Kromore 2145

There is another roleplaying game up on Kickstarter, and again it is in the steam punk style, but this one is with a twist.  Kromore 2145 is a Victorian Steam Punk game where the world has had time to advance and evolve in to the space era.  It is not set on planet Earth, but a planet far from the Earth, where the steam-powered technology is being pushed aside in favour of the new nuclear steam technology.  The setting has feuding nations, and a sci-magic system.  The Sci-Magic is something to do with ripping realm energy from other realms.  However the use of magic has been banned.

The game system used in this roleplaying game is called ‘The Raex System’, which was started back in 2007, and has since been thoroughly tested.  As of today the Kickstarter has 22 days left to go for the backing of the project.  If you go to the Kickstart page, linked on the above logo, you will be able to view the progress of the project, and back it if you so wish.  You will also be able to read all about the system more than I will say here.


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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