These Greenskins Aren’t So…

Only War – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Will

Imperial Guards;

Baine Bravith – Jason (jymmijamz)

Father Deimos – Chris (alcoholandaphorisms)

Hans ‘Loki’ Lokisson – Me

Odetta – Tanja

(Write-up by Chris)

Official site


The ork nob stands, the decapitated heads of its boyz lying at its feet. Tossed from the now departing smoke in the distance. The seven foot monstrosity, laden with armour and spiked chopper, trudges step by step towards the place where his boyz were struck down. A growl rises to a bellow of rage as it picks up speed, chopper raised to the air, a seemingly unstoppable freight train of muscle and lust for the fight.

Realising the battle is soon to be joined the squad of the Hadeon 13 drop back into position, microbead chatter filling with plans to co-ordinate their assault. Calm and quiet Loki lies across the ridge, las carbine balanced, breath pushed out from his lungs and held. His heart quietens, his hand smoothly pulls the trigger, a single shot stabs out into the combat zone. The ork’s head snaps back as the las blast slams through its eye, pus and burnt fungi erupting out, energy running across its face, burning whatever it finds.

Blinded and in pain the orks charge loses no speed but crashes in through the undergrowth, and foliage. As Loki takes his breath once more, readying for the next shot the rest of the squad lets loose with a volley of fire.

Las fire is barely heard as Baine, the ogryn stands backlit against the valley, its ripper gun tearing up dirt, rock and finally rips across xeno flesh, three rounds punching across the ork’s body and arm, spinning it around, numbing its left arm. Realising the danger it is in the ork tries to sprint to the left, using the compounds wall as a guide to get it to cover.

Amidst the volley of fire Deimos curses, the creature is not coming into flamer range, switching to a barely used las carbine he lets loose a burst of rounds that pocks the compound wall but little else.

Two more rounds from the raging ripper gun throw the ork back against the wall again.  Taking advantage of the cessation in the creatures movement loki fires again, another shot slamming into the xeno’s head slamming it against the wall. Swinging its axe wildly it gouges chunk in the wall around, bellowing now more to try and get air into its lungs than from rage. Its armour hangs loose and ragged, chains broken and sheets of metal dropping from it.

The guardsman continue to pour fire on, Loki switching to burst fire and racking shots against its body, the Ogryn keeping it pinned with a hail of steel. Deimos managing to get his shots closer now, peppering the wall besides the creatures head. The creatures pushes up against the hail of fire, still defiant.

Calming, Loki sights up the head again, snapping another round to its skull. Finally it drops to its knees, dragging itself across the ground, trying to reach its attackers by sound, to kill at least one before it falls.

Cursing the weapon’s machine spirit, Deimos stands advancing towards the creature, firing burst after burst at closer and closer range until finally it rakes the creatures leg. In its pain the ork barely notices.  Smiling at Loki’s examples of marksmanship Baine flicks his gun to single shot, breaths deeply, sights down the barrel and fires.

A chunk of rock explodes beside the nobz head. Baine’s lip quivers out and he flicks the gun back to full auto. Leave the smart shooting to the tiny men.

The massive greenskin can see shadows and light now, can see the rough outline of a figure approaching. It growls through a rising smile, hand tightening on the chopper, ready for the moment of revenge. Then its whole world becomes light and pain.

Deimos hums to himself cheerfully as he holds down the flamers trigger, finally in range. Burning the life from the orks lungs. Today the emperor will be pleased with what is done in his name

Loki looks at the now burning beacon, sights for one last shot, and transfixes the creatures head with a bolt of light that cuts straight through it. The once mighty nob staggers, the few neurons remaining firing for the last time as they begin to melt. Finally the body falls into a spasm on the ground, and then is still.

The victorious squad approaching, Father Deimos takes his chainblade and in three bloody hacks severs the orks head from its body and tosses it to Baine.

“If you would do the honours” Deimos says, waving his free hand to the wall.

Bouncing the Nob head up and down a few times, Baine smiles and then tosses it high up and over the walls.

“We get medals now” Baine says with a toothy smile.

Quickly sounds of agitation rise within the compound walls.  Deimos waits by the nearest gate, flamer ready. Loki not quite opposite, tucked into cover, ready to catch the xenos attention if they approach.

