Mutant Chronicles RPG

Modiphius Entertainment are going to be creating a new Mutant Chronicles RPG, a re-boot if you will and a full rewrite, making this the 3rd edition.  And they have asking all their fans, and fans of RPGs in general to take a look at a survey they are holding on their website, to gauge the level of passion for the game and what people would or wouldn’t like.  Here is a direct link to the page so any interested can help by filling in the survey.


Also by filling in the survey you may be asked to help play test the game.  If you are interested that is, you do not have to playtest if you so desire.

Grab your massive guns, strap on your shoulder pads, this gargantuan engine of destruction is purring away like a hot rod on the Martian flats and there’s a legion of Necromutant’s waiting to taste hot lead!

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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