What To Do?

Conspiracy X – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Will


George Winston – Jason (jymmijamz)

Ray Winters – Me


Commander Connolly feels like he may be losing control of things as he watches both, George and Ray take stock and charge of how ‘they’ want to handle things.  Both of them always having quiet words together.  Connolly straightens his mind and resolve and begins to feel like he is still in charge.

Ray turns to the commander and asks if he has a room or bunk, some sort of containment area, where they can place all the components of the crashed aircraft.  Connolly looks over at George still using the mobile phone, which he is now putting back in to his pocket, feeling he should reprimand him, but thinks better of it.  He looks back at Ray and states that they seem to be the experts on the mess that is unravelling within his base, and wishes to know what they are advising.  Again Ray asks Connolly if there are any secure bunks in base.  Connolly thinks for a moment before answering.  He informs them that unofficially there is no such facility, but however they do have secure underground bunks for the computer equipment, unfortunately there is not a lot of space.  He then mutters how the crash investigator is going to rip him a new one for moving the craft.  Ray speaks up and states that it is better that then to lose more men.  “We are not destroying it, only moving it.  That would be the last result if we can not contain it securely.”  Connolly perceptively straightens himself upon hearing this.  “We best get this thing moving then.  But I don’t believe this will all fit down there.”  He also suggests that they had better take note of where everything is positioned.

They make sure that all the notes that are already taken is in place and show positions, and they also take more notes and photographs to double make sure for later recreation.  A group of Connolly’s men come in and begin to move the consignment of parts over to the elevator and take it all, or most of it down to the bunker.  George and Ray notice that the lift seems to travel further than the floors that are shown.

Back in the medical building, Mortimer is attending to his large quantity of patients, none of which seem to be getting any better.  Many of them still muttering nonsense.  By the time they have more or less finished loading most of the aircraft down in the bunker, George receives a call on the Aegis phone.  Tim Jenkins greets George on the other end of the line.  The same man who saved his life over ten years ago, and is now his boss back in MI5.

George greets him friendly, saying he is a little busy right now, and asks what he can do for him.  “AWOL again?  Don’t worry, don’t worry.  I can tell when things need to be done.  What I would like to know is how I can tell where you are?  Morocco isn’t it?  I know we have been able to work well together and very efficiently, to which I am very grateful, but something is going on down there.  The problem is I can’t concentrate on my work.  Is…is there anything that needs to be done?”  George tells Tim that he needs to have a quick word with his colleague, and then take the phone down from his ear, using his hand to cover the mouthpiece.

George tells Ray about his boss, and how he is offering to help.  They have a quick talk about what could be done, Ray making sure that this Tim guy can be trusted.  George assures Ray that Tim is above board and trustworthy.  Ray suggests that they could do with a containment flown in that can easily contain say, a radioactive materials, lead-lined that sort of thing.  George agrees and goes back to the phone to word careful the question.  Tim doesn’t ask any further question, but does stammer at the implication.  He tells George that MI5 doesn’t have access to any containers within Morocco, but he can fly one out to them, it shouldn’t take any more than a few hours coming from Spain.

George discusses with Tim the necessary requirements of the consignment, assuring no haz-suits are needed, and the outbreak is contained.  It is suggested that the container is dropped off outside near to the military base, where it will be retrieved.  Tim assures George that he know that something is going down that he is not telling him, and asks for an off the record explanation when he gets back.

Going back in to the hanger, which is now virtually empty in comparison, George shares the news of the arrival of a containment container being flown in to commander Connolly, confirming an ETA (estimated time of arrival).  Connolly looks pleased at hearing this, even through his stern expression.  A technician can be seen sweeping the hanger with a handheld meter, which is giving off beeps and click sounds.  Connolly sends the technician out and turns to George.  “This is clearly not a radiation threat to my men and base, but this is what you are telling me, that it radiates?”  A puzzled expression crossing his face.  “It is the best way that I can describe it.”

“It is the most logical, easy way for the human mind to understand it.  Yes.”  Ray adds to George’s explanation.  Connolly looks sideways at Ray, “Was that an insult?”

“Not at all, it wasn’t you it was aimed at, but merely a generalisation.”

