Our Weekly Game Update

This post is to let everyone know what the situation is with our weekly game sessions, and how the write-ups for the games we play have stalled for now.  I usually add a tweet on Twitter as to regards with this, when I can, but not always get a chance to write a full report for the blog.  So please follow me and the blog on Twitter for an additional coverage and what not.  And while we are on the subject, you can also find us on FaceBook, so again please like the blog on there too.  Many thanks for your support through these social networks.

This past Thursday evening we have finally got to play another game called Only War, a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, were the players are in the Imperial Guard.  This game will be run by one of the regular players, and the usual GameMaster will sit in as a player.  I will not be writing this one up, as this will give me a break from the pressure, and will hand it over to Chris who did a great job on the write-up for the Rogue Trader game he played in, and whose write-ups appear on this very blog.

The Tribe 8 game is still put on hold for now, but this will recommence again come this summer.  We are itching to get back in and see where the story takes us, especially as it was left at a critical moment.

We have also rolled up and created a character for the old Games Workshop roleplaying game of Judge Dredd, so this is on standby for a one shot or so.  This will be run by one of the other players.

For those who are desperate to know what has happened to the Orpheus game write-ups, not to worry, the game will carry on as and when the GM has a chance to get back to the game, as he is overloaded with work at the moment.  But do not fret it will continue, hopefully soon.

The time given to me from not having to worry about a write-up, will hopefully give me more time to get a game together that I will run, as I have been itching to run a game again for a while now.  Too many ideas not going anywhere.  I may also have more time to add additional posts of a different kind to this blog, along similar lines to previous posts.


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