A long overdue update to my gaming collection

It has been a while since my last update, showing you guys (& gals) what my recent pick ups and buys have been.  First off here is a picture showing all of the goodies together, (except one item.)  Right at the end of this post I will put a picture of the backs for you to take a look at and read if you like.

Now to begin with, I was given several months back, in the later part of last year, a little gift from a friend who saw this next item in a charity shop, and for some reason thought of me and bought it.  Now skip some months, and I find myself in a charity shop and find the same item and thought I would buy it.  Now you see my friend doesn’t live so close and hadn’t gave me my gift yet, and then I went and forgot he had it for me.  Well I now have two of these, but never mind, it just means more dice!

Next is the items you saw in the first picture, which I had bought only very recently.  First I bought these next three items from the same shop.  First is the Carcassonne dice game.  Now I love playing the original board game, and even have it both on my game console and my mobile phone.  And as some of you may have guessed, I do like my dice, so this version seemed like a must buy.  As yet I have not sat down to play, but it does look simple and straight forward.

Then we have my next weakness, and that is for Mr. H. P. Lovecraft’s cuddly baby sitter and all round friendly sea sleeping God, Cthulhu.  I have not ever got around to buying or playing the original Fluxx, but as this one was Cthulhu Fluxx, well I just had to buy that one and see what the game is like.

Now on to the last of the first three games I bought from the same shop, and that is a booster to another of my favourite, and fun games, Munchkin.  Now this booster is usable for any of the Munchkin games, even though the card backs are for the original.  And as you can see they made it a seasonal themed booster, covering the time of the year when I had actually bought them.  Munchkin Easter Eggs.

Now on to the next three gaming books which again I had bought together from a different shop, this shop is a lot more out the way and further for me to travel to, but I really enjoy going in to and browsing, especially as they have second-hand, pre-owned roleplaying books.  The first one I will cover is a companion book for an old Games Workshop RPG that I still own and enjoy playing.  I felt that this was a great little find, even though the condition was not very good.  The corners and spine was tatty and broken, and even some of the pages were stuck together!  However it was a fair price and was a book I do not have, or had found.

Then we come to another source book, this one for a Palladium Books roleplaying game called Beyond the Supernatural.  Again this book I had not come across before, and as it was at a good price, thought it would be a good addition to my Palladium Books (& RPG) collection.  It contains six new adventures, as well as having additional monsters and rules.  Again this one was not in a good condition, a bit dog-eared on the corners, but was better than the Warhammer book.

And then finally on to my last item.  This one I had once before in my collection, but it had been one of the first to go when I needed the space and money.  However seeing it sat there on the shelf at a bargain price, and as I had never got around to running or playing it, I thought what the hell.  This RPG is set in the Babylon 5 universe, and at the time I really enjoyed watching this series on the TV.  (I have not watched it since, so I do not know how well it stands up now.)  This book was in near perfect condition.

And now I will finish off by leaving you with a final picture of all the items as I said at the start, but this time the backs.

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