Pan, Fire. Fire, Pan

Session 4


‘Price’, the mysterious stranger, and his two companions, find themselves in a bit of a fix.  The room they stepped in to now has only four walls and no entranceway.  The disorientation has subsided and they stand there looking at the solid walls, hoping for a doorway to appear.  ‘Price’ gives the room a quick once over before finding a comfy spot to lay down upon, tipping his hat over his eyes, folding his arms on his chest and being totally relaxed about it all.  Ivan walks over to the closest wall and begins to study the walls one by one, seeing if he can find any nooks or crannies that may give away the presence of a false doorway.  Jack begins to pace about, looking worried at the predicament.  He then finds a piece of stone on the floor, which he uses as a drawing implement, and begins to draw/etch a doorway on one of the walls.  More to himself than to anyone who listens, but Jack states how he feels better in a room that contains a doorway.  ‘Price’ takes a quick peek from beneath his hat, looking over at Jack, wondering if this is usual behaviour for Earthlings, then goes back to resting on the floor with no real concern of the situation.

After finishing drawing the first doorway, Jack feels a lot better and decided to not bother etching out anymore, one is enough.  He stands back and admires his doorway, satisfied with himself, but has a niggle at the back of his mind.  Then a brief panic crosses his faces as Ivan feels along the same wall, almost rubbing away the doorway as he goes.  Eventually satisfied that he has covered all the walls within this room, Ivan steps away unable to find anything that could be of help in the situation, so goes off to an opposite corner of the room and sits down, away from everyone else.

Ten minutes go by when ‘Price’ suddenly asks out loud to whomever may be listening, directed more at their captures than his companions, “If anyone is listening by the way, I could really do with a jam sandwich, no crust, right about now.  If you could bring it please.  Two if possible, and maybe some for my friends.”

“I don’t think they are listening.”  Jack suggests.

“Oh they can be so rude sometimes.”

“What like putting us in prison, when we haven’t even stolen anything yet.”  ‘Price’ lifts his head and peers from beneath his hat upon hearing this, asking Jack to empty out his pockets so they can check.  “Anyway the Terilpetil find art in war, so putting us in prison is fairly polite by comparison.  But they do believe us to be spies.”  Ivan looks up upon hearing the word spy, shrugs his shoulders and looks back down at the floor.

“Any way, I am going to try and go back to sleep.  If you could wake me if anything happens.”  And with that ‘Price’ lowers his head and pulls his hat back over his eyes.  Ivan asks without looking up, if ‘Price’ has a plan for getting them out of there.  But all that can be heard is a quiet, heavy breathing coming from him.

“I think he is asleep.”  Jack offers.

Ivan shouts out “Oi! Nutter.”  Directing the insult at ‘Price’, who jumps and stirs looking up.  He asks what the problem is and how long he has been asleep.  Ivan tells him that it has been a couple of hours already, asking if he has a plan for getting them out, as it was him who put them there in the first place.  ‘Price’ assures him how there is nothing to worry about, and how he has everything under control.  To which he asks them to give him another couple of hours, then promptly goes back to sleep.

This time Ivan stands and goes over to ‘Price’ shouting in his ear.

“Ah! What is it now?”

“You’re snoring.  Plus it has been another couple of hours already.”  Ivan suggests.

“Do you know what, it doesn’t seems that long.  Very odd, I usually have a very good bead on time, what with me being a Time Lord and all that.  Are you sure, because I am not?”  Jack just raises his eyebrow at this, then asks if he is going to get them out now or not.  ‘Price’ suggests that it would be rude to do so at this time.  Especially with all the effort they made to capture them.

“If you are a Lord, then don’t you have an army you could command to send after the men in suits of armour from Siberia?”  Jack volunteers as a viable suggestion.  The look ‘Price’ gives him makes him turn to Ivan and asks what he may know, suggesting they take another look at the crumpled note he has from his friend.  ‘Price’ suggests that they all take a few hours sleep, as it will do them good to take a rest while they can.

Ivan goes back to sitting on the floor, burying his head within his jacket, shutting out the world around him.  Jack carries on looking at this odd piece of paper, with the writing he can’t understand, and odd drawings that make no sense to him.  Nothing seems to jump out at him, except for his head to start hurting from trying to figure it out.

