No Backup, No Retreat

Only War – RPG/TRPG Session

Run by Will

Imperial Guards;

Baine Bravith – Jason (jymmijamz)

Jools (NPC) – Chris (alcoholandaphorisms)

Hans ‘Loki’ Lokisson – Me

Odetta – Tanja

(Write-up by Chris)

Official site


The battle is raging across the planet.  The soldiers of Hadeon 13 and Albion Scouts are half deafened by the sounds of explosions, the wind is up, building up dust clouds and throwing debris. Visibility is low and what can be seen is filled by hordes of greenskin pouring towards the beleaguered and injured Hellhound regiment. Split up, forced to go around a giant crater that has erupted in the middle of the battlefield, the rank formation is broken and exposed to the immense mass of the greenskin hordes.

There is one hope, one relief, spirit figures of the holy imperial saints, forming from the air, marching down from the mountains. A single one of these eradicated a hundred greenskin. Now, there is an army of them, but with their hellhound weaponless and besieged by greenskin, the squad of the Hadeon 13 still have to survive long enough to benefit from this revelation.

Looking out from the tank, over the wave of green Jool says “Right lads. I say we toss a frag into the mix, close packed as they are it should cause a mess”

“Good plan” Loki replies “But I’ve got no frags”

In return Jools tosses over a spare frag, and Baine pulls out an unusual looking grenade from his packs.  Moments later Baine and Jools throw in unison the grenades going deep into the wall of green. Loki follows up with a perfect cricket throw that impacts on the flamer barrel above and bounces back, landing behind him.

Even before the grenades have detonated Baine and Jools are moving across the vehicle to the next step of their plan “Baine, shove the ruptured Promethium canister out”

“It go boom” Says Baine with a smile and grabs the canister twisting and wrenching the thing from its sockets.

Deep  in the mass of greenskins a xeno, rocket on shoulder, and munition by side, turns to see a small pineapple shape lying behind him,. Its face falls open for a moment and then a pyrotechnic spectacular rips through the greenskin ranks. Under the rain of bloodied chunks however the orks do not respond as expected, looking around confused, and playing with the scraps of flesh in the air. Below them another grenade billowing out thick hallucinogenic gas.

Trying to keep their mind on the job Jools kicks through one of the supports holding the promethium cannister on and Baine lifts it above his head, ready to throw it into the crowd.  Then the forgotten grenade Loki threw detonates, hurling shrapnel around the vehicle. Right next to it Loki takes the worst of the blast as the jagged edges tear his armour and flesh, but the blast is enough to destabilise Baine as he tries to throw and it barely leaves the edge of the vehicle. It is enough though.

“Shoot the throaning thing” Jools shouts, his las carbine up, a single shot bursting out nigh perfect into the ruptured hull. Almost, but not quite perfect, that is reserved to describe the shot from Loki, wounded, winded and sprawled across the vehicle, but still able to bring his las up and put out a pinpoint shot into the sticky viscous liquid just where it spills from the cannister.

The tank detonates as the liquid expands out beyond the capability of the metal to hold it, burning rain showers down upon the orks, a stream forming on the  ground of their flesh melted and running down the gulleys in the ground.

“Burn baby burn” Loki grits his teeth through the pain

“For the throaning emperor” Jools adds with pride.

The attacking force is a mess of fire, exploding munitions and strange gas, but still the green xenos’ love for war keeps them on. A single massive greenskin is able to charge through the chaos, leaping onto the tanks side, its fingers punching holes through the metal, dragging itself up with these impromptu handholds. Just as its head rises above the parapet it is jerked back by a las shot between the eyes. As its vision clears the greenskin pulls itself up and over the side of the tank to be confronted by the smiling face of its assailant, Loki. Throwing its head back it lets loose a mighty roar to which Loki just smiles wider.

Seeing the greenskin distracted Jools pushes his las carbine point blank into its side and grips down the trigger.  The ork looks down to the three small marks that pock its armour contemptuously then looks back to Loki.

“Right then” Jools mutters “Baine, fuck him up”

A volley of lead erupts around the xenos, filling the air as Baine hoses it down with the ripper gun, more with enthusiasm than accuracy. A single shell bounces off its thick skull. Having taken everything that the squad can thrown, the xeno stands defiant a moment longer, then throws itself roaring at Loki, eager for the fight and deciding he is the most worth to kill.

Loki can feel its hot foetid breath as he falls backwards, the jaws clamping inches from his throat, his body drops down, under the grasp of the muscled arms and he slides sideways dodging under the giant greenskin’s bingo wings. As the xenos looks confused for a moment loki shoves his gun barrel up under its chin and pulls the trigger again. The las light refracts off, tearing a chunk from the xenos ear. Slowly it looks down at Loki, grinning, Loki replying with one of his own, both breathing heavily, both watching for an opening in this duel of worth opponents, both eager for the kill.

The orks eyes goes blank, hands reaching to three giant holes in its chest and it flops backwards, its entire left leg separating from the gaping hole above it. The body collapses to the floor, revealing Jools standing with las carbine in hand, barrel glowing red with heat “Hey xeno, I hate being ignored “Jools says “Loki, thanks for the distraction lad”

Around the battlefield the tomb saints are flowing down from the hillsides, forming up into a precision unit, marching as one like imperial guard. All descending on the mechanical xeno idol ahead. Though they look like they are walking their footsteps carry them quickly, first catching up with the tank formations and then overtaking them. Where they walk the ork mass falls back, those who stand torn to pieces for their defiance.

Leaning towards the driver Jools shouts above the engine noise “We need to get in behind the warrior saints, use them to blaze a trail through the enemy”

The driver does not answer for a long time, though Jools knows not if the driver has not heard over the noise, or if he is ignoring the orders coming from a private of a flea bag prison planet, but finally the tank cuts right, moving in on an intercept vector with the saints regiment. Crackling comes from the damaged loud-hailer above and new orders boom out. Form in on the command tank behind the saints.

