Announcement: The land of the dead claims Orpheus, but what returns?

This post is being handed over to our contributor, Chris (alcoholandaphorism), to update you on news of the game he played in and transcribed the write-up for.  So with no further delay over to you Chris.

Sad news for the fans of the Orpheus chronicle I am afraid, after extended hiatus the GM has officially called it dead. We pass on our apologies, our GM has attempted to continue the game, but found that the metaplot of the line in general  was too constricting.

However, we hope to bring some good news along with this. With the demise of Orpheus we get the rise of The New Word Of Darkness: God Machine Chronicles! A group of mortals, all linked by a horrible tragedy that none truly remember, clinging to one another in a support group for a horror mostly forgotten but not gone.

Then the memories return.

Much as I, like most of you, am disappointed to see Orpheus go, I know that you get the best games from a GM when they are enjoying it as well and our GM, the same GM who ran Orpheus,  is particularly enthused for this one. Expect the same level of horror, crushing choices and character defining moments you saw in Orpheus, but in a much more intimate game, more freely tailored to both the GM’s and the players twisted minds.

So with sad heart, I leave my Player character Michael back with Orpheus, but look forwards to the future. We are deep in character and group creation already, our characters intertwined with various branches of the London Underground and a nest of secrets, friends, friends for now and unknown quantities already developed for the world we will be thrust into.

I’m looking forwards to writing up the God Machine chronicles games for you, and hope you enjoy them as much as the Orpheus write ups.

Thanks Chris.  Well there you have, it is sad news for Orpheus and the fans out there, but hopefully you will still enjoy the other games played, and will also enjoy the new game that Chris and his GM will be playing.

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