My London Haul

Well over Friday and Saturday this past weekend I popped over to London, mainly for a live concert in Islington.  But while I was there for the two days I made the most of the time.  So on the Second day I did a little shopping before coming back home.

This first picture is a group photograph of what I brought back with me, (only containing the relevant goodies to this blog).

Right to begin with I found a great little shop in Camden Lock Market that housed many different board and card games, along with various dice.

I picked up these beauties.

(A D6 with rubber balled corners.  A D6 with the spots knocked about.  A D6 weather dice.  And a D30 dice coloured yellow.)  Then this additional version of Carcassonne, called Cardcassonne.

After this location we moved on to the main shopping area of London, mainly for me the Shaftesbury Avenue area.  First I popped in to a great central gamers shop called Orcs Nest.  I saw that if you buy almost any of their roleplaying books from their selves, some had the option for you to get a free PDF version of that book, for FREE!  A great little incentive, that is only available to those who buy from their brick & mortar, not online shop.  I only picked up this  next game this time, even though I could have easily spent more.

And so we finally move on to where I bought the last of the goodies from.  Everyone knows of this shop, called Forbidden Planet, and the following was purchased from there.

First we have a dice version of the popular zombie game called Zombies!!!  As you can see this version is called Zombies!! Roll The Bones! (Still with all the exclamation marks.)

Then we have the Munchkin level counter set, set 2.

Followed by a new set of Heroclix figure, this time it is featuring the mascot of Iron Maiden.  These I found on their counter.

Then lastly I saw these within the counter and almost missed them.  Another booster set for Munchkin.

Well there you have it, everything that I picked up over the weekend.  Now to find time to play them!

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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