A few more items added to collection

Here is another post of more bits and pieces I have bought, or been given over the last couple of weeks.  But first I will start with the usual picture or two of the items all gathered together.

First lets begin with those intriguing little dice, that a friend gave me as a present, feeling that it would be funny, knowing how much I like my dice.  As you can see they are just your standard poker dice, which I have a few sets in my collection, but these have been called strip poker dice to mix things up.

Next we have another new set for the Heroclix, which is themed on the new Bioshock Infinite game.  No doubt this set will disappear very quickly, just as the Iron Maiden set did before them.

Now onto the first of two Munchkin additions, again I managed to find some older bits and pieces for this popular game.  First is the Skullkickers booster pack, followed by the various different promo bookmarkers that I had not manged to get ahold of before.

Now on to the roleplaying book.  As you can see it is another Cthulhu book, Call of Cthulhu to be exact.  This book is the Keeper’s Companion volume 1, which I had been looking for as I already had the second volume for some time now, and had never came across it in a local brick & mortar shop until now.  As the front cover is already on view in the above picture I thought i would just show you the back cover only this time.

Now finally on to the last two items, which both are boardgames that I came across cheap, less than half price, and brand new.  Both were still sealed and unopened.  First we have the Rio Grande Games game called Industry, followed by the Ludorum Games game, called Ice Flow.  As both have the front of the box visible in the above picture I will only show the box of the box in the following two pictures.

And now finally, i will end this post with a picture of a large marble, six-sided dice that was found really cheap in a charity shop and bought for me.  This picture was already added to the various pictures page of this blog, but added here as part of the new additions, and in case you may have missed it.

Game on 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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