Yet more additions to the gaming shelves

With this post I should be up to date with sharing all my recent game additions, either from buying myself, or others buying and giving them to me, or otherwise coming across them and thinking of me.

First up is a picture showing a collection of items that I had bought all in one day.  The two Munchkin bookmarks I got for free from the retail shop I bought the rest from.

At the top of the picture is the Killer Bunnies card game.  This I bought second-hand, or pre-owned, however you wish to spell it, it was new so got at a reduced price.  Bargain.  And it also had the first expansion card set in with the box, so this was an extra good priced find.  This game I first played back when it first came out and was being demoed at a convention I went to in Birmingham.

Next we move on to the Warhamster Rally game, which I have since found out is the first edition release.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until I got home that I discovered it didn’t come with the rules/instructions on how to play.  I have since managed to find a PDF of how to play this game, with amended rules from how the first edition played.  (It was thanks to the good people over at

This next item is a very small expansion for a game I fell in love with playing.  This is number three from a release of six, from what I saw of the display box, but they only had a few of some left.  Carcassonne is a simple game that has strategy, and can be played quickly.  It is a fun game which initially I was put from playing from looking at it, but was roped in to playing at a local game shop, when they held a gaming evening every week.  But once I played it I could see it’s beauty and just had to buy for myself and share with my friends.  This new expansion is called a Mini, and this number three adds eight more tiles, plus an additional tile that can be found in each Mini expansion which is a crop field tile.

Next we see that I managed to still find an unopened, brand new packet of Munchkin boosters from last Christmas.  I had missed this when they came out, so it was nice to find a couple of these still left.  I only noticed them while I was waiting at the till to pay for the above games.  This was also when I spotted the two bookmarks, which I had also missed out on before.  (I do have the very first bookmark that came out when the first Munchkin game was released.)

Now knowing my fondness for anything dice related, just to add to my growing collection, a friend found some unusual dice and bought them for me.  These little beauties were given to me when I went to visit him for the weekend recently.

My friend also found this roleplaying source book in a charity shop, and bought it as it was very cheap.  And knowing that I had the core rule book, my dear friend gave me this book.  As you can see it is some what dog-eared, but as it didn’t cost me anything, I can’t really complain.

This next and final item(s) was given to me a while back now.  First was the black box at the top of the next two pictures.  A friend of mine was given this black box set of cards from a chinese guy, who was going back home and didn’t want to take them with him.  So my friend gave them to me, not knowing or can understand the game anyway, and thought that I may like them.  I took them from him and thanked him, adding them to my collection.  Of course I did some research on the web to discover it is a very popular card game in china, called San Guo Sha.

Now not so long after I was given this box set, then a totally different friend, one that is not in to our gaming hobby, came across the green box set in a charity shop, and had no clue as to what they were but thought I may know.  Now luckily I had found out about them now and happily said that I would take them.  Managing in total to get both these box set for the meager price of zilch.

Well that is all of it for now.  This should bring you all up to speed on my recent additions.  And I think from now on, perhaps I should not wait and build up a reserve to post all in one go, but instead post any additions I add straight after the fact.  (Give or take a few days or so.)

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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