“Much like the description.”  George adds.  Ray assures Connolly that his men and his base is his main concern, and this is what he and George are trying to help him with.  Reminding him that this threat goes beyond his base and men, and they are trying to help as best they can.

Connolly moves on to the problem with his men, now that the aircraft is secured in their bunker, his men are still no better off.  He tells them that Mortimer is wanting to get some serious surgeons in to operate.  George and Ray show concerns of having more people come near this problem, and the threat it may give to them too.  But Connolly assures them that it is the only way, and that he will give them the option to leave when they arrive, before entering.  He also worries how these men may also be attacked trying to make it to the military base.  Ray agrees with this, saying that it is not something that they want to get in to the hands of someone who could potential use it as a weapon.  Weapon research of some kind, so it would be better to destroy it than get in the wrong hands.

Next Connolly asks how they are getting on with finding out who it was that had attacked them.  Ray shares that they are still none the wisher at this time, all they know is the vehicle is registered to a local legal firm.  However they are not sure whether this is a front or a stolen car.  Connolly says to leave it with him and walks off.  After a while the technician comes back in and carries on with his sweep, using his Geiger counter only wearing his short sleeves and shorts.  George and Ray leave too, heading back over to the medical building to see how Mortimer and his patients are doing.

There are no more patients on the beds, within the medical room, in fact there are fewer due to deaths.  The patients look a lot more haggard and drained, but more mental than physical.  Mortimer comes over to them as they enter, asking George if he has any news for him.  George tells him that they believe it to be the aircraft that is the cause of the illness.  Mortimer looks confused with this conclusion, stating how can this vehicle cause the anomaly to his patient’s Vertebrae.  Especially as it would have had to have been surgical procedure.  However there are no signs of any scars.  Ray assures him that they are looking in to all the possibilities and can only come up with this conclusion currently.

The telephone rings on Mortimer’s desk, which interrupts the discussion and Mortimer excuses himself.  Moments after answering the phone, Mortimer turns to look at George and Ray, placing the handset back on the cradle.  He tells them that it was commander Connolly, and he would like to see them in his quarters straight away.  “He has something import he wishes to discuss with you.”

Connolly stands at the window looking out across his base, telling George and Ray that he has been in talks with the local authority, and has managed to get some legal sway to investigate outside the base, as long as it is on the quiet considering that an ambulance of theirs was shot up.  He also tells Mr Winston that a man has rang up the base, knowing exactly what he has been up to there.  And tells Connolly that there is a plane coming within two hours.  George assures Connolly that everything is secure and above board, sharing with him that a containment unit is being flown in to house the aircraft.  He also asks Connolly if a location and time was given for the drop off.  Connolly unfolds his arms from behind his back and walks over to his desk, shuffling through some papers on his desk and handing over a sheet containing an ETA and drop off location marked on a map.

Connolly then hands over another piece of paper with the legal authority to do the investigation on the legal firm within the city.  He reminds them that they need to keep it quiet and out of the press.  All must be low key and above board, feeling that they would like to be the ones who investigate, otherwise they would have to give details to his men.  George and Ray agree and decide to head over to the legal building in the city while they have time to wait for the containment drop off.


The business district of the city is packet with cars and people going about their business at this time.  Ray drives their bullet-riddled car up to the address of the legal firm, finding it is a large high storey structure.  They see a secure van that disposes confidential paper pull up outside the building.  Rays turns to George, asking him to double-check to see if this firm is a front for IDD or not, just to make sure they know what they are about to get in to.  The information that comes back to George is that the firm has been around for several years, and they are a highly prized company.  The only thing that flags up is some odd stock sales that had gone on in the recent pass.  It seems to be showing signs of a hostile take over of some kind.  Otherwise the company is just an ordinary business going about its daily work.

They just sit there in their car looking at the coming and goings of the company.  There is a reception desk and security desk in the main lobby of the company.  After a short time of watching, they decide to go one over and enter the main lobby.  First they decide on how there are going to play it, and decide to use both George’s credentials, if needed, and the official paperwork from the Moroccan state, allowing an investigation in to a car crime.