The sounds of agitation have turned to conflict now inside the gates. Sounds of flesh and bone impacting, squabbles over who is the boss now it seems. Meanwhile outside Baine picks up the Nob’s chopper hefting it a few times and comparing it to his own. Discarding his old axe he slings the spiky red new chopper over his back.  Even better, the nob has a long tube, a primitive, crude, but still deadly rocket launcher. Baines glances over to see if Deimos is watching, then scoops the weapon up into his arms.

Unaware of the meddling with xenos technology going on behind him, Deimos is deep in planning with Loki “Do you want to toss a frag grenade in, help them make their minds up”? Deimos asks

“I only have krak” comes the reply.s Spying the Ogryn, Loki adds “Don’t worry I have a plan. Baine, take out the nearest watch tower”

Stepping out in front of the open gate, Baine lifts the grey tube and a trail of smoke erupts between it and the watchtower. Moments later the tower erupts into flames. A small greenskin propelled from the top comes back down to earth with a sickening squelch

Immediately a hail of slugs slam against where the squad are hidden and they duck back away from the firepower

“What the hell is that” Deimos shouts, pointing at the rocket launcher

“New toy. Go boom” Baine says

“Is is Xenos?”

“Go boom”

“Yes no or flamer, is it xenos?”

“Not a flamer” Baine says to Deimo’s infuriation. Rising his flamer and pointing it at Baine he clarifies

“Yes, no or I shall burn you with the flamer. Is. It. XENOS!”

“I picked it up from the ork”

“Then put it down” Deimos demands

“Ah, let him use it” Loki interjects, the mass of slugs still riddling their position as they argue.

“No” Deimos insists “We burn xeno and heresy where we find it. We do not use it”

Baine looks for support from Loki, eyes water and thick lip stuck out.

“You have three seconds mutant” Deimos says

“Best put it down “Jops whispers into Baine’s ear “He won’t let you play with anything fun”

Baine looks to the empty barrel of the launcher, to the Nobz body, which shows no sign of any reloads, and then finally puts the launcher down.

“I do believe the mutant can learn” Deimos says with satisfaction

Chips of stone breaking from the wall under the hail of fire now, they squad turns their attention back to the battle going on. Since no greenskins approached during the argument it seems that the most recent attempts to lure them out have failed. They must go in now, and hope they have thinned the numbers enough to make it survivable.

“Loki” Deimos says “If I pop smoke. No if we all pop smoke we should be able to close. If The Ogyrn and I cause trouble up close it should cause a distraction. Could you take advantage to destroy the watchtowers with Krak grenades?”

“Yeah, but I have no smoke” Loki replies.

Deimos rolls a smoke grenade over to Loki as Baine pulls free his two, Ogryn proof grenades. Bulky reinforced weights of a thing. Loki’s grenade goes out high, bouncing to the middle of the courtyard. Deimos rolls his out low, building up cover for their initial sprint.

Low and fast the squad sprints out. Half way out Baine tossing his two out towards the watch tower to cover the rest of Loki’s advance.  Bullets still hail through the air, whispering deadly close, but so far none have found their target in the billowing smoke

With Loki slipping off from the pack, as close to the watchtower as he dare for now, the rest of the group ready their weapons.

Stepping from the smoke Baine and Deimos hold their weapons high, around them forming the clearing image of over half a dozen small ball like greenskins bouncing across the ground, all tooth and arsehole. A single worried looking larger greenskin amongst them, trying to corral them in the correct direction.

Before they can respond to the two’s unexpected arrival Deimos slams his finger down on the flamer’s trigger. The bouncing creatures scatter to the four winds, leaving only one to screech around in flame before exploding in a shower of gore. An explosion from behind them signifies that Loki has started his demolition work, the first tower swaying on three legs before tumbling to the ground. In the confusion Loki sprints to his next target.

The xenos do not stay confused for long. Fire starts pouring down from the watchtowers to the two stood in the open, Deimos’ arm pocked with slug fire, the flak armour breaching inwards and puckering into his flesh. Gritting through the pain Deimos mutters “For the emperor” in defiance, and then the bouncing greenskins are upon them.

They come in, toothy maws wide open, bounding between the rounds Baine fills the air with.  They cover the ogryn, chewing at all open flesh, but find his skin to hard to pierce. In Deimos they find more pliant flesh and two gnaw at his legs as he tries to wave them back with the hilt of his chain-blade as he tries to pull it loose. As he finally get sit free he swings the blade at the nearest creature which screeches and dances away.