Baine tosses grenades happily as the tank piles through the greenskins between it and its destination. Looking through his long las sight, Loki surveys the mechanical idol that is their destination. Somehow it seems to have moved, or at the very least changed shape. Smoke rises from the cavernous barrel mounted upon its arm. Obviously it was the cause of the giant crater in the midst of the battlefield. Lowering the sight again he realises the hellhound is alone behind the saints, the other tanks brought to a halt behind them or bogged down in fighting.

“Always the way isn’t it?” Jools says “Hadeon 13, first in, first blood” The tiredness is evident on his face as he looks over to Loki “Well, I’ve got no anti materia weapons and there is no way we are holding a breechhead by ourselves for the artillery to come in. We may have some problem here lads” Patting his pockets he comes up empty “Mind if I borrow a grenade lad?”

“All I’ve got is Krak” Loki replies
“Good by me.  Right, the plan the commander set down is throaned, we have no idea what this xeno monstrosity actually does. Best I see we have one of two plans. One, we make a nigh suicidal run on an occupied enemy position in an attempt to get our names remembered as heroes forever more. Two, we work out how the hell we can get out of here and live to fight another day”

Loki looks around at the orks trying to close in around them “I guess we have to fight our way out of here anyway, might as well just give it a go”

“Boom” Baine says with a happy grin, miming an explosion.

“Baine” Jools says, gritting his teeth “I love you as much as I could an abhuman abomination that spits in the face of the emperor but I need you to concentrate now”

“We should continue on” Loki says “Follow the warrior saints”

Jools just smiles wanly, he had been afraid Loki would say that “Right lads, so it is then”

The hellhound continues on, greenskin surround it again now,dragging themselves up onto the chassis.

“Baine, mate, can you rip their throaning nipples off please, I need to talk to t’driver”Jools says, as the first ork drags itself up and into the tank. Gleefully Baine leaps into the fray, swinging his axe with wild abandon. The greenskin ducks under throwing its shoulder into the ogryn, pushing him back against the tanks walls with a heavy thud.

“Gotta do everything myself” Joolss mumbles to himself, flipping the las carbine up and blasting the ork square in the chest, its dead body falling back into the crowd below. Bashing the door to the driver area twice Jool says to the others “Right, hold the others off, I’m going to try and vox home base”

“On it” Loki replies, poking his carbine over the edge of the tank he spies another xenos climbing up, waiting for the moment just as its full weight on its left leg to push itself up Loki puts two rounds into the leg, causing the xenos to fall backward, grasping out with one hand it manages to dig its fingers into the hull, swaying back and forth with the tank’s motions. Baine follows up, putting out so much lead that the dangling xeno is mulched into bloody salsa that rains over the crowd below.

A thud from the other side of the hellhound tells them the battle is far from over. Spinning in position Loki rises his las carbine, trains it dead centre of the head of the creature that has managed to get on the tank, and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens but a dull click. “Throne”

The ork takes one step forwards, two and it starts to smile, three steps, then it is tossed flying by a barrage of ripper gun fire.  Smiling Baine stoops down to pick up bloodied chunks of their attempted attackers and tosses them as a taunt to the xeno below.

“Driver” Jools says, pulling himself into the front compartment “Main objective is blown. Patch me through to command”

The headset crackles, strange harmonics rising for a moment then settles into an authoritative voice “Commander? Is that you? We are ready to move now commander”

“That’s a negative home base, the commander is not available, this is Albion hellhound Actual sir. We have sight of the xeno idol but do not have enough forces left to establish a breech head sir. We are progressing to position still with support from…an unusual force from the monolith on point. We have no anti materia weapons, requesting backup or advice on how to deal with the idol”

“Repeat again Albion Actual, unusual force?”

“The spirit saints encountered by reconnaissance at the monolith, we have approximately a hundred of them on point”

“Are they obeying your orders?

“Not exactly sir, however they do appear to be on our side, over”

There is no reply for a moment, instead the sound of a short struggle, followed by a voice with distinct Hadeon accent “Is this right, am I hearing you asking for advice on how to fuck up orks?”

“Motherfucking sir! Yes sir, we wish to fuck them up sir” Jools says

“Well nut them in the head then soldier”

Jools looks up at the vast idol looming ahead of them “Sir the xeno idol is a significant number of clicks in size, we cannot reach the head to nut it sir”

“Well what do you want us to do about it soldier?”

“Sir, requesting either air or basalisk support sir. If need be we can get inside and mark areas to be targeted sir”

“Well that’s what you need to open up a breech head up for solider. The idol would destroy any planes before they get close”

“Sir, we do not need direct action necessarily, any support would be useful sir, we have a massive armoured and weapon filled idol and several hundred to thousand orks here sir”

“Just kick its bloody legs out”

“Sir it is significant clicks in size sir, we cannot reach the legs sir, requesting some advice on how the throne we can fuck up this idol weapons battery sir!”
“Well just get in there and kick something” The Hadeon officer says and the line goes dead.


Stomping outside Jools looks to the others “We have no backup. Were going in. By the way, Loki, did I ever show you this pic shot of my beloved girlfriend waiting back for me on Hadeon?”

Loki just turns way, ignoring the pic Jools fishes out.

“Right.  Ok…lets do this” banging on the driver hatch again Jools says “Right I need you ram this thing right into the xeno monstrosities foot, We can use it to give us cover while we get in.”

Nodding the driver locks down the machinery, so he can get out before the impact.

“We’re going to die, but you do this right and I’ll get you a drink in the afterlife” Jools says “Headon 13, Only in, Only blood”

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