There is a new carpet smell about the place, with a cool sterile air feel pumping from the air-conditioning.  At the reception area, two receptionists sit behind a large wide desk.  Seeing these two new visitors walk towards them, the female receptionists mutter something amongst themselves in Arabic and one walks off behind a partition.  The woman soon comes back and sits herself back behind the desk.  And soon after a smart dressed man comes from around the partition and walks up to both George and Ray, greeting them in a heavy accented English, asking how he may help them.

George takes the lead, being the man with years of experience in police type work.  He informs the smart dressed man before them, that they are there investigating a car crime.  They believe that one of their cars was involved in a car accident, and wish to check on their logs for the vehicle.  George shows him the paperwork.  The man tells them that all the paperwork will be downstairs, and offers to lead them to the room.  As he leaves he leans over to one of the female receptionists and says something in Arabic.  He then turns back to George and Ray and leads them off.  The woman behind the reception desk picks up the phone and begins to dial.

The smart dressed man leads them over to the security desk and asks for their names.  He then enters their names and gives them passes to clip to their jackets.  After this formality he leads them downstairs to the car pool, garage area, where he takes them in to the office.  There are a few black SUVs parked in the large car park, all looking identical.  And there are also several empty spaces.  At the end of the open area is a closed of section with doors, used for the maintenance.

The smart dressed man offers to help them translate the documents for them, as it is all written in Arabic.  George tells the man the incident happened that very morning, between ten and midday.  The man picks up a clipboard that covers that time and looks over the information.  He then tells them that only three cars are signed out for that time period, one of which has not returned and fits the description.  The man is surprised to see a signature he doesn’t recognise who had signed it out.  Checking the number plate Ray picked up on the SUV and the one signed out, he confirms that the vehicle is the one and the same.  The man looks genuinely concerned at this news and suggests he needs to get a hold of his boss.  He leads them back upstairs with the documents, leading them in to a private waiting room.  Where he leaves them and heads off to contact his boss.

While waiting, George sends off an up-to-date report of their findings with the legal firm so far, confirming it is indeed one of their vehicles.  Not long and the smart dressed man from the reception comes back, followed by a couple of other smart dressed men and a security guard.  One of the new smart dressed men stands at the back of the group taking notes.  While the other steps forward and greet both George and Ray, confirming they are there investigating an auto-crime.  He introduces himself as Ammar.

After the introductions, the man from the reception leaves.  Ammar assures George that the signature is forgery, and they will be looking in to it.  “I assure you it will not happen again.  Was anyone injured in the incident?”  George assures him that no one was harmed.  He also agrees to meet the counter signature, the head mechanic who signed the paperwork off.  Ammar tells them to wait there a little longer while they go off and send the mechanic up, thanking them for their time and understanding.  The three men leave, the man taking notes at the back leaves last of all, giving both George and Ray a once over, subtlety, before turning and leaving.  Ray noticed over the short conversation, that Ammar seemed to look over to this note-taking man occasionally as if checking he was saying the correct things, almost as if in a legal capacity.

While waiting once again in the room, Ray takes a walk outside and over to the reception desk.  He walks up to the smart dressed man that helped them earlier and asks if he could know who the other two men where that had met them.  The man apologises for not knowing the security guards name, but does give the other, the note-taker, as Aadhil, a member of the company’s legal team who deals with internal affairs.  Ray thanks him for the information, assuring him that he doesn’t want to speak with him, only wishing to know who else was in the room, especially as there were no introduced.

Several minutes later a man in stained overalls, and a failed attempt at cleaning himself up, walks up at in to the room to meet with George and Ray.  The man looks uncomfortable, and seems to have had a recent telling off from the way he is holding himself.  He greets them and asks them that there seems to be some problem with the vehicle he signed out.  The chief mechanic looks over the paperwork presented by George and thinks for a moment before agreeing that he does remember signing the SUV out, to a gentleman he doesn’t remember seeing before.  However the gentleman did have all the proper paperwork and ID pass.  The mechanic shows his for emphasis.  He believes he was working for one of the company executives.  “And it is not good to be in the way of one of the company executives, so I gave him the car keys.”

After some more questions and a description of the guy along with a clarification on the name given by the guy, the mechanic tells them that the SUV should be due back sometime later that day, as the paperwork is for the short use, not the over twenty-four hours form.  The company is due to close for the day soon, but the car could be due back anytime between now and first thing in the morning.  George and Ray thank the man for his assistance and allow him to go back to his work.