They are too distracted with the battle to keep their eyes on the Ork handler, hearing only his grunting orkish swearing and then he is gone. As Deimos and Baine circle themselves against the bouncing creatures Baine spies the ork, fleeing into the centre of the monolith,

Meanwhile Loki has closed on the second tower, to find small runt like greenskin leaping down, slug throwers in hand to try and hold him back. It takes him less than a second to flip up the flamer and hold his lighter to the gas. Caught unaware at the speed of his draw the creatures run straight into the oncoming flame. They drop screaming burnt to spine and bone.  Moving from watchtower to watchtower he hoses them down with sheets of flame and placed krak grenades.

The explosion gives the distraction Baine needs, as the bouncing creatures freeze at the thunder crack he lets loose the ripper gun again, one by one the creatures are thrown back, torn to bloodied shreds even before they hit the ground.  A few remaining tiny greenskin flee over the open, most picked off by placed las fire before they reach the walls.

“You may be foolish for dealing with xenos, but your wrath is divine” Deimos comments to the hulking ogryn.

They stand before the burning watchtowers as the smoke grenades clear and Loki rejoins them. Nothing else moves now above ground. There is just them and the monolith soaring hundreds of feet above them.

“One of the xenos fled inside the monolith” Deimos warns “Be ready”

“Best kill them all then” Loki smiles “Baine, sic em!”

Baine on point, Loki flamer in hand to his left, Deimos with chainblade running stands to the right. The rest of the squad follow, covering the fire angles. Together they advance into the monolith, ready for ambush and fire fight. They find instead wide open corridors and the main entrance deserted.

The huge tower gate arcs over them, Deimos realises he knows the style of the structure now, that it is a type built to commemorate the death of one of the great heroes of the empire. The symbolism of the sigils suggests a member of the imperial guard, of an ancient regiment long forgotten.  Deimo’s teeth grind as he realises that this holy place, like the others, have been desecrated.  Worse still, the damage isn’t random, the images have been intentionally warped and changed, though to what purpose he cannot say.

Ahead is the atrium, many doors leading out from it.  In the distance a rise of numerous barbarous xeno voices rise in chanting. Moving from door to door listening, they soon find the corridor they believe will lead them to the chanting. One leading down into the bowels of the earth. Seeing the small door in front of his Baine pauses

“Me cover escape. Here”

“No” Deimos growls “You are on point”

“Me cover exit. You never know. They may get past you”

“Mutant, we are going to be outnumbered at best. At least if we can shove you in the doorway they can’t through. So, you are on point”

Baine looks like he is going to argue on, but catches Deimos eyes and grumpily harrumphs towards the door.

“Let’s keep close to the mutant” Demos says “We would not want to accidentally flame him in a conflict would we”. There is a worrying glint in Demos eyes as he says this.

Past the first door the corridor widens, opening enough they can stand three abreast.  The repeating simple chants getting louder and louder ahead. Much louder, the result of a large number of xeno voices. They echo so as they get closer that the squad mates exchange glances. Is this a suicide mission?

Holding his hand up Loki calls for them to stop. “We are pretty close now, should be a large chamber ahead from the sound of the echoes. I’ll go in first, see what I can spy before we all go in.”

Loki slips ahead, keeping to the sides and shadows. The syllables grunted in chant discernible now, if not comprehensible. Almost arcane in the repeating patterns and changing cadence. Pressed against a gothic cornice Loki pushes his head out into the main chamber before him. He is on a high platform above the main chamber, a flight of hundreds of stairs running down from it into…


Hundreds and hundreds of xenos. Greenskin. Each identifiable by a flickering torch held high above them, and a chopper hammering on the stone floor in unison. They are standing in concentric circles, chanting as one. All looping around a stone object. An imperial object. A wondrous stone carving being defied by the xeno’s presence. Frost is forming upon the ceiling of the cavern. A mist falling. A feeling is rising from the stone carving, a feeling that Loki has felt only once before. Before the sanctioned psychers of the imperium

Neck hairs raised Loki falls back to the others. He will have to hold Deimos back when he explains this he knows, but he must, somehow. There is too many xenos to face alone like this. They still have a mission, they just need to find a way to achieve it.

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