An hour and a half passes with nothing happening inside or out of the cell the three find themselves within.  ‘Price’ is still on the floor snoring quietly to himself.  Ivan is sat in a corner away from the others, his head still resting inside his coat.  Jack still no quite comfortable with the situation as he keeps looks over at his makeshift doorway.  Suddenly, and without any signs, one of the walls disappears, revealing the entranceway once again.  Neither Jack nor Ivan seeing it where they had expected it to be.  Jack turns towards the opening, alerted and chalking stone in hand.  Ivan jumps to his feet, wary of what might happen.  ‘Price’ still laying on the floor breathing soundly.  The room now back to three walls and one open entranceway.  Tentatively a female head peers around the wall, looking in to the three within the room.

“Ah you’re all alright.”  The female states as she glances around the room.  “You are all okay?  Why are you still all in there?  Should’ve you gotten out by now?”  Her accent has a slight Cockney slant to it.  She has long wavy brown hair down past her shoulders.  The style of dress she is wearing is that of possibly the Victorian times.


Ivan walks over to ‘Price’ and gives him a sharp jolt with the end of his foot.  As he wakes and sits up, pulling his hat from his eyes, he claims how he is certain that four hours have not slipped by yet.  He stops short as his eyes rest upon the female face looking in on them.

“Ah, so something has happened this time.  Good.”

“Get out of here?  Well we were waiting for you obviously.”  Jack states, ignoring ‘Price’ and his ramblings.  ‘Price’ rubs his eyes and takes a proper look upon this average dressed Earthling from a different time.  “Oh hello, who are you?”

“Yes, well I don’t think that is very important right now.  What is important is for you to get out and do what you need to do, and right now.  Not all this lazing around.  I think you need to go.”  And with that she turns and walks off with a brisk stride.  As ‘Price’ gets to his feet he tries to explain how he was trying not to be rude, but she had already gone by this point.  “Well that is rude.  I do dislike people who will not tell you their name.”

“Now look what you have done.  You scared her off now.”  Jack argues.  ‘Price’ again defends himself, stating how he is not fond of people not sharing their name, but he then cuts himself short realising, looking at both of them.  “I am going to shut up now.”

Straightening himself once stood, ‘Price’ turns to Jack and asks him to lead on to the poor fellow that they had come for.  They head out of the room finally and follow Jack down the corridor.  Ivan notices how there is a surveillance device stuck up on the wall, pointing in to the room they were in.  He points this out to the others, who all decided on haste being a good idea, so pick up the pace as they head down the corridors.  Jack soon leads the other two to the room where the man they believe to be Howard is kept.  The man is looking worse than before, still strapped to the chair with what looks like energy pulsing from him.


‘Price’ walks up to the energy barrier that sits across the entranceway to the room.  He studies the energy field, seeing some crystals embedded in the wall nearby.  The crystals are called Polygrite and seem to power the barrier.  He pulls out his Sonic Screwdriver and points it at the crystals, feeling the device in his hand vibrate and emit a hum.  However it seems to be off and out of sync with the crystals as the vibration and hum is not right.  He gives the Sonic Screwdriver a shake and a tap before re-aiming it at the crystals again.  The hum and vibrations seems better, but the crystals have discoloured, and a small fracture is appearing within them.  A ripple washes over the barrier.  ‘Price’ picks up a stone and tosses it at the barrier, while still pointing his Sonic Screwdriver at the crystals.  The stone goes through the barrier, so ‘Price’ asks Ivan if he could be so kind as to go in and retrieve Howard.