Back out in their car, George and Ray decide on what they need to do next, especially as time is moving on and the drop off will be due soon.  As they talk the Aegis mobile phone rings in George’s pocket.  This time the call is from the female cigarette smoking contact in charge, George details to her what progress they have made, and how they have a radiation containment container coming in.  The woman tells him that so far a lead-lined container has no effect on this kind of ESP (extrasensory perception) what so ever.  She asks how long they have know about the legal firm, and the possible connection, reminding him that if they are connected to IDD, IDD to have contact with the aliens, and there will be a possibility of some sort of equipment on site.  She also reminds him that they need to finish this off quickly.

Once the business hours have come and gone, George and Ray give a quick study of the security guards routine.  Also contacting the base commander Connolly, telling him he will have to deal with the drop off as they are still busy with the investigation.  The legal firm’s building is locked down, and the patrols are regular but with the occasional gap.  The guards use a swipe card which they swipe at certain points, registering their patrols.

Ray using his vast background knowledge of this sort of thing, he spies an ideal entry point, and suggests a window of opportunity to make their move.  Ray takes longer than he thought to pick the locks to the garage area.  The window of opportunity is short and they barely get inside in time.  George mentions the security cameras, but they are stationary with one blind spot they can exploit, along with the shadows and bright lights of passing traffic.  They find a shady dark corner behind some vehicles, and wait for a passing vehicle to use as a distraction to make a move.

Quickly they find themselves at a set of elevators and a door to the stairwell.  They decide to go down to the basement to start searching first.  Down in the basement they find it to be dark and dusty, with a lot of filing cabinets and paperwork.  All the details are before and up to the date when there was the ‘hostile takeover’.  There is also old video and office equipment scattered about.  However they do not find any sings of anything alien.

Next they decide to go to the very top of the building and work down from there, beginning with the top floor offices.  They use the stairwell to make their way up, knowing when to avoid any detection from the guards’ routine patrols, and hide in a store cupboard.  It takes some time to make their way up, but they do get there eventually.

The top floor holds the high-class, executive offices, with sophisticated security locks on the doors.  Luckily Ray has seen similar types before and soon has them open so they can venture further in.  Again the place smells of fresh new carpets and furniture.    The offices are sectioned off in to separate rooms, each with a stencilled name on each door.  All bearing Arabic names, but one does stand out that Ray recognise as the name he was given before.

Inside the office room they find a set of clothes that seem to have fresh dust coating, apparently the guy does spend some time outside the offices too.  At the back of the room is a locked cupboard and filling cabinet, and before this sits the plush desk which also has locked draws.  Ray caresses his fingers across the locks and soon has them open on the desk.  They find a handgun along with legal notepads and letterheads.  Also amongst this they see several USB sticks, along with the usual office desk equipment, like staplers, hole-punch etc.  Ray pockets the USB sticks, and then they turn to the cupboard.  Again Ray caresses the cupboard lock, sensing and feeling the craftsmanship of the lock, however this lock is a lot tougher to tease open, as it is a lot more sophisticated than the others.  It takes a bit more time, but Ray eventually pops the lock and the door clicks open.

Behind the door of the cupboard they find another room, a secret room.  The room appears to be half finished, and one installation of many.  There is lab type equipment placed around the room.  Most of which is of the physical science, but there are some common chemistry gear as well.  Probably enough room for five or so scientist to be stationed there experimenting on things.  As they investigate the room they come across more of the porous rock material like that of the aircraft at the military base.  It seems to be a handheld implement.  George picks it up to have a closer look, and he instantly has a feeling of bonding with it, a familiarity.  George tells Ray that this must be what they are looking for.

They are suddenly both aware of quiet footsteps approaching the main office area.  Quickly they both decide to stay put and close the door to the secret room, hoping to hide in there undetected.  As they wait George can feel the alien object feeling warm in his hand, and as he concentrates on it, the vibrations harmonizing with him, he is aware of other presences that are distant and in distress.  Quickly he relaxes his thoughts and shares what he finds to Ray, suggesting that it may be the men back at the military base.  Ray thinks and offers that he try again and send calming, healing thoughts their way, see what happens.

As George concentrates once more, he has the same sensation but feels a confirmation that it is the men at the military base he is sensing.  He is not sure whether is feelings are doing anything or if it is just him projecting the emotion.

