Some things new to the collection

I haven’t done one of these for a while, and as I recently came back from a trip to Japan, I thought I would share what delights I picked up while over there.  (Only covering the stuff that would relate to this blog, not all the other bits.)

Now first up is a role-playing game book that I had heard about for some time, and had found it so interesting that I just had to find a copy for myself.  Now this copy I saw really cheap on Amazon long before going to Japan, but ordered it anyway at the price, and had it delivered to the in-laws in Japan, ready for me to pick up when I visit.

The game is called Sword World, and I was highly surprised to find that the book was not the size I had thought it was going to be, you know expecting it to be around the same size as the RPG (TRPG) books you normal purchase.  No this one was diminutive, you could say it was a Japanese size book, chibi, pocket-size even.

Next up is a dice that I just had to buy, as you probably know I do like to buy odd dice & the like, to add to my growing dice collection.  This one I found in a traditional woodblock print museum.

The museum is called Hiroshige Museum of Art , located in Ena.  Now I don’t think this dice would be very good at landing on certain numbers, due to the fact that it has a handle sticking out from it that is fixed in place, used for spinning the dice.  (The text in the bag with the dice reads; Dice Spinning top, made from Japanese Cedar & water paint in Ena, warning choke hazard. Then the manufacture’s name & address.)

While at the museum I did try my hand at the replica woodblock printing, and must say it is very effective.  (I will not bore you with pictures of my attempts.)

And lastly a few PSP games I bought from various different shops, all of the RPG genre.

The first one on the left is called Tale of the White Knight (Shirokishi Monogatari) Dogma Wars episode portable, and the last one on the right is called Dragunaz Aria Until the Dragon Sleeps (Doragunazu Aria Ryuga Nemurumade).  The one in the middle is called Tales of Heroes Twin Brave as you can probably see.

The Tales of Heroes I got as a Premium Edition box set, which came with three audio CDs, a calendar, a novel, and a themed cover for the novel.

As usual all the pictures are from my Flickr account which is where I upload most of them.


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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