Ivan tentatively approaches the barrier, unable to see anything there, slowly pushing his hand before him.  He feels a tingling sensation in his hand, and a slight resistance, pulling his hand away unsure.  Jack follows behind him, and when seeing him hesitate, gives him a hearty shove, forcing Ivan on through the barrier.  Ivan feels a static sensation course through his body as he stumble through and falls to the floor within the room.  Jack stays on the other side, a slight grin on his face.  As Ivan gets to his feet, all he can see as he looks around is four walls and no entranceway.  The walls are lined with monitoring devices with knobs and switches, levers and dials.  Some have wave forms and others visuals.  He can also see the surveillance devices up on the walls watching everything within the room.  Being aware of possibly loosing his bearings, Ivan tries to keep his back facing the wall he thinks he came through.  He then walks over to the machinery, next to and over the man strapped in the chair, trying to find some obvious way to turn it off.  Carefully looking over the machinery and controls, Ivan feels that it is more complicated that he thought, and could be dangerous, but he tries a couple of switches.  One flicks a visual monitor to a different scene of the man in the chair.  Another makes the humming from the machine increase slightly.  So with that he pulls back his arm with the swagger stick, and gives the machine a solid strike.  The energy pulsing from the man in to the machine, splutters and changes colour slightly before carrying on as before.  He tries again, taking another swing, however this time his strike is miss-judged, causing the stick to career the machinery and through the energy stream, creating a ripple.  His clenched hand on the stick scuffing on the metal, causing some skin to tear and blood to blot his knuckles.

‘Price’ tries to shout some advice to Ivan, but only seems to hear his voice bounce back at him from the barrier, sounding a little distorted.  Ivan takes another swing but to no avail.  ‘Price’ changes tact and instructs Jack what to do, suggesting he hurry up and go in.  Jack cautiously steps through the barrier.  He feels a resistance against him as he steps through, the hair on his body standing on end.  And then he is through with a jolt.  He hurries over to Ivan and gives him the instructions.  Jack notices he is in a room again with four walls and no doorway.  Ivan quickly begin to work at the controls, the machine humming as he does so, lights flashing on the controls.  Jack is feeling disoriented and hurries back over to where he believes the entranceway should be.  Carefully pressing with his palm against the wall.  ‘Price’ can see Jack looking nervous and agitated as he gingerly presses against a wall, which is a wall and not the entranceway.  So ‘Price’ begins to pitch small stones through the barrier in hope that this will help.

The machine that Ivan is working on begins to vibrate, the pulsing and humming finally beginning to subside, the whining slowing.  He looks up to see Jack palming a wall he believes to be different to where they had stepped through.  Jack’s panic begins to rise somewhat as he feels a solid wall before his hands.  He then notices a small stone land near his feet, then another from a wall near by.  Finally the machine grinds to a halt.  The man slumping in the chair and moaning in agony.  Ivan rushes up to him and begins to unbind him.  ‘Price’ becomes aware that the Sonic Screwdriver in his hand is becoming warm, and the humming is spluttering.  Again he tries to call out in the hope they can hear him, telling them to hurry, as they don’t have much time.

Both Jack and Ivan hurry to unbuckle Howard from the chair, Jack being more of a hindrance than help, probably due to his panic riddled state of mind.  But eventually they free Howard, and Ivan does the honours of carrying Howard from the room.  Ivan leads the way, and feels a more of a resistance as he walks back through the barrier, Jack hurriedly behind him.  And without stopping, Ivan walks pass ‘Price’, voicing how they had better get going.


Further up the corridor they begin to hear a kerfuffle.  ‘Price’, against his better judgement, suggests they should not investigate, and pulls out a key fob, pressing a button on the fob.  They wait, standing in the corridor for long seconds, hearing the kerfuffle near by.  A cockney female voice calls out for them to hurry, otherwise they will not be of much help.  Then a now familiar sound is heard next to them, and a shape gradually appears from nowhere.  A 1930s car appears, cramping up the corridor.  ‘Price’ rushes on in, telling the other two to hurry up.  He hurries over to the controls and begins to finger dials as if playing some musical masterpiece.  Howard is placed on the floor gently, his eyes still closed.  ‘Price’ suggests giving him some Jelly Babies.  Jack hurries off to find said confectionery.  Ivan stays by Howard looking after him and making sure he stays stable.

A big pillar materialises several metres away from the woman in a Victorian style dress, as she struggles to distract and hold up the advancing Terileptils.  She stands between the creatures and the materialised pillar.  Upon seeing this large phallic object appear where it shouldn’t be, everyone including the woman stop as one to look for a brief moment.  An annoyed expression crosses her face, and she shouts out.  “Hurry up, and don’t let this sacrifice be a waste.  Get out of here.  Now!”