It has been a while now and Ray is unaware of anyone outside in the office, so he dares opening the door a crack and looks through.  Seeing that the room is in darkness and still hearing nothing, he opens the door fully.  Thankfully there is no one about and they can finally make their way back out.  They retrace their steps, making sure to avoid any patrols and camera surveillance.  Successfully making out safely, Ray making sure to lock the doors that were locked once again.


Now back at Fort Stanley military base, George and Ray find that the commander Connolly and his men are finishing off loading up the materials from the crashed aircraft.  Connolly stops when seeing them enter, asking how their findings had gone.  Ray tells him that they had a good look around, but are unsure what they have found.  Connolly leads them back down to the bunker.  As they walk Ray tells him that they may have something with some USB sticks they found, but they do not know yet.  Connolly offers them the use of his expert men and equipment on checking the stored data.

Connolly shows them how they have progressed with the loading of the aircraft parts, seeing that the container can hold no bigger than the size of a mid-sized family car within.  Seeing that they will not be able to fit all the materials in at the same time still.

While Connolly and Ray talk, George decides to try to concentrate on the alien object again.  Now back at the military base he is fully aware of all twenty-four military personnel and James Adams, on beds in the medical building.  But there is something else, some ‘other’ presence he can sense.  He narrows it down to the remaining rocks left in the bunker.  Them seem to have a sort of mind, a presence.  However one of them in particular has a stronger presence, this being the rock that they assumed to be the ‘black-box’.  This one has more metal and rock/coral mix, and of a larger size to the others.  George forms the words in his mind, asking a question out to the rocks.  “Who are you.  What do you want?”

The phone in Ray’s pocket rings and he answers it.  Mortimer is on the other end, saying that his patients are getting more agitated and distressed.  Ray relates this to George.  George again focuses on the alien object and asks again, picturing his question more this time.  “What do you desire?”  Mortimer tells Ray that the men which are calm become calmer, while the agitated one begin to babble nonsense and become stressed.  Again Ray relates all that Mortimer is telling him.  George tries again, using emotion and pictures to ask, focusing on need.  The stressed patients react with different answers such as food or drink.

George next switches tact and tries this approach on several rocks.  In his mind the rocks seem to merge and become stronger.  So much so that it becomes unbearable, and he has to tear his mind away, tossing the rocks to the side to break his mind link.

Ray seeing and hearing what is happening, suggests that they need to destroy the ‘black-box’ object at least and anything else they can along with it.  He sees how George feels about this and then informs Mortimer of their next action.  Mortimer agrees and tells him that he will authorise it himself if need be.

Connolly, George, Mortimer and Ray are now in full agreement as to what to do next, so they get to work on organising this action.  Connolly tells them that he has the experts who can set it up, and goes off to organise this while ordering his men to fill some containers with the objects.

Now all outside and in an open area, Connolly sets to, personally seeing to the operation.  He orders his experts to wrap some explosives around the small containers, and trace a wire over to a safe outside bunker where the trigger is set.

All standing behind the bunker, looking over at the charged objects, Connolly inserts the key in to the trigger box, turning the key and then lifts a safety cover of a button.  He looks over everyone they one last time to make sure and then ducks and covers as he presses the button.

It is almost like nothing happens to begin with, no visual signs or sounds, but then an intense pressure wave hits them, a dead silence all around them.  And then the sound rushes back, filling the void as dust particles begin to fall back to the ground.  George barely kept to his feet from the pressure he felt, probably more than the others.

Once they are sure of the safety, they rush back over to the medical building to check in on Mortimer and his patients.  There are a few more flat-liners, but the others are looking a lot healthier resting in their beds.

Commander Connolly soon comes over to the medical building, asking to no one in particular, how the higher-ups knew about what had happened already.  Telling them that the base is now in International quarantine, and he barks at George and Ray to leave immediately.  As they both leave, they receive a call from their female contact from Aegis.  She wants to know exactly what had happened, and what exactly the commander had to say, making sure they give her his exact words.  She also wants to know what if any parts are remaining and the exact location of those pieces.  This both George and Ray tell her, and once she is informed of everything she wants to know she just hangs up.  Mission end….


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