casualties.  Ray explains that it may be a power cell that may have leaked from damage to the aircraft.  Ray then suggests that the three of them go to investigate the hangar with the aircraft.  Connolly agrees and got to a subordinate to order him to shut the base down for quarantine.

As they head over to the hangar, Ray shares that James is unaware of what happened to him and was unfortunately no hep as he was passing out, Which is why they rushed him to the hospital.  Once at the hangar they find all the windows blown out, but otherwise pretty much as they had left it.  George however begins to find himself all wheezy and light-headed again, but not as strong as before.  He is aware this time that it is coming from the aircraft, feeling like a repulsive psychic force.

They stand before the aircraft, looking at the metal and porous rock material.  Connolly asks what they are looking for.  Ray asks whether there was any sort of sonic weaponry found within the wreck.  Connolly states that they hadn’t found anything, and that everything is there for them to see.  Ray then notices that the damage only happened from the explosion within the hangar, happened only to reflective surfaces.  Like glasses and mirrors, even a mug of water and coffee.  And the epicentre is definitely the aircraft.  Also George has the feeling getting stronger, louder as he walks closer to the aircraft.

George goes to take Ray off to one side to talk with him, but Connolly protests suggesting that he needs to know too.  George rolls his eyes and says ‘fine’.  He tells them that a pressure is emanating from the aircraft, and it builds as he gets closer to the objects.

Ray asks Connolly what exactly his personnel had done with the aircraft when the incident had occurred.  Connolly points out all the documentation, saying that they had merely laid out the wreckage as they had found it.  George notices that there is a pressure in his mind coming from each piece of the wreckage.  However one piece is stronger than the rest, feeling it to be the important part of the puzzle.  George asks for the phone, and Ray passes it over.  George takes a picture of the wreckage for sending over to the Hermes database, cross-referencing what is stored there.  Ray seeing what George is proposing, he distracts Connolly so he is unaware of the activity.

The reply to George’s enquiry is ‘Image relates to Grey technology.  Psychic tool known to be used in abduction ships.  Possible link with control of subjects.  Abducted subjects are usually controlled by a receiver implanted in subject.’  George turns to Connolly and states that he wishes to go back to talk with Mortimer.

Back in the medical room, the patients are looking even worse for ware, but most are stable at the moment.  George asks Mortimer if he have an x-ray, suggesting that he to some exams with it on Mr Adams.  Mortimer protests saying he is in no fit state to move let alone have an x-ray.  When asks George tells him that he is looking for potential foreign bodies.  Reluctantly Mortimer agrees looking exasperated with the whole situation.

Within the hour, the results of the x-ray come back.  The radiographer running in waving the stills and stating that it is not possible.  He also says that he has tried it on three different plates, but all come back with the same results.  George demands for the man to spit it out.  The radiographer shows the plate of an x-ray of James Adam’s head.  There is a foreign body embedded in to the bone at the base of his neck.

“How is that possible?”  George asks no one is particular.

“Yeah I was going to asks that too.  Bone doesn’t work like that.  This man should have a broken neck at least, if not paralysed.  It appears that it has only recently happened, within the last six months.”  Mortimer scowls at George.  “What did you people do to him?”


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