“What sacrifice?  We can all get out of here now.”  ‘Price’ shouts out through the open door in the pillar.  “No one needs to die.”  The woman turns her attention back to the Terileptils, voicing her agitation.  “Just get out of here.”  She does her best to push and barge the creatures from one side of the corridor to another, slowing their advance.  But it soon is obvious that she is fighting a loosing battle.  ‘Price’ turns back to his companions, asking for help from them to get the ‘mad’ woman inside.  Ivan states that she had asked them to leave immediately.  Jack paces about quickly trying to find a gun, but then turns to head for the door.

‘Price’ is suddenly aware of the situation, noticing on his monitors above the controls, how the woman had been swamped and knocked down.  The Terileptils are now advancing over her towards them.  ‘Price’ leaps past Jack, knocking aside slightly as he dives for the controls.  Jack reaches for the door to the outside.  A lever is swung and button pressed, just in time, causing the Tardis to move, locking the door, forcing Jack to tug on the handle but be unable to open the door.  He turns frustrated, looking at ‘Price’, giving him a hard stare as ‘Price’ manoeuvres a few more knobs and dials.  As ‘Price’ finishes, he turns, but not in time to see Jack standing next to him, throwing a punch.

A brief second and ‘Price’ is picking himself back up from the floor, nursing a stinging cheek.  Jack shouting at him to take them back, NOW!  ‘Price’ stands, dusting himself off and explains the situation.  He tells them both, but looks at Jack, telling them how the woman had gone down, and how they needed to get out of there straight away.  They first must get the gentleman they had come to rescue, out of there and to safety.  After which they can then return, he does not want to get any more people killed.  The Tardis arrives back at the ruined structure, where the three had materialised when they walked through the gateway.  ‘Price’ suggested that they have a quick look around at the ruins to see if there is anything of importance, before leaving and taking Howard to safety.  Warning them how they are not that far away from the Terileptils.

‘Price’ goes over to Howard and kneels beside him, taking a careful look at him, seeing that the condition is not good.  The man is looking thin and drawn, a tremble running through his body.  He looks malnutrition and pale, with probably not a lot of life left in him.  The breathing is shallow.  Jack was unsuccessful in giving Howard a Jelly Baby, so ‘Price’ gets a nutritional shake to feed him with.  ‘Price’ slowly pours the liquid upon the man’s lips, gradually moistening them, causing them to part a little, in turn allowing some of the fluid to reach Howard’s throat.  Gradually they can see him swallow several times.  Howard does manage to take a little of the drink, but most of it is choked and spilt over his face and floor.

Ivan waits inside looking after Howard, while Jack and ‘Price’ take a quick look at the ruins, ‘Price’ wanting to take a quick look to see if there could be something they may be missing there.  Taking a quick around the structure, Jack and ‘Price’ spend more time that wanted looking around to find nothing of importance.  It is simply a ruined building, with parts of concrete walls clinging on to a twisted metal skeleton of the structure.  Within what remains of the building there is plenty of rubble strewn about.  Looking a little disappointed, ‘Price’ walks back to his Tardis, closely followed by Jack.

Suggesting how they had better not waste anymore time, ‘Price’ concludes their next action is to get Howard to a hospital and quick.  He also assures them how they will also quickly go back to see if they can see what happened to the woman.  And with that he steps up to the controls and does his performance.


Appearing as an ambulance of the time, ‘Price’ lands the Tardis outside a hospital in the future.  He is aware of how he is out by a couple of hundred years, but feels that it is adequate.  The ambulance appearance being off too, but shrugs his shoulders.  ‘Price’ rushes Howard in to the hospital, asking for help immediately.  The staff soon hurry over and take Howard from him.  One member of staff staying behind and begins to ask ‘Price’ questions about his friends condition.  Asking where his friend is from, and what had happened.  ‘Price’ quickly tells how Howard was strapped to a chair, on a different world, in the past.  The female nurse looks up at ‘Price’ with a blank expression.

“Nah just kidding.  We found him on the street and thought he looked unwell.”

“Sorry sir but you do not seem to understand the situation.  There is a man in there that could potentially die, and you are out here making a joke.  This is life and death, and we need to know now.”

“Ah, um, well you see we found him.  He needs something to revitalise him, as they were doing horrid things to him.  I am not a Doctor!”

“Sorry who was doing what?”

“…Or The Doctor.  Even though technically.”

“You said they.”

“Oh sorry I was ranting and got carried away a little then.”

“Who is ‘they’?  I think we need to get the police in on this.”  The nurse carries on taking down notes.

“Yes the police.  I will do that straight after this.”

“And what is your name?”

“My name….ah…my name…name.  My name is Ivan Ivonovic.”  ‘Price’ stutters and quickly comes up with a name.  Jack pipes up and joins the conversation, adding how his own name is Jack.  ‘Price’ nods and verbal agrees with this, saying they are brothers.  Still taking down notes, the nurse then asks where he is from.  ‘Price’ thinks and stumbles, but soon gives Birmingham as his home location.  The nurse just nods and takes notes, after which she suggests they go to the waiting room, get a coffee and wait for her return.  ‘Price’ explains how he needs to quickly pop outside to inform his friends of the situation, but the nurse offers one of the porters to go and do just that for him.  ‘Price’ quickly changes the subject a little as a realisation crosses his mind.

“Oh if the gentleman wakes up, not knowing where he is, and believing he is from the 1930s.  Don’t worry we are treating him for that, so if you could not shock him by telling him he is not, as this could break his mind.”

“So let me get this straight, you found this guy in the street.  Someone was hurting him, but you do not know him.  But you know he believes he is from the 1930s, and you shouldn’t shock him?”


“That doesn’t make sense sir.  I think you had better wait in the waiting room, and I will send someone down to help you.”

“That is perfectly fine.  Bye.”  Jack keeps his mouth shut and hurries behind the brisk walking ‘Price’.


Back in the Tardis, ‘Price’ explains what they are going to do, all while he is busy twiddling his knobs and pulling his levers.  He tells Jack and Ivan how they will go back to about ten minutes after they left the woman in the Terileptil corridor, and see if they can find out what had happened, and see if they can have talks with these aliens, all while they are still safe within the Tardis.  Soon enough the Tardis vanishes and then re-materialises back within the corridor of the Terilpetil’s construction, but finding no sign of anyone or anything, seeing that an hour has passed since they left.

‘Price’ sticks his outside the door and shouts, “Hello!  We’re back.  Is anyone around here, especially the ones that were so desperate to kill us not so long ago?  Hello!”  Finding no response of any kind, he steps out and takes a look around.  Ivan follows him out, while Jack steps out after suggesting how they should start a fire.  Jack soon finds some bits of scrap he can use as tinder so he can start a fire, while the other two walk on ahead.  He bends down and begins to create a spark, causing a large flame.

Ivan and ‘Price’ walk on ahead, turning a corner, seeing Jack stop to fiddle with the bits he found.  But no sooner had they stepped around the corner, when they feel a pressure change and an immense heat rush behind them.

The air ignites.

As Jack sets a spark free to his kindling, the air about him ignites, throwing him backwards.  The flame soon rushes over him and then is gone.  He manages to lie flat on his back avoiding the intensity.  However he is sure he can smell a bit of burnt flesh, and his eyebrows feel odd and tight.

Diving to the floor, Ivan and ‘Price’ manage to dodge the ignited air that soon rushes overhead and then goes out.  ‘Price’ suddenly realises that the musty smell he noticed from earlier, is from the gas called Soliton Gas, which becomes highly flammable when mixed with Oxygen.  Picking himself up, ‘Price’ hurries back to the Tardis, telling the others to hurry, believing he has the Terileptil’s attention now.

‘Price’ stays by the controls and monitors of the Tardis, checking over the read outs, seeing the Tardis has picked up an Earthling life form, recently deceased, nearby.  From the readings it appears that she died not from the fire, but about sixty minutes previously from blunt force trauma.

“Who was she?”  ‘Price’ thinks out loud.  All three stand there for a moment in silence as they look at the monitors, ‘Price’ subconsciously rubbing his smooth chin.  He then flicks a switch, turning on the external speakers and announces.  He coughs for attention.  “Can anyone hear me?  Testing, one, two, three.  We just set of a big fiery thing inside your fiery thing.  That was your first warning.  You may have mildly annoyed me.

Five minutes pass without a response, when ‘Price’ picks up movement on the sensors.  He focuses on it to find several of the Terileptil automatons are heading in their general direction.  As they draw closer, ‘Price’ makes another announcement, stating how he wants to see the ‘organ grinder, not the monkeys’.  Five automatons relentlessly march down to the location of the Tardis, stopping briefly to scan down side routes in the corridor, before leading on.  Once upon the area with the Tardis, the automatons slow and scan the surroundings before carrying on.  Four encircle the Tardis, guns pointing out towards the pillar, while the fifth moves to where Jack started the fire, giving it a thorough check.

Again ‘Price’ tries to communicate and gets no response.  Suddenly one of the automatons fires it gun straight at the pillar.  Luckily no damage seems to be appearing, it just simply is being absorbed.  Another automaton fires it’s gun in an attempt, but again nothing happens.  This carries on around to the last of the surrounding four automatons, each firing and causing no damage.

“Look I am not in a very good mood.  And as you can see we are able to set fire to your place, without you being able to do a thing about it.  So come down to us and talk, or we will….  Look come and talk with us in a friendly manner, or have your place go boom.  The fifth investigating automaton stops what it is doing and turns, walking off back up the corridor.  The other four just stand guard around the Tardis, guns still raised but not firing.

After a while ‘Price’ can see on the scanners of the Tardis, that the fifth automaton has stopped moving.  And now he can make out a substantial large movement or beings heading their way from further away.  Eventually a large contingency of Terileptils turn up in the corridor, stopping and two amongst them stepping forward.

“Do you wish to war with us.  Are you like what you claim not to be, with those metal men.”

“I am not with the metal men, and I do not wish to war with you.  However I am slightly annoyed, because you killed somebody who was just trying to help me.  And you also appear to be torturing the person we came here to find.  So I want to know why you did that?”

“You spy for the metal men.”

“Look I tried, I tried to be patient and friendly.  I waited in your stupid little room, even though  could have escaped at any point.  I played nice.  Now as you notice, you cannot harm us in any way, shape, or form.  I can go anywhere I want, and at any point in time.  And I can destroy anything I want.  The reason you are still standing is that I do not wish to kill you.  That is the only reason; don’t make me change my mind on this one.  Now tell me again and speak clearly.  Why were you torturing that man?”

“We do not have to answer to you.  We do not fear you.  And if you want to go to war, then do bring it.  We enjoy the most elegant beauty of the war.  Spies like you do not mean anything to us.”

“Look are you stupid, did you not hear what I said.  I can destroy you if I like, so why would I be lapping around.. What could I possibly be finding out here that would make it worth it, when I have the power to wipe you all out with a hard thought?  Why do you think I am a spy, when I have the power to burn down everything you have?  I thought you were suppose to be smart, but all I see is you going around killing and torturing people.”

“You Gallifreyans are all the same.”

“Thank you.”  Then after a moments thought.  “That was a complement right?”

“Yes you Gallifreyans are all the same.  You claim to be peacekeepers, to claim you uphold the laws.  Yet you just go off butting your noses in to places, believing you are all mighty.  You are like us though, you just like to fight, create war…”

“Enough!  Do you know how long I have tried to avoid that?  Do you know that is what I am trying to do now?  Yet I can’t find a single good reason why I shouldn’t just wipe you out.  That is what I am asking you to give me, one good reason.  I am going out of my way to try and not kill all of you.  I came here initially due to these Cybermen causing problems, and I was trying to see how I could stop them.  I tried and played nice, in every step of the way with you, no matter how stupid you have been.  So let us try to start this again from the top.”  ‘Price’ takes a breath and pauses to calm his escalating temper.

“Lets start with introductions.  What is your name?”  The Terileptil answers the question with his full name in their native language, and such a strange sound it is to the two Earthling companions, confusing their minds of how they could possibly get their tongues around such a sound.

“Thank you.  Oh and by the way, I will admit to slightly lying before.  You were correct about that.  Sorry about that, it was just in case you turned out to be complete murderous people who believed us to be spies.  Any way, my name is The Corinthian.  There you go, we have had our introductions.  Now how about we sit down, we talk about these metal men.  We find out what you are doing, and try finding a way to stop these metal men.  And we all get along so I do not have to go genocide you.  Doesn’t that sound like a good start?”

The end of Session 4.

The Doctor Who Role Playing Game (FASA)

run by me


(‘Price’) The Corinthian – Chris (alcoholandaphorisms)

Companion Ivan – Jason (jymmijamz)

Companion Jack – Will


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